Violence as tool for survival

When someone says „survivalist“ or „prepper“ most of the folks see man with whole bunch of weapons. Lot of people see us as a guys who are „trigger happy“ people.

To some point it is true, and I strongly believe that preppers and survivalists need to be armed very good, and educated about use of weapons too. They are tools for certain situations.

But using violence is completely different thing, or to be more accurate decision to use violence and to what extent is big thing, and very often usage of weapon can mean death to you too, so choose wisely.

To be ready to use violence on fast and efficience way requires lot of things, things like training, choose of right weapon-force, will to use it and also need to use it.

I have seen many situations where people get killed simply because they choose to use violence in situation when violence was not only option, or was not best option. Simply situation could be solved with other means, not with weapons and violence.

It is about survival, and when there is a risk of losing your life if you choose violence, be ready to look for other solutions.

It may sound to you maybe like „weak“ thing but point is to have your weapon ready, but to look first for other options of solving the problems.

Consider what you and the other side can win or lose

When SHTF conflicts with people were everyday thing, and if I chose to solve everything with violence I would not be here to write about it. It is simple matter of numbers and chances. Remember you are not Rambo and it is not a movie.

It is simple bargaining, what you can win and what you can lose. Other side too.

I remember more than once that I „talked out“ guys from my door by „showing“ them how many of them gonna die if they choose to attack me.

First impulse was to shoot of course, but it is cheaper to try with words. Of course sometimes did not work, and that is what is weapon for.

Be trained and ready, but not trigger happy

Weapon is nothing without your hand to operate it. So learn how to use weapon in closest conditions to real one. It is not about target practice only. It is about tremendous stress and messy situations.

Forget about scenes when two good guys shooting from assault rifles at bad guys and talking about what they had for lunch with big fat smiles on their faces. It is movie.

In real life it is messy, loud, often confused and most important is that good guys getting killed too.

What is wrong with world today?

Clearly something is wrong with everything today no matter where you are living. And if you are prepper you are definetly aware of that fact, and you are aware that it is probably going to get worse too.

What you can do? You can be prepared, armed, stashed with water, food and ammo and everything else.

But also you can do more, you can talk with the people about what is wrong. You can try to solve some problems maybe, you can get some sense in your family member or in your good friend maybe.

Why we are ruled by idiots (mostly), why crime rate is rising, why there is a more unemployed everywhere.

I am not talking here about going out and saying to the folks that you are prepper, I am saying about going out and talk with the folks about making some changes maybe. To raise awareness that something is wrong and get them out of their “bubble”.

Armed revolution

I know many of you have little trust in government. I also dont trust them. Recent poll in the US showed 29% of people even think about armed revolution and that it is necessary.

I also believe as prepper and survivalist in every situation knowing more options is better. That’s why I recommend you read “From dictatorship to democracy”. It is free book by Gene Sharp, who was nominated for Nobel peace price, that shows step by step how to undermine government and start non violent revolution.

It served as blueprint for many non violent revolutions in recent years. You can also find documentary about it online.

It is about getting educated and knowing more and later having more options. I try to share my knowledge here on blog and in my course, and later on once SHTF people like you who learn more now have big advantage.

In this book there is much about how to create a movement, something that can become useful even in local community.

You do not have to agree with all things in this book, I do not, but knowing it gives you more options.

More flexibility to think and that makes you stronger and increases chances for survival for you and your loved ones.

Violence yes or no?

Violence is not the solution. It is the last resort. Do not get me wrong, I have seen way too much violence, and did too much too.

But it is survival. Does it change anything? Well I am alive and ready to do more violence, and how all looks everywhere I will probably need to do it again.

I am saying that maybe there is a way to break endless circle of that violence with educating ourselfs to look and reckognize what is going on around us.

We are living in the world where we are bombarded from media that violence is kinda normal way of life. But if you stop for a moment and think about it you ll see that violence can not be normal.

At the end, again do not get me wrong I am perfectly ready and I will blow brain of some gang member or drug addict out who attack my home and my family, SHTF or no SHTF.

I just trying to check is there are other solutions to move that drug addict, or gang member far away before they reach my home, or to make SHTF hard to happen if you like.

