2016 – A Year in Review


I know, I know… You’re looking at this saying “Selco, it’s only February… how can it be a year in review article?”

Let me explain. The year is very young, but already a LOT of things happen. Some carry over from 2015, some things new. It is important we are always ‘staying aware’ about what is happening and how it can/will affect us, but I see many people often focus the ‘wrong way around’.

Living and taking care about your own circle (of people, events etc) around you is something that I often point out as the smartest thing, because in most of the cases it is the only thing that you can actually control (or change).

Everything else beyond this immeadiate circle is often more of a distraction and just disrupts your „focus“.

That does not necessary mean that you do not need to observe what is going on in the ‘bigger world’. In fact, developing a skill to see how the ‘bigger picture’ can travel down to affect your immeadiate circle is a good thing to have. Today I’m gonna talk a little more about that.

We all see that world is changing, faster and faster. Today I want you to join me in an ‘exercise’.

Stop for a moment and check what is going on around you on several levels. I’m going to start by telling you what I see around me. At the end of this article I’d really like you to write in the comments how things look around you, right now.

I’m going to look at THREE levels:

  • Local
  • Regional
  • International

Let’s start:


1st Level – LOCAL

I still remember the time when I could go out to my local town, and not worry too much about am I gonna be forced to shoot someone, because of a simple misunderstanding, at the traffic light or similar.

At first glance it seemed people became evil, but it is not simply like that. It is more about that people became more scared. Scared for their future, for their kids, for their job (if they have it) scared from the life that they clearly can not control it anymore because everything become more uncertain, and so they are scared and confused. Scared because of all the changes, confused because the measures they thought were in place (Politicians, Authorities, Media etc) seemingly have totally let ‘people’ down

On the other way there is whole new hierachy there, money has become the new God, because simply there is not enough money around.

It is just like in war actually-too many people with way too litle resources, it is recipe for chaos.

In the enviroment where corruption is king, and unemployment is around 50 %, everything is possible. From the point of realisitc prepping it is good, preparing for real SHTF, but the way of living regularly like this, it simply sucks.

There is no heroes, everybody is alone here and if you stick out your head in order to point some particular case of injustice, corruption or failure you have very good chance to lose it, or in the best case to be victim of mobbing or similar.

New generations are taught to steal , lie, be part of corruption because it is the only way to have chance to be sucessful.

Words like honor, real friendship, duty and similar are archaic and funny to them.

Most of them did not see or do not remember war or starvation, and, to them the point of shooting and killing someone is have twisted and weird meaning, like inverted western movie (You see a similar problem with the ‘Gangs’ forming in so many Western countries now).

When SHTF truly arrives, streets are gonna be full of young folks who gonna see it like their own personal playground. In the beggining it is going to be a ‘game’ for them, where they gonna have power over the confused people, but soon they probably realize that most of them just „meat for harvesting“… nothing new, just another phase of the cycle.

From the point of prepping, there is nothing more important to have a good and trusted friend, to prepare with him, to retain sense in this chaos around us.

When SHTF you need to have good friend. I cannot emphasise that enough…


2nd Level – REGIONAL

Over this recent period of time, my region (The Balkan area) has seen a huge influx of migrants. This ‘new situation’ has simply sped up everything that has previously been problematic (Healthcare, education, social welfare, allocation of resources, criminal behaviour etc. etc.) for many, this change has been so rapid it was like they woke up one morning and realize „s..t, everything just changed“.

Again, there are endless discussions everywhere about immigrants crisis, and if you join the debate, after some time you could forget what you really think about whole event and topic. That is why it is often more important to focus on the consequence than the ‘reason why’. Even if you figure out the ‘WHY’ is it really gonna change anything…???

But to (over)simplify it, it is matter of, are we ready to accept folks who are not accepting our way of life, in fact not only not accept our way, but actually demand we change for them?

When I see two small kids crying because they are hungry, after they fled from country where their is war and chaos I fell sorry for them, and I have urge to help them.

When I see 1000 young and healthy people, with completely different culture than mine and how they are making chaos in the city close to mine, stealing, harrasing, or breaking the law because they want to force their way of living on others, I feel insecure, and angry, and I do not want to see them here.

For me it is simply (however bad it may sound)  – Adapt and integrate or get lost from here.

I think we gonna see much more chaos from this problem, and I do not see easy solution for this, so  this may well actually be a ‘spark’ for something bigger to happen.

We’ll see…


And big players are heating up worldwide, it is getting kinda „sweaty“, even here, so again people choosing sides in world events while people behind curtains are playing their moves.

Ordinary people usually can not even grasp big politics and reasons for events unfolding, but it is always „interesting“ to have feeling of belonging to something bigger. In the end the ‘hope’ we place our trust in usually turns out to be false, but then, people are just like that…



Big players shooting planes from the sky, launch „observation satellites“ in space, or „reinforcing borders“ between old bloc countries.

