About some survival myths

World of survival and prepping is full of prejudices and misconceptions so you can read and see lot of stuff, some of them do not have anything to do with reality because people are so used to believe what they want to believe.

Other opinions are there because more sinister reasons, for example someone want you (us) to think that something is true just because it is nicely packaged. Get this latest special close distance gun and you are safe! When every gun in good hands can do this.

Few years ago I read about idea that some guy wrote on some survival forum that using a skateboard for as transportation device to move in urban enviroment when SHTF is a good idea.

Other guys commented (mostly) positive on that idea. Fact that the guy who wrote that never actually experienced urban SHTF is important here, neither he or guys who appreciated the idea.

So after reading that thread, and after reading positive comments on idea you could easily conclude that riding the skate trough the city when SHTF is absolutely cool idea.

You gonna form your opinion based on some guys idea, and other guys positive comments. Everyone agrees and their reasoning makes sense too. So now this idea can spread.

And of course people gonna figure out when SHTF that riding a skateboard trough the city make sense just like screaming „I am idiot, please shoot me“. Maybe later you gonna use it as a fuel for fire, or setup for some primitive cart, so I agree, having a skateboard is better than not having anything.

Using a skateboard in dangerous urban environment where you should move slowly and careful? Good idea too because it speeds up natural selection.

Examples are numerous, and while some of them are just funny, other are more serious, and can kill you in a post collapse world.

Very often you find discussions about battle, combat and similar on blogs and forums and after reading most of that you may come up with a lot of decisions, and because most of the discussions about combat are nonsense you will make some wrong decisions probably.

While driving skateboard when SHTF sounds stupid, you will probably see that it is wrong idea very soon, but remember that when it comes to battle wrong decisions today will probably kill you when SHTF.

Nobody gonna forgive you your wrong decisions when SHTF. Your wrong decision is another guys lucky day.

Let’s go over the few usual „truths“ about combat, battle, fighting, violence etc.

Right (good, truth, God…) is on my side, I (we) will prevail, win, survive…

Forget it. Nobody care for reasons and what is right and what is wrong when SHTF. If you think that you have an advantage just because you are good man you are so wrong.

First thing that completely breaks apart is concept of good will win or “fairness”. We only have these ideas because of living so far removed from nature.

Nature is brutal and good dead man is still dead man. You gonna find yourself in situations when you wonder why this guy died and why this family vanished. People now hope for system, like epic fight of good vs evil. Not gonna happen.

Everyone’s life is in danger, we are just preparing to make it harder for nature and others to get ours.

And history is written by the winners, so do not trust too much in it. Very rarely you gonna see full and true story of survival without make up either because political or commercial reasons.

Those who are prepared and are willing to adapt will survive. Those who can throw out society conventions fast and see all possibilities will have advantage.

Of ourse I strongly suggest doing good, SHTF or not SHTF, but please do not expect that being good will save you.

Violence is reserved only for certain type of people

Why people do violence is topic for some other bigger discussion, but it is wrong to think that only certain type of people will (efectively) use violence.

I have seen school techers stabbing other folks, or skinny ladies shooting from machine gun. That moody evil lady down the road? Might become vicious killer.

Especially when things start to settle after first weeks, do not turn your back to anyone you do not trust 100%.

You also have to be sure that you are able to do violence. And what is more important you need to be ready to do violence, physically and psychologically.

With thinking „Oh I can not do that“ you are one big step closer to losing the game of survival right at the beginning of SHTF. In regular society violence is not normal, in post collapse or survival situation violence is part of life (even if it is just hunting or slaugthering animals if you are lucky and live in countryside).

How people REACT to violence is different thing. And you need to be ready to have problems after doing (and suffering) violence. You can not get away from that.

I have seen people crying like babies after doing it, other puking, some had nightmares…

Even toughest guys who had gone through whole period like „tough guys“ suffered years later. You can not escape from that. Be prepared for that too.

I have most beautiful (expensive) equipment, weapon, ammo… I will survive

Yeah, it is cool to have best stuff. But do not get yourself in situation where stuff own you, instead you own the stuff. Good stuff does not make up for lack of skills.

