Gangs & Staying Hidden

To go out during the night and to do things was dangerous. There was no rule about anything and you did not know what to expect.We needed to go out to get things.Gangs and complete absence of any law was problem.

Constant shelling and snipers from enemy army was minor problem comparing to gangs. I think every city have criminals, people who live on edge of law,murderers, drug dealers and that kind of people.

In SHTF worst kind of people are mostly in charge, they formed very fast some kind of their own private army, in some cases their number was in hundreds, they were drunk from feeling of endless power, because of them you needed to be uninteresting, small, invisible.

They had everything, food, guns, luxuries, they owned black market. If they wanted something from you, eventually they get that from you, your food, house, wife, does not matter what. Only chance for you was that they did not notice you, or your other chance was that they see you have enough men and firepower so that what they want is going to cost them too much.

If you expecting some kind of fair fight or honor in SHTF, forget it right now. We just stay away from them, there was not Superman or Batman in city who saved good people from bad, if we met them it was shoot and run.Most of that folks did not vanished after SHTF ended, most of them still alive, some of them trough that power still have power today, some in private companies, some in politics.

Anyway to go out you needed to prepare some things, rifle,pistol,ammo,backpack,dark clothes, boots or shoes-kind of boots good for running, good for walk on broken stuff and trough ruins ( kind like adidas sport shoes ) in backpack i usually had more ammo, food for a day, candle or lamp, water for a day,sometimes some tool, key was to have some things in case that you need to stay somewhere hidden for a day, outside your house, but in the same time you needed to stay very light and mobile and not to attract anyone. So to had big backpack full of good thins during that trips(even if i had good things) was not good idea.

We took that trips never alone, always 2-3 men. About clothes, no specific rules, as long as it stay in dark color and does not catch too much attention, i used old overall (German army-something similar to US flight suit) and jacket similar to American jacket from Vietnam war. It did not looked fancy, but it worked. Small axe was nice thing to have , for fight and as a tool.

Some folks used small military shovel (folding) with sharpened edge, again as a weapon and as a tool. Every trip was mix of scouting and running,for example if you needed to cross over open space, like street first we spent some time checking for possible problems.If you seen other group of people, always hide until find out who they are and what they want. In short it was always like moving on enemy ground.

To add more about gangs: Yes they even had their own prisons, houses for fun, sometimes they abducted people for ransom, sometimes just for fun, there was no rule.

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  1. Island Girl says:

    Thank you so much for your honesty ( in all your posts and topics ) and especially about gangs and peoples behavior in a real SHTF event .

    I used to be someone that believed the “good” would band together – but after years of various crisis’s around the globe, family members who experienced life in other countries that were under crisis and/or war, you see how people’s natures change quickly. Survival. When civilization as we know it grinds to a halt, we all have the potential to become “uncivilized”.

    I love people, I want to believe tough times will bring out the best in us, but I prepare for a different and difficult scenario.

    I live in an apartment in a city of about 75,000, as much as 300,00 if you include the sprawling suburbs – at the tip of an Island with only a couple of roads in and out. Staying off the road to get out would be very difficult due to the terrain. I think about what it would take to stay hidden here in the city, if leaving is not an option. I consider all of it, security, food, fuel. Any and all advice in your future posts that you offer is gratefully received with my thanks in advance.

    My daughter lives a 45 minute drive away in a small town, one road in, one and out. It would be difficult to get here, I wonder if the residents of that ocean-side town might not barricade the one road to keep the rest of us out. It is hard to know what to do. I just try to prepare the best I can and hope for the best.

    Thank you for the time and effort you give to this blog and others, ( I heard you on survival podcast as well)

    Selco.It is my profound hope that you never again have to live through SHTF crisis. But my deepest thanks again for taking your time, knowledge and experiences and sharing it with the rest of us!

    • Selco says:

      There are so many unknown things in case of SHTF we can only try our best and then still might get shot because we do not pay attention for few seconds. No need to worry. We can slip, fall and break our neck every day. Enjoy the life now.

    • Island Girl,
      Have you thought of a water escape? Stock a boat for a few days survival and map a path to a mutual meeting place?

      • I agree MM. I used to live about 3 miles from the ocean and was actively preparing myself to bug out/survive in this way. A sailboat can be had for very cheap, can be stocked and lived aboard, and can be powered by the wind.

        Also, it can be a great way to avoid traffic and desperate hordes of other people.

        “Bug Out Vehicles and Shelters” by Scott Williams has a lot of really good examples of different boats that can be used for this and suggestions on cheaply outfitting them for this purpose. Might be something interesting for you to check out.

  2. chris893 says:

    Hello Selco, I’ve read all of the pages on survivalistboards and have been following your story. Thank you so much for telling it. It will save lives.

    I have a question about meeting people while traveling in 2-3 man groups. If you saw another group similar to yours while traveling through the ruins, after watching them for awhile and realizing that they are not the enemy, would you try to communicate with them to see if you could help one another? Or would you just sneak around them? I guess in SHTF scenario everyone is possibly an enemy…


    • Selco says:

      Always better to stay hidden. But yes sometimes when we saw people running from us we shouted that we just pass and don’t want to harm them. But keep in mind you are not seen, you have no problem.

  3. Wildthang says:

    Well I live quite a ways out in the country, and all of my neighbors are gun freaks like me. I am thinking that if the gangs come out our way, it’s going to be hell to pay! My entire neighborhood consists of farmers that stockpile guns and ammo!

  4. Cindy says:

    I was told this story 2 years ago. There was this guy who had a taxi service from the US border to your town in Mexico.One day, a man approached him about borrowing 100.00USD and would pay him back in a week.So the first guy gave him the money,cause he had seen him in town,so no big deal.Several days later, while driving down a lonely stretch of road,the taxi man he gets pulled over by a bunch of rough looking men pointing guns at him to stop his truck-so he does.
    They order him out of his truck,and the bad guys start ransacking his truck and talking amongst themselves whether to just robb him or kill him.By this time,the guy that borrowed the 100.00USD shows up,tells the bad guys to leave the taxi man alone,that he is a good guy,by giving him money and to let him go.Basically, the taxi man had stumbled into a drug cartel territory and lived to tell about it.
    The guy that saved his life asks the taxi man to get him a tire for his motorcycle and to meet him at a certain place to deliver the tire.Later, the taxi man delivers the bike tire and is told to put the tire in the back of a tarp covered truck.Taxi man lifts up the tarp covering the bed of the truck,and he is looking down the barrel of a belted machine gun.He puts the tire next to the machine gun and goes about his business.

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