First Article of Selco’s Survival Guide

*The upcoming course that launches next week consists of several elements such as interviews, some videos, Selco’s supply list and a guide about what Selco thinks is important when it comes to survival. This article here is the introduction to the guide. If you have subscribed to our newsletter you will get early access to join the course that will launch next week. (This post was written by Selco but edited by Scott, a native English speaker)*


Scope of this course

This course is about the simple and raw side of survival and not the fancy bells and whistles part. I believe this raw and very basic side of survival sometimes gets forgotten. But in the end it is not things like fancy freeze-dried blueberry muffins that will help you survive when TSHTF (The Shit Hits The Fan).

There is nothing wrong with trying to prepare to keep your living standard even if TSHTF, but that is not the point of this course.

No matter how many freeze-dried blueberry muffins you have stocked, the day will come when the last one is gone and all you have is your big sacks of rice or grain, if anything at all. This course begins at that day. The focus here is on the uncomfortable, stinky, brutal and depressing side of survival. This is what I can talk about best, because this is what I experienced.

This course is mostly about what I experienced in my time during the Balkan war, how I coped with it and what helped me to survive. Often in life, we learn only when we are forced to, and in this course I will share what I was forced to learn during my year in hell.

Fewer rules, more principles

Jay and I sat together and tried first to establish some basic principles. Because unlike rules, principles are universal and in all sorts of unexpected situations they will help guide you toward right decisions and right actions.

There are many great books and resources concerning technical aspects of survival: so no, you will not find recipes for candle-making in this course. It is simply better to get a book about that.

The three parts of the course

The first part of the course consists of the interviews Jay did with me. These will introduce you to the experiences that taught me the tough lessons I am trying to pass on to you. You will come to understand the mindset that helped me survive and stay sane during my year in hell . Walking in my shoes a bit will prepare you to better cope with unexpected situations that may arise in your own life.

In the second part of the course, you will find several chapters of advice on topics such as security, trading, movement, water & food, and first aid & hygiene. While the interview part of the course lays the foundation and helps you to see things from my point of view, in this part of the course I offer concrete and practical advice. I will talk about the lessons I’ve learned, and how I might approach the next crisis differently.

In the third part of the course, I go through some of the equipment and resources I keep on hand, providing you with a detailed list of what I stock and why.

Been there, done that.

In the end, this guide is a set of personal opinions, based on a set of personal experiences. There is no one single way that works for everyone. If this course can help you to anticipate and adapt to any unexpected and dramatic upheaval that may come your way—the kind of disaster we all hope never comes but must be prepared for anyway—it will be a success in my eyes.

Since my experiences during the Balkan war I have been preparing for whatever might come next. I have never stopped. It was first all about weapons but my focus has changed over time. I have settled on a way of preparing which I’m confident is the right way for what I expect to happen in the future. As a member of this course, you will be informed whenever I modify my setup or plans. So as long as we all have the Internet let’s enjoy the ride into the darkness together.

You will learn a lot of things in this course, but like learning to play a guitar only practice will get you ready for the challenges that might await us in the future. Please use what you learn here, think about it and put it into action. Just having a map that shows you how to get up the mountain doesn’t mean you are ready to get up there. The only way to know this is to get out and try things. Throughout the guide I will recommend ways of practicing the techniques I have shared with you.

Finally I want to send a big thanks to my family and friends, to Jay for contributing his psychological knowledge and coming up with all those hundreds of questions that helped me to remember, Scott for editing this guide, and also to everyone on the Internet who has encouraged me to share my experience. Thank you and now let’s get started.

*To learn more from Selco, check out his online course.*

53 responses to “First Article of Selco’s Survival Guide”

  1. Lt. Overflow says:

    As many have posted in previous comments, thanks for your invaluable insight based upon your personal real-world experiences. Your words of wisdom will likely help to save some lives in the near future, at least for those that take the time to research and prepare.

  2. Hamlet Jones says:

    Great, thanks for doing this. It should be interesting and informative.

  3. sprkymrk says:

    Anxiously awaiting. Thanks Selco!

  4. TxsPatriot says:

    Looking forward to the course. The insight your provide is truly priceless. I’m glad I get the chance to give something back.

  5. Token Gimp says:

    As a person who uses a a wheelchair my vulnerability increases. My options are limited for “naturalizing” should I be forced to live in a tent out in the country.