I have seen guys (women and children too) getting killed just because they were not willing to leave their stuff and run when time came. It is stupid to get killed just because you love your possessions too much.

When it comes to your stuff be sure that you are ready to leave it in split second if situation asks for it.

What that means in reality? If you choose to defend your home from looters even if that means that you will be killed for sure it is very stupid. Your escape plan is as important as perimeter defense plan.

If you own rifle that is just too precious, too different it does not make too much sense either.

I am very skilled shooter, I know how it is gonna be, I ve seen it (in movies, documentaries…)

I can write pages and pages about being in battle and still you could not get real picture because it is something pretty much unique.

It is chaos.

Forget about movies where guys making jokes while shooting from machine guns at some folks. Sometimes I would go through one whole ruined apartment building, shooting at same time, and later I could not really recollect all details.

It is so intensive that you are burning out in that short moments of intense physical and mental stress in order to stay alive, to survive that fight. It is like being in some sort of tunnel and you become very much like animal.

People say this is good, because it is very old and real side of us that comes up and tries to protect us.

I knew guy who was screaming while he and few others fight with some group. He was screaming all the time during that fight, maybe some 20 minutes or half hour,and he was not even aware that he was screaming. When all ended he found out that his mouth was open, and he was trying to continue to scream but nothing was coming from his mouth.

He lost his voice for few days.

After some time I am gonna get used to violence

Well, yes and no at same time. You can do violence better (more effective) after some time of doing it, but you are not gonna get used to it in terms of that you do not care about it, or that you not gonna have some issues because it.

Rare people can do that. You are probably gonna have some periods of „numbness“ on violence, or periods without feelings actually, but that will pass.

I’m not jolly good fellow bringing only good news and definitive solutions to keep you alive. (There are none, you can just make chance to get killed or dying smaller by knowing more and making better decision)

But it is important to understand this side of survival. It is not romantic, it can not become comfortable no matter how hard we prepare. If you like to hear more about this, join my survival course in which I talk about my whole year of surviving in city under siege.

Surviving the comeback of natural selection

We live in society that keeps people alive. Corporations and government exploit human “capital” and keep them alive enough. Just fed with crap food and entertained to live in dreamworld of good feelings and work and do what the powers want.

I can not stop to think about the fact that everything is going in circles and that things and events in history are repeating all the time. Also one more thing is repeating and staying the same – majority of people are brainless idiots.

Do you feel and think that system, government, infrastructure and everything else around you is there in order to make your life better?

Do you think that politician, party, politic option, president etc. that you choose / vote is there to represent your will, and will of other people that choose them?

If answers are yes, then you are living in fairy tale not in real world.

And if you think that I am being too harsh, think again about fact that I was living once in cartoon too. I was living my life sure that „they“ (government, system, law…) take care about all big problems, and that my only worry is to live decent life, have job, kids, pay taxes, believe in system…

Do I needed to think about eerie feeling that government is losing ability to control anything and that something terrible is about to happen?

I had that feeling 20 years ago before SHTF, but I force myself into the thinking that „ oh they will fix that…“ They did not fix it, S. did hit the fan, and I was alone without grocery shops, firefighters, job, showering in the morning , without showering at all, eating grass for breakfast and being shot at.
Guys from government run away, or turn into warlords.

I believed into that system, and law, in police force. Yeah, I had feeling that maybe, just maybe I need to arm myself at the time, but then again there were those beautiful systems, government and law enforcement and TV announcements that „they will take care about everything“.

Suddenly, I found myself in the middle of civil war, watching how people being killed, sometimes only for fun.
Now more than 20 years after these moments when I had those strange and eerie feelings that something wrong is going to happen again I am seeing how people are idiots again, completely trusting that someone „ is going to take care and everything is going to be fine“ etc.

Im glad most did not have to go through civil war like I did but this is no excuse not to learn from those who did. When someone keeps doing same mistake it is stupid. Seems like most people like to be stupid instead of listening and learning.

The idea of survival is alien idea to regular people in these times. Death is concept that is pushed far away from everyday life and most people rely on the system for everything.