Internet is full of videos of military exercises of big countries, tank battalions rushing over landscape, or latest antiaircraft rocket systems displays and similar.

There is now, simply way too much means to destroy everything and turn us back to ‘stone age world’ after the SHTF, and most probably we are gonna be thrown in that world.

100 years after Einstein theorised about Gravitational Waves, he has been proved right. Einstein also said “I know not with what weapons World War 3 will be fought, but World War 4 will be fought with sticks and stones.” Maybe he’s right about this too…?

There are news about terrorist who have hidden dirty bombs in European cities, or their poison gases stashes.

With so many news like those there is something like weird „comfort“ (complacence) effect, because after some time of everyday watching and following news like that most people simply conclude (just like I had once) that shit happens always, and it is always somewhere far, far away.

And that always gonna be nuclear weapon threats and talks, dirty bomb threats, weird lunatics with explosives somewhere, but life will simply go on just like before.

Yes, it is truth, until, one day you woke up in the middle of SHTF realizing that you have food for three days only, no weapon because „you hate violence“ and no means or way to even start a fucking fire.

You realize that you should go to shooting classes, learn more about first aid, had full gas tank in your vehicle and so on and so on.

Instead that you were in the comfort of living in the your nice part of the world and following the news of endless violence somewhere else and similar.

World become small place, there is no anymore „violence far away from you“.

That „violence“ can sit in a plane, land in your hometown, and activate dirty bomb, or „latest“ pandemic virus, or even form ‘small gang’ and just cause lots and lots of problems.


This is how the ‘big’ picture connects with the ‘small’.

It does not feel so good writing these articles talking about problems here and worse coming. So again I’m gonna work even harder with my School to provide advice, guidance and help for people looking to prepare as best as they can.

We just released details of our unique and excellent ‘physical’ course which will be held, once again, at our great training venue in Croatia on 2nd – 5th June. More details here.

Also these next few weeks we gonna provide even more things to help folks with their preparations.  We will share more details soon.

In the meantime, don’t forget to write in the comments what you ‘see’ around you, right now, in your area.

Stay Safe,

Selco and the SHTFSchool Team



31 responses to “2016 – A Year in Review”

  1. timgray says:

    This is why I have a 2 year plan to get a bug out location that is 3 hours away from the largest city and in a very rural area. Bugging in is not an option anymore not in a large city. People in general are becoming socially evil in online forums and driving as if they don’t care if they accidently kill you means their social mindset is already degraded.

    My father always said, “if anything goes sideways, like power or water or whatever that causes widespread panic. Do not hesitate, grab what you need and get out. Get as far away from people as possible as humanity is barely civilized. People will turn into animals at a moment’s notice.”

  2. J Ste Marie says:

    I see a lot of scared people going about their daily business as best they can, with normal view on top and scary view underneath. Everyone wants to start shooting and get it over with but no one is in a hurry to fire the first shot, and no one knows exactly who to shoot. I’m in pretty much the same boat even though I can see the rotting going on around me. Trying to prepare and gather a circle of friends but don’t want to show my full hand to a stranger. Not a good situation and no clear path ahead.

  3. steve says:

    Hi, I live in Homestead, Florida in a framland area. Only 100 homes in development and recently there was a burglary two houses from where I live. Retired couple left home to run errands and when they came back, house was broken into. Bold burglars because the neighbor next to house is home 24/7 with his two dogs who bark a lot. Then there is my house where they stole two cement flower planters, weighing about 40 pounds each, that were directly in front of a window close to the front door. And my neighbor directly in front parks his police vehicle on his lawn for everyone to see. There is a breakdown of people in society and society general. The attitude currently in some people is that if they cannot buy what they want, they intend to steal it.

  4. Shawnne Mc Kenna says:

    Good article. Makes a person think! Every day I think of this on all levels in some way or another. We are fortunate to live in a rural setting in Central MN. We don’t own land but have very few neighbors. I am blessed to be able to garden and fish. (live on a lake.) In the past month, I have stepped up my prepping as much as we are able to afford. My water storage is being increased daily. I feel that something is going to cause an SHTF event soon. It may not be next week or next month, but all signs are pointing to something happening. Locally, I am not too concerned with much happening, unless the power goes out. Always preparing for that! Regionally, I live about 120 miles from Minneapolis/St. Paul. There are a lot of things happening there which could explode. I do not think it’s going to affect us directly, although we are preparing for any event within our power. International stuff we have no control over. We can only keep our eyes and ears open. Thanks again for the article.

  5. George says:

    I live near 40 million people 99 percent unaware & unprepared to cope. Only part-time
    jobs. Water filter, rice, beans. Go where nobody wants to go.
    Zig when everyone
    Zags. When Turkey & Saudi invade Syria..leave.

  6. Nari says:

    In my area, we have a lot of empty houses, and empty businesses.

