Types of real survivalists: 3. The Slaves or Servants

Drug dealers, prostitutes, thieves, addicts, homeless, family people, believers… good people, bad people… we like to call people by names in order to judge them and live our life easier.

Most of the time we judge them so easily, and form our opinion about them „as we go“ without too many thoughts. It is easier like that. We see people doing something and think it is because of how they are. We often do not consider all the things that make them do what they do.

We see something, give that a name and that’s it. Sometimes there is much more behind it. Someone who is bad might just have had circumstances in life that being like that is only thing that made sense for that person. Yes their whole way of thinking might be “wrong” or he might not act bad because he is bad but because his kids are dying. People simply judge too fast.

Not to mention that when SHTF it is dangerous to call people and sort them on easy and fast way, it can led us to form wrong opinion, which can lead to lot of bad things. I learned to not judge people right away. Future friend might behave terrible the first time and future enemy might be very nice to you.

I want to say this before writing about type of real survivalist that I write about today. You encounter slaves or servants in a long term survival situation because even they go very different way from brave fighter… they are real survivalists and just make things work.

Many lone fighters died and many servants suffered but survived. Yes its not like movie.

Lady who was my colleague before SHTF lived with husband and two kids, she was in her 30ies, very nice and easy person to work with. She was my friend and we shared lot of the great moments at job. I never see or heard anything bad about her. I knew her husband, I knew her kids…

When SHTF I lost contact with her in all that chaos, and to be honest I completely forget about her, I had more important things to worry about.

Few months later on my trip that almost killed me out of town over the mountains to obtain some stuff we needed (I speak more about this trip in my course) I had opportunity to meet her again.

We already passed most dangerous parts of trip, mines, mountains, woods and no man’s land and came into small part of territory controlled by one of the numerous militias, loosely tied to bigger (again numerous) fractions.

Guys did not give us any problems, other than very short checking who we are and where we are going.

We already payed for passage to „guy who knows guy“ so everything went smooth. We make small rest in one of the shacks and drink hot „tea“. Actually exact description would be „hot dirty melted snow, with added alcohol“.

Then I saw her, my ex colleague.

If I learned anything since SHTF that was fact that you need to hide your feelings and body language until you figure out what is actually really going on.

So I did not say anything to her, and I acted like I do not know her, even I wanted very hard to jump, hug her and ask about anything, about her, her family etc.

She put some rice on table, and more alcohol in front of one of group member. She was one woman in a group of some 30 men, who were armed, wasted and pretty dangerous. Most of them did not know too much about literature but they know enough about violence.

She did not look like prisoner, and also she did not look scared or beaten. She also did not or did not want to recognize me.

Anyway some half hour later one of the man from the group offer me her, for some price, explaining me that „she is the property of leader, but also if anybody is willing to pay she can belong to anyone for half hour“.

Now if all of that was movie, probably you would expect from me to shoot all of them and save her, so we can ride into the sunset.

But it was not movie, and I could get maybe three of them down before someone blow my head and take my boots and rifle. And even if I could save her she would probably tell me that she do not want to be saved.

We went through that piece of land without any problems, and I did not see her again, ever. And no I did not pay price and bought her for half hour, and I did not try to start conversation with her.

Later i found out whole story.

When SHTF people did lot of different things in order to survive. She become mistress of one of the small group leaders, and also prostitute of that group.

She was not prisoner, well not obvious, but you also need to understand that if she leave that group she and her family would lose protection, and steady income of goods. And kids needed to eat something.

I do not know what husband think about all that (he was a bit of weak guy before SHTF), but rumors were that he agreed with that, in order to survive everything. So it lasted like that for months. And they survived. So is that good or bad? Its nothing. Its survival. Blame her husband? No.. because they survived. If he would have become fighter he might have died and with him his family.

This does not mean people should let their wifes become prostitutes (there were male prostitutes too by the way). Everyone makes own decisions and later you always know better. Again here comes in not judging.

Of course when peace and normal life came they just could not stand to live here, not after everything. So they choose to emigrate. As I heard they are living somewhere in South America under different names.

Here is some more background to that.

Prostitution here was something different than in other countries, and before SHTF you should be member of very rich and higher class of society or higher ranks of political elite to be able to get into the contact with one. It was illegal and also it was traditionally very „wrong“.

So, prostitution was rare. To be known prostitute was rare. To be normal family woman and become prostitute was unbelievable and almost impossible.

When SHTF lots of things changed. There were prostitutes all around, not to mention women who were held as some kind of half slaves. Their position was not always same, so some of them were not more then slaves, other one were almost powerful as a gang leaders who they belonged to. There were also men who were just mascots or servants for more powerful people but overall this was more common way for woman to survive.

