Typical Gang Members During SHTF

Because some personal reasons i ll focus more on gangs issue 🙂

It is very important to understand who is typical member of gang in SHTF. As i already said before, worst kind of people is in charge in SHTF. Usually they take lead, so you have then old criminals as a new gang leaders, of course you already figured they not gonna pay too much attention on moral issue or fair play.

In most parts of the world we already now in peace time have gangs, all kinds. In SHTF those gangs becoming something like private armies.
People joined them, it is easier to take stuff from other people then to find it on more “normal” way. So you gonna have normal folks who lost faith, lost strength, and for them it is only way to join gangs.

My point is to prepare you that in SHTF your first neighbor (who is now for example car salesman) may be very bad gang member.
It was much easier to be gang member.

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  1. john says:

    if there was more than one gang, did the gangs ever fight each other? What was the reason for the different gangs? Was one gang all one ethnicity? Or did they divide according to political beliefs? Or was it religion? Or was it a combination of those things, or none of those things? Or did the gangs not have any anger towards other gangs? In america the gangs usually only one race but one gang will fight another gang even if both gangs are the same race and they usually don’t care about any politics or religion. They only care about power, money, and respect.

  2. john says:

    I just read more of your website and then I know I did not use your rules. I am asking things and talking about things you said you do not want in this shtfschool website. I am sorry for that. Please do not make me a bad person on your website. Instead of questions I asked you already, maybe you ignore my questions and only say if gangs in the SHTF you lived in were fighting against other gangs. thank you.

    I am very interested in how the gangs were formed. I like to know if the gangs want to do something in the war with some army or if they just want food and territory and power in the city. Do they care about the reasons of the war or do they only care about the city and power in the city?

    • Selco says:

      No problem John
      I will not make you as a bad person on site, no any reason for that, i think you asking very good and important question, anyway there is no bad question.
      But there is some answers in order to be well answered i would have to go more in some things that could be dangerous.
      So i will just put it like this.
      In every time, and in every city there is a gangs, they look for power and control.
      In normal times law and order keep some balance.
      In SHTF that balance is disturbed, so you have completely changed situation.

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