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About Selco and this course

Where can I learn more about Selco?

You can subscribe to our newsletter (just enter your email in the form in the sidebar) on our main website and receive a 21 page guide to Selco’s forum posts. Our website has also many more articles written by Selco.

Is this whole thing real?

Yes it is. A moderator in a major survival forum has checked on Selco’s ip and confirmed that Selco is the real deal. That was even before he became so popular throughout the survival / preparedness scene.

There were some rather paranoid people in the forum who were still not convinced so Jay made this little video. If you still doubt Selco is the real deal, we can not help you.

Why does he want to stay anonymous?

He still lives in the same area and there is still a lot of hate and bad blood around. He does not choose sides and acknowledges that all sides did some rather bad things. Anyway, if you know his country and the current atmosphere you will understand why he does not want to be known.

Is this course about war?

This course is about survival. The war was just the reason Selco could not flee and had to survive in his city under siege. Of course the war made his situation way more dangerous and problematic.

He does not talk or care about the politics involved in the war. There was suffering on all sides. You won’t hear anything about politicians or any political agendas in this course. It does not matter anyway as it is not related to survival. If you are interested in the background you might want to start with articles about the war on Wikipedia.

This course is just a personal account of Selco’s experience and the lessons he learned that helped him to survive during the war.

Website related

Where can I sign up for the forum?

Only members of our courses can read and write in the forum.

What happens after I have signed up?

After you have completed your payment you will receive a confirmation email and then can proceed to login to the membersarea of the website and view the content of the course.


Is the payment secure?

We use Paypal as payment processor and they use the latest SSL standard to encrypt and secure all online transactions. You can pay there with your credit card without having a Paypal account. You enter all details directly on the Paypal website. That means we do not store your credit card or payment data on our server or have access to it.

Why does the payment for the course go to someone in Thailand?

Jay, one of the guys who does the course with Selco, lives in Thailand. Selco would not be able to stay anonymous if you sent him the money directly.

Do you offer alternatives for payments via Paypal?

Yes but keep in mind you can also pay via Paypal with your credit card without signing up for a PayPal account. Another benefit of paying via Paypal is your account will be activated instantly while for example a wire transfer takes more time (and costs more due to higher bank fees). Please contact us for alternative payment options. We can offer another credit card processor, wire transfers and western union payments.