    I can prepare in similar ways around the home with goods and proper defensive measures. I have a bug-out bag ready if I need to go for a few days. For longer-term I have a station wagon easily loaded with necessary tools and depending on situation I have a couple places to go. a person can buy ready made surgical bags for mini-hospital

    Other things to think about are extra tires, tubes, spokes, bearings and appropriate items for personal cares. Items chosen for durability, reliability and long expiration dates. If required to become a hunter gatherer odds of survival alone favor the able-bodied when it comes to hunting. If water is in sight with filters, sterilizing or disinfection ability – it may be out of reach due to terrain or behind a locked gate fenced area which could be climbed by the able-bodied.

    Your course appears more thorough and as someone who has traveled, it’s those little things that can make a bad situation more tolerable and comfortable both emotionally and physically. More tolerable means reduced stress and better decision making when small mistakes could mean serious consequences.

    • Tommy says:

      It sounds to me like you need an ally/buddy. Being in a wheelchair definitely puts you at a disadvantage (as you pointed out). Having an able bodied/like minded individual would be a great help to you, should the SHTF. I don’t know if you have any friends you can trust or not, but it might be time to try and find one. IMHO Good Luck and God Bless.

    • Buttercup says:

      A wheel chair has it’s limitations, but we all do. Some people are small & others old, or babies and children. Survival is digging in as a small community/tribe, and doing what needs to be done and those best suited for certain tasks. Organizers, knowledge, defenders of the homestead, while the ones that can do heavy lifting may be away doing recon or hunting. An out door cook will be a godsend. Since you are one of the ones that are aware LAWKI (life as we know it) will soon be altered, you have some talents to share.

  6. Susan says:

    This is an answer to a prayer – thank you Selco and Jay – I await the course with breathless anticipation!!!

  7. Jackie Marts says:

    Thank you. I have been hoping for this for a long time.

  8. TX Woman says:

    Selco & Jay,
    More and more of my days are filled with apprehension and prayer. Thank your for sharing your experiences and helping those you don’t even know to prepare for the worst – and pray it never comes!

  9. Doug Higgin says:

    This is fast becoming my favorite website. Thanks for the invaluable insight and testimony, Selco! America needs this kind of information.

  10. dee says:

    First, thank you very much for you taking your time to do the newsletter and for creating the course and we cant wait until you launch it. Secondly, we (my husband and I) have a question to ask you. How were the older people treated during the war? I’m talking about people in their 50’s. We are worried that many younger people will think we are weak and see us as “easy pikings” until we show them weare not that easy. Looking forward to your reply. Dee

    • Selco says:

      People treated bad other people, if they had a chance for that.Years were not too important.
      And age, in your case 50s are not some bad factor,maybe man in 20s have more strenght then you,but you with your 50 and some have more expirience ,brain,and “cool head” for sure.
      I am not so young,but i find my self stronger then most of the guys in their 20s.
      Whatever strenght he have,i have more expirience and brain.

  11. Shawn says:

    Selco, I’ve appreciated the blogs you’ve posted hereto and I’m looking forward to the information in your course… the benefit to those who learn before TSHTF will be huge because when everyone else is in shock and frozen with fear we’ll have “been there” in a way and we should be able to make quick, clear decisions that may be the difference between success and failure, not just for ourselves, but for our families too. I’d rather be making decisions rooted in actual experiences rather than guessing! Thanks, Shawn

  12. Tom says:

    Very puzzling, after reading all of the prior entries with the admitted poor English, now all of a sudden the language is flawless while still being written in the first person as were the earlier blogs?

    • Jay says:

      Hi Tom,
      the guide for the course is edited by Scott, a native English speaker (and as I wrote this is the first post of the guide in the upcoming course). We had some people complaining about Selco’s English and Selco wanted to make the guide in the course as easy to understand as possible, that’s why Scott edited all articles in the guide.

      • Cindy says:

        Jay, While I appreciate the editing, it really was not so necessary. Many of us actually enjoyed the authenticity of Selco’s writing. In the long run it is the information and truths that we all seek. Thank you both for your hard work and much needed information.

        • Jay says:

          I didn’t think it was necessary but Selco wanted to have the course really professional so we went with it. No information got lost during the editing process of course. In fact I think it made the guide better because Selco read everything again and again, added things, cut out some and worked directly with Scott to make this as good as possible. I think the whole guide turned out very well.

      • DocB says:

        Actually I kind of like Selco’s version of english, too. The change to ‘normal American’ is OK too, though.

        Whatever works for you guys on the compositional side will be fine.