  7. Ben says:

    I work in the dairy dept at a Walmart store. Have friends at all levels in the staff. Some mgrs. and coworkers are serious preppers like myself, most others are like the rest of general public, if I don’t acknowledge what’s going on around me, then it will all just go away. Have been prepping up now for about ten years. Hardest part of prepping for me is staying diligent while wife thinks I’m crazy, “it’s all gonna be fine!” They laughed at Noah as he built a ship in the desert for 120 years, until the rain began to fall, and they beat against the sides of the ark!!! The elites in Washington, the media, wall street, and the entire banking system are doing all they can to get all they can before the collapse, and keep the American sheeple in the dark until the bitter end. That “idiot box” in the living room has filled our homes and minds with mind-control propaganda and poison. We’ve been led like sheep to the slaughter. Their social engineering experiment is reaching their desired conclusion. God save us all. We’ve danced and danced and now it’s time to pay the piper. We’ve done it to ourselves.

  8. Billy Goewey says:

    I live about an hours drive north of St Louis, MO. Things local are not very good, robberies and shootings are out of control.
    The police are stopping little old ladies and searching them like thugs, while true thugs are robbing the store across the street. I do have a small (very) group that see’s what I do and is trying to prepare, but some of my own family thinks I am crazy. I gave up on trying to pull their heads from the sand. Region wide the government tells people things are “looking better” and they are “controlling the situation”. Yea and monkeys might fly outta my butt. The “migrants” everyone keeps talking about are REFUGEES, and when they demand we change to suit them they are INVADERS! Not my opinion, that is a fact! But that is beyond my control. I have always lived by the philosophy of “follow your gut instinct” and my instinct is stock up and be ready, because something has got to give and soon. Thanks for the site and the GREAT INFO on it!

  9. Ed Martin says:

    Learn to stay aware and alert.
    Always think ahead and leave way out.
    This is an ongoing, every day exercise not a once a week effort.
    Adapt quickly as things will not remain the same long when SHTF in your area.
    Be prepared by thinking, planning ahead. Then act accordingly when the time comes.
    It is too late too figure out/prepare when SHTF near you.
    “Fortune favors the prepared mind” Louis Pasteur
    Like Noah’s Ark “better a year early than a day late.”

  10. grower says:

    I live in a small town in a rural area of Tennessee. One advantage I see here is we have a very good police chief with a good head on his shoulders, so I believe if the shtf we should have a measure of stability for a time. I guess I’m saying we have good leadership. One weakness I see, even in our small-town community, is the breakdown of the family unit. It’s a shame, but a lot of the children (maybe half?) have no secure family life. Parents either work all the time or have no work and no income. A lot of children are being raised by their grandparents or other relatives. This means that a lot of kids, when they get to the teen years, are insecure and angry. What happens when all hell breaks loose and those teens are no longer restrained by the system? I grow a garden and have what small livestock I can have in town, but if a true shtf situation hits, I will load up me and mine and move to a more secure location with family that expects me to come. Regarding national events, the U.S. is going to hell in a handbasket, and I won’t be surprised if we never see another presidential inauguration. International? Don’t ask me. I have a hard time handling what’s happening in my own country.

  11. Christian Gains says:

    Thanks again Selco!

    As usual, your practical common sense is “right on!” AND, the “3 LAYER VIEWING” is very wise in deed!

    We live in a MAJOR U.S. City, which means I’ve got to CONSTANTLY stay alert, (“O.O.T.A. LOOP” mentality), and, pay CLOSE attention to the 1st two levels…(case in point: The “natural death” of Antonio Scalia,[sp?] has “TIMING factors” that SHOULD be an alert to ALL, that “The Power Elite” are moving forward with their ULTIMATE plan, towards their ULTIMATE goal, and so, “We the People” should be ALSO moving forward with a “layered” plan, & ULTIMATE goal.

    My STRONGEST ‘instinct’ (FIRMLY based on my FAITH in, & obedience to, the leading of the Holy Spirit), is that we Americans have a BIT, (not MUCH, but a BIT), more time before SERIOUS degeneration impacts, (as in Venezuela, at present — a Regional “ALERT” btw)…AND, therefore ALL of your American readership should establish a 3 or 4 pronged “event sequence” response plan…(#1] a 3 or 4 way means of exfiltrating their locale, [depending on local circumstanses];. #2] A “at home” AND “at their ‘fallback location’ food, water, gas and equip / clothing supply; and #3] Friends who know your “EXFIL” plans, AND, how your communications [“A” & “B” & “C” plans], will work.

    AND a well established…”PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE” habit…

    BUT! ALWAYS remembering that “PRACTICE does NOT make perfect, — PERFECT PRACTICE makes ‘PERFECT’!”


    “Do NOT practice until you get it right,…practice until you CAN’T get it wrong!” THANKS AGAIN Selco for caring enough to do what you can!