Not all woman were prostitutes of course, just like men they all choose how to survive, some were prostitutes, other were more dangerous with rifle than lot of men. But most of them choose just to stay home with family and do care about kids. It was not something like – they need to do that – it was just they did what they did best and what was needed, just like most of the folks in that period…

That woman I spoke about was much closer to equal gang member, than to slave. They did not force her to prostitution, actually she belonged to the group leader, but also she sell herself for goods, some of that she keep for herself and family and some go to members of gang. It was her “trade” when other men risked their life she overcome her dignity (not sure if that is right word) and did that.

She had protection and food, also her family home had some kind of protection from that group and also food and other things.

She was there mainly for the fun of the group leader, sometimes other members and customers when she wanted.

They survived, we can now judge them and talk what everyone of us could do in their situation but we should not. This is maybe also lesson for normal times.

I work since years in emergency service and see daily people living at borders of normal society or even far from that borders in a different very dark and nasty world.

Its not that all of them are bad but sometimes in life you have to do what you have to do even if it makes only sense for you at that moment. It is not excuse but it helps to remember that when your existence is under threat you might do very different things too.

I’m sure only very few (maybe sexually very open people) really plan on going that way when SHTF. Since I wrote now about 3 types or real survivalists. What role do you see yourself in? What role do you plan for?

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  1. Slobyskya Rochikokov says:

    This is all true and well written; and it is true that the desire to live or survive is very strong and primal, necessary for the species to survive. However – it is also true that many of us who have fought in wars, and our families, have faced death or captivity and yet we would prefer to die rather than to sacrifice our honor. We do not fear death, or imprisonment, we have experiecned hardship, hunger and physical pain in different environments, but to many of us, it is better to die with honor and valor, than to live in the form of a worm or a cockroach who must beg our masters for the ability to live. And when one sacrifices one’s honor to serve a demented tyrant or a gang-leading psychopath, then one may be killed just for the amusement of that person. So there is the other side.
    Keep up the good work, Best wishes to you.

  2. AC says:

    “What role do you see yourself in?”

    Whatever it takes to keep my family safe.

    I’m not really ashamed to say I would not have a problem with what the woman did. IF!!!! If it kept my 5 y.o. granddaughter and my 66 y.o. mother safe from torture and harm. Both live with me already and I am responsible for their care. Something like that could harm them physically, let alone mentally, beyond repair.

    I have One Maker who’s opinion I care about and I feel he would forgive me for that. I have a very strong capable husband but if for reasons beyond our control, I would definitely do it… to save my weaker family members. My love for them is stronger than what an outsider will do.

    I’m 46 and I’ll be real, I can take or leave sex (unless I’ve put my hormone patch on too soon 😉 ) Sex to me has always been about being close to the one I love. He’s beyond wonderful and NO ONE will ever replace that. I have never been unfaithful nor will I ever be. No can take that. But, your damn right I will do what it takes to keep my granddaughter safe from being tortured, she’s still only a baby to me. She is everything to me and everything I have to live for.

    Would I do it for ONLY “my” survival, never. I am not afraid to die with the exception of doing something against my Maker. I feel this could be forgiven, Yahoshua forgave it…. and that was in a time it was choice. HUGE difference! I would only do it for survival… to keep my little girl safe. Would I “murder” an innocent? NOPE. When they became not so innocent of a threat? YEP, in a New York minute! There is a huge difference and when read in Hebrew people would understand.

    So, I forsee a strong group and people able and willing to fight for our survival but if the circumstances change, I would not hesitate. They will never have my love, that belongs only to my family.

  3. AC says:

    I should give a little more of my background for those who may not understand why I could believe the way I do. First, the earliest memory of my grandfather molesting me was I think about age three. And my father was merciless in his beatings (his son). Your head really does go somewhere else. Not to a happier place at all but what I think of as a “second by second” place. It really is a survival place. I would think when my father would throw me against the wall and I would hit the floor, “that wasn’t as bad as it could have been. I’m still okay, I’m still alive.” With every hit and punch up to age 9, I would think “it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.” I am unsure why it was “me” and not one of my sisters but maybe it was for the better. I am not looking for anyone’s pity and doubtfully will answer past this post. I just want people to understand, you can survive things you never imagined you would. And you can have a good life later.

    I went to live with my grandmother (on the other side) at 9. She was the one who taught me what real unconditional love was. My grandfather had pasted and she could have gone back to NYC to live around her family but instead she stayed in the little town I later knew she hated. She NEVER said a word. She never complained and I didn’t even know we were “poor.” I never knew she was ever worried. She gave us (my sisters too) every piece of her she could. She was a widow with a shitty little job and made sure we were secure, felt safe and taken care of. Had I not had her example I never would have known what real love is about. Now I do. I try to be half the person she was and will do what it takes to provide that for my family. That’s what really matters and I believe your colleague must have known that on some level. I have absolutely NO disgust for her.

