The seminar will cover key aspects of Urban Preparedness.

Places will be STRICTLY limited and operate on a ‘first come, first served basis’.

This will be a complete unique event and unrivalled opportunity to learn real world skills for desperately hard won experience. We strongly advise booking early to avoid disappointment…

I will talk extensively about my experience surviving in a beseiged city in the Balkans war for an entire year with no access to regular services or supplies.

There will be structured interactive sessions and lots of opportunities for questions to be asked and answered.

Specific topics scheduled to be covered, include, but are not limited to:

  • The Seven Pillars of Preparedness (Our approach to well rounded Prepping)
  • Mythbusting of Prepper ‘Truths’ (Cutting through the fantasies of modern day prepping)
  • Issues with Ideals (What your convinced of might just get you killed)
  • Points About Precious Metals (Points you have probably not considered in asset preservation)
  • ‘Letting Go’ (A VITAL concept often overlooked)
  • Fixation (Why you should avoid focussing on just one threat)
  • Social Engineering (And it’s importance)
  • Building Bug Out Bags and other EDC Considerations
  • Barter / Trade (How it really works)
  • Rough Realities (A glimpse at real life in a SHTF situation)
  • Intelligent Investment (The ‘Next Stage’ Of Preparedness)
  • Aftermath and Consequences (An insight to the real price paid for surviving bad times)

The first will be in San Antonio, Texas on 10-11th June.

The second will be in Oakland, California on  17-18th June.

Tickets for each event will be $110 per person.

Due to complications in the Balkan banking system, the easiest way to collect payments for these events is here, on GoFundMe.