How we celebrated things

It is the end of the year and people are celebrating so I write a bit about how we celebrated.

Actually we did not celebrate anything particular, like birthdays or christmas or anything similar. Maybe we celebrated fact that we are alive. If we manage to have something like safe house to fix something as a party we just bring whatever we had and party there.


Usually it were two things, heavy home made drink and marijuana (everyone was growing that at that time), and music sometimes. Sometimes in a form of some kind of musical instruments, or sometimes in very rare ocassions in a form of some battery powered stereo or boom box.

To understand how that looks, you first need to understand what all that ment to us. Every occasion for any kind of party was something like way to get away from rude and hard reality. So whenever i attended to some kind of party it was a special. With very few things it was great.

Sometimes few cigarettes, bottle of drink and good company of 3 friends was a best party that i ever attended, even before and after all of that. And when somebody brought boombox and we listen music, it was not like we listen music today. It was like we listen music for real, like we never listen music before or after. Magical. We feel that music, we feel those few cigarettes and alcohol. It is actually precious and special feeling. Simple things just meant a lot. Music alone was enough to get you “high”. When you are so depraved of special things, things like that become very intense.

It is much easier to bond with people in ocassion like that. I could say it is spiritual and weird. Important thing to mention also is that feelings and customs about get together with girls and sex are “moved” on scale. If i wanted to speak in today terms, if you attended on some party and you had will, few joints or bottle of hard thing, you had a great time, because boys and girls in those parties lived for that moment only, nobody was sure is tommorow gonna come for them.

So in reality if you attend on some kind of party where we had 10-15 people including women, it was not like in parties before and after that. I guess it comes from fact that life was not worthed to much so “thanks” to that connections between man and woman could be maded more easily then in normal times, much more easily.

If girl want to connect with you, or you wanted to connect with girl, you just ask. Some things just become more easily to do, with lot of shortcuts. People just do things without regreting because times were hard and so unpredictable. So nobody wanted to have too much missed chances.

Every part of town, every street had something as a” safe hose” for party. Sometimes houses changed, mostly not. Young people still tried to get together, to do what most of the young people do. Party.

Friendship are maded fast, relationship are maded fast, broke fast, fun was fast and unpredictable.

If i can say that one good thing is come from all of that it was a fact that we did not have enough time to pretend in our ways of expressing emotions, for example expressing our love. It was fast and very powerful. I guess true nature of people is visible in hard times, emotions can be expressed easily if you aware that maybe you are gonna die tommorow.

One place I remember was basement of partially burned house, on small windows are bags of dirt, with very small openings for ventilation. Basement is divided into two big “rooms” with some old furniture, and all kinds of junk, like engine cover from ruined car, that we put on cinder blocks for building houses and use it as a table, in other room there is a part which is separated with a old curtains, and made like more “private” for “love” purposes.

Air is congested with smoke, so actually you do not need to ask for joint, you just need to breath inside and you gonna be fine.

We are all best friends for that night, because tommorow may not come, we all ready to speak stories that are normaly not going to speak because same reason. Music is giving you feeling that there is a reason and sense for life. I am looking for a girl so i can spend that night with her there, talk nonsense or story of my life, she is looking for that too. The parties were out little escapes and helped us to keep a bit normalcy in these hard times. Music was very powerful so you might want to add a small music player to your preps if you do not have already.

15 or 20 years later sometimes, in rare ocassions when i meet some of the girls from those parties, we just share small smile, we do not talk.

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  1. Tommy says:

    Thanks to you for another touching story, from the heart. It reminds me when in 2005-06 we had several major hurricanes back to back in our town. While we didn’t have snipers to look out for, the neighbors all came out of their houses, after the worst had passed. People who I had only seen in passing, perhaps exchanged a wave hello (or not) before. We all met in the middle of the road to express our feelings, make sure everybody’s okay.

    For a brief moment (a week or two) we all looked out for each other and shared supplies, etc. Afterwards when the power was restored, we all went back to our houses and our cursory waves hello. But for a time it was like the old days.

    So maybe if the SHTF here in America people will not all be bad. We can all work together and make the best of the situation we are found in.

    We can only hope.

    God Bless and stay well everyone.

    • Selco says:

      Hmm, not sure, i would love to think that people can work together and make the best…
      But that worked only for short term situation probably.
      Cause for trouble is not so important, but duration and level of problems are.
      I am not saying that hurricane is joke, actually i never expirienced it.
      But one thing is sure,few days looks like camping maybe,few weeks looks like trouble,but few months is hell. Then everything changes.