        • Jackie Marts says:

          I have come to love Selco’s accent too, but agree that whatever Selco thinks is best is fine by me. I’m waiting with much anticipation! Thank you all and may our Father rain blessings upon you all!

  13. Carol says:

    It is my guess that most of us value Selco’s postings for the superior contents therein, never mind the mistakes in English. I would be hard-pressed to speak one word of his language. The reality of his experiences is so well expressed; it’s like cold water being thrown in one’s face. I, for one, am hungry for more of the same. I think most of us want reality, not perfect English.

    • Selco says:

      Thank you all for positive feedback about my English. Working on guide like that,like Jay said, helped to make it better. But we can keep future articles in course and here unedited.

      • Daniel says:

        Honestly, I prefer the grammar mistakes. You sound more authentic and real. You can almost hear the accent in the words.

        Thank you again for everything you have done Selco and to Jay and Scott for helping bring this to the rest of us. Best wishes to you and yours.

  14. New Culture says:

    Hey Selco/Jay,

    Great site!!! Thanks for sharing.

    Selco, I remember you talking about wilderness survival. When I began putting the pieces together and understanding that The United States will experience its own kind of trouble, I immediately began learning wilderness survival. I guess that’s the opposite of what most preppers do. Most preppers will stock stuff up, maybe learn a few skills like sewing, gardening or basic medical stuff, but VERY FEW will practice wilderness living skills. I guess people are afraid? I don’t understand! I love being out in the wild! Haha…

    Anyway, keep up the awesome work, guys!!!

  15. luckee1 says:


    Will you all put a tweet button up there, separate from the Share table. You may want to also get an RSS feed too.

    I am gladly spreading the word about this.

    With what you all are doing, there will be no excuse for ignorance when this trouble gets to America. Those who, then, are in dire straits, will have had chosen that path by ignoring the warnings, the wisdom and knowledge you are providing for free!


  16. Toadsac says:

    Really? Complaints about Selcos English?? Sweet Jesus, how spoiled and demanding even preppers can be! My personal opinion? Thank God for Selco and Jay and anyone else who has made this site possible! As far as the “course”…Thank God! Finally, the nitty gritty! It has been my experience in life that there is no experience like real life hands on experience. Listen to Lord Obama crow about “ruling the country” and the recent DHS “drill” in Florida! This REALLY bad stuff! Please get the info out while we still have internet access!

    • Selco – your english is readable and functional. It is good english.

      It is very authentic and helps credibility. Any word on cost regarding your course?
      I too am looking forward to giving back to you in a form of thanks. I would like to see this help you in some way, perhaps ease your life though I do wonder if a sudden influx of cash might actually be negative for you given the politics and crime (?) of your area.

      Either way, I’m eagerly looking forward to your course.

    • DocB says:

      Highly suggest you rent “Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement”. NetFl*x has it. Alex Jones is not right about everything, but he makes some very good points.

    • Chas says:

      Wow I was just getting ready to write in that I prefered Selco’s english. It gives character to the person we all have rallied around.
      I appreciate all Jay has done in helping Selco get the course together and get all these postings but, I think it will be hard to read a narrative from Selco that is flawless english. I believe his expressions and rough English actually enhance the site because it makes you believe you are actually hearing from someone who went through hard times and English is not his first language. I really appreciate it just the way it hits the page. I’ve lived outside the US and travelled a few places. I know how hard it is to communicate usin another language and appreciate those who had patience with me.
      So you see you can’t please everyone even if you try so I encourage you Selco keep telling your story in your own honest way and we will keep following.
      As one of the many, thank you for giving us your insights from this horrific period in your life and giving us the opportunity to prepare ourselves for whatever the future holds.

  17. Mic68 says:

    Thanks to Selco and James for all the work involved both emotionally and physical. Many or my friends went into Kosovo and Bosnia after the hostilities. This is the best description of what they found there in the early days. Atrocities worse then Iraq and Afghanistan, but also stories of survival and inspiration.

  18. Cratershock says:

    My two bean’s worth…Selco’s English is awesome, authentic and lends a wholesomeness and sincerity which helps one to pay attention and think deeply about the gravity of the subject. As for clarity – messing with his original expression is mostly not needed. Please only do so if truly required to get a point across, but as a rule, if we “fix” Selco’s language it causes bad ju-ju. Hard to place my finger on it…but a sincere thanks to Selco, Jay, Scott and team for bringing us a unique and golden creation.

  19. papermaker says:

    +millions for Selco’s own words. It adds a sense to the text that has been lost in editing. Perhaps a more minimal edit might be in order – something that corrects the worst of grammar errors but keeps the original sentence structure?

