Blending In and Survivalist Hate

It is OK if you think that government is corrupt and incompetent, I think that too.

It is OK to have weapon in your home, and will and knowledge to use it, and it is very good if you think that TV is full of crap.

I think too that S. is gonna hit the fan, and that it makes sense to have bug out location and bug out bag, and lots of cans and ammo.

So we are clear that we agree that all of the above (and lots more) make perfect sense. But one thing does not make sense and that is to let everyone else know that you are thinking like this.


Because it makes you different from (great) majority of folks around you, and what should be one of the basic and first imperatives?

To blend in, to look and be like everyone around you!

Do not ruin your chances to be safe at home even before SHTF.

Since last week we have ongoing discussion if survival in urban environment is even possible at all.

Under some circumstances it is, my experience during war I talk about in my course and how many others survived trapped in cities during war shows it is possible.

But you have to be prepared and do things right even before any collapse happens. Here are some more important things to keep in mind when you try to fly under radar and increase your chances for survival.

Survivalist Hate: From nice guy who helps to guilty man

Did you ever hear of “survivors guilt”? Feeling of being guilty because you survived but many others you know did not. There is something else that can “help” you to not feel that, because it can kill you. It is what I call “survivalist hate” by people around you.

I often read how people want to help other folks when SHTF, and it is really good, but in reality it works different.

When SHTF, I mean real SHTF, most of the people will not like you because you are prepared, people will hate you, even if you help them. They will hate you because you are prepared and you have food, water, weapon and shelter for you and your family, and they do not have anything like that.

I have seen how people robbed man, and his family, torching his house because he had lots of goods (he gave some of that stuff to some folks week before) and by that logic folks said that he knew that S. is going to hit the fan, and he was like guilty for them. People were angry that he prepared but did not tell them.

This is what you can call “survivalist hate”. Think about it, sentences like “he could have warned us” or “he must have stolen this from somewhere, otherwise he would have not that much”. Do not expect normal logical thinking. It does not happen much in normal times and is less in survival scenarios for most common folks.

Being a Stranger

To be stranger in some area, for whatever reason is dangerous thing when SHTF. Let say for example that you move from your country to some other, permanently, and you want to continue to live there. And you are obviously different from people around you because how you look. It is dangerous place to be when SHTF. In some places just because you are from different race people consider you rich.

Do not be fooled by everyday “ease” now in normal times. You may think that you blend in perfectly, and people like you, you go to the church, contribute to charity etc.

But when SHTF you are going to see that you are outsider, and in some cases you could be even accused for bad situation, and you could be in danger.

Of course it is not always going to be like this, but I saw many times people being attacked in SHTF just because they are different. When SHTF people want to look for guilty people for SHTF, and it is easiest to “find” them in people who are different.

Being a “Smartass”

Do not be smartass. This is advice also for normal times of course. For example people here (I guess just like everywhere) are completely addicted to retarded TV shows.

For hours they sit in front of the TV and follow that stuff, and they comment on it everywhere. I never discuss with them my opinion that I do not watch that s..t and that it is retarded.

For them, they believe I watch it too, I am just like them. Now this may look like stupid nonsense example, but it is only example.

I go like that with all other things, very very rarely I go into the discussion with people and try to prove that they are wrong. They deserve to live their life like that and it is OK.

Sometimes when I found man who is worth of “saving” I try to discuss with him my way of living, values, etc. Maybe there is future prepper in him.

Point of this is to understand: there is no sense in going against majority of people around you, you just gonna stick out like that, attract attention, be smart ass because you are trying to go against majority.

Just leave them, blend in, look like everyone around you. It is satisfying for your ego to proof other people wrong when you know better, but what do you win? Nothing and most people do not even want to know any truth that does not fit in their world view.

What are your ways of blending in? Please share in our forum thread about this topic or comments below.

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20 responses to “Blending In and Survivalist Hate”

  1. TimeHasCome says:

    Another great article Selco . Your course is great advice . I too fear ” Survivalist Hate” , I am a grower of a great deal of crops and I’m sure I will have a great deal of new friends when SHTF. It would be hard for me to hide and Americans love their super cheap groceries .

  2. TimGray says:

    Even in peaceful and normal times, People are dangerous animals and need to be treated as such. If you have more and flaunt it, someone will come to take it from you. Low key, quiet, blend in.

    Selco you nailed this one on the head. the “preppers” that run around in camo fatigues all the time and have the giant jacked up “zombie hunter” pickup truck will be the first to die as they flaunt their resources. they can be at the front door with a machine gun while sneaking through the back door a little kid with a pistol puts one in the back of his head.

    In americas current SHTF, the cities of Flint and Detroit, I know people that intentionally boarded up windows on their home to make it look vacant while they lived there. They do what they can to hide and blend in make it look like they have nothing and are insignificant. They survived without problem the last 6 years of the american SHTF. Granted it’s barely a SHTF because people can actually leave detroit, and you dont have military running around killing for fun, but the gangs, the packs of wild dogs, and the blight is still very dangerous.

    The person that is not noticed is the one that will survive.

    • Selco says:

      “The person that is not noticed is the one that will survive”
      In short, very good policy. People have somehow strange picture that people who are most noticed have best chance for surviving.

  3. Tony says:

    Great saying Tim!

    Thanks and regards from Brazil.

  4. joaozinho says:

    Bro, America´s SHTF is like a normal day in any third world country.

    I´d put this article amog the other good gray man stuff Selco.

