Some of our Survival Food

As the situation deteriorated more and more, some things about food changed, things were brought to a level where we eat just to survive. To explain you in simple way: in first month it was like-oh i really could use pizza or beer, but after a few months it was like- oh i really want to eat SOMETHING, it was not too important what.

survival food

There was not to many different kinds of foods, i ll try to remember here what we use to eat. Cooking and preparing food mostly was not my part in that days, but i ll do my best here.

Bread was not everyday thing, and it was not bread like we eat today, and it was homemade of course. Flour was bad quality, actually it was some kind of mixture i think. We use to bake that bread in small pots, on plate, not in oven, it took less firewood to bake it like that. After baking we wrap it in wet clothes, rug or something similar and leave it for hour or two, to make it softer.

About pancakes, we just call it pancakes, but actually it was mixture of herbs , water and small amounts of flour, baked also on plates, so when it is done you got something what look like pancake, with lot of green stuff inside and taste bad. For pancakes we used two kind of herbs, one was wild onion or bear onion, other was nettle (urtica).

We also used herbs mostly for different kind of soups, as a soup we used mostly nettle, especially if we had few potatoes to put in. We used all kinds of tea, actually something between tea and soup, i ques depended did we had anything else to put inside. Rice was popular also, alone or in form of some kind of pie.

Sometimes i did not eat for few days but at the end i always managed to get something trough trade or on other ways. It was a question of your strength and brain and some luck to find food.

Now you are going to ask me how?

OK for example two from our group go out to wait for MREs, two others go to find someone to trade something, two are going to find some usable herbs.
Food was coming in town trough few ways, depended on state of those ways in some days was easier to get some food, in other days was just too hard.
For example in one period in black market there were great amounts of some kind of cookies, or hard biscuits, in big metal containers, i do not have clue from where. Something similar to those crackers in MRE.

People avoided to eat that because rumor was that cookies are poisoned, i did not avoided them. So it was some strange situations with food too. Of course all different kinds of cans, MREs, end every other “luxury” thing was subject of many different “if s”. Preparing of food was pointed to how to “how to make it with less firewood”

In summer we prepared food in a yard on a simple two stone and one plate fire. But most of the preparing of food was simple and took as long as to “boil water”, like pancakes or kinds of donuts (not real donuts, more like a bad case of a donut)

Spices were pretty important for the simple reason because most of the home made foods tasted awful, or did not have taste at all, so we practically used them for every meal. Tabascino, peppers, rosemary everything.

You may say that we actually experimented with food but actually that is a really nice way to put it. We did not have too much problems with storing food, because we never had enough food to store it actually. It was like finding food for day or two in most cases, i mean to get somewhere more than 15 cans at once was really rare. There was some importance of having jars, because people tried a lot with making some kind of sauce or marmalade, if we had sugar it was marmalade, without sugar it was tomato sauce.

Most useful tool in preparation of food was something like a small stove, i mean even if we had a wood stove in house it was not to economic to prepare something really fast on it, it just required too much firewood to get hot so you can prepare something.

So solution was to remodel it so you can faster get “water boiling” or even try to make new one from very thin material, so you do not need too much wood to make it really hot. People used sometimes big cans for that purpose, or changed original material on old stove with thinner.

Money was actually not much worth, only in rare occasions you could use it, and under very changed valuation of course. Even before everything started the monetary situation was confused and we had hyperinflation. When all started i had as i said before some food in my house, for a week maybe not sure, some other folks who joined me brought more, and i had some money, if you compare it with today situation and money i can say that i had something like 700-1000 Euros in house and good savings in bank.

In first days of confusion i did nothing with that money, i just waited for situation to get better, so in some two months i barely found some guy and bought from him some flour for that money, at price maybe 40 times more than at the beginning of everything. On the other way if i would have been smarter and bought candles, batteries, and food for example at the beginning, in few months i would have been rich trough trading that stuff.

So real explanation of question was money worth much it depended how smart you used it. I was not smart. But truth is that very soon money simply didnt matter anymore or was nothing we even thought about.

Clarification: Survival only

I write on this site to share my experience I had during the war time. Of course I was not the only one there and some people had to do things they usually wouldn’t do. I will not name anyone, no locations, no specifics. The times were tough and that’s it.

Please do not ask for any specifics regarding people, locations, religion or politics. This has nothing to do with survival and will be ignored. If you have any questions about survival I’m happy to answer them. Simply write and ask me.