How do you think about using violence?

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  1. Chris says:

    I both agree and disagree with Selco about the use of violence. I agree that other options should be considered, whenever possible. However, I do not view any of my options as ‘not a solution’. I believe, personally, that the key to survival is a balance. Knowing when to use what option, and where to make it work for you best.

    Violence is a loud, dangerous option. But, it is an option. To try and consider any option as a last resort, is to invite hesitation, which is what can really kill us. The situation where we’ll second-guess ourselves. Maybe I don’t need to hurt that guy, because he’s not as bad as I think he is. Maybe he only wants a little food. Maybe he’s got a big, sharp knife, behind his back, and is going to cut me to pieces with it.

    In my opinion, options are options, even the ones we don’t like as much as other options. We need to consider nothing as a last resort, only as probable or not, necessary or not. I think if we go through a situation with the belief that we need to hold violence in reserve, we will react to events slower than if we’ve committed ourselves to the idea that violence is just an option, like talking, or bartering. The other guy at the door has probably made a decision already about what he’s going to do if you don’t give him what he wants. You should also be ready to make the same decisions, or there is a solid chance you will hesitate when he doesn’t.

    Just food for thought..

    • Selco says:

      It is not about letting some idiot to shoot me because i do not like violence, it is more like trying to check is there any other option except violence, because violence is always risk.
      Simply sometimes there are other solutions.

      • oldfatguy says:

        My suspicion is that once you kill somebody, his brother–who today may not even know you exist–will be watching you through a rifle scope shortly thereafter. I agree with Selco that it might be best to weigh all options as best we can before committing to any particular course. Such decisions must be made on the fly, sometimes, but I’m sure there’ll be times we can think BEFORE we act without compromising our security…

    • Adam says:

      Chris – you really hit the nail on the head with your analysis. Well done. All tactical options should be on a level footing – and, for example, not have verbal compliance as somehow the quickest method of response.

      As problematic it might be to take someone out when you’re not ready, or expecting it, being ready to take someone’s life (should yours be threatened) should be as in just as easy reach as an option as negotiation or a straight right punch on the tip of their jaw.

      Second guessing ourselves, as you mentioned, could be a very quick and very final mistake.

      • KJ says:

        Weighing all options exactly the same makes ZERO sense to me. One’s options in SHTF should be weighed in a given situation DEPENDING on the threat level. Having ALL options on the table INCLUDING violence for LOW to MID level situations is a given but each option carries a different weight. I think the point being made by Selco is that over weighting the violence option over other options is not always the obvious and safe solution. In a HIGH threat level situation where someone is shooting at you no one is expecting that you should think twice before using lethal force. The nuance here is in a similarly HIGH threat situation are you ALSO considering non-lethal options? I.e. in the High threat situation that you are in a room with another person and both are armed and there is one loaf of bread on a table in the middle of the room (do you shoot first and go for the bread or consider non-lethal options also?)

  2. Tim says:

    “Violence is not the solution. It is the last resort”


    if you try to intimidate, be sure you are ready and willing to go through with it, one friend who served in Afghanistan as special forces once told me, ” IF you try to scare someone away, you need to be over the top scary in a show of force. you need them to feel as if they will die horribly almost instantly and you will be completely unharmed.” he mentioned talking to them about defiling their corpses, even eating them while alive, etc…. Create the rumors that you are insane as hell and dangerous as hell. Word spreads.

    He also said, “Guys drugged up are 5X more dangerous than you think. their fear response and self preservation response is altered. A single guy high out of his mind will rush a platoon of heavily armed men. If you can tell they are high be even more wary and ready to either run like hell or spring your death trap without warning.”

    • Malgus says:


      When I was a brand new soldier back in the mid 80’s, our Platoon Sergeants were the last of the Vietnam combat vets. We learned from them some very hard lessons.

