Surviving the comeback of natural selection

We live in society that keeps people alive. Corporations and government exploit human “capital” and keep them alive enough. Just fed with crap food and entertained to live in dreamworld of good feelings and work and do what the powers want.

I can not stop to think about the fact that everything is going in circles and that things and events in history are repeating all the time. Also one more thing is repeating and staying the same – majority of people are brainless idiots.

Do you feel and think that system, government, infrastructure and everything else around you is there in order to make your life better?

Do you think that politician, party, politic option, president etc. that you choose / vote is there to represent your will, and will of other people that choose them?

If answers are yes, then you are living in fairy tale not in real world.

And if you think that I am being too harsh, think again about fact that I was living once in cartoon too. I was living my life sure that „they“ (government, system, law…) take care about all big problems, and that my only worry is to live decent life, have job, kids, pay taxes, believe in system…

Do I needed to think about eerie feeling that government is losing ability to control anything and that something terrible is about to happen?

I had that feeling 20 years ago before SHTF, but I force myself into the thinking that „ oh they will fix that…“ They did not fix it, S. did hit the fan, and I was alone without grocery shops, firefighters, job, showering in the morning , without showering at all, eating grass for breakfast and being shot at.
Guys from government run away, or turn into warlords.

I believed into that system, and law, in police force. Yeah, I had feeling that maybe, just maybe I need to arm myself at the time, but then again there were those beautiful systems, government and law enforcement and TV announcements that „they will take care about everything“.

Suddenly, I found myself in the middle of civil war, watching how people being killed, sometimes only for fun.
Now more than 20 years after these moments when I had those strange and eerie feelings that something wrong is going to happen again I am seeing how people are idiots again, completely trusting that someone „ is going to take care and everything is going to be fine“ etc.

Im glad most did not have to go through civil war like I did but this is no excuse not to learn from those who did. When someone keeps doing same mistake it is stupid. Seems like most people like to be stupid instead of listening and learning.

The idea of survival is alien idea to regular people in these times. Death is concept that is pushed far away from everyday life and most people rely on the system for everything.

If you grow up as sick person in hospital and are connected to life support system all your life do you take the effort to get out and try to live on your own? Most people do not and stay connected to the system. It is comfortable even though hospital conditions slowly turn to hell. But they do not want to give up that comfort.

Thinking that the system one day is not there to help or was never there to help and just to keep people under control is very uncomfortable. No, the system becomes something like god, something they defend because they are so dependent on it.

Governments and our modern system we live in has killed natural selection.

Some say humans are now more stupid than 2000 years before because everyone survives and less smart parts of humans reproduce fast. Everyone should get a chance, but this is not natural.

Medical progress is good, being social is good thing. I give and do my best for MY people. My tribe, my people. People I believe should have benefit from my work, my knowledge and whatever I want to share.

Sometimes government comes in and forces everyone to share. This can have benefits for everyone too and I do not say it is right or wrong but I believe people should understand real motivation and freedom to choose who they share with.
What if government steps in and forces me to give my share to keep everyone alive just that they can remain in power?
Do I have to help everyone to be a good person?

If I’m forced to share why can’t I decide who to help? Or are we forced to do whatever it takes to keep human sheep peaceful so that corporations and government have maximum power over them?

Governments are there for many reasons, and I do not believe in anarchy, some system must be there always, but please, that does not mean you need to trust in that system blindly.

They are not there for me or you, they are there to keep people alive enough to function and serve them.

Today every time when I hear that „ government is doing that, or government is doing this“ in order to make our lives easier, make more jobs or similar my first thoughts are:

„ F@#k, I need to stash more ammo/fuel/water…“

With big headlines they just make new cartoons for you, it is kinda reality show but without happy end in sight and winner are those in power.

Do not get me wrong, I am not saying that you need to put helmet on and hide in bunker. Point is not in hiding, point is in understanding the things around us and preparing today while you have time.

Talk with your family, choose your friends wisely and prepare. Groups are more important than fancy tools and skills are more important than tools. In best case you have right people, right skills and right tools.