And I have a new article coming up tomorrow. Was just busy with some life stuff.

Violent Deaths

I guess when you look all together most common cause of death was from fire weapon, it was a war after all, but on the other side if we talk about civilians in town then i believe in the beginning people died mostly from shelling and firing, then from all kind of diseases and malnutrition.


During a daytime people get killed from snipers on regular basis, i mean if you really have to go out because of something, there were something called snipers alleys, so if you knew where to walk, run actually i guess you had some chance to survive (from snipers).

There was of course open parts on streets or between houses where you had to run and take chances, sometimes just hoped in chance that guy on the other side with sniper had lunch break or something like that.

People get killed from snipers on many ways, woman sneak to river to get some things to wash or to collect water, or just guy who goes out on open to check what is going on.

Guy who i knew got killed on one of the usual ways at that time. First sniper wounded man in legs and make him laying and cant move, guy is calling for help, crying, then someone came to help. The sniper wounded first guy who came to help him, then wounded second guy who came to help them, then nobody else came to help them, then sniper killed them all.

Usually “good” snipers did not killed people with first shots, because nobody gonna come to help dead man. I watch that kind of situations in movies, I ve heard later that is “normal” sniper strategy, but to see that in reality is something different, especially with civilians, it is haunting.

It is real horror to hear grown up man screaming in pain, crying, asking for mercy, some people could not stand that. On the other side, one of my neighbors, chronic alcholic once walked 500 meters openly on street during day time, he was completely drunk, sniper did not shot him, not sure why, but we have sentence here that “God saves fools ” so i guess that is the reason. He survived everything, died few years ago, from alcohol intoxication.

Shelling was other story, it was a constant thing, there was time of peace, time without shelling, but periods like that did not last more than few hours, all kinds of thing fallen on city all the time, i read much later somewhere that in worst period of that SHTF city were devastated with around 500 shells daily. People were torn apart, dismembered with cuttings, sometimes people laterally disappeared in some kind of mist or red fog and small pieces if they were directly hit, I ve seen that.


Sometimes i remember that period like constant rumbling sound and smell of burnt things and flesh. I think nobody was safe anywhere, 125 mm shell from tank hit my house in second month, and just took away big part of second floor, i realize then that some nylon heavy duty tarps can have great use in SHTF situation. That kind of destruction completely change mans opinion of ordinary things, same was first time when people fired on me, when I heard hissing sound of bullets close to my head, it completely changed my priorities in life.

( I ve read a book long time ago, not sure about title or writer, I think it was about soldier in WW2, he was listening about reasons for war, plans and strategies, he thought about good thing to fight for… things like that, but when he s get in his first fight with enemy he realizes whole truth and he shouted: Oh my God, they are trying to kill me! I felt like that guy, when you realize that, lot of things changes)

In the worst period you could see lot of dead people on streets, people that were not killed from snipers, or shelling, people killed from beatings or knife wounds.
In the summer time was bad, we have summer temperatures sometimes 45 C her, so stench was bad, people buried their deads close to houses, usually in nearest park, or any clear ground without too much ceremonial things, sometimes even in mass graves.

dead people

Usually all that graves were exhumated after war ended and then properly buried. People died on all kind of different ways, my relative went out one night alone (yes mistake) to find some things and never come back, he just disappeared, nobody knows anything, but we have river in city, 3-4 meters deep, and very fast so…
Killed and robbed from somebody probably. It was some number of missing people, just missing, nobody knows how, where. They are still missing.

Air bombardments were rare, but that was one of the scariest thing in my life, I remember maybe 10-15 air attacks, all of them during the night. Few attacks were helicopters attacks with rockets , I think it was MI6 or MI8 helicopters, scary. But real horror and in the same time somehow funny situation was airplanes attack with bombs, you see I think they used some old planes (maybe propelled engines, not jets) and I think they just dropped bombs from them.

So imagine, it was a pitch dark, I was going somewhere to get something to eat, and then i heard sound of airplanes, very distant and far sound, but still that sound gets your gut to vibrate (it is a different sound from big “MRE S “ planes) i looked at dark sky trying to realize what a hell? Next thing what i heard is sharp and high whiz or zing of something falling from the sky, then horror started, as far as I remember time from start of that sound to explosion was 5-6 seconds, not sure. In that time I am manically and desperately trying to hide somewhere, and there is actually nowhere to hide too much. All around me are pretty much ruins.