  12. PrepperT says:

    I’ve been prepping for about two years now. I have a solid 30 days of food and water and plenty of everything else. Guns, bullets, medicine, communication, electrical backup, communication etc. etc. I’ve joined several prepper meetup groups in the area and eventually did some security briefings for them (based on my experience in the military & law enforcement and amassed knowledge from sites like this.) I’m fortunate to live in the country with good water sources on property and nearby and tons of commercial agriculture nearby. Unfortunately I live about 40 miles south of the Bay Area which has the potential to be a headache for us if anyone can manage to get out of it if SHTF. In my briefings I shared what I think are the three most important things in prepping. Prepare realistically for what you can (your head will explode if you try to prepare for every situation, pandemic, crisis) –start small 3 days, 1 week, 30 days, 90…365 etc) Stay aware with multiple sources of news and information (local prepper groups, local newspapers, and regional or national news sources internet, radio, and print) Don’t just concentrate on the flavor of news you like Conservative only, or talk radio only, or internet only. I learn as much from what the liberals and government are saying (even if I don’t believe them ) as I do from my more conservative sources. Finally don’t give into the fear. Whether before during or after a crisis keeping your calm, having a plan and the resolve to execute it and not getting paralyzed or panicked about what’s happening or going to happen will ultimately work best for you. Remember the 24-72 hour rule. Barring a rapid situation (EMP, Earthquake, Tsunami) and even with those. Most people freeze, look at each other or television for news and then wait for the government to save them or tell them what to do. If your sure its happening that’s the time to get home, make a last minute run to the store or gas station, bug out, hunker down or whatever. Not once the fear ridden hordes of stampeding sheeple are trying to do the same.

    I’ve got one last quick things to share. In the US the website nextdoor.com is a local neighborhood or small city specific social networking site that will keep you aware of goings on in your neighborhood. Stupid shit like garage sales and whose a good plumber but important stuff like road closures, burglaries, or real time suspicious character reporting that gives you a very good source for local situational awareness and a chance to get to know your neighbors and network with the smart ones which could be helpful in the future.

  13. Buh says:

    Hi Selco,

    I find it helpful to rely on ecological signs in the immediate area. One cue I look for is social groups. I notice that groups are becoming separated by both race and gender in my area. Large groups of 4-5 people (usually black) congregate at local stores and other places large groups wouldn’t typically be expected. Groups of men larger than 3 are an immediate red flag for bad things to follow. Also, I look for who is walking around at different times of day. Old people will walk in certain areas and be completely absent from others. If I see no one above the age of 30 in a city block during daylight hours, I avoid that area. Sexually, things are also getting weird. Women instinctively follow men who they feel comforted by, and this changes by situation. I took my wife out to a popular neighborhood restaurant to find only black men with white women. White men were outnumbered by 2 to 1, and people were clearly aware of this. This doesn’t probably mean that there are less white couples. It means that those sorts of couples don’t feel safe being in public anymore. The other day, I saw a man yelling at passing cars and threatening drivers, which would normally be unremarkable except he had 2 girls aged 18-20 following him obediently. This man has become the type of man normal young women are following for protection. The other night, I heard 3 gunshots in a small neighborhood they wouldn’t be expected, and every week the city reports 2-3 new home invasions, shootings, and random assaults clustered in certain areas. As social coherence fails, I expect these incidents will grow in radius to include previously crime-free areas. In times like these, violence gets adventurous, almost like hundreds of individuals unconsciously begin spreading violence to every place they can, even places where they are unlikely to make any profit from committing it. I will sometimes say to acquaintances, rough neighborhood, huh? and gauge their responses to see whether they feel the same or different about certain parts of town. It feels like the city is becoming a series of armed encampments.

  14. Claymor says:

    Great article and some great comments here.
    I especially agree with Selco’s statement that most of the immigrants coming in have no respect for our laws or way of life and they expect us to bowel to their way of life. I myself live in the suburbs of a major metropolis in the Midwest portion of the US. I have recently seen a big influx of middle eastern migrants right in my area. Last week coming home from work one tride to run me off the road, the guy started swerving toward my truck and then cut in front of me, so close that if I had not braked I would have slammed into his car. I laid on the horn and he did not even lift an eye to acknowledge me. I was glad my street was only a block ahead and I got out from behind him. I wanted nothing more than to run the bastard over, and over and over, and then beat the living breath out of him. But, best I just journeyed home and grabbed a cold one.
    I agree 100% with Selco, one day we will wake up to SHTF and life will likely never be the same again. So i cherish my Job and my loved ones while there is yet time.
    I do have a bug out location on a hundred acres of property, it’s about 8 hours away so I am hoping for ample warning before the big one hits. whatever the big one is. My girlfriend thinks I’m extreme spending all my money prepping, but she will realize how smart I am, likely sooner than later.

  15. Illoura says:

    Selco, great way to organize thinking about the big picture, the national picture and what is local -it helps to visualize the difference in that kind of way – concentric circles.