No matter on which side you stand in government shutdown, the fact is that government is not reliable and even sheeple might have chance to see the light if you explain them that they are on their own and have to prepare right now.

The hell I was surviving and I speak about in detail in my survival course, was so far away until it was there one day. Don’t fall for it, there is no safety unless you take care of it yourself.

I cannot say for sure why things are getting worse and worse in different areas of life. I can just make educated guess and I can only pretend to understand all the „fine“ details of politics, parties, government etc.
That is perfectly fine.

If you survive SHTF and live happy many years after collapse you can start thinking how it happened.
I do not want to know all that because it is not important actually. In world of falling governments and empires it is good enough to keep some basic things in mind:

  • No matter who is in charge and why and where. Truth is that they are not there to help you, they have their own agenda
  • It is similar no matter where you live, so forget about „differences“ or think this happened in other country and can not happen to us. We are all still same animals and greed and abuse for power is universal part of people.
  • Everything is going to collapse sooner or later, we gotta be prepared for that, that is only thing that matters.
  • Forget about learning what are the reasons for things like“end of middle class“ or „economic collapse“ or similar, instead of that go somewhere and learn food canning, build shelter, repair stuff, treat injured people etc. or make more money that you can buy little cabin somewhere outside of urban center.

This list can go on and on.

Main point is that you need to understand that you cannot change anything in this big picture right now, this system is still running on full speed towards cliff with big momentum and not slowing down.

But it is very important that you can still change a lot in your „small circle“. Your family, group, bug out place etc. Do not be distracted by looking „too closely“ because you can be blinded and forget about real priorities.

Some people say I speak too dark about future and sorry we are not place that tells you the latest ar 15 guarantees your survival. The mission here is to get as many people as possible away from harm and ready for more natural and harder life so that once everything is over there is good base of people left to rebuild and form better and more free society.

Many great preppers gonna die, I saw great smart fighters drop dead too. There are no guarantees. So maybe next time you check news page about latest “big issue” you make it a bit shorter and instead go out and practice some survival skill or pick up that book about first aid you wanted to read for long time.

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  1. Vittorio says:

    stupid is fatal, but lately people forget that – government gives them bubble wrap to play with (just look at all of today’s headlines – five-year-old suspended from kindergarten for sticking his finger out straight / mistaken for pointing at someone, etc…) all it takes is enough breakdown of law and order / government for those Darwin Award nominees (the takers, except when it is responsibility for themselves) who have been lucky enough to survive to go the way of the dodo!

  2. SeTe says:

    Excellent thread Selco! It is easy to see the snow ball growing in size and realize things are getting worse everyday and growing in momentum. It amazes me to see most folks going on business as usual or even purposely ignoring what is happening because it takes them out of their comfort zone. Things are going to be a real shock for some.

    Governments are self serving, self feeding beast that at some point end up out of control. In the end government fails to do what it was originally intent was, provide stability. Being reliant on something out of ones control is to give ones control away and set themselves up for disaster.

    For a person to survive they need to have value, to themselves and others, otherwise they are not an asset but a burden. Skills and knowledge are easy to acquire for most people, those same skills that will be an asset to others trying to survive. With luck, knowledge, and preparation odds of survival go up. If things continue on where they are headed there will not be rescue teams out searching for survivors and providing much needed aid as is seen in natural disasters. It will be up to you and if able your group to care for yourselves. Spend your time wisely, it is limited and should things correct themselves your skills and supplies will not be a waste, consider it safer then money in the bank, safe, or hole in the ground…

    Thank you Selco once again for another great article!

  3. Scott says:

    You said: “Also one more thing is repeating and staying the same – majority of people are brainless idiots.”

    Then you said: “Governments are there for many reasons, and I do not believe in anarchy, some system must be there always, but please, that does not mean you need to trust in that system blindly.”

    The second statement proves the first. If you believe that unaccountable violence (government) is required to save us from unaccountable violence then YOU are the problem.

    Until ALL initiation of violence is treated as unquestionably unacceptable, you will continue to reap the benefits of your heart’s desire, “Governments (unaccountable violence) … must be there always…”

    If you are unwilling to engage in rational thought and principled action, you have no cause to call others “brainless idiots.”

