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Christmas is around corner and Jay and me got together to look for some good gift ideas for you. This Survivalist Gift Guide has some gifts for new preppers or non survivalists as well. Giving non survivalists box of lighters for Christmas might be a bit awkward so book is obviously better choice. We tried to balance what is useful and what is fun and also added some crazy gifts.

Many more expensive products in this guide are “survival luxury items”. Nice to have and will make heart of every survivalist jump, but not really necessary because cheaper item can get the job done as well. It all depends on who you give gift to.

A new prepper who has very limited budget will be more happy about $30 machete, $30 first aid kit, $50 ham radio than one high quality $110 solar charger. This is much different for seasoned prepper with bigger budget of course. Simply because of other priorities.

In the end survival is much more about skills than equipment but we all love having good tools to get things done and some toys to play around.

Under $20

Under $30

Under $100

Over $100

Funny and over the top gifts

Ammo is of course always option and weapons too. But this gets very specific, depending on area where you live, common calibers in area and laws.

What were the best survival related gifts you ever got or gave someone? What is your plan this Christmas when it comes to gifts?

9 responses to “Survivalist Gift Guide”

  1. Bill Harzia says:

    Dear Santa, please bring me one of everything on this list.

    Thank you.

  2. RegT says:

    That is actually a gyro-copter, but it is still incredibly cool in its design. Very well thought out.

  3. Vic says:

    I actually got 25 rounds of .40 cal hollow points for my 40th Birthday to go along with my Glock 22 4th Gen. I was one happy prepper 🙂

  4. JT says:

    Best survival related gift I ever got was a Dillon Square D reloader. That made it possible for me to afford to shoot 10,000 rounds per year in training and competition for many years.

  5. j.r. guerra in s. tx. says:

    That is a great list of items up there – thank you for writing them..

    Down here in hot, humid and buggy South, sleeping outdoors seems to be easier with a hammock AND bug netting. That Hennessey offering up there is pricey, but what price do you put on a comfortable night’s sleep ? They are a bit cold to sleep in during winter, so research some methods cold camper’s use for comfort.

    I’d also throw in a High Waters Sawyer water filters. Several models to choose from. I just received a notice they are going to be offering a distallation option that can get drinking water from saline water – pretty nice if you are a coastal dweller or anticipate being one.

    Thanks again for the thoughts.

  6. Danette Zak says:

    I gave my brother the Goal Zero Guide 10 with the speakers cause he’s a music junkie, and that’s what started him on prepping. This year I’m sending both of them a 4-6 week survival kit with food, hopefully it will get the other one prepping. I can only hope.

  7. Acorn says:

    An $810 7lb tent for 2 people? Ignoring the price, why is weight not a critical factor on most survival item selections (and not just your list)? You can go much further and faster with a total pack weight of under 30lbs than some 50 or 60lb pack. If you are fit this is even more true. I get an under 30lbs pack with 3 days provisions easily (base weight of 18lbs) and that could be greatly improved. To me weight is an absolutely critical factor if I’m suppose to be lugging it around. Nice list though, especially that BaoFeng radio is a heck of a value.


  8. JX says:

    Lots of Steel matchsticks to trade and give to my group:

    I used to sell em in ‘bad’ part of town for beer money, $3 a match, $1.10 each for overhead.

    What’s that in cans of food?

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