    It’s easier for someone in their prime of life to gear up for everything that might be required of them- like bugging out into somewhere remote with what they can carry on their back. For the many with disabilities (that can’t be overcome in ways that go away by simply ‘working out’), evasion strategies would be helpful, because if already on the edge of poverty – how many can make up for a disability with various weapons or defense skills?

    I find there are pros and cons with anywhere you are, and every circumstance has challenges.
    We recently moved from a small tourist town in CO to a small town in rural MN to build up resilience thru self-sufficiency as something to fall back on.

    When we moved to CO, I read in the paper that there was a housing shortage (especially affordable housing) and 11 years later, when we left, I read the same complaint.
    (You could BUY a house – but because incoming buyers were from over-inflated Cali. and TX, the prices were over-inflated!) Rentals were outrageous then and still are, because of the ‘shortage’ of homes… The crash of ’08 caused LOTS of foreclosures, but few of them went up for rent- mostly just sat there rotting, because they were up for sale at the same inflated prices in 2015 as in 2005. Only the multi-million dollar houses are selling (mostly anyway).
    Many are beginning to feel the pinch and getting priced out of the state – like they say, “you can’t eat the scenery”.
    We know plenty of people in CO who are concerned with how things are going nationally and statewide, but only a handful actively doing something to prep.

    Most of the working people there are struggling financially, and it isn’t unusual to have 2 jobs. Not a lot of gov jobs there, but schools, healthcare, real estate, owners of upscale restaurants, working for BP oil- or from TX (getting some kind of oil revenue), or retirees. Though I heard the town had a fair share of ‘trust-fund babies’ too.
    Imagine 16k people, including 375 retired doctors, but not enough working doctors for the retirees. There were lots of psychologists there too (because everyone who visits wants to live there), and competition is crazy; they all come up with some unique kind of draw for clientele, like horse therapy. After the first crash of ’08, the real estate agents had the same problem! A lot of them had their dogs in their ads and in their offices. (A real lure of out-of-towners so enamored with the idea of moving there, and the apparent dog-friendly businesses – you get a dog biscuit from the drive-thru bank if your dog is in the car! The “friendliness of the people”… well, in the years were were there, we noticed more and more that the apparent friendliness was just a friendly cover, to the detriment of the customer. We even began to warn people to watch for the words/actions when/behind the smiles.)

    Roughly half the people there rely on Walmart and 1/2 live and eat well. Lots of wildlife, like deer and bear, and fish (but surprisingly limited clean waters)–and avid hunters and fishermen. The soil is clay and very hard for plants to thrive in – gardens require LOTS of money input or time to build up the soil.
    The idea of resilience did begin to make inroads there – lots of people in town started gardening in raised beds and keeping chickens, and the farmer’s mkt was big. But the city made no efforts to continue that line of thought, worrying more about parking for the tourist season.

    Last year, the drug gangs began moving in (from Albuquerque area I heard). Maybe because CO legalized pot, but definitely the townspeople are growing aware of it & more uncomfortable.

    The people that work here live a little easier (not better quality, just a little breathing room) because prices are quite a bit lower on lots of things and you can find a rental that’s reasonably priced. There are LOTS more people here on gov aid than in that CO town.
    Tiny farmers mkt here. There are LOTS of wild foods to forage everywhere, (even entire yards made of very nutritious plantain where there’s so much shade the grass won’t grow), and grass grows 4′ high without irrigation -you must mow weekly for yards or bale it (big round bales of it are good forage or bedding for livestock).
    Lakes and rivers everywhere – lots of squirrel, rabbit, deer and geese, and fish –and avid hunters and fishermen. The soil is good enough to grow gardens, but there are very few to be seen. Being surrounded by big ag farms does nothing for a sense of ‘food security’. Millions of commercial ag turkeys (and chickens) were killed because of Avian flu last year – I believe that’s the big product of the state.
    At least there is wind-power locally, so the grid issues might not affect here as quickly. And, unlike in CO, you can actually catch the rain off your roof if you wanted to.
    Winter could make this a hell-hole if you didn’t have a wood stove and a supply of wood – most of the homes rely on gas heat here. In CO, there were a lot more wood stoves, but it isn’t cheap to buy wood- about the same as for propane heat.

    I think the only chance – if what Selco experienced becomes a reality here – is to be a homesteader full time starting now, and have a rural location for it in a community of like-minded people with the defensible ‘one road in/one road out’ position … that just doesn’t seem realistic or attainable anywhere.

  16. dg says:

    I have read this article (thank you very much, Selco) after my wife and I returned from a shooting range.
    She shoots better than many men at the range, and I shoot even much better than that.

    I am blessed with an awesome wife, who not only loves me, but also trusts my judgement (after 20+ years together…), and who is “on board” with prepping. It took me several years to get her “on board”, and quite a few tense moments between us, when the things that I was telling her were a bit too much for her at the moment, but finally she can listen calmly when I talk about what can happen, and how we can deal with those problems. Like I said: she is awesome.