  5. gyr says:

    Thank you, Selco for yet another great post. IMHO this is one of the most important topics covered so far. To survive one MUST remain unnoticed. Massive firepower and/or very large preps will not insure survival. In fact, they may have just the opposite effect. It may be prudent to begin cultivating the impression among your neighbors that you are poorer than they are. Modest home, plain older car, modest clothing, etc. Might be tough on your ego but then you won’t appear to be a target for those locals who might be seeking to appropriate others assets. If you must assuage your ego with conspicous consumption or outrageous behavior, it would be best done outside of your local area and beyond the knowlege of your neighbors. Most of us are ego-driven to some extent. But if we don’t survive, neither will our ego.

  6. Gary says:

    What is the make of the rifle shown in the image above the heading of this article? Thanks!!!!

  7. Velcro says:

    I have long lived below my means on the ‘big’ ticket items…house, car, vacations, etc. But I spent a little extra on my furniture. And I like expensive scotch. And will pay handsomely for a good cigar.

  8. Methane Creator says:

    Sure, if I lived in one of the Socialist communities of America, or one of the Soviet enslaved countries of Europe then I would probably worry more. It would be counterintuitive for middle class urban dwellers to think their neighbors would loot, plunder, rape, and murder. If you feel you live in such an environment, then MOVE. No amount of structure hardening, gun turrets, explosives, or pots of boiling oil will keep you safe. Maybe a missile silo will keep you secure longer, but a determined crowd will finally overcome the locking mechanism of any door. Small teams/cells will be able to work together to provide mutual assistance to each other and provide aid as needed to keep everyone safe. It may take years to establish total order and rebuild infrastructure, but most of the Govt dependents will be wiped out in the initial first months of any conflict. Only the workers will survive and prosper. The outcast pariah will not be able to restablish themselves and most likely will be rejected from any inner sanctums. Only the strong and knowledgeable will survive.

  9. GRA says:

    “Low key, quiet, blend in” Hit the nail on the head, IMHO. Exactly how I pictured blending in.

  10. Sean says:

    While in the Army, keeping my mouth shut, moving as quietly as possible, and using my eyes and ears helped keep me alive, along with thinking all the time. Selco knows the score, as being unnoticed is the key to survival, and thriving. Also, if you can, refrain from predicting things, or seeming to know what’s going to happen next. It may be a good idea to sketch out what MAY happen, but don’t always believe it will happen, and happen the way you think it will. Get a good idea of what could happen, and develop that, by coming up with as many ways as there are. And be ready for anything, and especially, to change your plan, instantly. What that Marine Gen. said. Be polite, be professional, and have a plan to kill everyone you meet.

    • Selco says:

      To stay out of the predicting things publicly is good point. In bad times usually nobody gonna reward you for that, actually you will have probably lot of problems.

  11. BAS says:

    The further society drifts from the truth the more it will hate those who speak it. – George Orwell

  12. Dave says:

    People hate being awoke and the person (people) waking them up bear the brunt of the anger. Throughout history political and (religious) leaders have warned society about impending problems only have have it fall upon deaf ears until it was too late. When all hell breaks loose they receive the blame. “Survivalist hate” seems to share this common factor – blame the person who tried to warn you before it was too late.

    I see relatives as being the worse culprits of “survivalist hate”. They spend the most time observing your way of life, hear you speak of world calamities, food prices, political and social unrest but do nothing to prepare except put forth their hand in times of need (not all but some).

    Great article selco. Be safe all and have a nice Memorial Day

    • Selco says:

      Thanks Dave.
      Yes ,similar to “let s kill the messenger” thing. Sounds unfair, but most of the folks do not even want to be “awaken” from their “plastic” lives simply because they like it. Still there s few people who worth the trying.

  13. Tim Gray says:

    Just a FYI, if anyone wants to see how people really will act in SHTF, go and look at how people play in these SHTF games. THIS is how people really are, they will take what they want when they can.

  14. undeRGRound says:

    General “MAD DOG” Mattis 😀

  15. Crazy Stevo says:

    Great article, it goes along the gray man theory. Only reason I call it a theory (this included) is it works for most people. My supplies are mostly hidden. I live in a small house not everything can be hidden. Also my size doesn’t help me blend in. I dress in jeans and a t-shirt 6 days a week, and dress nicely on Sundays for church. I am 6’5″ 270 lbs., I look like a linebacker. Where ever I go people know me because of my size, the only time I blend in is when I sit down and slouch or lean forward onto a table to hide my height.
    When crap finally hits the fan, blending in will be hard, your chubbier than the neighbor, your healthier, your big (tall or fat.) The list can go on and on, having a plan to leave or disappear (boarding up windows like the rest of neighborhood) will help.

  16. You lost me, friend. I mean, I suppose I get what youre indicating. I understand what you are saying, but you just appear to have forgotten that you can find some other people inside the world who look at this matter for what it truly is and may not agree with you. You may possibly be turning away a lot of folks who may have been fans of your blog site.

  17. Rae says:

    I was ( until recently) the emergency specialist for my church. As such, EVERYONE knows I’m a prepper. I’ve been teaching/speaking about it for years…and speaking at clubs, groups, fairs, etc. I also wrote a book on the subject as well as wrote a news column for 5 years about it. NOW, I’m nearly 80 years old and sooo wish I’d kept my mouth shut. I recently withdrew my book from Amazon, stopped the news column, and quit the calling at my church. I’m wondering now how to become a “grey woman” now. Is it too late? Got any ideas? I live in a rural area but have 9 neighbors, of which only 2 are preppers. At least two of the others know I’m prepared. Do you have any suggestions?

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