Full circle

In one of the mine recordings on Patreon I mentioned older member of family who still remembers times when he as a pupil weas instructed from teacher that during the lunch brake he and other pupils should go in woods and find something to eat there.

It was happening in times of great hunger here, in late 40s and early 50s.

One other interesting detail from same grandpa and same times that he mentioned to me is fact that while teacher was holding the class his rifle was hanging on wall behind him.

I asked old guy :“ What? Teacher had rifle“?

He answered to me „sure, those were unsecure and dangerous times when almost every grown up person was in military, or in some goverment militia, everyone was armed“

It was some 70-75 years back in time.

In time when there was no enough food, clean water, security, and everyone was afraid from new war and new invasion shortly after latest war ended.

Goverment was very very opressive forcing folks in villages to give their land and work to (communistic) colectives, while in the cities intelectuals were stripped from their civic rights or jailed if theey dare to speak freely.

All that was happening while danger from new war and invasion was above everyone s head.

So, 75 years later where are we?

Are we too far from finding food in woods and having rifle „on the wall“ always ready?


Full circle

I can see in last few years (since pandemic actually) up to these days that many preppers went trough their own full circle in ther lives of survival.

Trough contact with numerous preppers in person or in virtual world couple of things are clear now, things that should be clear long time ago, but it is hard to beilive into something unless you experienced it.

Things like crooked ar not prepared goverment, things like fact that your rights and freedoms might be there today and not there tomorrow , things like that all philosophies and plans go down when you punched in face.

I think by today we are all pretty sure (finally) in fact that bad things are happening, and they can happen everywhere, even in places that you took for „bastions“ of freedom or democraty.

Point is that lot of preppers are finaly realize it is all about how well you are prepared, you and you alone.

So yes, it is full circle to the start of prepping-it is about you and your preps and skills, not about help from goverment, state, freedoms, rights, democraty, free world…

It is quite sobering fact for many people, actually it is quite shocking fact for most of preppers, but once when you take it for real then it is good start for everything else.

You should took pandemic situation as a kind of trial how easily rules (or rights) can change or discontinued, and how everything that was built in relations between people can be changed very fast trough the fear and panic.

Latest events in Ukraina you should take (especially here in Europe) as a proof how far (or actually close) we all are from the fact that who had installed firewood in his home and acess to firewood become very very important.

How far we are from moment when living in apartment building in city thats is heated by gas from comodity become huge disadvantage?

Are we all by living in society where young people do not have clue to operate rifle doing huge mistake?

For me personally, full circle might be fact that I am coming back here, on this page, to write here where i started.

Shtfschool page is back.