Keep them fed and entertained

People who are in survival and prepping „movement“ all around the world and around the web are doing lot of stuff in order to prepare for SHTF.

Numerous blogs and forums are there, and they all trying to figure when s. gonna hit the fan and how it is going to be. My time in war was like worst case scenario but hopefully only few people will have it that bad even when there is total collapse and no law (at least you are not gonna have snipers and shelling if your government behaves).

1 million dollar question is: „How is the collapse going to look like, and when is it gonna start?“

So there are numerous opinions, and also numerous ideas about how it is gonna look, when it is gonna start and whatever.

And big truth is that „sheep“ people (non preppers, non survivalists) are not gonna see it coming and it is understandable, but also lot of real preppers are blind.

Some of us are „too deep“ and „too blindly“ buried into the BOB, BOL, SHTF, WROL and other discussion and arguing about „what knife to have when SHTF” and God knows what else. Many think one day lights go out and darkness all around, hell breaks lose. But this only happens when governments make big mistake or nature finally gets back at us.

I believe government and corporations just turn off light slowly. Hand out pocket lights that people can see small area around them but not big picture.

When you put people slowly in misery they think it is normal. Humen get used to everything around them if they have enough time. So they take away air to breath but leave you just enough you are still alive. What I mean is that s. already hit the fan, it hit quietly and it is slowly rumbling towards us. Most people gonna realize that only when it blows up in their face.

What is the state of your local infrastructure? How about criminal in your area? Gas prices, food and utility prices?
How many of you having decent jobs and if not what are the chances of getting one?

How about your health care? Are more people dependent on government these days? Is all this mentioned getting better or worse over the years?

I saw a guy, few months ago. He is alcoholic and homeless. His hygiene and way of life is of course on some low level.

After some time I saw that his foot is gets gangrenous. I helped him few times. He died later. He did not get proper medical care, he did not had proper social security, no money, no friends. He died on the street. Even when he died he was laying there for some time under the some rug before someone notice that he is dead not sleeping.

Now you could say that this things happens everywhere, and you are right of course it happens all around the world.

But I remember the time when that same dude would be taken care of (medically) and he would be taken to some facility that state (government) would pay for his medical bills food etc. This does not happen here anymore. Normal people would CARE about this guy but now they stopped because air gets slowly choked out of everyone. It is time to focus on yourself.

How does this slow collapse look like?

Places you live in get smaller, you work longer and get paid less. You eat cheaper lower quality stuff and have less time for other things. You expect less and less from things around you. Quality of things get lower. You cant expect to have secure job or secure anything. You get used to live with worry.

Luckily there is entertainment like tv series, video games and the Internet to get into fantasy land. This helps to escape real world that keeps getting worse. You work, live in small shitty place, eat bad food and escape to some place that entertains you and lets you forget reality.

Because you feel bad you get deeper and deeper into “comfort zone” and your comfort zone gets always smaller. All this makes you feel very powerless but do not worry. There are big organizations and your government who make you feel part of something, something bigger and stronger, you just have to pay to be part of this.

Slowly the forces in power make average man weak. So weak that revolution becomes very distant idea. Life got sucked out of regular people long before they realize what happened.

S. is already here, it already hit the fan for many but they do not know and might never know. Wake up, go out and smell the real world, I can bet that you smell it, you gonna see it if you look in right directions, and right places.

My time in war, my SHTF was bad, and it was some real experience. Wars are happening around the world, economies going down, new forces going up… and you can say again that it happened before and it is gonna happen again. And you could be right too.

But dont think this is only way how fight for survival looks like. The forces in power are smart and no need to rape someone with force if you can drug them and make them do whatever you like.

It is just common sense.

Question is also how long can they keep masses drugged before they wake up and realize the abuse?

This is what I see happening in future. Forces in power keep people drugged, fed and in fantasy land (entertained) and they do not realize whats going on until one day they wake up. But this might not happen in our lifetime and if it happens the masses are probably to weak to do anything. Only if something goes wrong, the powers make a mistake or nature strikes, then we have total chaos from one day to another.

Otherwise we have slow descent until we get to point of complete anarchy.

If you thought about moving to countryside do it today and not tomorrow. If you thought about forming group of preppers in your area, do it today and not tomorrow.

Lessons in urban warfare from Syria

We are at interesting point in time. It might be point that changes human history if some of those who rule us (sorry to call it like that but that is situation right now) play their game and it escalates. Im happy to know most of you have already proper storage and skills to try your best when storm hits. Let’s hope we don’t need anything of this.

If you have time, stop eating (but maybe get drink) and spend half hour to watch the video below. It is just out since 4th of September 2013 but shows bit older video footage of people fighting for their survival in Syria in current conflict. It’s bloody and maybe disturbing for some, so maybe dont eat. I speak a lot about how I moved through city and fought in my survival course and see many similarities. Too many, so I had to take some breaks looking at this. Anyway, I have comments about this video below.