    • The general says:

      Scott, YOUR view of government as always unaccountable violence doesn’t make it so. While most may be, it is not so in all cases. Is the government of your household considered unaccountably violent? Would you prefer your children, if any, to act in any manner they wish? Your household has a form of government.
      The government of the USA as founded was not perfect, but it was by far the very best case scenario for a nation. Maybe not for a bunch of people living near each other, Rule of law is what makes living together possible.
      Calling Selco a mindless idiot because of your narrow view is unwarranted. TG

    • Jav says:


      A. Selco doesn’t mean they are literally brainless or mentally challenged/special needs. He is trying to convey that 98%+ of the population in Western Nations, rational people with a high school education, are behaving like (you pick):

      1. Lemmings
      2. Sheep
      3. Liberal Believers in More Entitlements (read Capitalism to Socialism to Communism)
      4. Irrational Believers in Bigger Government that will provide the proverbial “Nanny State”
      4. Darwin Award Candidates that self-terminate – see:

      B. Initiation of Violence is Already Unacceptable in our society. What we can’t seem to rid ourselves of are the Predators??? Violence will never go away and it will always need to be met with violence.

      C. Reproduction. Did you miss the part where he said the stupid citizens are reproducing more?

  4. Dashui says:

    Hey Selco I disagree that natural selection has stopped. Civilization selects for docility and obedience, in order to continue. Much like man selects for these traits in dogs. In the long run a return to barbarism will rejuvenate the species.

  5. HABCAN says:

    Selco does it again! Bravo, Sir!

    Look behind the ‘news’…….it’s not that the five-year-old got suspended from school: it’s that such rules are now in place that he WOULD be suspended! The inmates are in charge of the asylum.

    Keep on keeping on, John. Thank you!


  6. Chris says:

    The problem is people are being constantly ‘conditioned’ to accept authority. Do what this guy says, because he has a doctor’s degree and license. Do what this woman says, because she has a badge and can arrest you. Listen to the government, because not listening can lead to fines, prison, and harsh conditions.

    It is very, very difficult to break this conditioning. It is so difficult, because that is exactly how they want it. They know that in any crisis, no matter what happens, most people will be stupid and stand in line, waiting to be told where to go.

  7. Hamlet Jones says:

    Although I rarely post on this blog, I am a paying member, and I believe this is too important not to respond…

    If your gut tells you things are going to get worse, and that the government will be unable to deliver the toys and goodies, then I say your “gut” is smarter than most people who are sleeping their ride away on this gravy train of civilization.

    I do not agree with “Forget about learning what are the reasons for things like“end of middle class“…

    Yes, trying to uncover the “why” can waste time getting ready for shtf. However, learning the basics of our decline shouldn’t be too difficult if your eyes are already open. Additionally, a rough understanding of the “whys” might help in a person’s overall framework of preparation.

    Simply, we are suffering the phenomena of DECLINING NET ENERGY. Net-energy is the fraction of energy that is left over from searching for, and the pumping/refining/mining coal, oil, tarsand, etc. It’s like what’s left out of your paycheck after you pay your taxes, housing, healthcare, bribes, etc. Net-energy is like the few dollars that you have left at the end of each month for prepping! (which always seems to be getting smaller, mirroring the world-wide constraints of net-energy!)

    Constrained by the laws of thermodynamics, the availability of life-supporting resources will go into a permanent, steep decline:

    Most people will not be familiar with this link, which is strange, because the author has been on the net for 20 years, and his work is foundational for many of the doomer/prepper websites and blogs and book authors who have cherry-picked his work.

    Do not think for a moment that the foundational reasons for collapse are unimportant. Reading this one essay will help guide your responses to the various stages of collapse for years to come. And, as the author urges, “Get out of the cities!”

    I hope this helps a few of you.

    • Larry C says:

      It is so interesting, even the bible says in these days to get out of the cities. It says in detail what is to come right here in the United States of America. And it is not pretty, yet so many choose to keep their head in the sand.

      It is no wonder we are heading for such calamity. Almost half the country expects government to help them in crisis, help them obtain food, health care, like someone owes them something for their very own existence.