    You will be surprised at yourself when it comes to love.

  4. hillhag says:

    I understand this, and often say that no matter what you think or believe you will do in a situation, you don’t really know until that thing happens.
    I was raised in the south at a time and place where females were respected and protected. No boy would force sex on a girl and would kill another who did that to a member of his family or friend. But when I was 15, my family moved to the wild west where teenagers are what we called promiscuous. I had no idea, so when a new friend offered me a ride home from the skating rink, I took, it, but to my surprise he had three friends with him. I trusted that I would be safe with him, but he drove out into the desert where I was gang raped. I didn’t know if they would hurt me, but I knew couldn’t find my way home from the desert especially in the cold night. Then later that year a girlfriend asked me to go on a doulel date with her and her boyfriend would bring a friend for a blind date for me. I still didn’t know they expected to have sex on a date.
    They went to a cliff over a waterfall about twenty miles from home, and I was date raped there. I didn’t date after that and went away to a church boarding school. That still was not the last time I was raped. I had three teenaged daughters who had a larger group of friends who went to school together, and played volleyball, etc. but one night one of my daugthers brought a few of her friends over to play cards, and when they got hungry, they went to get a pizza. One of the friends said he didn’t want to go, so he’d just hang our there. I had put three younger children to bed and asked everyone to keep the noise down so not to wake them. That teenage boy was very strong, and he knew what he would do when the others left. I tried to talk him out of it, and resisted him so that I had so many bruises for days, but i didn’t want my young children to witness such a fight, so I kept quiet. Now I don’t know what I would do in SHTF but I know I want to either kill the person or be killed trying to kill him. Those were survival times for me, but it’s not a good survival. So I agree with you…..don’t judge because it could happen to you.

    • Slobyskya Rotchikokov says:

      HillHag – I mean you no disrespect, nor do I judge or condemn you, you are a woman and could be overpowered by a stronger male; BUT the adverse side of this is, since your attackers were neither neutralized nor exposed and arrested, then they were, or perhaps still are, free to continue to victimize other girls. What if you some day find out that your Daughter had also been raped but she did not tell anyone and lived with the sorrow? If the young man you resisted had his face clawed horribly, of his eyes gouged, or his genitals repeatedly hit with your knees, would he be likely to try this on the next person? Just a question. I wish you and your family the best and pray taht you will be healed of your painful memories.

      • Bill says:

        Slobyskya God Bless you and your family. You seem to be a very kind, respectful and philosophically minded individual. Take care.

      • Elysatio says:

        I have taught my daughter fight, scream, do whatever it takes. I myself have fought and screamed and made sure the person knew that taking advantage of me would come at a price.

        No judgement against anyone because NO ONE knows what they will do until they face it either in reality or practice.

  5. twincougars says:

    I have to disagree a little about making fast judgements. Suppose you are walking down the street. You are white and dressed well. You see a group of 5 black youths dressed gangsta’ style across the street a block away. They see you and are staring at you. They whisper to each other and start crossing the street. Oh no, you are not going to judge them or what might happen to you?? You make an instant judgment, unsnap the strap on your holster, put your other hand in your pocket to take hold your pepper spray, and turn down the side street and look for an escape place…maybe some public place like a restaurant. Now maybe your judgement was wrong. Maybe they saw that you were wearing a jacket of their favorite sports team and wondered if you had tickets for the game. Whatever. You did what was needed to survive. You made a quick judgment, and you got away safely.

    • Slobyskya Rotchikokov says:

      TWIN – well said. excellent point. Our instincts are there for a purpose, and that purpose is survival. And survival does not mean simply giving in and allowing someone to debase you.

    • Meridian says:

      I actually found myself in this scenario just few months ago. I’m a white female, maybe not dressed all that well, but eh. I was walking alone across a pretty big lot to my car, in unfamiliar territory near Seattle, when from around a corner comes 5 or 6 teenager-ish looking black guys, very gangsta looking. I’m pretty oblivious to such things most the time so the fact they even caught my attention speaks volumes. They clearly saw me and shifted course a bit, coming right at me. My mind was racing trying to figure out what to do, with a gimpy knee I can’t run too far and I had no weapons on me, no one around… so basically I just stood there nervously waiting to see what they had in store for me. They got close enough and one said… “Excuse me… would you please sign this petition to label GMOs in Washington State?”

      I told them how they scared me half to death and we all had a good laugh. And I signed the petition.

      • Kiljoy616 says:

        The fear of the skin color seem to be a running jock in American society. So I like to ask if it had been 5 white guys would you also have been scared? Sure a group of people by nature can be dangerous. Just look a few years ago when 20 plus HS kids raped one girl, white and black teen boys and the girls watched and some even cheered if the news got it right.