  2. Shawn .223 says:

    Thanks again Selco, we look forward to herring all the memories you have to offer.

  3. Cindy says:

    @ Tommy ~ I hope you are right. I honestly think that would be the situation if the cause of the SHTF was short lived. But if it is drawn out, such as Selco faced, people become desperate and the sharing tapers off, followed by robbing to feed their families.

    During Hurricane Ike, we all pooled resources and had some pretty good bar-b-ques on the block. Those of us with generators were making ice and keeping milk cold for the children and babies. After a couple weeks the party atmosphere died down and tempers began to flare up. People were still gathering around to watch the news when we cranked the generator, and they still were helping each other clean up their property… but the air was not as festive.

    I could see it getting ugly quickly.

    Selco, I was thinking last night… It must have been especially rough for any women who gave birth during this time. Very few doctors, supplies, clean water… Did this significantly increase the infant fatality rate?

  4. J says:

    Always excellent writing. The party reminds me, somewhat, of the Russian film some years ago, The 9th Company. It seems that wherever war is being fought, in a home city of abroad, the human emotions, the need to bond and ‘escape’ the constant nerves and apprehension, is much the same. Thanks for sharing this and you should really consider writing a complete book at some time.

  5. Island Girl says:

    Thank you Selco for another story that makes us pause and think…

  6. Darin says:

    thanks selco.
    i never considered a party. i understand how the hard stuff and smoke to calm the nerves, but i didnt think about the human conection, the need for the feelings of interaction. just reading your words of the nights event, raised a feeling of hope and brotherhood. the music is another i would say i never considered. id think more like news, weather, social talk of politics…but again music itself escaped me. i now have a solar radio, mini am/fm reciever..and am in the process of finding some solar powered generator or solar batery recharge thingy…i get the feeling that these times when you party, energize your mind, relax the tension. gives a therapeutic effect. i will surely remember this post in hard times my friend…
    i got two sons at home, 7 and 8 with my wife.this christmas it was just us. we dont do much except have a fire going, maybe drink some egg-nog, listen to old songs, and watch the kids play…i dont believe in buying the spirit of x-mas, id rather carve a walking stick, find a cool rock or some thing made by hand, its just the way i am. i apreciate your posting here, and i am going to read your story to my family.
    thank you sir..we wish you all the best in the new year… live love laugh.
    Darin of Vilna AB. Canada

    • SSPXer says:

      Hello Selco-

      This is probably not where I ought to ask this question, but I do not know where else to ask it, so here it comes:

      I have read your posts on many different forums (i.e, you are being quoted all over the internet, in case you didn’t know it), and noticed that you seem to prioritize food and ammunition above all other things.

      With food being so precious, I wondered if you were aware of cannibalism in your shtf situation?

      I saw the movie “The Road” where cannibalism was the biggest fear, and it scared the heck out of me.

      Can you say anything on this subject?

      • Selco says:

        Hello and welcome
        I ve been asked few times about that,but no problem.
        No, as far as i know nothing like that,but on the other hand my opinion is that is only question of extenth of problems and resources.

        So yes, something to think and worry about.

    • Selco says:

      Really bad times makes some things different,you can expirience some things more “closer” and find more joy in that things.
      Actually you can “enjoy in moment” in my case i remember two things:music and cigarettes.

  7. Someone says:

    First off, thank you for all the good information on this site.

    Second, i think you mentioned it somewhere that you needed to find an axe at the beginning to cut down trees. Here’s a trick i use. Take a chainsaw chain, cut it in half with a metal handsaw, then use rope to make handholds (you can use a screw + wooden handles too if you want a fancy saw). One of these will cut down a few big trees, so you should store a few. They’re easy, light, and you can re sharpen them with a whetstone.

    • alc says:

      Someone, that’s great!

      I’m a huge believer in hand tools. I’ve flown enough airplanes, crashed enough motorcycles, and done enough superman shit that my man-card is in no danger, and I’ll say frankly, chainshaws scare the shit out of me. I’m pretty good with hand saws though, and that’s an EXCELLENT idea – it’s quiet, effective, etc. You can re-sharpen it.

      I got a hack saw with one of those round blades made of bits of carbide on it, for a dollah, it does through most chain like it’s butter.

      There’s tons of excellent hand-powered saw technology in the US for sale for pennies on the dollah at garage sales now. Stock up!