      Love this sight, many thinkers and realist here.

  8. TimGray says:

    For example: The gang of thugs on motorcycles that attacked a SUV family in NYC (not bikers, bikers dont act like that) The SUV actually had the upper hand but he was unwilling to do ANYTHING it took to make his family safe. If it was me, there would have been far more than 1 guy in the hospital.

    Situational awareness. What is your situation right now? What is the safety level of where you live right now, now go out and walk your streets and carefully observe, you may be very surprised as to how wrong you are.

    A lot of people don’t want to know the truth because it is scary. Washington DC police murdered a woman in a car this week because it was easier to just kill her than it was to deal with the situation.. Do you understand that? do you understand that it is far easier for cops to just kill you and the police are absolutely ready to take that shot to make you stop? Even now with it not being SHTF…

    Pay attention, use your eyes and mind.

    • Internet Joe says:

      Just to clarify, the guy did try to protect his family. When the bikers cornered him initially he ran one over. The guy is now in the hospital with a medically-induced coma and a severed spine. While I agree with your main point, “pay attention, keep situational awareness” I also see lots of preppers who treat death and applying death/harm to others as a casual matter. Maybe the father did not want to hurt additional bikers or was not prepared to. The situation was complex and the MSM generally doesn’t help fix that. Even Selco, in a previous post, criticized the Rambo mentality. Death is not something to be treated lightly. Harming another person is not something to be treated lightly, even if you are in an emergency situation. Ask any solider. It leaves a mark on you forever no matter how justified it may be. As for the cops, the woman was driving recklessly with a vehicle that counts as deadly use of force. Unlike in the movies, cops don’t shoot to injure they shoot to kill and should only shoot when they are met with deadly force. I agree there are many instances where they shoot inappropriately but not in this case.

      My point here is not to contradict you or anything like that, but to maintain perspective. When prepping, it’s too easy to fall into a bit of a paranoid, us-vs-them mentality where ‘they’ are always wrong. That being said, I agree with Selco that, at the end of the day, the government is more concerned with the stability of the system than your individual/family needs and if SHTF that will certainly be the case. History has already demonstrated that.

      • Larry C says:

        I disagree, the government is more concerned with control of a population. They are no longer concerned about serving a community, but enforcing a government out of control. Look at the constant fight to disarm America, then look into the history of every country that allowed this. Our government cannot completely control us until we are completely disarmed, even though the top causes of death in this country are Doctor error in hospitals, wrongful prescriptions of drugs (both over 200,000 deaths annually), cancer and heart disease, auto accidents, alcohol related especially, and so many other causes including suicide are statistically worse than guns. Yet they want your guns.

        People, prepare for what is to come. We live in an era like no other, and this country will soon, very soon become a third world country, and those who are not willing to protect their family will lose them violently.

        I have been to 3d world countries, I know what war does, and what a country collapses will do to it’s people. And when people panic (because they don’t know what to do), it is not pretty.

      • TimGray says:

        If it was my wife and child and myself in that situation? I would have killed every single one of those thugs with my car until the threat is no longer a threat or I have an escape. I put the safety and life of my child above all else, and if a person is a threat to my family, they die, no discussion at all. And yes taking a life changes you, I remember clearly the day I killed my first animal, I know what it feels like to take a life, do you? I know what it feels like to have a gun in my face, do you? I also know what happens when you do not defend yourself or family quickly from a lethal threat, do you?

        Rambo is going out killing for fun or ego, please learn the difference as it will save your life if you are ever unfortunate to get in a situation where you have to protect your family.

      • John South says:

        The woman was executed by firing squad after after they had safely retrieved the child from the vehicle and it was stopped.

        It is also not clear that she rammed into anything from the pictures of her vehicle.

        • Frdmftr says:

          John South said “The woman was executed by firing squad after after (sic) they had safely retrieved the child from the vehicle and it was stopped.”