      One thing that stuck in my mind is that the NVA would get hopped up on Benzedrine and heroine (or some other opiate) before going into battle. The drug cocktail made them almost impervious to pain, and even with a direct hit to the heart they would keep fighting. Their blood pressure was so high from the amphetamines that even with their heart destroyed by a bullet, the blood would keep circulating. They were dead men walking, but kept on fighting for up to 15 minutes. A LOT can happen in 15 minutes…

      I’m not a politician or diplomat. However, a strength of a leader is recognizing skills in others and exploiting them. It would probably lead me to find the most diplomatic of our bunch (assuming we had a bunch) and have them interface with other groups- but always backed up by as much force as we can scrape together.

  3. Grog says:


    I think this is a good thing to get out there, Previous training experience for me would tend to agree, Most but not all situations are better off trying other things, before squeezing a trigger, or activating a either a firing mechanism for other devices of violence. Not all, Most.

    While trying not to be trite, There are a few things to keep in mind:

    1. IF they are in range, so are you.

    2. Full Auto weapons are no good , withouth trigger control and precision aiming

    3. Any where you are, when attempting to secure it, do not make so secure you can not get out.

    4. Training, You mentioned it, and for good reason. remember in any situation, Maintaining your equipement is training as well.

    5. Best way to avoid a fight, not to be there

    6. Remmber the laws of Murphy, usually as soon as other side shows up, there went the plan and of course if anything can happen it will at best time possible to ruin your day. 🙂

  4. Gumby says:

    As always, good post Selco. I taught martial arts and self defense for over 12 years. (Though I like to call it “life protection”.) I taught my students that defending/fighting is not just blocks, kicks, punches, joint locks and ground fighting. So much of it is mental and emotional, what I would call mental hacking or de-escelation. I would teach them the sliding scale of escalation. On one end is “escape” which is where you ALWAYS start, and the extreme other end is death, which is where you never want to go unless your life or someone else’s is on the line. Fighting hand to hand is up close and personal and is mentally harder than most people think. And it is over much quicker than what movies portray. Always glad to hear the voice of experience from you.

  5. nunurfuckinbiznes says:

    we are a violent people, a savage people, we in the west live off the backs of those in the east, slave labour, forced into bondage with violence… people who claim violence is a thing of the past are nothing more than parrots, repeating what they have heard… they still live off the violence we use to get what we want from other country… people who claim they are non violent are simply ignorant of the fact that there existence comes at the cost of others. they ignore reality… i will probably be scorned for saying this… but where is your t shirt from? you dont think poverty was the weapon we used to create that t shirt? where are you in the pyramid? try surviving outside of it… i dare you… how many children lose there arms so you can eat chocolate bars? google it…

    do i have a problem with violence? no… my ancestors would not have conquered north America without it… china would not have been united from dozens of warring provinces into the nation it is today… i would not be here if not for violence… violence will be used to unit the world whether you or i like it or not. just like china… it is inevitable… and for the record, i dont have a problem with the idea, we as a species will not survive the cosmos if we do not function as one world united, we are all human… ppl screaming about NWO etc today, are just disagreeing as to who should lead… who should make the decisions… that or there minds are too small to comprehend the big picture… they lack humility… if i had to choose between china/russia/ or the west as far as uniting the world is concerned, id choose the west… i live here, i am white… it wouldnt make any sense for me to want to be ruled by asians… or ruskys… that would mean i would suffer violence so they could have t shirts made by me… fk that…

    we are violent in nature… and the people who put blinders on to this fact are nothing more then ego driven animals, patting themselves on the back trying to claim superiority… that or they are to afraid of pain.

    to that all i have to say… is natural selection… i dont expect those hippys or ego driven types to last another 10 years, and if they do, they will probably be slaves to those who use violence… much like they are today…

    so violence? nothing more natural… non violence is not natural… at least not for humans… not in a world of ever changing opinions and each generation of mutation…

    zero problem with it… tho i wish it was never ever needed… the reality is… its reality. some people could do with a slap across the face to bring them back to reality.

    exciting times… hope i live long enough to watch the world change into something i could be proud of… but as it stands presently… i understand 100% what is going to happen, and why… and im not gonna get in the way… it has to happen… or we will destroy ourselves fighting each other for dominance and control…

    so… hope and pray another option pops up and we dont have to go toe to toe with each other… just dont bank on it… haha…