Few seconds can last like few hours. When that thing exploded your whole stomach is just going up from the power. Felling was horrific, you never know where bomb is going to fall, explosion from that bomb usually destroys whole house, completely. Who ever get killed in big explosions, from bombs or shelling, usually stayed buried there, in ruins.

I did not see too much violent deaths prior SHTF so some things just struck me, some things can just move you from normal reality in some other way of thinking. When I see man shot in the head from close distant, from rifle, man that was hard, I was paralyzed.

First thing that came on my mind was that man is so fragile thing, so easy to kill. Funny maybe but all thinking in that situations come to lower scale, like to simple level thinking, very fast you just forget all reasons and higher causes, you just switch to some other mode, a kind of primal mode, hard to explain.

now, this is more realistic

Again with show, but this time i am pointing at this history channel documentary as opposite to Rudy Reyes Apocalyptic man. Just to make some things clear, i do not think is smart to base our preparing on popular media, movies or shows, i like more to research ordinary people statements or experiences but sometimes it is easier to picture it on this way.

If you ask me, History channel “After Armageddon” fairly realistic SHTF documentary about complete collapse in city,now it is not completely realistic, you just can not put some things in documentary or movie, but… I ve been in some of the situation described in this show, and lot of the things are described pretty good, (except maybe fact that all happened mostly during night time) for me it was like watching myself in some of the scenes 🙂

As i said before, for us it is not too much important what is going to cause SHTF situation, war, terrorists, meteors, epidemic… outcome is going to be pretty much same.

In this documentary reason is epidemic, maybe looks like science fiction for someone, but this can happen very easy.

So what is different between this two shows, obviously guy with his family trying to GET OUT from the city, smart, he is scared, gangs are there very active, there is no law in the city, hospital is not place to go.

Roads are jammed, gangs holds storage and goods (remember my statement in posts-worst kind of people gonna be in charge) , there is no rule about anything, you never know what to expect.Guy is making that his house looked like already robbed (remember posts about how to be small, not interesting, invisible)

So they finished in some rural small community, rules are hard over there, but they safe pretty much.Even he dies from the small wound! (infection, simple cut can kill you if you do not have antibiotics)

As most of the folks today watch TV more then read books, i strongly recommended to do some of your preparing basing on this show. This guy does not look like Rambo, he looks like most of the ordinary people in any part of the world, man with family, man who believe what he read in newspapers or TV 🙂 And there is great statement at the beginning of the show, something like: “disasters are not normal” Very simple, but still very smart. You can not prepare yourself basing on normal mindset, you need first to change way of thinking.

Forget about Rudy Reyes and Apocalypse man,his kind of show is one of the reasons why some of the folks imagining SHTF situation like romantic one man fight i mean

i do not have anything against well trained people like he is, he is doing some great things with rope, some good jumps,starts generator in hospital (with how much fuel?) he is making fuel (i must learn that), hot wiring car (i must refresh that) and then he is driving car on empty and clean streets during day time( impossible) going victoriously into the sunset.
It is more western movie then documentary.
In real world he would be probably caught and beaten or killed right at the beggining of the show 🙂


OK now i have some questions, like most of us i like to watch this kind of shows, read books, try to be more prepared, so i want to check this video, i already mention it before. There is a lot of nonsense in this, maybe it is about cultural differences between me and you, but i still think there is some wrong perception of city SHTF here.

Intro is OK, catastrophes happens, societies falls, everything happens fast. He states if you survive catastrophe you will emerged in different world.True. Then he goes in city to find resources?? During the daytime?? No way. First i don t see reason to go in to the city to “find resources”, i would run FROM the city as far as i can, to go to city in daytime is ridiculous, absolutely nonsense.

“When society breaks down, people will be hungry, desperate … ” i agree, i ve seen that, but guess what? They are mostly not going to be stupid, they will hunt you, prey, scout, wait. So if they see you running with backpack, they will shoot you just to check what do you have inside.He is looking for shelter fornight, wrong it is smarter to stay hidden during daytime, and watch for movement and activities, then during the night go out and “find resources”

He says “this flashlight gonna save your life” then he enters some building with flashlight on to check it. It was like he wears T shirt with target, he is doing “security sweep” inside dark building with flashlight on, if somebody is inside he s dead for sure. Security sweep? Proper way is to quietly go inside without flashlight, hide somewhere, and wait for hour or two for other people to move. To use battery as a weapon if somebody “pop up” from the corner? :)) Man you light your self like Christmas tree in very dark area, nobody going to “pop up” in front of you unless he is idiot, they wait you to pass, and then smash your head from behind, or just simply shoot 20 rounds in direction of your flashlight from 50 meters distance, and you are dead again. I mean guys forget about walking around with your flashlight constantly on.

