Who survived and thrived…
and who didn’t

Hear about crazy people who survived, greedy people who made fatal mistakes, and other real-life stories from people trying to live under constant threat and with few resources.

Learn to develop a survival mindset from a man who learned his lessons the hard way and not from a book. Selco’s “year in hell” will shake up everything you thought you knew about survival.

Im so grateful for this course and what information you share with us. It must be painful to bring up all those horrible memories but you should know it will save lives now. Thank you very much.
Simon, Arkansas

Learn the first signs of SHTF

Let Selco take you step-by-step through the Balkan disaster as it unfolded before his eyes. Learn how the media pretended everything was “normal” when it was not. See the extremes people will go to when they fear for their lives. Understand how and why gangs formed.

When disaster strikes, life and death suddenly become random. Learn to recognize the early warning signs. Know when to “bug out” or flee and when to stay put.

You have lived through events that we never have and have survived. You have given us invaluable first hand information that most only hope of getting. You have made me realize some of my own misconceptions of a SHTF scenario – I greatly thank you for that. Neo, Pennsylvania

Get to know the whole home defense setup

Watch videos in which Selco outlines his home defense setup: how he analyzed the situation, secured the area, and reinforced the building. Learn the common threats and tactics of attackers and how to counter them.

These essential principles can be the difference between life and death.

What I learned here has crushed some of my romantic views I had on the subject of survival. Thank you for taking the time and sharing your experience. Lana, New Zealand

Actionable Advice to Stay Alive

The downloadable course guide will review the lessons Selco has learned the hard way. You will get practical advice on how to improve your own preparations, spot an upcoming crisis and maximize your chances to survive extreme situations.

Discover why “grey” people tend to survive better than people who are all good or all bad. Learn why it is important to be part of a group, and how to pick the right people for your group. Look at Selco’s current bug out strategy, and get his advice for trading during chaotic times.

Throughout you will learn to develop the survivor mindset you need to be ready for a true SHTF situation.

Selco, your advice is one of a kind and helping a lot of people see how it might really be if it happens to them. Your first hand experience sets you apart from other so called survival experts.
Sarah, California

Selco’s Supply Hands-On Videos

Watch videos where Selco walks you through his supply strategy: what he stores and why. Learn about the most essential medical supplies to have on hand. Find out about the tools you don’t want to be without.

Selco, the lessons you share with us have been some of the best survival education I have gotten to date.
Daniel, Australia