  6. Irish-7 says:

    I take exception to your theories, nunur. We are not living off the backs of slave labor and I don’t believe for one second that there is blood on every Hershey bar. Most impoverished nations were always poor, long before the industrial revolution and world trade. The West has opened opportunities for poor countries. Arabs were burning camel dung until we dug for oil. If their leaders misuse the wealth from trading with us, that’s on them. Most misguided or inaccurate, “we as a species will not survive the cosmos if we do not function as one world united…”. WTF! People are different all over. No one world government can deal with that. In every case over history, where a power attempted to force their rule over the planet, ALL FAILED. Although Communism made a good run at world domination, and Islam is still trying after 1400 years, no one has succeeded. Unless you are privy to a pending alien invasion, I don’t see your call for “one world united”. We are all people, true. We have different morals, priorities, beliefs, customs, traditions, etc, that prevent us from eliminating our borders. We are violent, I agree. Man is an animal, just smarter and better endowed than the rest. Our greatest problem is greed. This flaw is embedded too deeply to allow Utopian societies to exist. I think the book Animal Farm explained it best. Greed drives most violence. Whether to own each other’s lands, resources, wealth or just bolster ego by forcing our neighbor to submit to our will.

    • nunurfuckinbiznes says:

      yea well, the thing about people like you who “believe” is that if i could show you evidence of child slave labor (which i can) and how it was directly related to the last chocolate bar you ate, you would probably cover your ears and chant “lalalalalala”

      would you like to see evidence?

      how about the violence used against people in china to make sure the current political party stays in power, and thus, produces cheap commodities for people of the western world? you havent heard about the black vans that round up anti communist activists and harvest there organs either eh? few people escaped china and came here to canada, ive seen there cards/panphlets, “stop forced organ donation in china”. then i did research, and sure as shit… lots of evidence… but ppl like you probably gonna scream FAKE, no way, never happened… just to console your conscience… cause its not like you would stop buying shit made in china would you?

      not including the other autocracies that are committed. ever wonder why they put the suicide nets around all those buildings in china where they build the I phones and apple components??? i had no idea 10 cents an hour could drive people to suicide that often, did you? or maybe it was because they cram 50 workers into a dorm the size of the average north american appartment… didnt hear about all those workers who burned to death in a fire in one of those factorys because the slum lords/bosses told the workers to keep working, even after the fire alarms went off…

      youve heard about blood diamonds right? i wont touch that one, but i will point out that diamonds are not the only mineral slaves are forced to mine at gun point… most of those precious minerals are once again used in computers… cell phones… everything…

      what about those poor bastards in Bangladesh? once again forced to work in sweat shops making your t.shirt and pants?

      why do you think wall mart can get such low low prices? and why do you think the shit they sell breaks after a month of use?

      enjoy your running water… chocolate, and cpu… i have no delusions about where this shit comes from… and thats because i have the balls to look at the internet and ask…

      what about you? would you like links and resources for the above?

      are you in denial that conquerors came to america and damn near wiped out most of the native inhabitants? do you think it was just the blankets? or do you have the gonads to read about how they fed native american children to dogs they specifically kept hungry for that purpose…

      i dare you to give me one god damned item in your house that was built in a country that didnt force people in poverty to work 12-16 hour days for rice… you dont strike me as the type to buy swiss made…

      coddle your ego all you want, tell yourself your a good person all you want, pretend that everything you have didnt cost anyone else their freedom, time, or health…

      but i know damn well what the truth is, if you didnt have all those people working hard to bring you your cush life, you would have nothing… and mark my words, when you finally taste poverty you will see the truth in it… cause i doubt you have the ability to whip together a pc, let alone a shirt… or a god damn chocolate bar…

      ppl like you, are the reason the world is as fucked up as it is… and you could change the world if you educated yourself, instead of having other people educate you.

      i most sincerely hope you get everything thats coming to you.

      • Bandog says:

        I would still have my Swedish made Gransfors Bruks axe. With the initials made by a Swedish guy.