        Color to me is not an indication of who is going to hurt you, body language is. People should get aquatinted and get trained to read body language in people and groups. I will give you some advice, if its a real gang or criminals there will be one person ahead of the others which is the norm. Alpha male so to speak. If you see two or 3 people walking next to each other and there is no other body language of intention you should be safe.

        Still anyone without some self defense or weapon training is asking for trouble sooner or later.

    • john says:

      It is not worth the risk. Always obey your instincts.

      I ignored my instincts once and I was nearly killed by a black guy with a rusty iron pipe. He was using it like a walking stick. My instincts said I should not get near him on the sidewalk, but I ignored my instincts and walked passed him anyway. He never said a word to me, just swung. Luckily I saw it coming and blocked the blow with my shoulder, then ran away. He was much larger than me and not nearly as fast as me. I stayed just out of reach of him for a block or two trying to decide if I could wear him down enough to turn on him and fight him. I was very angry and wanted to hurt him. At one point he stopped running because he was tired and I stopped and turned around and just looked at him wondering if I dare go back to fight him. I finally decided not to because he was too big. When I decided to just leave, I started crying like a baby because I was ashamed for running away. The next day I bought my very first handgun. That was about 25 years ago.

    • Selco says:

      I think you did not understand me, what i meant is when it comes to building relationship in survival scenario. Of course being careful around people is important but in a survival scenario that means being careful around EVERYONE.

  6. PBQ says:

    We shouldn’t judge. Who knows what any of us might do in these bleak and awful situations? I don’t. People who you don’t think would survive will, and those you assume would survive easily will crumble and die. We really just don’t know, though likely we’ll find out. Thanks for this one–heartrending but eye opening.

  7. Redstone says:

    Wow Selco. The last three articles really carried an impact. The last one a revisit from your SHTF Course and still hit me hard once again. I have helped soo many people who have choosen or have been forced to be the last type of survivor. The damage is deep and a lifelong battle to get past. Many sheeple will be in this group as they are weak physically or mentally or just plain lazy. Those with heavy addictions will have little other choise but to serve their supplier’s desires.

    I have been a survivor since grade 1 to this day (almost 50 years now) and have had to do some unpleasent things needed to be done to survive. A mid-class prostition ring was offered to me as a thank-you from an associate. I gracefully declined the offer dispite the profit and power of this business. Some of the ladies really wanted me to takeover because they had heard and seen my reputation as ‘ the Protector ‘. I have a strong moral rule I live by ” I shall never be a slave, nor shall I ever own one.” This may get me killed one day, but so be it.

    I am type 2 first and type 1 potential (if this is needed at the time). A lot depends on the living/survival conditions and environment of SHTF. I am like a rattlesnake. You would likely pass me without ever noticing my presence. Get too close, and I will either disappear or warn you or strike out hard and fast. Push your luck with me or step on me and I will sink in a painful death sentence for you, even if it means a death for both of us.

    Survival means to leave your comfort zone and adapting to your new surroundings. But always remember that you may indeed survive SHTF. And you will have to live with yourself afterwards until you die. Write out a list of Yes I will do this, Maybe I can do this if I have no other choise, No Way I will do this (I would rather die first). This was a valuable tool for me. (oh, burn it after you memorize it well. It can and will be used against you by anyone who finds it.)

    • Slobyskya Rotchikokov says:

      REDSTONE – Excellent! And a suggestion learned from my own military days and still taught in many military groups. If you would be like the snake, then remove your rattles. Determine if your best route is escape or neutralizing, and if the latter, then strike harshly, no warning, no mercy, and strike until there is no threat. One of my friends, many years ago, was being surrounded by three younger men, with knives, who made clear that they wanted him to perform an oral act on them or they would kill him. They were surprised by HIS actions of ‘survival’- he moved fast for an older man, and within seconds had blinded the leader, taking a small cut on his arm int he process but gouging out the leader’s eyes, crushed the windpipe of a second one who died moments later. and the third man ran off, dropping his knife. My friend also ran off, he said much adrenaline and his heart was hammering, but he was never found by the law and the world was better off by his survival actions. He was Armenian, and we used to talk over drinks often, he said taht he learned from his grandfather that trying to submit or appease an enemy would not usually save you and would only show you were weak and frightened. And he said that his ancestors had paid a lethal price for trying to be submissive to the Turks, who herded them onto trains, just like my Jewish ancestors were herded, and for the same final end. Never again. There ARE worse things than death.

      • Bill says:

        Correct Slobyskya, As a Greek who knows my history well, I will never submit.

      • Elysatio says:

        “he said taht he learned from his grandfather that trying to submit or appease an enemy would not usually save you and would only show you were weak and frightened. And he said that his ancestors had paid a lethal price for trying to be submissive to the Turks, who herded them onto trains, just like my Jewish ancestors were herded, and for the same final end. Never again. There ARE worse things than death.”