Steel wool and 9volt battery as a fire starter, very nice, i used steel wool as a kid to make some firework jokes. You know i spend some worst period of my life in city SHTF, i never saw anybody started fire like that, batteries were to valuable, i mean is it so hard to have bic lighter or Zippo? Covering fire, dump cardboard, that make sense.

Leaving building trough elevator shaft? Only if you are Navy seal member, most of us not, most of us are normal people not capable to do that things with cables. Do you understand what mean in SHTF if you break your leg or arm, you end up dead, simple cut can kill you. Not to mention he is making too much noises, breaking things, he is moving trough city openly on the road. Entering the house to find tools? I understand that, but on that way? no chance, if somebody is inside you are dead. I would first wait outside for hour or two, trying to figure is that house really empty.Checking every movement or sound.Cans check, it is OK, i did that. Entering sewer as a matter conceal movement, very good, i heard some guys did that, but you need to be really familiar with plans, it is harder than it looks.

And then again thing that i do not understand, he is entering hospital trying to make it like his base camp. I think it is stupid, hospital is last place to go in this situation, i mean staff is gone, but what do you mean it happens with all bodies? Nothing. Bodies are still going to be there. So do not go there. OK, if you already going in city during SHTF why do not choose smaller more secure place as your base camp, like police station,bank or something like that, you know more secure, smaller.

You probably not going to find gas at the gas station, you ll be late.Even if you find gas and find good car, you are not be able to leave city with car, roads gonna be probably jammed with all kind of stuff.

All this opinions are mine only, from my experience, so we can discuss if you think i am wrong.

SHTF in Rural Communities

Now it is not from my experience ,it is from other people stories, my relatives, some friends. It was hard, but it was not even close to urban chaos. They adapted and survived, most of them. People in rural mostly did not grow wheat prior SHTF, i think reason was because big agricultural companies did that, and as i understand it was cheaper to buy wheat from to grow it ( not too much sense in this maybe, but that what i ve been heard)

That changed when all started, people start to grow wheat, and corn. Same was with tobacco, nobody grow that here before , except big companies in company land, when SHTF started, people pretty soon realized if they had a land they can grow tobacco and trade it, it was pretty much valuable.Same with making alcohol.

Lot of things become rudimentary like in old times, main transport was horse, and horse cart.All machines stopped off course because fuel, but they still work on fields, they just move maybe 70 years back in some things. But all that changes did not affect them too much, they just changed some stuff to grow, like wheat, tobacco, corn, beans, potatoes etc.

Security things was much easier to maintain, i guess that comes from fact that village here is a small community of people who know each other pretty good, or in other cases most of them are relatives. They just keep it together, in good or bad. My opinion, man from rural community is just stronger (in any mean) than man from the city.

They did not had gang issues,they had some crime problems, but they dealt with that fast and brutal in most cases, they were tightly organized, and traditionally here folks in rural areas are armed and know how to use gun. They are tough guys here, even in perfectly normal times 🙂

They had a resources all around them, and they knew how to get them. Food from land, domestic animal (chickens, rabbits and cows mostly) hunting (boars and deers mostly), there s some great forests here so firewood was not problem neither. It was hard, but without starving, fighting with gangs and things like that.

Now this was not rule for every rural community, i know some villages were burned, all residents killed. But it was due to war, due to enemy armies fighting. If we talk about survival things, rural community or village did pretty good in SHTF( without gas, electricity,transport,news…collapse)

For example, in that time if you lived in rural communities, and had some connections to city, like some kind of trade rout, you could get lot of things for some basic food.

Signs of SHTF

Good question when did i figured that SHTF in city is started. I do not now for sure, but i think it was then when i saw that i can not leave the city, and when i saw some ordinary nice folks doing horrible things.Because important thing is to know, bad people, gang members, people who did horrible things, they did not came from other planet, they were with us all the time, some of them were criminals, some of them were normal people, they all just seen their chance when chaos started.