    • Selco says:

      Good information,thank you

  8. Ranch says:

    Mr Selco. Thank you for sharing this story of raw humanity, of primal passion. I have a question. Maybe you can remember, what musicians did you listen to when you celebrated? hope I would never be in the same situation as you, but I can imagine if I were there, I would enjoy “Still Loving You” by the Scorpions. I hope you enjoy this video, it’s dedicated to you and your story, from your friend Ranch.

    • Selco says:

      Thank you friend,it is a good song.
      It was long time ago,but some of the songs were of those to get you “in mood” like Pink floyd. Folks loved techno kind of stuff,i quess anything with strong rhytm with help of marijuana.
      Personaly i liked “justice for all “album,Metallica. I still like that.

      Any kind of music was welcomed actually.

  9. Doc Blase says:

    Thanks for another much appreciated installment. So glad you made it and are generously sharing these lessons with us. Have a good New Year; looking forward to more!

  10. Yank lll says:

    Your brief visions of reality are a refreshing break from the daily fantasy we have enshrouded ourselves in to hide from it. Hopefully many will benefit from your experiences.

    Thanks for your efforts..
    Yank lll

  11. Susan says:

    Wow is right – the reality and honesty of your writing is so moving. Thank you for your bravery/sharing so that we can benefit from what you survived.

  12. Cratershock says:

    Selco, as J said, you really should write a book. It would be a great service to the ‘civilty’ of humankind – what precious little remains.

  13. wannabemountainman says:

    It’s all about learning to appreciate the simple things in life; isn’t it? Though none of us would welcome the death and destruction it would bring, one wonders if a SHTF situation is what the majority of people in the USA and UK need,

  14. harry n. uckles says:

    hahahahaha so when the going gets tough the tough party hard?….i like it….

  15. Jose says:

    Hello Selco,

    Was there any form of birth control employed amidst the frugal euphoria? I’d imagine that in times of war a pregnancy would really complicate things for a woman.

    Thank you.

  16. hairball says:

    Thanks Selco!
    Good information for the folks out there.
    I was in the Philippines in 1972 when Marcos declared martial law. Of course things weren’t nearly as bad as Croatia, but they weren’t rosey times either.
    One thing I recall was the military coming around in jeeps and a portable bullhorn… calling for people to give up their weapons…
    “The government will protect you.”
    Don’t do it folks. The government will be the enemy when SHTF.
    Look at the recent law passed where now citizens can be detained indefinetly without a court hearing if they are merely accused of being domestic terrorists?

    As for celebrating and parties, Selco is correct. Even in the Philippines where the girls I knew and their families didn’t have much to celebrate….parties were always fun and relieved the stress of the times.
    It’s more about people simply “being together”.
    However, as far as “sharing”…and “celebrating”. I would advise extreme caution.

    Most of you are going tofind out just how depraved our society and culture have become over the last 40 years. This time when SHTF it will NOT be like the 30’s and the depression my parents lived through.
    You see how these young people behave NOW…in relatively “good times”…
    Roving gangs preying on old folks, or anyone really. The latest “craze” are gangs of youngsters just selecting someone at random to “beat up”….for no reason at all!!!
    What to do you think these “gangs” of young people, who have grown up with no values whatsoever, will be capable of when TSHF???
    Choose your “friends” wisely is my advice.

    Thanks again Selco
    Happy New Year to all

    A “sheeple” not!

  17. azurevirus says:

    Thanks for another great article Selco..they are both very interesting and informative..I always look forward for the next one.

  18. dkclaymore says:

    Good timing on this subject my dear neighbour!!!
    I`m just listening to the New Year shootout of firecrackers and coloured rockets and I see a change. There is much more automatic AK and 9mm sound in the air than the previous 10 years;looks like the “Give back your weapons of war” action by police used to people only to make room for fresh resupply. Sound almost like 1992. and that is not a calming sound, I hope I am wrong but a new pile of crap is starting to hit the blade tips of that fan.

  19. alc says:

    “have a music player” amazing. No one, not even in cultured Europe, plays an instrument or sings any more?? No songs around the camp fire?? No one has a home-made banjo or ukulele? I have a flute I made from a piece of PVC pipe I picked up from under a tree out here, 6 hole system, side-blown, sounds damn good.

    Selco your experiences are a treasure and you are a hero for sharing them, but one thing that gives me both despair and hope in your writings is seeing how incompetent most people are. They can’t start a fire w/o a lighter? They can’t have music w/o a music player? Of course in the US it will be that much worse. But this gives me hope because I’m “handy”, I can build and invent all kinds of stuff. Shoot well too, and teach what I know. If some random jack-booted thug, MZB or sniper doesn’t get me, I will be very useful to good people.