  8. Mark says:

    Again, Selco’s experiences and his willingness to share them, leaves me speechless. Every American should take Selco’s course, but I feel many will not and many of them will parish. Americans have lived a sheltered life and are in such denial, they will never believe what is coming, nor what they will do to survive. I see where we are headed and I cannot tell you in all honesty what I will do, as I have never been faced with such a task.

    I hope my family and I can survive and I will do what it takes to survive, but I have never been one to submit. I have always in the past, run to put the fire out or stick up for someone, but survival will different as Selco states. I will probably use the talents I have used during normal times, but if forced to, I will make choices I never dreamed of.

    Reading Selcos works and comments from others around the world is what every American should do, as the wisdom and experience written by these people will save many lives. I just hope they take time to see how life has been for many around the world and how it will be here in the not too distant future.

    Dear Selco, thank you and I pray for your safe and prosperous life. You will always be my friend.

  9. Stone says:

    Judging people and judging their action or their ideas are very different things.

    It is difficult to judge someone when you don t know everything about this person from being in the womb to present, and know all about his genetical predispositions.

    “Psychopathic killers are the basis for some must-watch TV, but what really makes them tick? Neuroscientist Jim Fallon talks about brain scans and genetic analysis that may uncover the rotten wiring…”

    In court, for example, when someone is found guilty, we need to think about what is the best way we can prevent him to harm society again. Maybe, one day, we will stop saying : ” this guy was judge by the court” and will say instead: ” his acts and intentions have been judged”? I still like to think that we have free will. But I cannot prove that.

    To start with a broad point, everything is relative. The ways we think, feel, and understand are all based on past experiences. Therefore I believe that objectivity is different for everyone because we all percieve things in a different way, thus giving us slightly different data with which to draw conclusions.

    On that note, conclusions for our judgements are based on known facts, and the amount of known facts (or precieved known facts) differs for everyone.

    We can also never be completely objective, despite what some believe, our thinking process is tied to our emotions. We can add 2+2 and get 4, but as soon as we add in conclusions and not just hard data, we add emotions into the equation. We are not computers, our thought process and deduction skills are tied to emotion if only on a minimal level.

    With that basis set I will give my opinion. I believe that it is okay to judge others, it is part of our nature, part of our survival. Being able to tell people who will hurt you apart from those you can trust and such. These conclusions/judgements may not always be accurate but they are made for the survival of the individual.

    With that said we draw conclusions about people all the time, the only thing we can really do is keep an open mind and be willing to change our judgements as more data is added into the equation.

    My point is, judgements are neither good or bad.

    They are a nessesity, a tool to be used, sharpened, and changed.

    A persons use of them are what make them good or bad.

    As a definition, objectivity refers to a conclusion absent of emotion, which never changes. If, by your statement, you mean the amount of data someone has to work from and with, then absolutely. No two people share identical experiences or memorize the exact same data. The data we’re privy to makes us biased based on us being different people. If someone has never been mugged in an alley, they will tend to be more trusting to strangers in alleys. This doesn’t mean the choice is more or less subjective, simply a lack of (or anecdotal) data to work from.

    To put a formula to it, an example could be represented like this:

    Person A, who has knowledge in certain areas but not others, meets person C and makes a judgement based on the data person A has at his disposal:

    (You can imagine the categories these represent at your leisure)

    Person B, who has knowledge in certain areas but not others, also meets person C and makes a judgement based on the data person B has at his disposal:


    Neither person needs to be subjective to come to a vastly different conclusion, they simply need a vastly different data set to work from. Neither is being biased in their judgement, their lifetime of experiences create the bias. However, if they were being biased in their judgement (subjective), then the odds of their judgement being correct would go up. Even if they had all the best data, they would come to an incorrect conclusion. So, the more emotional a person you are, the more likely your judgement will be clouded, no matter how much you know.

    Judge the behavior, not the person.

    We cannot get away from judging. If you can, then let’s go shopping together for fruit. You purchase the rotten stuff and I’ll buy the good stuff!

    When all else fails remember this:

    Two in the head and you know they’re dead!!!

    • Selco says:

      I think we are talking here about two “kinds” of judging the people, and because my English language is like this i can only hope i gonna explain my thoughts.
      I agree with statement that we can not get away from judging, it is in human nature. But to form our possible actions on false judgments is wrong. To judge someone is hard thing. To be cautious because we judge some people are dangerous is OK of course.
      I was thinking more about judging the people because they take some course in life, they want or they have to, does not matter.
      And when SHTF man very quickly realize that some old right and wrong things are just do not stands anymore, hard to say now but it is truth.
      About “other” judging, when SHTF forget about judging who is dangerous and who is not dangerous basing on things that we know-see today and just consider everybody dangerous until you ruled that out. Do not lower your “defense” because something looks not dangerous.
      And i can say that many time most dangerous people looked peaceful and friendly. When they start to look really dangerous it was too late.

