In case of SHTF how many people do you have to take care of?

Does your group include children or people who depend on assistance or support?

We asked for “people who depend on assistance or support” because there are plenty of strong and fit older people and the meaning of “old” is different for everyone.

Do you try to network with other preppers in your area?

How many other preppers or survivalists do you know personally?

I should have added a 0 option. People who do not know other preppers are now in the “no answer” group.

What is your plan if it comes to a total collapse from one day to another?

99 people also added other plans as answers. Most people just gave more details about their plans.

Will attempt to bug in for as long as possible because I am responsible for others. When or if this becomes impracticable, I will bug out and attempt to reach an unpopulated area.

Stay in my apartment until the storm is settled down for a bit, and then we’ll move out. Let the zombies kill each other first.

Bugging out to the pre established meeting point.

Depends. There are places in town I could take refuge, maybe with others, if we can organize. In a total disaster or collapse when I would not be sure who I could trust, I would retreat up north to the woods. I have a cabin there and could last indefinitely.

If my rural area falls then I bug out to sea, appropriated sailboat.

Don’t see the value of bugging out unless my town in uninhabitable. Also, it’s simply not feasible for me to buy/rent land in the sticks, far from my source of employment.

What factors do you consider to be the most essential for your survival once shtf?

211 people added other factors. Water and having access to pure water was mentioned very often. “God” or “Jesus Christ” and also “having the right mindset” was mentioned often. Other than that mostly individual skills were mentioned. Other answers ranged from “willingness to kill” to “networking with neighbors”.

Stored water. We have a well but no hand pump. I will remedy that soon, hopefully…

Trust in the Lord, all else may fail

My mental preparedness to do whatever I have to do.

Developing a support system w/family, friends, and neighbors.

Neighbors holding their sh*t together…

Honorable mentions:

My Bug Out Brain.

We hope your brain is not bugging out before you do!


This report gives everyone a good idea where they stand in their preparations and hopefully also some inspiration to keep learning, preparing and becoming more independent from your local government, power grid and everything else that might get in your way. This is important information and we encourage you to share it with your favorite survival bloggers, fellow preppers or on forums you frequent.

We thank everyone who has participated and hope that we can repeat this survey next year and report even more and better prepared people. Feel free to share insights you have gathered by looking at this data below.