Most of our physical courses are designed to be mentally and physically challenging. This latest course is very different. It has been a tough, hard and very personal decision for me, but recent world events make me believe it is the right thing to do.

In this course, you will travel with me to the city where I survived SHTF. For 3 days I will show you where I lived, how we moved, how we traded and tell you first hand accounts of what happened to me and my friends on the very sites where these things occurred.

This course will focus very much on talking and learning. It will not be physically demanding at all. BUT it will give you an incredible opportunity to learn more about how I survived what I did, and for you to understand and come to terms with what actually happens in a SHTF event.

Visit the place where I went through hell

As well as travelling around the city, and spending time in my house, I will also show students the equipment that helped me survive.

When I set up my school, I decided my primary focus would be on ‘reality’ of SHTF and quality of instruction. For this reason, this course is aimed to have a small number of students, ideally 3-6. Working in this way really enables me to deliver the highest quality of teaching and training.

Students will need to travel to Sarajevo airport in Bosnia, and from there we will drive together to my city.

Courses can be booked for a variety of dates. Course cost is only 245 Euros per person and includes all tuition, transport, meals and accommodation (Flights and drinks not Included) You can either bring a group and have your own private course, or place your name on our waiting list and as soon as we have three (or more) students we will fix a course date.

Email to reserve your place or book your own private course