      • SeTe says:

        In SHTF always be cautious with others, be guarded with yourself against others, be suspicious when interacting with others of their motives and actions. Don’t judge someone else’s situation, you have your own business to attend too. You do what you need to survive, they are doing what they need to survive. We don’t know what we are capable of, or how we will react until placed in a situation. Always be cautious, always be aware, always be alert, always think, mind your own business…

      • Elysatio says:

        I think what is meant is…don’t have pre-conceptions or don’t be quick to pass judgement on other’s survival choices.

        I really do understand what you mean. For many years my survival instincts were avoidance. However one day I decided that I would get the training and mindset I needed to put odds more in my favor. But I have friends who still use avoidance as a defense. That is their choice, maybe they arent ready to be assertive/agressive.

        I teach rifle and shotgun lessons now for females. I partner with a lady who teaches handgun lessons. I train hard and learn all the time. Doesnt make me better or worse than someone else just my choice to be more aware.

  10. wannabemountainman says:

    I understand where you’re coming from, about first impressions of people. Talking from experience, whether it is in school, in military boot camp or in jail, it’s usually the case that the one who greets you with a smile on your first day there turns out to be the one you should least trust.

  11. Chris says:

    Excellent post.

    The biggest things we can take from this are..

    #1. Nothing may be as it seems to be.

    #2. Once SHTF.. Don’t assume traditions or past society are the same as it was.

  12. timgray says:

    Awesome advice. A lot of people do not understand what things can be like. If they are in the USA and want to see a SHTF live, all they need to do is go visit inner city detroit. The police dont patrol anymore, the fire departments do not go there, it’s a no mans land. And you will see all of the types that Selco has pointed out there.

  13. Denise says:

    I have been a survivor all my life. I have survived daily beatings and being raped as a child and young woman and as a result I have taught my daughters how to kill with any weapon available to them. Just after my back surgery my car broke down, at night, in a bad area. My youngest was with me and got very scared, watching all the scary men walking around us. I had her grab a screwdriver from the glove box and showed her where to stab if someone came through the window and how to twist. I also showed her the different areas on the body to stab and twist with any weapon, even a key. I saw a change come over her as she gained a sense of empowerment and changed from potential victim to survivor. I also showed her, as someone approached my car window, not to open the window AT ALL and just shake your head and motion them away. They may look nice and helpful but the risk is not worth it. I was then able to call for someone to come help us get my car going and we were safe.

    • Selco says:

      Very good example of getting into the “survival mode”. Being ready to do whatever you need to do with resources you have on hand in order to defend and survive. Life taught you that.

  14. Jenny Clemons says:

    I have been surviving since I was a small child, as the oldest of 4 children of an abusive alcoholic father . I can remember gathering up 3 younger siblings when I was about 8 yrs old in the dead of winter and getting their coats and shoes on to escape and go meet up with our mother who could not come home for fear of her life. I have survived multiple situations in my life and by all rights should probably have been dead long ago. I hitchhiked across the US when I was 17, I have survived earthquakes, tornados, fire and terror attacks in my 56 years. I can tell you that Selco is exactly right on in this article. We do what we have to do to survive. I am not ashamed of some of the things that I did to survive. I managed to get a degree and am now a highly respected medical professional and a much loved grandmother and am the matriarch of a large family. I don’t care to go into details of what I did to survive, I’m not proud of some of them but I’m not really ashamed either, I survived and in the process my family is thriving These days I am devoted to educating my loved ones and anyone else that will listen about survival. There are approx. 25 close members of my immediate family and we are all prepping to survive. Thank you Selco for sharing your stories.

  15. UrbanRaccoon says:

    Selco, do you think it is possible to be a more moderate version of the “Bad Man” survivor you talked about earlier? Is it possible to lead a group of armed men in a SHTF situation without resorting to rape, torture and barbarism?

    Since the dawn of time there have always been “Big Men.” There are many names for them: warlords, gangsters, knights or lords. They all operate under the same principle: they gather a group of armed men around them, and enforce “order” in the area they control. They “tax” the people to feed and arm their followers, and in exchange protect the people from outsiders. Governments are just the modern extension of this principle.

    Most “Big Men” are also “Bad Men,” in that they often rape, pillage and steal from the people they claim to “protect.” They are the type of people you talk about in Real Survivors: Part One. But some Big Men occupy a grey area. Examples would be the medieval lord that took most of the food from his serfs, but really did spend much of his time fighting bandits and invaders. Or the old-school mafia don, that demanded “protection” money from people in his area of control, but acted to protect them from corrupt police, and had his goons keep order in the streets. There is no doubt that these Big Men use their positions to enrich themselves, but they still provide a valuable service.