    We are middle-aged, kids are not yet grown up, but they can “hold their own” and will be helpful when the SHTF.

    We live paycheck-to-paycheck, but not struggling, and income was good until a few years ago. We have a very decent amount of beans, bullets and bandaids. We even got a bug out place within a walking distance (2 weeks on foot, by my estimate, in case of EMP and no running cars) from our “main” home, and relatively far from the big city.

    Not so long ago, and in large part thanks to Selco’s articles and courses, I started realizing that having sh*t is not such a robust plan as knowledge and training. So, I intensified my training. Specific numbers don’t matter much, because for some people what I know and can do (shooting, hand-to-hand combat) is nothing, while for other it may be very impressive. The point is: I am actively switching from being an “armchair commando” to someone who can really take care of a problem, be it a need to hump a heavy ruck while getting my loved ones to a safer place, or dealing with a group of people who mean us harm.

    What’s very important is that I finally managed to assemble a group of good people, who are more or less like-minded, and I am actively working on building tighter bonds with them. We are all immigrants from the same county of origin, so our mentality is pretty much the same. It takes a lot of work to build a tribe, but all that effort is really worth it in the end. We do not agree on every detail, but we all have families (wives, kids), the same concerns, and the same desire to make sure that our families live through any Armageddon. That’s a good basis on which we can (and are trying) to build a stronger relationship, the “friend with a shovel” type of relations.

    If I have to point out only one most important thing that I have learned from this blog and Selco’s online courses, I would say it’s the advice to stop worrying about big things, focus on small things that I do have control over, and move in the right direction every single day, if only a little bit. A year or so ago, I’ve started making a conscious effort to read less about politics du jour, and instead do some dry fire, or read another article on prepping. This constant effort gave me a better perspective, and with increased knowledge and skills I got increased calmness and confidence. If Pacific Northwest (which is where I live) goes down into the ocean in an apocalyptic earthquake and tectonic plate slide, then – so be it. There’s nothing I can do about it. But if I survive, my family knows that I am now a better protector than I used to be until recently.

    In other words, I stopped worrying and started to make practical steps towards mitigating the results of whatever may be coming our way. I have no way of knowing what it is going to be, but I’ve had a feeling for a while that this “something” is going to as bad as it can get. By the looks of it at the moment, we are almost guaranteed to have a nuclear war, and this is what I’ve been focusing my efforts on. After all, when one is relatively well squared away with the 3 B’s (beans/bullets/bandaids), getting information and some extra items for surviving radioactive fallout is not a major effort.

    I would like to say: thank you, Selco, for sharing your knowledge and first-hand experience with us. If there is such a things as good Karma, you’ve already got plenty of it. 🙂

    • Selco says:

      You are welcome Dg!
      Yep, we can not now what exactly going to happen and what reasons for collapse gonna be (there are simply way too many of reasons) but point is that results are going to be same, and we are preparing for that.
      Worrying is good if that push you to solve problems, and act in order to be more prepared, to solve thing that you can control, worrying just to be worried makes no help.
      Assembling the group is great success, it need time to put all things together, but definitely will wort the effort.
      Thanks for sharing!

  17. Ed says:

    It’s very important to prepare for the upcoming global economic collapse. I am very thankful for Selco’s advice over the last few years, and I’m guessing most who follow this site are probably prepared with food, water, protection, etc. What I have learned over the past year is that no matter how prepared you are in this world, if you have not accepted Jesus Christ as your savior, and asked forgiveness of your sins, and are not obedient to his word, etc., then all of the bunkers and elaborate preparations will not prepare you for a dark afterlife.

    Many of you know that the globalists/elitists/Illuminati/New World Order are running this show according to their great plan, and they are a following their own satanic agenda towards a one world order. Our battle is not against the flesh but against the spiritual world of demonic presence. 2 books I highly recommend: The Rise of the New World Order: The Culling of Man, by J. Michael Thomas Hayes, is a GREAT read even if you know the basics around the NWO, and last, but THE MOST IMPORTANT is the Bible. The New King James Version is not as “watered down” as some versions, and for those reading the Bible for the first time or so, the “New” KJV I’ve found is much easier to understand. A third recommendation if you would like to learn more about Spiritual Warfare and the coming Black Awakening (when Tribulation starts and literally all Hell breaks loose) – Russ Dizdar – http://www.shatterthedarkness.net. This guy has amazing faith and is SO INSPIRING, through 38 years in the ministry and experience with spiritual warfare, and tons and tons of MP’s to listen to and download!

    God loves you so much that he gave his only begotten Son so that your sins might be wiped away and offer you eternal life! Knowing that his kingdom offers eternal life is one of the few reasons why I am less concerned about war and collapse and killing, and have peace knowing that Christ is coming soon raise his children, and to do away with all of the evil and pain and suffering on earth!