Be aware that this video is clearly pro rebel propaganda. I do not take sides and have this video here for the urban survival and fighting in it.

3:33 and 11:29 You can expect whole kind of injuries, and being kid does not protect you at all. Both injuries looked horrible, but kid with the bloody head probably just lost part of his scalp, so it is good for him. Nature of fighting in crowded space is brutal. There is no discrimination with explosives and if opposing force thinks of you and your family and friends as nothing more than animal then everyone is target. Look for small parts of shrapnel, they can penetrate deep and go unnoticed.

7:33 SHTF in your city is something like slow process of accepting the fact that everything around you is going to hell. I remember watching my city burning years ago, it looked like magic, big fires in city without electric lights, later I was looking how places that I know for years disappeared from the face of the earth, and from my memory too. And some time later I learned too not to give damn for places disappearing around me, because I learned that people disappeared (got killed) too, so it became my bigger goal to stay alive. If things get to this point, prepare to be in free fall with everything (and everyone) around you changing and turning ugly.

11:55 Guy with the bad dreams did see only small part of his bad dreams. He is under the pressure, doing some hard job and his every moment is filled with tension. Later, years later bad dreams gonna haunt him, when he goes back to „normal life“. Actually he is gonna figure that there is no normal life for him anymore. Sorry man, world becomes different place.

12:24 City moving during the fighting is some other moving then you use to. It means that you need to „draw“ some other map. Move through the ruined buildings, holes in walls etc. Moving trough the normal ways is usually way to dangerous.

13:48 „We have enough shown to the people. Do something“
I have been there, only this dude has opportunity to say this to someones camera. I was asking myself for days „is it possible that no one is seeing that people getting killed, children dying, people starve“. Later I figured that mostly people do not care for that, because of many reasons, and I figured too that there are no sides, only people suffering, dying,fighting, surviving… I talk more about this after comments here.

16:56 Guy throwing the „home made“ bomb, usually made from the unexploded stuff, while his buddy is taking cover few meter behind opening without revealing himself. Basics of urban street combat. Shooting is done from small openings or with just your hands raising (with rifle) above some cover and spraying. Progress is made when civilians learn to fight. They speak about how warfare changed from spraying and random shooting to snipers and ieds in this video.

19:41 does this guy look like he knows what he is doing? No, he is not so familiar with the weapon. SHTF also means lot of guys with weapons, and many of them do not know how to use them too, some of them seeing it for a first time probably. And shooting does not mean that you gonna hit something always, there is also other reasons for shooting, so it is good idea to have huge amount of ammunition. When you go out with group for first couple of times… stay away from them. Friendly fire is real and I saw people get taken down by friends and family or shooting themselves.

26:41 That is the picture how most of the cities gonna look when SHTF, it shows some of the streets, and you can say that it is war there, and it is not gonna look like that in „my SHTFcase“. But still you need to consider that in any disaster and survival scenario for whatever reason, with time and lack of the city services, violence and ruins because of fight for resources, it is pretty much similar. Consider this when you are taking some advices and plans for moving through the city during survival scenario. “Smart“ advice like „usage of skateboard for moving trough the SHTF city“ just does not make sense.

I feel like I describe something that can not be described, but video helps to imagine. Imagine things go bad and grim and then add more to it.

Another survival lesson that can be learned

Do you see how long this conflict in Syria going on? People are getting killed, dying, starving, no proper medical care, no common services etc. Does that look somehow irregular to you in some way?

I hope not. Look at situation in Syria and yes there is some help coming from other countries but many people survive. That you are lone survivor 3 months after SHTF is another myth in “survival scene”.

People will die in huge numbers, but also it will be crowded with lots of bloody fights for resources. People have ability to adapt, so we all can eat food with worms, learn how to shoot and kill, live without showers etc. People will die yes, on many ways, but not so fast and not so easy like many maybe imagine. It is gonna be fight for survival and everyone is invited.

Who will go first?

Not necessary the weakest one in terms of strength, expect to see first casualties among the people who are most dependent on society and have very bad ability to adapt.

So while 70 years man surely looks like guy who is gonna die among first one when you compare it to the young athletic looking teacher (or whatever) in reality that old guy might be able to adapt faster, because he comes from poor background and grew up in sort of the same survival scenario. That athletic looking dude is maybe lost because his strong faith in society and good human nature.

International intervention or not?

Personally I do not know enough about situation on ground and media reports are very different, so I can not say if helping rebels is good or not. If you are there and see this and experience it you want to help them, you can be sure about that. If you only see this from the distance it is different. Best thing really would be if everyone goes home, stops fighting and Assad leaves. Not gonna happen.

Maybe now is not the time for US or international troops to get involved in this, but leaving mad dictators like Assad kill harmless demonstrators in streets? I think this is situation where every way is wrong. Now it is just about finding which is not too wrong. No need for world war 3, no need for atrocities on civilians, maybe best to wait and see before doing something wrong.

This is what I have to say about this. Share your thoughts and opinions on scenes in video and situation in Syria in comments.