          That is not true. They fired upon her at the original stop when she rammed the post and then reversed suddenly and violently, causing the cops to jump out of the way. Personally I am not convinced the cops were justified in shooting her even then, but I am convinced they didn’t execute her after removing the child from the car. The videos with sound make it clear where they shot her, and there were no shots at the end of the chase because she had died of her wounds by then.

    • romney says:

      I have found it almost impossible to find conservative, Christian, supporters of OUR Constitution and culture willing to get off their butts and open their minds to reality. I am tired of all the non-mainstream media like Rush, Hannity, Beck coming up with “THE WAY” to stop all this destruction in America and the rest of the world. There is more pure murderous acts of inhumanity than ever in history. A neighbor told me he had a plan; it was to buy a lot of peanut butter. People don’t listen and make an effort to get informed even after you give them sources to research. With ignorance, laziness, apathy abounding how the hell are we going to get anything better? I know I will fight before converting before a black dog Muslim or copy the Jews and get on a train to NOWHERE! I am not too sure of the bugging out. I may just have to die at my door. I pray I can take a bunch of whoever is attacking me and mine. I am almost 72, have some minor health issues. But first I KNOW this government has nothing I want to be a part of. I am healthier than 90% my age, a whole lot smarter, skeptical, untrusting, We have been getting ready for almost 2 years and will continue to do so. I am tired of conservatives informing me and never telling how to really defeat the enemy or fight to win. It is as if they have made a cottage market out of talking the damn issues to death. People who could help are closed mouth. In the Bible and in real life information is more precious than pure gold. I can help a fellow man by passing on sources to fight, life and fight some more. To prepare, what to buy, where to get it, how to use it. I have decided if they don’t follow up for their on family they may not be worth the saving. Poor family!

      • pat says:

        I wish you lived in my neighborhood. Though I work with mostly conservative people the though of preparing for SHTF is ridiculous to them. They still believe that no matter how bad it gets something in the system will bring it back to normal. So I quit talking about it. I have a long way to go to be where I feel I need to be. Mostly limited to finances that only allow me to do little things at a time. But slowly I am getting there. I find talking to the elders in our nation is invaluable with their experiences in life and how they lived during the great depression, how they cooked and lived day to day with no power and running water on their farms in the 1920/30/40s. The elderly have the knowledge, you just have to beat a path to their door and ask.

        • SeTe says:

          I’m in the same camp. Some are interested but no action… They see it coming but literally prefer to quit talking about preparing and have coffee instead! Tried to get extended family involved but the was a waste of time… Now I don’t mention it, if/when things get bad I don’t want to be a target…

          Agree the elderly and information they have to offer and the information they had at the time, books etc., are very helpful. If it comes down to what one can carry when things get real tough, well… The tools they used in daily life are out there, are proven, an affordable, look for them they will be valuable! Funny but farmers lived off the grid well into the 50’s in many rural locations, some even longer…

  9. John R says:

    They are not there for me or you, they are there to keep people alive enough to function and serve them. I had never thought of it in that way, but I think you hit the nail on the head.
    I can spend 3 hours a day on the internet reading “survival post”, trying to glean one bit of information. I can get more useful information on Selco’s site in 5 minutes, than I can in a week from other sites. Thank you very much Selco.

  10. Dan says:

    What is scary to me is the end result of police confrontation is always death to the suspect. Notice how all hostage situations are immediately blocked out for overhead flights? They say they don’t want to give intelligence to the suspect but I smell something fishy when the first thing they do is cut power to the place the individual is at and then announce the area is a no fly zone. The last six times this has been in the news I would look at my wife and say “well here comes another dead suspect”.
    It’s like there is a soldier mentality among the police and DHS where shoot to kill no matter what is always the result. For a soldier in a warzone that is fine and accepted.
    It wasn’t too long ago a suspect was armed in NYC and more than a dozen officers opened fire “to protect themselves”. It didn’t matter one whit that half a dozen innocent civilians also got wounded in the fray. It used to be a police officer would not shoot if there was a chance of wounding or killing innocents.

    • TimGray says:

      “It used to be a police officer would not shoot if there was a chance of wounding or killing innocents”

      Police today are trained that killing innocents are acceptable losses. Friend of mine quit the academy in disgust right before he was to graduate, this was 5 years ago and I am still disturbed by what he tells me they were training and telling them was acceptable and expected.