    I ask, because from reading your posts and listening to your course it seems to me that the best survival strategy in SHTF is to be part of a large, strong group. And if you’re going to be a part of such a group, it’s better to be at the top. If you start it, you have a chance to influence how things will work.

    The largest and strongest group will always be a gang. Weather you call it a “gang” or a “neighbourhood watch” or whatever, it’s still the same thing: a group of armed men that will (hopefully) follow your lead and work together.

    Is it possible to create a group like this in SHTF that is “good” or at least not “bad?” Or will a “good” group like this always loose out to a “bad” one because the meanest and toughest people will always gravitate to the bad groups, or infiltrate the good ones and take over?

    Did you ever experience any large armed groups that worked to keep order and protect their families, rather than abuse people? Did the leaders of such groups tend to survive, or did they usually end up dead from power struggles?

    • Selco says:

      Good questions, and also very important too. First if we are talking about that times it is clear that any bigger organized group whatever name and intentions had did some bad things. As I said many times, good and bad, right and wrong was mixed, and mostly everything was grey. Why? I think reasons are few but main reason is because people were not prepared, so they have to do lot of things in order to survive.
      So there was no “group of people who did only good things and survive”. Sorry.I am talking here about bigger organized groups.
      You asked me : “Did you ever experience any large armed groups that worked to keep order and protect their families, rather than abuse people?”
      Maybe you are not gonna like answer, but people kept order with abusing people, and protect their families by abusing other people too. Not all of them, but percentage was not so good.
      Now about future: Yes, of course I believe it is possible to create group that is gonna be “good”. And I strongly believe that is the whole point of everything here, to choose right people, right place, skills, and things for next SHTF event.

      • john says:

        In an age of modern technology when “things” always trump skills, I think it is impossible to be a “good” big man in SHTF. Guns are better than boxing. Swords are better than karate. machine guns better than single shot guns. Bombs are better than guns. cars are better than horses. Horses are better than bicycles(assuming plentiful food for horses). planes are better than cars. coal is better than wood. gasoline is better than coal. etcetera.

        You must take from others to ensure they do not have the means to destroy you. Your skills are only valuable in so far as they can be used to take what someone else has. Fish eats fish to live. Bigger fish eats smaller fish or some day the smaller fish will grow big and eat the bigger fish.

        • breathial says:

          What you espouse is despicable.

          To quote Orson Scott Card,

          IT has been “observed that in a society that expected chastity and fidelity, like Lusitania, the adolescents who controlled and channeled their youthful passions were the ones who grew up to be both strong and civilized. Adolescents in such a community who were either too weak to control themselves or too contemptuous of society’s norms to try usually ended up being either sheep or wolves- either mindless members of the herd or predators who took what they could and gave nothing.

          Inner strength and outward respect. These are the people who hold a community together, who lead. Unlike the sheep and the wolves, they perform a better role than the script given them by their inner fears and desires. They act out the script of decency, of self-sacrifice, of public honor – of civilization. And in the pretense, it becomes reality.”

          You sir, publicly proclaim that you are a wolf. And like any rabid and dangerous animal, you will be dealt with appropriately, should you choose to act on your beliefs.

          Were I forced to choose between the lives of MY daughters or you, I promise you I would not hesitate. Nor will anyone else in a similar situation- because you’re more valuable dead, than part of a community.

          I can state with a high level of confidence, that you will NOT survive the coming collapse. As it should be.

    • Daniel says:

      “Did you ever experience any large armed groups that worked to keep order and protect their families, rather than abuse people? Did the leaders of such groups tend to survive, or did they usually end up dead from power struggles?”

      yes… they’re called Police. (I’m being serious.)

  16. UrbanRaccoon says:

    John – “Your skills are only valuable in so far as they can be used to take what someone else has.”

    Thank you, John, for reminding me there are many preppers that think this way. It’s people like you that I need to protect myself, my family, and my neighbours from. If all we do is steal and kill there will be nothing left for anyone. Is the ability to take from those weaker than you really the only skill you value? If decent people don’t organize against your kind you just might get your way, and make everyone weaker than you into the slave/servant Selco talks about.

    In a survival situation I’m sure we would all cross a lot of lines we never thought we’d cross, and do a lot of things we never thought we would. Nobody survives a dark time without blood on their hands, but grey has many shades.

    A strong tribe is more than just young men with weapons. It has mothers, children, those that grow and gather and build. The ones the warriors fight to protect. The life of bandits is a dangerous one, because eventually they will pick the wrong fight, quite possibly with themselves. When you surround yourself with bad men you risk ending up with a knife in your back, as the gang leader from Selco’s earlier example did.