    So prepare AND PRAY, and commute with God every day through prayer and scripture, and you will find great things happening in your life! May God’s blessings and grace be with you 🙂

  18. Nick says:

    Local: Like many here have already said, people are deteriorating in every way. But I am blessed with good cops in my town (very community and people oriented), and I live near a very large clean lake. I have prepared steadily for the last 3 years, and am well equipped in every way.
    I have but a few concerns… although the local police are good, the county Sheriff might be a different story. And whether the town will buckle under the County is a big question.
    The people in my area are good country folks… we have very little trouble here.
    I don’t integrate with my neighbors, save one that I trust… I’m a little bit careful like that.
    My good buddy is 40 minutes by car on the other side of town, but him I can trust 100%… even though he’s not very prepared.
    My far flung prepper friends are across the country. They are outstanding folks in every way, and uber-prepared. But with 2 pre-teen daughters. I’d bet my life on that family, but 3,000 miles is an impossible distance when SHTF.
    I know, Selco…. “Lone Wolfs” don’t make it when SHTF. I’m working on it. 😉

    Regional: Overall America is screwed. We’re headed for collapse… take your pick as to what will cause it. If we get to another presidential inauguration, we’re lucky…. if it’s Hitlery that’s inaugurated, we’re doomed. I have contacts where I can leave the country if I like or need to, but I don’t know that Europe would even be better than America… although my friend there says it would be. She also believes there isn’t much time left. Instinct says she’s right on both counts.

    Internationally… I think we’re headed for regional war. I don’t think Putin will back down from anything he sets his mind to, I don’t think America has the stomach or money to fight him, and I think if America tries to rally NATO to thwart Putin, it will start a kind of “light global war”. American politicians have become arrogant, stupid, and broke… someone is going to put them on their ass, and it might well be Putin.

    My main mission… get in the best physical shape I can. Study continuously my plan and equipment to plug holes in both and make “even more ready”. Folks, prepping is a nearly never-ending quest, and knowledge and flexibility will be your best assets. The more you know, the less you need in gear. The more gear you have, the less it shows you know. Food, weapons/ammo, tools, vehicle parts, clothing, shelter, medical gear… these are all good things to have in abundance. But also be in shape, LEARN all you can about surviving on next to nothing, clarify your thinking, get real, and get ready.

    • Selco says:

      Thanks for sharing Nick!
      Having good police force in your “small area”(country folks, known people) is good, and “higher” authorities will probably lose sense (be less important) when SHTF, so I would say it is good.
      being alone when SHTF is not impossible but is definitely way too hard, too many problems simple. Having one trusted friend relatively close to you is great thing actually, do more effort on preparing with him and it is great start.
      Yes, there are way to many reasons everywhere why we are going down.

  19. BobbyD says:

    Yes, events do not happen on our own timetable, as described below.

    Our Lord, Jesus speaks to mankind, this time to a chosen soul in Ecuador, Feb 9, 2016

    “My people have to gaze heavenward and remember Who created everything they see in Creation. I AM due the Honor, Power and Glory forever and ever.”

    Dear people:

    At this moment, the enemy of the soul continuously maintains his evil legions upon all humanity, as he has done previously in the history of mankind in order to deceive…
    At this moment, there is a common feeling upon My faithful people, and that is to warn humanity that they will suffer as a result of the contempt of My Word. My people feel this. The rest of mankind, those who reject Me, or those who do not take Me seriously, look at how the worlds appears and not the shocking events, and then say: “life continues as usual, those who announce that everything is going to change are wrong, they are liars”. In saying this children, you become part of the plot of the evil one who seeks to keep you in denial, so that you lose your soul.

    My people, badly misused science is creating a new breed fighting against Me. “ABOMINATION” is what these creatures commit against the Gift of Life and My Justice will not wait.

    And from His Mother, on Jan.31, 2016:

    Pray, My children, pray for Brazil; sin will make it suffer again.
    Pray, My children, pray for the United States; Nature will scourge it greatly
    and terror will grip this Nation where innocents will lose their lives.
    Pray, My children, pray, the land will shake with great force, so much so that the groans of My children will be heartbreaking.
    Pray, My children, pray; together with the economy that hangs from a thread, Japan undertakes its influence.
    Pray, My children; Jerusalem will suffer.
    My beloved, the elements will be joined with man’s suffering; be patient, do not panic, satan takes advantage of panic to prevent you from praying and to keep you away from My Son’s side.