  20. odeezy says:


    I have a random question for you. I know that you’ve stated that you and your family had numerous weapons to defend yourselves with but did you ever hear of anyone using. 22lr rifle in tactical situation?? Ive read numerous stories about how some people used. 22 caliber rifles instead of larger caliber for sniping in urban warfare. I guess the Isreali’s use this weapon for sniper units because they’re so much quieter than anything else. A well placed shot at 300 yrds does a lot of damage. Hell, even if the shot isn’t well placed you can STILL do a LOT of damage. I also read that this strategy was popular in Bosnia during the war. Is there any truth to this?

    • alc says:

      I can tell you from shootin’ prairie dogs, 300 yards is ‘way too far to expect the .22 to do much except for, you’re lobbing it in and it will disconcert, annoy, distract, etc. It might even go in!

      However, with a good scope and lots of experience estimating range and doping the wind, you can be fairly effective out to 150 yards. I’ve done p-dog kills out that far.

      On humans there’s the psychological effect “Oh no, I’m shot!!” that animals generally don’t have.

      Your real effective range is gonna be 100 yards and in, police snipers (using .308) find that in urban situations, they’re almost always working within 100 yards. This is where the Israelis are using the .22. I saw a picture, some protestor shot in the leg with the .22 being carried off, if the options are a “beanbag” to the head that may kill me, a gas canister to the head which may kill me, rubber bullet center-of-mass too close in that may kill me, or an accurate .22 in the leg, I’d take the .22 in the leg, thanks. They’re using it on their protestor problem and while I’m NO friend of Israel, I can see their logic.

      In urban situations, you’d want to employ the cute sniper tricks like shooting the guy *furthest* away so the others think the shot’s coming from the other direction from you, using things to bounce the sound of the shot to make people think it came from there (think grassy knoll and yes, I think the Warren Commission got it right) and of course in a WROL (without rule of law) situation, silencer laws are going to be sort of moot.

      And yes, it does surprise me not to hear about .22s because Europe and especially ex-Soviet Europe and Eastern Bloc, had a lot of rifle clubs, and a very high level of competition shooting, with pellet guns and .22s.

      • Ranch says:

        Great post alc. Nice to read the gun info and nice to know you are no friend of israel. I share your distaste of that country. Some say that 2012 is the year Americans will finally recognize the real traitors within. Happy New Year.

        • alc says:

          My understanding of the Izzy situation is, there were essentially two schools of thought among the Zionists. The work with your hands, get along, eventually make the desert bloom and benefit the area school of thought, and the militaristic, kill-da=goyim school, and the rise of oil use and the US’s interest in oil, fed the second group and starved the first.

          As Noam Chomsky has observed, there’s a lot more honest discussion about Zionisn in Israel than in the US. There are some really good people in Israel, as there are everywhere – yes in Palestine too. But in a schoolyard where the bullies get rewarded, the nice ppl have to keep a low profile.

          So when I say “Israel” I don’t mean all of it or all of its people – just the bullies we (the US) are on the side of. That’s why we’re hated over there.

      • J says:

        Good points; also in a close set urban area with close buildings and places in alleys or whatever to shoot from, a .22 is much quieter than 30 cal or larger, harder to track the sound. As mentioned, they are not going to be lethal past, really, maybe 40 to 50 yards, maybe lucky face / eye/ throat shot, but for harassing, they are very nice. No one enjoys having glass or metal around them being hit / shattered / rang with bullet, esp. since you cannot tell the size of bullet whizzing past you and hitting window or wall. The Ammo is dirt cheap, can be used for shooting small animals for meat ( rats, rabbit, raccoon, possum) and for very very close work- like ten yards or so, from hiding places – very effective in head shots. .22 has a place, and anything is better than nothing, but for myself, prefer 30 cal for serious work at any range, 9mm for closer. Knife or club / bludgeon for very personal close work, best to avoid if at all possible. Just my two cents’ worth. Happy new year.

      • odeezy says:

        You may want to check out some vids on youtube about. 22lr at long distance, around 300 yards. If you have the right ammunition, CCI STINGERS, then its not so farfetched. 1640 FPS. And unless you have body armour on, which most civilians won’t, then YES you can do a LOT of damage with. 22

        You can def kill with a .22 at 300 yards, the person being shot may not have the dramatic knock down like from a 5.56 or higher but a decently placed shot will kill your target. And with no recoil from such a small caliber you can put 3-4 shots in your target without having to zero in…….marinate on dat fer a minute.