About organization in my house, it was not democracy at all, there was something like leader, smartest man i queses, he made some decisions about what to eat, and when, what we going to trade, what was safe and what not.But every member did something. Someone was better with fixing things than with shooting, someone else was great for trading, one of my relative was great for scouting, he use to be in special parachute unit in army 15 years before that, so he knew some things. So i think it is great idea to preparing as a group or family, so each member can learn some skills, more skills means better chances. It is not only about storing food and guns.

Why i believe it is gonna happen again? I ll try to explain situation in my country in present time. Well, economy is gone to hell, costs of living is constantly going up, there s sharp rising of crime, even during a day it is not safe to walk in areas of town where is no too many people, especially for females, gangs activity is higher then ever before.

There is a whole generation of young people without job, without any future, they see their chance in crime, gangs, drug business. They do not remember war, they have different picture about war and chaos. They actually wishing the chaos. Every football game is possible start of rioting. To have job is luck, even if you have it it is hard to live.

Every aspect of authority is corrupt, government, police, courts, health… You can sense feeling of rising rage. Situation is similar in most of the surrounding countries. I think some organized crime groups have much more members and will than police force.

I was not prepper prior this situation, so in many fields i did poor, but i can mention what was hard to get in the city. I mean everything was hard to get, but you just do not think about some things until you notice you need it, and then is probably too late. Now let me know, i am not making some survival list here, so i am not mentioning usual things like food, ammo, guns, hygiene etc.

Small precise tools, like tools to fix watch or lighter, flints for lighters, sewing tools,aluminum foil as a help for cooking, garbage bags heavy duty lot of , nylon tarps, containers all kinds (jars, plastic canisters…)ropes all kinds, Velcro tapes, duct tape , chains and locks, belts all kinds including those belts like truck drivers use for fixing the load- don t know word sorry 🙂 fabric bags (like bags for coffee), stuff to reinforce your windows and doors like metal plates, all kinds of tools.

If you ask me what tools, simple advice is: every tool that you need to take one ordinary house in parts, and to take that parts to your home, and every tool to fix stuff in your house.

But remember to keep it simple in prepping for city SHTF, I mean if you are planing to start generator unit in ruined city to have it like in good times,probably you gonna end up dead. It is much better to have solar batteries chargers and a lot rechargeable batteries. If you are storing things for trade in SHTF then store small things, batteries, candles, antibiotics, hand sanitizers, lighters etc. You are not be able to carry big things in city and look for trade.

Now my advice is: keep your storing and prepping as a secret, or keep it inside your group, family, friends if they preppers too. Do not just go around with attitude that the end is coming and i am prepared and stocked. They all going to remember you when they get hungry. Hungry people are desperate people.

My friend had small portable stove, maybe shoebox size, it used petroleum, gas, alcohol, had some kind of small pump installed on it, i remember it was made in Spain for Spanish army. It was very valuable thing.

Anything related to medicine was very valuable so go big with medicine. First i suggest educate as more as you can, i mean you can kill someone with wrong drug easily. Do not just go online and buy trauma kits or drug box,or whole list of antibiotics,first learn how to use it, it is maybe second most valuable knowledge in SHTF.

I think in order to survive this kind of situation man need some reasons, of course main reason was to stay alive, but without any other reason some people can easily turn to animals.

People needed hope, good news. Normal people in normal times usually do not understand importance of news, communications and things like that. It was some kind of information blackout, only few people had batteries for radio, so to at the time when information reaches you, it is probably completely useless and false.

It is strange feeling, when that situation is happening you have feeling it is end of the world, nobody cares, nobody knows for your suffering, that can kill your will for survival. So yes i think it is a great idea to have something to communicate with others, like CB or something like that, but again, keep it as as secret, not to mention to have correct information is very important and valuable.

