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When more chaos helps for surival

I work in medical field and few days ago we got called to transport some guy who broke his back. Nothing special but this guy broke his back while trying to attack woman to maybe rob or rape her. He attacked her on staircase in house where she lives. Instead of resisting his attack from […]

Real Survival Exercises… that you can do today

Know your limits and push them when you prepare We are preparing for any possible scenario, buying things that we possibly gonna need, practicing skills that we gonna need, talking and discussing about scenarios. We are doing anything in order to be more prepared and less surprised when sky falls down, when trucks stop going […]

Perfect Survival Shelter

For survival to have safe shelter was of course a priority once SHTF. But these shelters do not always look like you maybe imagine. At the beginning of everything, when all the shelling and shooting started most of the folks wanted a secure basement. Those who had one, often moved there permanently, to avoid hell […]

No real recovery

After everything ended, after guns went silent and after roads opened again city started to live “normal” again. But it was “normal” only for the people who have not lived through what happened. For the folks who gone trough all of that and survived nothing was and will be like before. Whenever you watch TV […]

The 5 First Symptoms of SHTF

It is crucial to understand when SHTF starts. I think it is one of the most important things, to recognize that, in some cases it is more important to recognize that event and correct moment than to be prepared for that, no matter how strange this sounds. I believe this is the truth because knowing […]

Dogs in violent survival situations

I did not have a pet when SHTF, I did not have it later, most of the people who had it when SHTF let them go or in some cases probably ate them. Just to clean up with some things I believe are myths. Dogs for protection did work but not that a dog guards […]

The different faces of fear

I can say fear was constant. Sometimes moved you and made decisions for you, sometimes was just as a reminder in back of your head. Fear from unknown, fear from pain, fear from minor things that can become disaster, things like cold or injury. Just like with most of the things there is no rules, […]

Lesson in survival and dying

I work in medical field and last week we had emergency that reminded me of something I first learned in my SHTF time. It is lesson in survival even if it helps also with dying. So during my SHTF time. The night this happened started normal. I left my house right after dark. That night […]

Survival of women during SHTF

JL is a female member of my survival course and she asked a lot of woman specific questions about my SHTF experience. I decided to interview women because of that. I can talk about my experience but women live often in different world of feelings and emotions. I spoke with first woman named Una, now […]

Elzi Gang Member

As some of you know I meet with some friends I have been with during that time. I describe my experiences in detail in my course but here is how a friend Elzi spent some of his time. He did not have choice and joined gang to fight. It was only way for him to […]