    • Branislav Ivanović says:

      Selco, well done bratko, this post is really good, I have read it many times (including readers comments which are also very good!). Your articles just keep on getting better and better. This forum is unique and full of very important useful information. No where on the Internet have I ever experienced such a wealth of useful important information.

      Yes, the end result of police confrontation is always death to the suspect. Only in rare cases these days the suspect is “injured” but it usually ends up fatally. Police are not trained to “injure” they are trained to “kill”. When they fire their gun, they are trained (COM) center of mass, any area in the torso to hit a vital organ. There is always a bullet loaded in the chamber (this reduces reaction time under stress).

      Any area in the torso hit by a bullet usually results in instant kill. If not an instant kill because the bullet is misplaced, it usually results in complications (organ failure) then eventually death. Once upon a time Police Officers were trained differently. In these days evidence shows that the Police Forces of world are doing the bidding of corrupt corporations. Many Police (not all) these days are actually highly motivated sociopaths, this makes them the perfect killing machine, they follow orders, they ask no questions, they have no guilt, no remorse, they want to climb up the ranks quick as possible no matter who’s feet they step on.

      Many Police in these days do not even know the law they enforce, so they make it up as they go along, in other words they bull%#@! the people by trying to act professional when in reality many do not have the slightest idea because they are just “tools of corrupt system”.

      Many Police Officers who genuinely joined the force because they want to effect positive change in the community, unfortunately this mentality usually does not get many promotions. Things have definitely changed since I was a youth. Many Police are upright persons, it is the ones who believe all the BS and follow their orders blindly without question, without conscience, they are the most dangerous ones.

      From what I can see, “natural selection” is no longer natural. There are far too many variables. We live in a highly toxic plastic world which is totally controlled and manipulated by those in power. Unfortunately, for many people they follow whatever they are told or hear, like sheep, and never think for themselves. Science shows us that mankind was actually more intelligent 2000 years ago, and there are many reasons for this. Life was more simple, food was nutritious, air was clean, education was good, etc.

      Nowadays we are flooded with things not needed for our survival like kindle (electronic books), but what if the Internet shuts down? , and Internet will one day shut down. Many people these days do not write anymore with pen or pencil (everything for them is electronic or on computer). They start to loose the mental connection of writing with the hand and using the fingers and eyes to visually judge and coordinate muscle memory to the brain. When I see the youth use mainly computers in school and no pencils or pens, their spelling is usually only average, or below average. The schooling system appears not to be designed to provide high class education, these days the education system seems more like “indoctrination camps”.

      I talked with person other day who told me they are teacher. I asked what year you teach, and they tell me middle school. I thought in my head that is very good and this person is reasonably educated. Then when this teacher open mouth to talk to me proudly about current world events I quickly understand that this teacher is product of system and just repeats what is told like parrot. The reasoning of this person was so far off the mark I was surprised because I always assumed that the person is educated. I did not want to debate with uneducated person about things when I can clearly see that person enjoy life in their fantasy world.

      Selco, I believe you are right. “No one gonna come to help. I do not think it will be forever, but it will be long”.
      I think it need to reach rock bottom for any change to happen, we are approaching this stage quickly. The government shutdown in the US is only the small taste of what is yet to come. They have tried for years to take away the guns of law abiding US citizens. I hope this never happens, because as I see it if people cannot protect themselves they will be slaughtered like animals without mercy by these lunatics in power who get “agencies” to do their dirty work. These people are expendable as well. It is vicious circle.

  11. Tolik says:

    All I think about when I look at the picture you used is ………….how easy it would be to walk up by the side of the guy , shoot him in the head and take all his gear .

  12. Luke says:

    The government has been useless for a long time. The only person I can count on is myself, my friends, and my family. The bad part is many people are still counting on them to get us through the downward spiral that we are in. I just hope that more people see the writing on the wall and prepare for it!