Disposable Items

It is hard to tell what you are going to need in SHTF in your medical part of prepping. Easiest thing to say is that you gonna need everything, but actually it depends from your level of medical knowledge i guess.
for example:

  • Full reanimation kit- O2 bottles, respirator (O2 powered) suction unit (O2 powered), laryngoscopes, tubes, airways, BVM s, tube holders, drugs (atropine, adrenaline, dopamine…)
  • Body protection like masks (booth surgical and respirators), gowns, gloves (sterile and non sterile), lot of rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizers,paper sheets, delivery kits.
  • Wound care kit- all sterile gauzes, peans, tweezers, povidone, rivanole, staples, sutures, forceps, dressings, antibiotic creams…
    Vitamins, tablets and vials for injections.
  • Antibiotics full range, booth tabs and vials (Pennicilin, Gentamicin, Lincocin…) then full range iv fluids kit with NS and Glucosae, including IV systems, needles, syringes, IV catheters …
  • Children antibiotics, suspensions, together with antipyretics like Voltaren supositories.
  • Snake kits (horse serum), allergy shots (Urbason, Synopen…), urinal catheters…
  • Drugs like Furosemide, Novalgetol, Aminophyllin, Reglan, Ranitidin, (all vials), Albuterol (inhallant).

List is going more, but important is to choose what level you want to know, then find way to learn to use things on that level. You can not know everything. Maybe you gonna choose only to have powdered things for hydration instead of IV NS.

Whatever you choose to have, keep in mind that must be as more disposable as you can. For example paper instead of fabric, or sterile plastic tweezers instead of reusable. And again from my experience most of the problems were coming in the form of vomiting and diarrhea, due to bad water, or unknown food.

Typical Gang Members During SHTF

Because some personal reasons i ll focus more on gangs issue 🙂

It is very important to understand who is typical member of gang in SHTF. As i already said before, worst kind of people is in charge in SHTF. Usually they take lead, so you have then old criminals as a new gang leaders, of course you already figured they not gonna pay too much attention on moral issue or fair play.

In most parts of the world we already now in peace time have gangs, all kinds. In SHTF those gangs becoming something like private armies.
People joined them, it is easier to take stuff from other people then to find it on more “normal” way. So you gonna have normal folks who lost faith, lost strength, and for them it is only way to join gangs.

My point is to prepare you that in SHTF your first neighbor (who is now for example car salesman) may be very bad gang member.
It was much easier to be gang member.

Home Security

I already wrote about some basic home security during my SHTF.

It passed lot of years from that events so you may though my home defense is modern today, to be honest it is not. I like to keep things simple.
Right now i live in apartment building, fourth floor, so if SHTF again and caught me in the city what will i do. I ll wait week or two, i ll stay hidden. Then after the first period of panic is gone i ll try to get to my rural place.First period is marked with panic and chaos, everybody is trying to go somewhere, most of them will failed, roads are jammed. Best thing to do is stay hidden behind your door, heavily armed.

In first moments of SHTF, go out, leave lot of garbage outside your door (if you live in apartment building like me) smash your TV, your stereo, let passage outside your door looks like your apartment is robbed already, most of the apartment gonna look same like that, spill some red color, leave old clothes.

And wait.

In first days gangs not organized too good, probably most of them gonna think it is already robbed and abandoned. Maybe sounds stupid for you, but i ve seen that, it works. In other cases you have weapon and a lot of ammo.

You can set up some basic traps in passage outside, if you good with explosive devices you can set up some more sophisticated 🙂 After first period is gone, gangs will be more organized, they will be greater in numbers and more determined.

It is simple, first they gonna look for jewelery, LCD s,money and things like that, and if they see obstacle they just go away because there will be lot of other places without obstacles, later when they realize that real SHTF came, they will look for food, water, ammo, and they gonna try to destroy obstacles. So again, if you caught in city in SHTF, do not panic, stay focused, wait for the moment, and then of course leave the city. Where? Wherever you can, just leave.

Sorry guys there is no perfect home security in city SHTF, unless you have small army in your apartment. Get out and connect with family, friends and form a group.

What to carry? i guess you are not be able to carry a lot things with you, weapon, ammo, basic first aid kit, maybe food for a day. From all of this what i wrote, you can conclude that best thing is to have some hideout, some house close to your living place, place with all suplies, ammo, medical, food, water, friends. That is my plan, because my job i must be in city, but my real place in SHTF will be rural community. I hope.

I do not know how many of you is aware that in every city, every country and culture, there is considerable number of people who just waiting for some kind of collapse, some kind of chaos so they can start with robbing, killing and havoc. So if you counting on human kindness and help i suggest you to forget about that, you are not going to have too much friends, so do not prepare alone, have friends now. But choose wisely with who you are going to share your thougts about preparations and plans.

I have read some post from some guy, he states that he is not hiding fact that he is prepper from anybody. As soon as folks realizes what is happening,he gonna have visitors.