        • alc says:

          Amazing. I’ll have to check out those videos. Accuracy’s gotta suck, but until I watch ’em I can’t say much.

        • Shawn says:

          Lets not reinvent the wheel here – look to the professionals who deal in death every day if you want to choose the right weapons for the job. If you’re shooting squirrels or hitting people in Italian Restaurants for the mob, a 22 is the weapon of choice… if you are sniping or shooting game bigger than rabbits use .223 and larger as required… and remember; the only thing a handgun is good for, is fighting your way back to your rifle or shotgun!!!

    • Selco says:

      Yes, somebody already asked me that,yes,that caliber was in use too.
      Mostly 22 Chech rifle CZ,very light,easy to maintain,easy to shoot semi automatic,quiet.Good for some 100-130 meters.

  21. JS says:

    People have made music, in one form or another, throughout all of human history. I think that Selco’s post illustrates why it has always been valued. Music in a survival situation could be many things…a welcome diversion from harsh reality, a means of expressing emotion, a reminder of better times.

    Although having a radio or CD player is a great idea, I think that having a few instuments around (and knowing how to use them) would be best. Instruments don’t require electricity, for one thing. What they do require is creativity and thought. And I think that in a drawn-out survival situation there would be a genuine need for mental stimulation (beyond the grind of daily life).

    I would choose instruments that are relatively small and portable. I’m a fiddler, so I’m partial to the violin, but there are many possible options. A harmonica or a recorder, for instance, would fit in a pocket. A couple of simple “how to” book would at least be enough to get you started. Best, of course, would be to start learning an instrument now. Learning to play music will certainly enrich your life, whether the manure ever hits the fan or not!

    • alc says:

      Yes, people talk about stocking up on things for barter, gifts, etc. I’d stock up on Swiss Army Knives, a very good model, the super tinker I think, is sold at Wally’s for $20, just as excellent as the one I had a as a kid in the 70s and paid the same amount for.

      Leatherman tools, Bic lighters, and yes, harmonicas, recorders, fifes, sets of guitar strings and strings for all stringed instruments, you can actually make a pretty decent instrument if you try, but the strings are hard.

    • j.r. guerra in s. tx. says:

      I’d vote for the harmonica as well, very compact and no moving parts to replace. Alc – good point about guitar strings.

  22. Wills says:

    Much good advice presented on this site, from commentors and Selco. I hope many people start heading it.
    My 2012 resolution; With the Lord’s help and in case this is my last year on earth, I resolve to make this
    as good a year as I am able and prepare for whatever eventualities that may happen. May we all make the
    best of what circumstance we find ourselves in.
    Safe and Happy 2012 everyone.

  23. Shawn says:

    Yes, Selco I was also wondering about smaller caliber rifles (22 lr). I have several 22 lr and a 30-30 with scope (for deer hunting). The Remington 30-30 ammo is a lot more expensive then the 22 lr, and has a lot more “kick” that would make training my 3 girls (13, 12, 10 yo) harder. “I hurts!” They already can accurately shoot the 22.
    So would buying a lot of 22 lr rounds make sense? Or should I invest in something like a AR-15 with a bump fire like this:

    • David - FL says:

      Bump Firing is a waste of ammo…learn to shoot accurately no matter what weapon you get and conserve ammo…in a SHTF scenario you will not be able to run to the store to buy more when you run out.

    • Tommy says:

      I have a S&W M&P 15 “Sport” (the no frills model). It shoots like a dream and recoil is almost non existent. I Know a guy who bought one for his 8 year old sons birthday??? I also have a S&W semi-auto pistol in .40 S&W for backup work.
      My wife bought me the beginnings of a nice reloading setup for Christmas (press, dies, etc). At the gun show this weekend I purchased once fired shell casings (brass) .40 cal. @ 1000 for $45, and 5.56 Nato @ 500 for $40. Adding primers $30 for 1000, hollowpoint bullets 250 for $50, and some powder you come out being able to make your own top quality personal defense ammo for the price of the cheapest Wallyworld crap. It costs a bit to get started, but once you have the gear it’s a real moneysaver.

      I also believe that being able to reload will become a highly sought after skill should the SHTF. I’m also reading as much info I can about gunsmithing at the present time. While I’m not necessarily going to setup shop any time soon. The ability to be able to fix your own weapons at the very least will be invaluable.
      Consider buying a few spare parts for all the weapons you own. Items like springs, firing pins, spare magazines, are the type of things that will ruin your day and aren’t very expensive to purchase now.

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