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What To Do….?

When SHTF, making the wrong decision can cost more than you will ever realize, so advice on what to do and what not to do should be sought out and heeded. You see many articles like „Ten Things to do When SHTF“ or „ 5 most likely situations…“ or similar. The truth is that these […]

“Stay Tuned“

„In the last 48 hours, 4 people have died in a local hospital from flu type „xyxz“. Hospital representatives state that there is no reasons for panic, and they have formed a special committee, that will closely monitor the ongoing situation and keep the public informed. From our anonymous sources, we have found out that 4 more […]

2016 – A Year in Review

I know, I know… You’re looking at this saying “Selco, it’s only February… how can it be a year in review article?” Let me explain. The year is very young, but already a LOT of things happen. Some carry over from 2015, some things new. It is important we are always ‘staying aware’ about what […]

On Terror

I general there has always been common sense in being a prepper, but we are clearly seeing recent events will urge many to move their plans and preparations to the ‘next level’ or those who have previously failed to prepare will begin to now do so. By my assessment things in the world are now […]

25 Gifts for Survivalists Under $50

Gear does not make up for lack of knowledge of course but don’t we all love some new gear from time to time? Here are our updated suggestions for survival and preparedness gifts for this years holiday season. Under $20 $4.26 Columbia River Knife and Tool’s Eat N Tool 9100C Silver Multi Tool Spork, bottle […]

Finding the Perfect Location

Before the new article starts we want to thank everyone who came to our first physical survival course in Croatia. The week was fantastic and we couldn’t have wished for better people who were eager to learn and get through the situations we set up. Toby is also going to join us here on SHTF […]

The wave of refugees that runs over Europe

There is huge crisis here in region because immigrant pouring here from Syria, Afghanistan, Libya… and newspapers and forums are full of headlines and topics about how politicians should approach the problem. Common folks just like with all other real life changing events usually miss the point, and whole discussion is pointed on the views […]

Best Way’s to Build Your Survival Group

When we talk about how to start with preparing, for example how to talk to someone who is dear to you to get them started with preparing, it is easy to think that they will understand because it is obvious that world is going to hell right now. You may try to convince someone to […]

3 Things You Need to Know About Killing

There are few things to understand if you are forced to kill someone or in if someone is trying to kill you. Most of the people are unaware of them but it is important to understand them. As I said many times before, most people simply did not face real violence before. I mean killing […]

Urban Survival in Apartment

As my plans include bugging out in case of SHTF to my BOL (bug out location), most of the time and effort is spent on preparing that part, but being prepper in apartment is an interesting topic too. Some of us do not have other options, so they are planning to be where they are […]