A Way Out

Yes, there were few possible ways out of the town. First let mi notice if i had recognize what is coming, i would run away from town for sure, no matter where. Some signs were there, i did not notice them. From this point of view i was fool because i did not figure what is going to happen.
During the SHTF one way out from the town was that you pay to local gang leader huge amount in foreign currency (i guess now something like 15 000- 20 000 $, for us here it is fortune) to get you out of the city.I ve heard for agreements that people gave everything what they had, , jewelery, guns, everything.; They had power and connections to do that, to smuggle you through enemy lines, but; as i remember probability that they ll take your money and just shoot you was very high, i think chance for success; was something like 50%. Not good number if we talking about life ๐Ÿ™‚

But yes there were cases of success that i heard later. Other way was to use another smuggling route to get out of the city, that other way was through mountain, it was used sometimes to take some wounded defenders out , on the horses, also it was one of the ways to get things from the other city, some 50 miles long trip, depends from the weather and enemy movements it usually takes 5-10 days.

It was not any kind of road or path, just big mountain standing between two cities, there is narrow “passage” between enemy lines, maybe 1 mile or something like that. So it was a real art to get there and back, with all hard environment , mines, hostilities and absence of any order.
Situation in other town was slightly better, so you could bring some useful things home, maybe.

But it was so hard and dangerous that probably worth only to mention here as way out. I took that trip once, in January, i think it was something like -15 C , freezing wind, blizzards, it was like swimming through snow, not to mention that nobody had clue where exactly mines and other traps were.

I was a city guy, i liked to watch snow from warm room, or on idyllic postcards for new year ๐Ÿ™‚ But to walk many miles in deep snow at freezing temperatures, in military boots made probably for dry weather only, and to eat snow ( yes, i made that mistake ) it was nightmare. Local myth was that if you going to take that trip, you need to have sugar and few liters of alcohol, during the trip we mixed alcohol and sugar and drink that, it suppose to gave us energy for long walk on freezing temperature. To be honest, sounds ridiculous, i finished that trip, not sure is it because that mix, i know that most of the time on that trip i was half drunk and walked like zombie.

Sometimes people took that trip only to try to get some specific medicine. I remember also few times some of international aid workers, or some foreign news reporters tried to sneak into the town, or be smuggled in to the town, because help or interesting story i guess.

Also i met two foreign soldiers, mercenaries,(i think from UK) i did not have clue how they came in city, but i know that they “worked” with sniper weapon for those who payed more. Urban legend about them was that when they take position to shoot, they did not move several hours, and that the eat only chocolate bars when they are “on job” I don t know is this make any sense ๐Ÿ™‚

In one occasion i spoke with them, nice guys, i think for them it was a job like any other job, they did not even look like “tough guys”
International red cross tried few times to get in to the town with food, but mostly unsuccessful, even when they get in it was in such small amounts, it did not mean anything.

Again rumors raged, there was a stories that some folks go through the sewage systems, and manage to get out, do not know for sure is it a true, it was a system about 100 years old, combined with newer sections, so it looked like labyrinth to me. I think now i would be great idea to have map, blueprints of that ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. john says:

    I am curious about the survival uses of alcohol. You said it can be used as a way to try to stay warm in an emergency by some people. I have used a type of vodka available in america that is called “everclear”. I have used it to refill cigarette lighters(the older metal kind that are known as “zippo lighters” in america). It is also commonly used as cooking fuel or stove fuel by campers in cold climates. It is not sold for use in this way however. It is sold to be mixed with good tasting things and then drink the mixture to get drunk.

    I know that the drinking of alcohol and using other addictive substances becomes more common in a dangerous life. Do you think drinking alcohol helps you survive or does it make survival more difficult? I have wondered many times why people use alcohol, tobacco, and sometimes other drugs more often when their lives are more dangerous. I wonder if there is a good reason for doing this? Or maybe it is a bad decision but they do it anyway because they are sad and scared and have pain and using these things helps them be more happy and less scared and not feel pain.

    It seems to me whatever the reason is for more alcohol use when in a dangerous life, it is a good idea to have lots of it stored for SHTF even if you yourself never want to use it. It will be a valuable thing in SHTF and you can use it to make friends or trade for things you need.

    • Selco says:

      Alcohol was used a lot, i am talking about drinking alcohol. I can t say that is good thing, but people get easier over some things with alcohol.
      Because that alcohol was important item, and of course in same time it was a good thing to have it for trade, it had some value. It was not hard thing to find someone who want alcohol, and trade it with him.
      Like i say, we can not think about alcohol like we are thinking in normal times, it is not too much important do we like it now, or hate it.
      Alcohol can save life in SHTF situation. Same thing was with other addictive substances.We can hate smoking, it is not healthy, lot of bad things come from smoking,but in SHTF situation is very good to have a lot of cigarettes.

  2. It would be cool to find sewer maps of a city, although it the wet season, traveling in the sewer can be dangerous/deadly. Getting lost and trapped while the water level rises would be a sucky way to die. Sounds like the only real way was about 50 miles through the mountains.

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