    Me and mine will be waiting on the walls for your kind. Don’t expect an easy fight.

    • john says:

      You are an idealist fool. Why don’t you ask selco if he has ever taken from someone because he could do it and they had it. When you are in a situation like the one selco described, there is only two kinds of people…dead, and alive. When there is X amount of food, and 4 times more people than can survive on that amount of food, guess what happens? Never mind. You are not smart enough to figure it out.

      • oldfatguy says:

        Are you so naive as to believe that those who prepared aren’t willing to fight for what they have? Some may appear to be “weak”, following the advice of Sun Tzu, only to surprise the unwary predator when his overconfidence leads him to tip his hand. The odds of your surviving for more than a few months is minimal. The true weaklings will be weeded out of the gene pool within the first few weeks, and we gray people, who don’t wear camouflage or open carry will be waiting for your kind…

  17. j.r. guerra in s. tx. says:

    I don’t think I’d make it a male prostitute (most guys who go that way would likely think ‘I can do better’, lol), but I do wonder how far I would go to help my family live longer. Keeping our families as safe as possible is a very strong instinct and will can change a trusted person into an enemy very quickly when they consider their options.

    A standing martial force is hard to keep on hand 24/7/365. They require food, medicine, and payment. So maybe instead of going that route, allow these soldiers to retire into the community, left to survive by their own means. But when / if SHTF, give them an option – work for us and do our bidding and you and your family gain supplies from our stash.

    How many soldiers would do that ? For their families welfare, quite a bit would be my guess.

  18. Daniel says:

    i would fight. I’ve grown up having to be a fighter. my family are fighters every single one of them. we’ve all been trained in handling and caring for weapons. mother and father and I have been trained for hand to hand and close quarters fighting. I can’t see myself bending to somebodies will who would sell me or my family into slavery for anything else.

    I practice survival all the time. My friends have even begun to train and come with me…. so basically what I’m saying is that when SHTF my friends and family are ready. this will still be our home because we will defend it to the death…. UNLESS it’s zombies… then we’re getting the hell out of dodge and heading to Alberta.

    • Daniel says:

      I should also say that we’ve(my family and friends and I) been taught to Hunt and fish and trap since childhood. it’s something we do for food throughout the year. As far as Medicine goes in my group we have 3 nurses and access to antibiotics and herbs.

      It’s good to be self sufficient.

  19. JX says:

    Selco, I just want to thank you for what you’re doing every day.

    I’ve encountered some people who like to pretend they are survivalists, even though they’ve never been in a war situation or civil unrest or natural disasters. They spout off a lot of useless junk. They make sweeping judgments of other people’s character and knowledge based only upon seeing their race, financial status, political party affiliation, religion and other such things.

    Or some other people will try to get you scared and completely paranoid of the world in which you live in and then try to sell you expensive survival items. You do none of that foolishness. You don’t waste people’s time. Your survival course is affordably priced for all budgets. You tell real stories of how some tough guys turned into chumps, and how some people who everybody thought were wimps rose to the occasion and survived and thrived. You speak of what really happens when civilization collapses, but you give people hope that it can get better if you hang on.

    And you make people really have to examine themselves, ask the tough questions like “What am I really prepared to do to survive?” Keep it up.

  20. robert says:

    Interesting Selco. I am an Open minded individual and try not judge too quickly( which im guilty form time to time) but i really dont know what role I personally will play. I have Urban Combat experiance and First Aid experiance, I know more about taking lives than saving one because my former employer only wanted me to help our guys with the basics and we had a medic so i was mostly a “tool” if you will. But being American in my States im sure I can be of some use to somone. I suppose i can train groups for compensation, maybe offer some first aid to individuals in exchange for goods and services. Not too keen on the Prostitution though, but if that was the ONLY way , I suppose so. I mean were all prostitutes in some way, right just a matter of who you belong to….( my idea of a joke) So Labor is what i can sell in the form of keeping some ppl alive. Dont know what kind of price i would put on it. Suppose for items i needed at that time. How can you place value on something like Combat Training. Who decides that worth? It wont be too easy to gain that experiance , I mean i cant truly show anyone what its like to take a life..They must take that for themselves. But i can give the the know how to be able to do it with minimalization of casualties. What price would you pay for Combat Training that is beyond your level of knowledge. Personally how would you gauge price since my product is knowlege and the user cant guarantee it will save him if they are unable to exercise that advice. Pretty complicated stuff. If i give somone some advice and they follow it and die, how horrible i would feel and then ppl start talking, It doesnt just have to be Rifles or Pistols either, it can be Movement, Cover, How to Barter, maybe something on how to cope with psychological stress, or how to deceive your enemy etc…i guess labor kinds of compensation varies on content of it….

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