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Survival Hygiene

There are some topics that people maybe sometimes do not want to read or hear about, or other folks just thinking that is not too important when SHTF. Hygiene is something that we all agree is important, but how dirty is gonna be is other thing. If you look for example to definition of Cholera […]

Online Security Matters

*Disclaimer: This is a guest post by Jay, the guy who created this website with Selco.* Right now the Feds are looking into warrantless cell phone surveillance after a surpeme court ruling made them turn off 3000 GPS tracking devices. That might have been the latest big news of a government slowly removing the rights […]

The Global State of Survival & Preparedness Report

We are really happy how many people participated in our survey. Over 1800 of you have answered the questions and I have spent the last few nights to whip all the responses into a presentable form. This is done now and I think it gives everyone a good idea what is on most people’s mind, […]

Global State of Preparedness Survey

Most of us put a lot of thought and resources into being prepared. For many it is a real lifestyle and not just a hobby. We invite you to participate in the Global State of Preparedness Survey that will offer a snapshot of how prepared people are right now and will give you an idea […]

The European Cold Snap

Something again about power of media and human stupidity, or i can call it human lazyness to check some simple facts. Right now in my region we have something like two weeks of very bad weather, snow, -15 or -20 C temperatures (getting finally better now), roads are blocked by snow, whole cities are completely […]

Older and younger people during SHTF

Lot of questions about how older people did, or how younger cope with everything in that period. If we talk about older again it comes to the fact how many people they had around them, i mean did they spent that time in the group, alone, or just with spouse. And again it comes to […]

SHTF First Aid: When small cuts kill

I was invited to check guy who was badly beaten by few guys, man who invited me offered me to introduce me to some man who had connection with smugglers, so i can get stuff cheap if i help this guy. When i entered house, guy was laying on bed, could not move too much, […]

First Article of Selco’s Survival Guide

*The upcoming course that launches next week consists of several elements such as interviews, some videos, Selco’s supply list and a guide about what Selco thinks is important when it comes to survival. This article here is the introduction to the guide. If you have subscribed to our newsletter you will get early access to […]

Suburban Survival – Space to Secure vs Privacy

I get this question often so I answer it here. “I would like to be part of a community or family larger than 2 or 3, but my extended family is worthless. My husband’s family is 1000 miles away, and don’t get the advantages of family either. My hope is to stick to our suburban […]

Survival Situation – Action Wins

Usually we take for granted what we see on TV, or other media. You can say “No i am always suspicious and do not believe all this” but most of us are forming our opinions unconsciously. So at the end, over the time we just have some opinions, and we are just sure about some […]