What is survival about?

I was forced to learn about survival during my time in war. Being locked down in city for a year with violence from army that surrounded the city and violence from gangs fighting for resources was crash course in survival. Surviving the atrocities of war taught me lots of things, most importantly it taught me about acceptance of things you can not change and correct way of approaching problems. Whatever problems come up.

Real survivalist is not the man who takes big problems and laughs about them and deals with them like they are small problems. Real survivalist is man who accepts bad things as bad things but continues to live and face them.

Real survivalist is man who already has learned about ways of dealing with all sorts of problems or thinks flexible enough to find ways to deal with them.

Living in today’s world I clearly understand that there are bad things all around me, but I am still able to enjoy life. And I know what I can do. I am prepared.

In my time in war I learned a lot about urban survival, which is like a bad version of wilderness survival with little options. What worries you about protecting yourself and makes you want to learn about survival? Please fill out form below and I will answer some of most popular questions in next update.

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