If you grow up as sick person in hospital and are connected to life support system all your life do you take the effort to get out and try to live on your own? Most people do not and stay connected to the system. It is comfortable even though hospital conditions slowly turn to hell. But they do not want to give up that comfort.

Thinking that the system one day is not there to help or was never there to help and just to keep people under control is very uncomfortable. No, the system becomes something like god, something they defend because they are so dependent on it.

Governments and our modern system we live in has killed natural selection.

Some say humans are now more stupid than 2000 years before because everyone survives and less smart parts of humans reproduce fast. Everyone should get a chance, but this is not natural.

Medical progress is good, being social is good thing. I give and do my best for MY people. My tribe, my people. People I believe should have benefit from my work, my knowledge and whatever I want to share.

Sometimes government comes in and forces everyone to share. This can have benefits for everyone too and I do not say it is right or wrong but I believe people should understand real motivation and freedom to choose who they share with.
What if government steps in and forces me to give my share to keep everyone alive just that they can remain in power?
Do I have to help everyone to be a good person?

If I’m forced to share why can’t I decide who to help? Or are we forced to do whatever it takes to keep human sheep peaceful so that corporations and government have maximum power over them?

Governments are there for many reasons, and I do not believe in anarchy, some system must be there always, but please, that does not mean you need to trust in that system blindly.

They are not there for me or you, they are there to keep people alive enough to function and serve them.

Today every time when I hear that „ government is doing that, or government is doing this“ in order to make our lives easier, make more jobs or similar my first thoughts are:

„ F@#k, I need to stash more ammo/fuel/water…“

With big headlines they just make new cartoons for you, it is kinda reality show but without happy end in sight and winner are those in power.

Do not get me wrong, I am not saying that you need to put helmet on and hide in bunker. Point is not in hiding, point is in understanding the things around us and preparing today while you have time.

Talk with your family, choose your friends wisely and prepare. Groups are more important than fancy tools and skills are more important than tools. In best case you have right people, right skills and right tools.

No matter on which side you stand in government shutdown, the fact is that government is not reliable and even sheeple might have chance to see the light if you explain them that they are on their own and have to prepare right now.

The hell I was surviving and I speak about in detail in my survival course, was so far away until it was there one day. Don’t fall for it, there is no safety unless you take care of it yourself.

I cannot say for sure why things are getting worse and worse in different areas of life. I can just make educated guess and I can only pretend to understand all the „fine“ details of politics, parties, government etc.
That is perfectly fine.

If you survive SHTF and live happy many years after collapse you can start thinking how it happened.
I do not want to know all that because it is not important actually. In world of falling governments and empires it is good enough to keep some basic things in mind:

  • No matter who is in charge and why and where. Truth is that they are not there to help you, they have their own agenda
  • It is similar no matter where you live, so forget about „differences“ or think this happened in other country and can not happen to us. We are all still same animals and greed and abuse for power is universal part of people.
  • Everything is going to collapse sooner or later, we gotta be prepared for that, that is only thing that matters.
  • Forget about learning what are the reasons for things like“end of middle class“ or „economic collapse“ or similar, instead of that go somewhere and learn food canning, build shelter, repair stuff, treat injured people etc. or make more money that you can buy little cabin somewhere outside of urban center.

This list can go on and on.

Main point is that you need to understand that you cannot change anything in this big picture right now, this system is still running on full speed towards cliff with big momentum and not slowing down.

But it is very important that you can still change a lot in your „small circle“. Your family, group, bug out place etc. Do not be distracted by looking „too closely“ because you can be blinded and forget about real priorities.

Some people say I speak too dark about future and sorry we are not place that tells you the latest ar 15 guarantees your survival. The mission here is to get as many people as possible away from harm and ready for more natural and harder life so that once everything is over there is good base of people left to rebuild and form better and more free society.

Many great preppers gonna die, I saw great smart fighters drop dead too. There are no guarantees. So maybe next time you check news page about latest “big issue” you make it a bit shorter and instead go out and practice some survival skill or pick up that book about first aid you wanted to read for long time.