  13. SJR says:

    Selco, you have the knowledge of someone who has been there. You are invaluable as a source of first hand knowledge. I not only respect your practical advice, but your moral advice as well. When the SHTF , if we are to recover, we must be moral. Just wanted to say keep up the good fight, thank you! Spider

  14. Malgus says:

    Reading another excellent post by Selco, I was reminded of this:

    “The job of Government is not to tell the truth. The job of Government is to instill confidence.” – Anonymous Greek Politician.

    I’ve always felt that the words “by any means necessary.” should be added to the second sentence. They can and will tell outrageous lies to your face and get you believing that yes, they are working for YOU and yes, everything is in control. What a pantload.

    Government isn’t your friend. I won’t go into my pet theory about how almost all politicians are sociopaths, but I will say that their only motivation is to keep you placated and asleep. The bread lines of the Great Depression are still there, they’ve just morphed into “entitlements”- the money being sent to individuals instead of being spent on a soup kitchen. Keep the spigot of endless fiat currency on and the river of phony-baloney currency flowing, and hopefully us proles won’t burn down the cities…

    The Kabuki Theater that is the government shutdown is just that- a phony baloney pre-planned act that has happened before. At the 11th hour, the key players will emerge from behind closed doors and announce that they’ve reached some great agreement, congratulate each other on how wonderful a job they’ve done, and then things will go back to their dysfunctional “normal”…. for a while.

    I have given up bothering to write my Congressman or Senator about anything. It is a wasted effort. Nothing we can do at this point will matter one bit or change the outcome- we’re headed off a big cliff. Soon. I have instead shifted into triage mode- saving who and what I can, while I can. My wife and I spent this rainy afternoon inventorying our food and ammunition stocks in the basement to find out where our “holes” are.

    I might not survive a SHTF event (probably won’t), but I’m gonna give it hell for as long as I can.

    • SeTe says:

      Another great post!

    • Frdmftr says:

      Malgus, don’t give up contacting government, but make sure when you do you don’t just tell them what you want. Tell them what the U.S. Constitution requires of them. During the U.S. Senate debates on gun control recently I faxed every liberal Senator — I call them “Marxist Mafia” because that’s what they are and that’s why they are there — and not only told them they have no authority to legislate ANYTHING having to do with our fundamental right to keep and bear arms, they were also prohibited from doing so by both the Second Amendment and the Tenth Amendment, and that furthermore, we’ve been down this path before and we are not going down it again: WE. WILL. NOT. COMPLY. If you legislate to restrict our right to keep and bear arms you can GO POUND SAND because we are not putting up with it, and any federal officer attempting to enforce any such color of law is no better than any other criminal marauder and will be treated like one.

      The didn’t pass gun control, and the Marxist Mafia’s Second Bolshevik Revolution was put off again. They are already running 13 years late according to their intended timeline, and they are running out of patience. What is going on in Congress right now is an attempt to get around the armed citizen issue by destroying the economy and by causing the SNAP and WIC programs to run up all zeros on their EBT cards. That already happened for a few hours a day or so ago as a warning to the Republicans what will happen if they don’t cave in to Obama. Now the USDA has sent a letter to the States telling them to hold off on their SNAP and WIC disbursements until further notice. I have a copy of the letter. The Republicans HAVE to stand fast on this even if there is hell to pay because OBAMACARE must be stopped and the Marxist Mafia must be stopped. The Constitution does not allow the Senate to refuse to vote on a House budget, and the House has the lawful power and duty to control the budget. It doesn’t matter now who caves, there is going to be hell to pay unless someone arrests that illegal thug in the White House and his political officer and throws them in the can, and I don’t recommend that because then the last best hope for the liberty of Mankind will be just another third world satrapy who can’t keep it together.

      • Frdmftr says:

        Addendum: Strongly recommend everyone buy a copy of “Resistance to Tyranny” by Joseph P. Martino (Ph.D.) and read it. You will find out what is needed to run a successful resistance, what the pitfalls are, and what your chances of success are, and what you MUST be prepared to do if you expect to win. And it wouldn’t hurt to visit and read some of Matthew Bracken’s essays near the bottom on the second page. I don’t think you will have time to read his excellent trilogy, but if you do, start with the third one: It shows EXACTLY the situation we are going to be in about a year or so from now, and he wrote it before Barry Soetoro took the alias Barry Obama and campaigned for office.