        • nunurfuckinbiznes says:

          im not judging people for what they use/have in there garage or wear etc… might sound like it, but im not… use it… every ounce of your stuff… survive…

          just dont act delusional… pretending that it didnt come at some poor bastards expense… i didnt even touch the subject of medicine… the experiments conducted on convicts, homeless people, random populations etc… ppl act like human testing has always been banned… shit doctors where the first grave robbers…

          mark my words and see the truth in them… everything you have… EVERYTHING… came at someone elses expense…

          to quote fight club (the metaphor made a very good point…)

          “without pain…without sacrifice we would have nothing”

          and on the topic of the axe, nice axe 😀

          • .02 says:

            One word about made in amerika..S A V A G E- the most accurate rifle on the planet today.

          • Spud says:

            Yup, when they talk of those with a sense of entitlement in our country, it would pretty much include every swinging dick and otherwise.

            Live simple, that others might simply live.

            If only we would…
            Way too many never ponder how that crap they buy comes to be.

          • JoelC says:

            >>>>mark my words and see the truth in them… everything you have… EVERYTHING… came at someone elses expense…<<<


            While there is a meaning here, it certainly is not all bad. Much depends on the circumstances surrounding the event in question. Certainly working a child 12+ hours a day is not a "good" thing, but seeing that child, his siblings, and his parents slowly starving for lack of crops, income, etc. because one objects to ANYONE wearing NIKE tennis shoes to prove a point makes little sense either. I have seen both, and like it or not, most of the populations in question welcome the chance to work in those "sweat shops" and the food it brings to their starving bellies.

            As the third world living standards slowly, ever so slowly, improve, the need for more specialized labor also rises. That is exactly what is happening in China, even with their horribly repressive governmental system.

            I know you believe what you write, but the circumstances surrounding the events you mention are simply not so clear cut.

    • JoelC says:

      I do agree with your answer to Nunur, but I have one consideration for you to ponder. I submit it is not GREED per SE that is the problem, but its close cousin, ENVY. In general, greed can be a good motivator for an industrious soul who is willing to work harder for an item of interest. I want more of “X”, and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to secure it.

      Envy, however, is destructive as soon as I realize no matter how hard I work or for how long, I cannot achieve my goal. Socialism (Communism, Fascism) as a governmental system lay the framework for this type of mental suicide among a population, and history proves the theory.

      A greedy human can often be accommodated in ways other than violence; an envious one rarely responds to anything other than force or the real threat thereof.

      It’s not so complicated after all.

  7. TimeHasCome says:

    I entirely agree with Selco . I will do my absolute best to not start a fight . But if I must fight I hope to have more gun and skill and ammo and determination than the bastards that are shooting at me .
    The entire world has become an angry place . All this phony hot money is scorching it’s way across the earth . Causing untold misery to millions of people with all it’s distortions . This will not end well . I am reminded of a quote in the book ” When Money Dies ” it’s about Weimar Germany 1923 ” Everyone was angry and nobody knew why “. Between fear and anger and extremely poor leadership at world levels we are in for a rough ride .
    As much as I dislike quoting Lenin he was correct when he said ” There are decades when nothing changes , then there are weeks that decades change”. We are in the midst of those weeks ,please prepare.

  8. j.r. guerra in s. tx. says:

    Violence is a tool of last resort, a ‘Kill or Be Killed’. I’ve wondered about how quickly violence might be suppressed in neighborhoods, who figure removing the ‘Bad Apples’ quickly would solve future problems (i.e. kill the violent individuals before they become a real danger to everybody). Life would be hard already for everybody who is struggling to find supplies for everyday needs – shooting everyone who casts a look their way would be useless violence, in my opinion.

    • .02 says:

      the cities, small towns and countryside will be a total war zone as the prescriptions run out. The medicated will go fully retard ballistic as the mind starts to crash from the scrip with drawls. It is going to be full boat zombies for at least 3 to 6 months and the killings will be epic. ONE place to stay far from is any pharmacy.

      • JoelC says:

        >>>the cities, small towns and countryside will be a total war zone as the prescriptions run out<<<

        Sorry, but we cannot know that will happen, nor can we say how long it will last if it does happen. Hunger has a way of returning "common sense" to lazy "I want my free shit" individuals. You assume ALL of them will become ZOMBIES, and you cannot know that. Everyone will need labor, and laborers. Once past the initial shock, many of these worthless souls may quickly realize they need to contribute "something" to survive. As Selco notes, a few will become very bad people, but many will not.