  20. miforest says:

    Great article. I am always amazed how many people are seeing the same tings I am seeing. I travel a fair amount and live outside a city that has become synonymous for decay. Things are slowly deteriorating in many ways. People are unbelievably isolated. They get almost all their social contact from a screen. the media I see is vapid beyond belief. no useful information at all. The isolation and propaganda is making a lot of people weird. they seem crazily immature. this means in any stressful situation they will de dangerous and without conscience. Many have little impulse control.

    it seems like the west has already fallen. only instead of looting armies, the outsiders just rush in the open borders and our government loots us with taxes and gives them our stuff in the form of benefits and special privileges. has anyone been arrested for the thousands of sexual assaults in cologne on new years eve? that sort of mass disrespect and using of the conquered peoples females used to be done by invading armies. The German government let it happen , then covered it up for the invaders.

    that’s going on a smaller scale in many places. I don’t know why , but it clearly is happening. I don’t see how any of this is sustainable for very long.

  21. Brian says:

    Thank you Selco and others. I was prepping already but after reading this site for hours, I made another decision. The local government has a program called Community Emergency Response Team. Coordinated through the local emergency management center, it trains people to be ready to assist ourselves and others for disasters or emergencies. Our first class was this week. After 9 sessions we graduate and can become a team member. For situations below the SHTF level the teams become the first responders. Classes include the basic aspects of emergencies and medical training, as well as basic search, recovery tasks in collapsed buildings, and basic fire fighting starting with how to turn off gas and power. There’s much more involved including working with other agencies. Our first homework assignment is to get our families and friends oriented to disaster preparedness and develop our survival plans. Our first class work assignment was to list everything we’d take to evacuate after an earthquake. They gave us five minutes. I was done in 30 seconds because I started prepping, but realized things were scattered between my garage and various rooms and the list was only in my head. BTW I keep gas cans full and my bicycle fully operational. If I evacuate in my truck then the bicycle goes in the back. But the big decision to volunteer for the government gives me great free training and connections. Even more important for Survival is the intelligence and current information I will have access to. All this will be a benefit for the first stage in case of SHTF and takes nothing away from my family preparations if or when things degrade. The mob mentality is already here in the Pacific Northwest. Only fools ignore it. I am no fool. I believe in God and his son Jesus and I love them. I will go to heaven when I finally die but that is not today. Today we survive.

  22. john says:

    I have not seen the signs of potential unrest that others here have posted about. What I have noticed though, is that businesses are cutting back on their workforce, reducing their hours of operation, and they have much fewer customers. In my area I am seeing fewer stores open 24 hours or late hours. The stores and shops that specialize in discount items and things being sold very cheap are doing very good business. People are looking for good deals and ignoring all the other regular stores. Those normal kind of shops and malls are going vacant and appear to be struggling to survive. But as far as crime is concerned, things still appear to be quiet, calm, and peaceful.

    I have been noticing a very subtle change in the kind of people I see out and about in public. There are fewer educated and well-to-do people and fewer old people and small children. They seem to be vanishing. More and more it seems like I am seeing mostly grubby uneducated unskilled unintelligent unhappy people ages 14-40 in public places and there are no large crowds anywhere. I do not know where all the people are but they are not spending time in public places. They are still around because the traffic is still bad. But they don’t seem to be going anywhere except home and work.

    Nobody speaks to strangers anymore. No one says “hi” or “excuse me” or anything. They do not make eye contact or smile or even acknowledge eachother’s presence at all in any way unless absolutely necessary.

    These subtle changes feel very strange to me and I do not know what they mean. Something is happening but I do not know what.

  23. Chris says:

    Small rural town in NW USA>
    1. Local level – little change. People here have always had a “jaundiced eye” towards national politics, but are confident in themselves, their neighbors and the rural way of life. It continues.

    2. Regional – not much change either. State politicians are constantly meddling with laws and are largely ignored. Changes to taxes are watched more closely. Fortunately most proposals fail. Few people in the region are “rich,” but even the “poor” get along. Most petty crime is the young making bad choices, and of course, drugs.

    3. International – looks like things are falling apart. The buildup of tensions noted by Selco make it seem like the years prior to WWI – but with the weapons available for WWIII.

  24. Grog says:

    Selco, you are so very right about refugees (Immigrants does not deserve to be dirtied) being an huge issue.

    Granted, not all are bad, but the ones that are, are the first and foremost sign of not so good things to come.

    Here is the U.S.A. we used to welcome others, so long as they want to be a part of us and not trying to make us over into their world view. Sadly that has changed, yet another sign of the failure of certain folks to remember the mistakes of the past and not repeat them.

    In micro, if there is someone who moves into my neighborhood, and tries to get everyone to do what they want, gets the message real quick that they are not wanted and there is no problem with getting law enforcement if necessary to evict them.

    Fortunately those incidents are rare, but not rare enough.

  25. Cameron Y says:

    Selco, I have been prepping for about 8 years now. I began with the idea I could hunker down with myself and my unprepared immediate family and ride SHTF out. It took me a good few years to understand that connecting to people in the community is really important. There are quite a few people that don’t understand how food reaches their plate, how electricity and water get to their homes, or anything outside their Facebook profile. But, surprisingly enough, there are those out there that you can rely on during those trying times. You just have to (tactfully) search them out.

  26. Cameron Y says:

    Great article. Thank you!

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