  15. Malgus says:

    Hey Selco.

    If you’re interested, you might want to check out the book “The Fourth Turning”.

    You say “I can not stop to think about the fact that everything is going in circles and that things and events in history are repeating all the time”. This is exactly what is dealt with in The Fourth Turning- that everything repeats every 100 years or so- a unit of time the ancients called a saeculum.

    1st is a “High”.
    2nd is an “Awakening”.
    3rd is an “Unraveling”.
    4th is a “Crisis”.

    We’re in the Unraveling right now. When the 4th Turning gets here, it will happen fast.

    You keep on keeping on, Selco. What you are doing is saving lives, and that’s pretty squared away.


  16. Ed says:

    “Natural Selection”,
    Now there is a concept.

    This is exactly why governments kill people, because they fear that nature will not choose them so they choose themselves before nature can choose someone else.

    They don’t understand that when nature comes for them there will be nowhere they can hide to avoid their fate.

  17. Matt in Oklahoma says:

    One thing about it no matter your opinion one way or another he has you thinking.

  18. Congress: The Last Refuge of Imbecility says:

    I agree with just about everything said here about Selco’s perspective versus the “cottage industry” of “patriotic” broadcasting and publication. What starts out as useful information winds up being yet another opportunity to upsell me on overpriced solar panels or dried food. You can tell that what has happened is they have forgotten–if they every really knew–the sense of immediacy and urgency. Now, the BUSINESS of preparation has become central to them.

    Check out Selco’s advice since Day One. How come he doesn’t have 50 banner ads for camp stoves, water filters and hunting knives littering the margins. He doesn’t tell you how you need to have something that can pick off intruders 1000 yards out. He focuses on human behavior, what fear and hunger do to the social fabric, what is considered of value in situations where civilization is coming apart at the seams.

    I am so grateful I found this place and signed up for the subscriber area; I will do it again when my subscription expires. This is one of the very few places that I don’t feel I’ve wasted an hour reading through endless political analysis, blaming and everything else. It took a while, but I’ve come to the same conclusion Selco has: You can get lost in an endless wilderness of “planning for preparedness planning”, political mazes and endless wrangling…for what?

    If we believe we are going to come face to face with calamity, will any of that make any difference? Survival will be dependent on our skills, our smarts, our networks and our luck. All this other stuff will just be a bad joke, that anyone spent time on it.

    I’ve been preparing since 2000 in one way or another. I am personally prepared and can help a few family members but I’ve never solved the riddle of how to reach them through their indifference. I am going to send them the text of this column. If this doesn’t make them at least stop and think, nothing will. I will have to leave them to their own fate, I guess.

  19. scott says:

    I like your articles, they are very good and give most an insight into what life looks life when the government is not there. I can only imagine what you went through during the civil war in Yugoslavia. I was in Brcko and Okucani in 1999-2000 with IFOR. I saw what it looked like after the was was almost finished. Go 10 years into the future and I have decided that I will not be one of the unprepared if something happens, storm, power outage and such. I just started an orchard and garden in my yard this year. It did not yield what I wanted but it was the first year. Keep up the good work, I look forward to reading the next article.

  20. Isabel says:

    Selco: You mentioned once that the US dropped MREs and such to you, which made a difference, both physically and emotionally. Was it the UN that finally ended your ordeal? If so, when we go down this time, who would come to anyone’s aid? Do you think we will be on our own forever?

    • Selco says:

      Yes, finally it was ended by foreign troops, and peace agreement that was implemented and guarded from “outside”. That is one of the reason why i think that next time it is going to be bigger and harder. No one gonna come to help. I do not think it will be forever, but it will be long.

  21. Steve says:

    I just wanted to say you have an excellent blog. And that it’s heartening to know that even people from extremely different backgrounds see things the same way. Thanks for putting the effort into this.
    I’ll be reading.

  22. NastyVulture says:

    The BIG ” I F*%king To daso” is coming.

  23. Danette says:

    Selco is warning us! Winter is coming!

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