SHTFSchool is coming to SWEDEN!


SHTFSchool is coming to SWEDEN!

Welcome to our ‘Urban Bug Out Course’, our latest course will help you understand the realities (and difficulties) of ‘Bugging Out’ in an Urban Survival scenario.

This course provides a unique opportunity to learn and apply a comprehensive set of skills in a condensed but appropriate ‘entry level’ environment.

Selco and Toby approach all aspects of this process from their relevant experiences and viewpoints giving a powerful amount of understanding and insight to all students attending.

Course Outline:

We begin the course with practical ‘walk through, talk through’ instructional periods and then immerse ourselves in a course scenario and explore many ‘decision making points’ and influences that make ‘Bugging Out’ such a challenging topic…

The main purpose of the course is to study and learn more about Bugging Out principles, methods, techniques and considerations. We will also explore how these skills fit into the ‘bigger picture’ of Urban Preparedness.

The course will contain some theory but largely practical sessions and will run in field based conditions…

This course not only offers an exceptional learning opportunity, but allows you to thoroughly test your equipment (BOB’s etc) in a live and challenging environment.

The course offers outstanding value, costing only 210euros for 4 full days of training!

Places are strictly limited, so reserve your spot early to avoid disappointment!

PLEASE NOTE: This course is field based and constantly moving, so expect long days and a degree of physicality during the course…

Course Venue:

Robertsfors, as a small town in the North of Sweden, was specifically selected for this course, as it allows all the benefits of ‘live environment’ training that are essential to educational experiences on a course such as this, but on a small enough scale and with manageable enough distances between key features and infrastructure that mean we can keep continuous focus on learning and practicing skills, rather than the logistics of getting from relevant place to relevant place.

Despite it’s location on the far north of Sweden it is still easy to access with regular buses, trains and flights arriving at the nearby city of Umeå and easy ongoing travel from Umeå to Roberstfors by means of public services or private vehicle.

Robertsfors also has a fantastic balance between both urban and wilderness setting, enabling us to explore and experiment with a HUGE variety of skills in both environments that are all of use in a ‘Bug Out’ scenario…


Selco has written all articles here on SHTF School and shares his experiences from surviving in a city surrounded by the enemy army and cut off from power, food, water and other supplies for a year during the Balkan war. Unlike many other so called survival experts he has experienced the end of the world as we know it.

Toby is a survival instructor who runs Survival, Outdoor and Personal Safety courses worldwide. Originally from the UK, now based in Scandinavia, Toby draws on his 25 years of training and experience in survival and outdoor skills, risk management, self defence and military training to provide the best organization and structure to the training planned.

Just like Selco, Toby is committed to cutting through the myths, misunderstandings and unfortunately, outright fantasies, so prevalent in today’s survival scene by delivering applied skills that have been thoroughly ‘pressure tested’.

Course Itinerary:

We are confident you understand that a large part of this type of training is in ‘dealing with the unexpected’. In line with this we will not issue an overly detailed course itinerary. It should be noted a large part of the focus of the course will be on psychology and adaptability. We will say however that the itinerary will run along the following lines:

day 1

– Students to deliver verbal brief on THREE Bug Out Route/Methods options they have selected (3minutes allowed).

Students will then go into a more detailed brief on their PREFERED route (Students should explain what problems during bugging out are their biggest concern and what are their plans to solve it. 6 minutes allowed – Total 9mins per student total). Further details in Appendix 2.

– Students to layout and talk through Equipment / Clothing they will carry and use during the course.

– ‘Equipment Carry’ Instructional Period

– ‘Field Discipline’ Instructional Period

– ‘Methods of Movement’ Instructional Period

– ‘Quiet Communication’ Instructional Period

– ‘Hazard recognition / Obstacle crossing (Walking)’ Instructional period

– Students to be assessed on night time routines in the field

day 2

– Navigational Exercise

– Obstacle Crossing (Practical)

– ‘Hot De-Brief’, equipment administration period

– ‘Personal Security’ Instructional period

– ‘Route Setting/Actions on Lost’ Instructional period

– Resource Identification /Acquisition Exercise

– ‘Close Target Reconnaissance (CTR)’ Instructional period

– CTR Practical

– Fireside Chat – Open ‘Question and Answer’ session

day 3

– Field Hygiene and Personal Administration

– ‘Austere Medicine’ Instructional Period

– ‘Avoiding Being Seen’ Instructional Period

– Student Route Selection Assessment

– Additional Information to Scenario Brief – Linked to ‘Intelligence Preparation of the Environment’ (IPE) Instructor Lead but Group Discussion

– Clothing Considerations

– Blending In/Grey Man Exercise

– Bug Out Exercise Begins

day 4
– Bug Out Exercise Ends

– Exercise Debrief

– Any Appropriate Instructional Periods / Re-runs to be delivered (Debrief Dependent)

– Final Question and Answer Session

– End of Course

Your Course Pack


At the end of your course, you will be presented with a SHTF School ‘Successful Completion’ Course certificate.

As well as an experience of a lifetime you will receive:

A Special Survival Related Gift

A Professionally Printed Survival Certificate

A Personal Post Course 1:1 Debriefwith your Instructors.

Payment/Booking Details:

Places are STRICTLY limited so early booking is advised. This course is completely unique and unrivalled in the current preparedness marketplace.

The course offers outstanding value, costing only 210euros for 4 full days of training!

Places are strictly limited, so reserve your spot early to avoid disappointment!

PLEASE NOTE: This course is field based and constantly moving, so expect long days and a degree of physicality during the course…

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How to get to Robertsfors


If you are flying to Sweden you will need to first fly into Stockholm airport (Arlanda is highly recommended for ease of connection)

From Stockholm Arlanda there are numerous daily flight connections to Umeå airport by a variety of carriers, mostly SAS and Norwegian Airlines. Alternatively, trains run from Stockholm city to Umeå. Train details can be found here.

From Umeå, regular buses run North to Robertsfors. The journey takes just approximately one hour. Bus details can be found here.

Depending on your arrival time, there maybe a possibility to organize airport transfers (From Umeå). Email us for more details, if this service is of interest.

Please note, Northern Sweden is a beautiful, well appointed and tourist friendly area. You may want to arrive early or stay on for a few days after the course to enjoy some of the delights this region has to offer.

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