        Although human nature is similar everywhere, this is not Serbia, and the breakdowns we experience will likely manifest in different fashions. I seriously doubt the USA will completely descend in to total collapse for long, since we have the State government structures to "take over", as our Constitution clearly elucidates, and that extra level of "states rights" is just as clearly enjoying a slow and deliberate renaissance among our citizens.

        Violence…absolutely! Lasting forever…doubtful.

  9. RedDesilets says:

    Great post once again! Yes, nonviolent revolution is absolutely the way to make a lasting difference. Seems all violent revolutions end up in the same boat over and over again. “Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.” There are agorist movements and a good amount of peaceful activism in the U.S.A. right now. Lots of people are going to homesteading (even in urban and suburban areas) and are doing what they need to live a stable life, even if it means breaking a few stupid laws (like owning a couple of chickens inside city limits where “farm” animals are banned). More and more people are homeschooling and even “unschooling” where kids learn naturally and are not undergoing state sponsored indoctrination. There was recently aired on cable tv here a documentary about zombies and they touched on modern day prepping and survivalism. They pointed out that we are not “Rambo wannabes”, we don’t want to be the single, solitary person held up in an impenetrable fortress. We are a community, we survive together because that is the only way to truly survive disasters. Thank you again for sharing your experiences and knowledge.

  10. Zack says:

    I have had several trainings in a law enforcement academy and in several shooting course that deal with the “use of force continuum.”

    The continuum starts with just a presence, does just you being there solve anything. That’s more than just a uniform with a badge and a gun but how you step out of your vehicle or walk up, how do you look at them, posture, relaxed, tense, withdrawn.

    It continues to verbal, can you tell people what to do, can you talk them into making a better choice, or can your voice make them back down and establish control.

    Hands on techniques are good for those trained in it and may not be the best choice in some cases; if you can touch them, they can touch you.

    Pepper spray, Taser, and baton are tools available to law enforcement and may not be available for everyone but that may be an option to consider looking into. Pepper spray can be effective to disorient long enough to get to the next option (also works good on aggressive dogs). And sparking action of a Taser or the laser aiming dot makes an individual consider what maybe coming (and it is NOT pleasant). The police baton, to be used effectively, has to be used with training. Swinging a stick wildly is grossly ineffective but controlled strikes to specific areas keeps the situation in your control. If you loose control of yourself, you loose control of the situation.

    The final and highest level of the continuum is deadly force. Being proficient in your weapons handling is one thing but also to know your environment and how to react when in different situations; in a house, in a street, in an open field, in a car, (I don’t like green eggs and ham, Sam I Am). A closed mind is one of the worst things to have, one must always be open to new and different possibilities.

    In some situations that continuum can be followed and may escalate from one level to the next. Some situations may start in a shouting match or with punches thrown and it may start with bullets flying. That’s when the “What if…” game can help you think and process out oddball situations. Deadliest thing to do in a fight is nothing.

  11. Fidalgoman says:

    Selco, I get where you are coming from and agree completely. I’m certainly not wanting to hurt or kill someone but the world is becoming a very violent and uncertain place and you must be ready to defend yourself and your loved ones. Here in the states even our national police force (DHS) has bought over two “Billion” rounds of pistol ammunition. I think they are preparing for the worst.

    I just took entry an level and advance EMT certified “Tactical Medicine” class where you use airsoft guns for force on force and live fire for response drills. This mixed with trauma medicine with mass casualties was a very intense and relatively expensive four days. It was worth it though.

    The airsoft part is where you set up certain scenarios where you are attacked by the bad guy(s) and you must respond then render aid either to yourself or bystanders. It is a very good class on how easy it is to get killed, even if you do everything right and certain to be killed if you don’t. Being firstest with the mostest is no guarantee you won’t be hit. Being situationally aware, avoiding or preparing your response improves your odds greatly. And knowing trauma medicine (EMT level) can save yours or anothers life when things go wrong.

    Just another part of prepping. Thinking you are a bad-ass with skills without any training will likely just make you into worm food rather quickly. Getting some training can vastly improve your chances.

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