    • Jay says:

      I have been trying to do that. But whenever I feel like understanding it, others might still have problems. We will find a good way as time goes by.

      • Chas says:

        Jay just let Selco say like he does, and let the whiners drop off. Selco is great just like he is now. Remember no one can be for everybody. Just like I see direct conflicts in advice between Selco and Surviving in Argentina. Both authors had different experiences in different survival situations. That’s ok we can learn from both. So let Argentina give their advice and let Selco give his.
        It’s our job to put together and be challenged by both and pick out what we need and can use. In reality our personal situation probably won’t be like either of theirs when it actually happens. At least we have ideas to work with and flexibility to help us survive.
        You are doing a great job getting this stuff out so we can access it. Thanks so much!

  20. T says:

    Hey Selco and Jay:

    just wanted to say THANK YOU ! for all your hard work in putting this together !

    Thank god I live in a yet peaceful part of Europe near beatiful Munich in Germany – but far away enough should tshtf around here and turn that town into a place where gangs and looters own the streets.
    People think you are a lunatic when you consider only the possibility of something like that happening, but we all know how thin the ice is that our modern society is built upon.
    The war in your former country has shown that just as well as on a smaller scale the hurricane Kathrina aftermath in the U.S. or an even smaller scale the Duisburg stampede here in our country just 2 yrs ago.

    Back during wartime in former Yugoslavia I was studying EE at a University and learned some about the cruelties of that war from media channels and refugees who came to study in our town in Germany from places like Belgrade or Sarajevo.

    None of them could or would talk as openly and as instructive as you do in your series of postings here and in the survival board.
    Kudos also for not getting too irritated over the various attempts at your credibility in the forum.

    Keep doing what you do and tell people what really went on during wartime in your town, how you managed to survive and what you recommend to others who might find themselves in a similar situation as you were – but hopefully they/we are much better prepared when tshtf.

    God Bless,

  21. RPG says:

    Definitely not what I would have expected. I would have thought you need to be completely Invisible. What worries me you can never be totally invisible eventually you will need something or something will happen that you could not have planned for. And as soon as your hiding spot is found your dead, Eventually you will be the next easiest target to attack. In fact why rush it, Eventually you will need something again I will just let you come to me. Then the attacker has the advantage and not you.

    In a SHTF enviroment any and everything you have is of value to someone else. How did you travel at night? If it light enough to see then it light enough for me to follow you back to your home and steal back what we just traded.

    Also if no rules then how did you know the guns, ammo, food, medicine you traded for was any good?

    • Selco says:


      Point of preparing is to be able to live and care for yourself and your group as more as you can, that is the reason why you need to learn as more skills as you can, you and members of your group, medical, farming, repairing, whatewer you can.
      Point is to try to be independent as a group as more as you can, doing like that you are lowering chances to get yourself into the trouble. I know it is impossible to wall yourself in bunker to the rest of the life, just try to be covered as much as you can.

      When you have to go out you need to be ready for everything, you need to be small, do it and come back inside security of your group.

      Dont you think that i would expected and very carefully checked did sombody follows me in those days? And why i am always pointing about having lot of ammo?

  22. Yoda says:

    Greetings Selko:

    Kudos! Top shelf!. Anticipating actionable real world urban survival tactics with great interest.

    Best of Yoda’s luck!

  23. mahlon says:

    I would like to take part in this course


  24. James says:

    Hello from Canada.
    I paid for the course through the newsletter and it is excellent. Very good for getting your brain and plans in order for a SHTF event. Written, audio, and video lessons all in one course!

  25. NCPrepper10 says:

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. I for one am an avid reader, and have read your entire site multiple times, I only hope that this knowledge never has to be put to use. However, as myself and many other believe, we may very well have to. Your insights into this topic are irreplaceable, and I cannot thank you enough. You are a true patriot. Be safe, and be prepared.

    Keep up the good work, and as always, keep your powder dry,

  26. dsd says:

    so i’m not really following what happened…

    nearly every link now goes to a “buy now” button…

    this went from a very interesting blog about real life events and meant to help out others from what seems an inevitable situation in the USA and now it is a pay per view type thing?

    will there be any more public posts? or just this infomercial buy now stuff?

    • Jay says:

      Yes, there will be more public posts but right now Selco focuses more on the course that is full of people who appreciate what he has to share and that felt it was worth giving something back.

      Makes sense doesn’t it? I think its great that something good comes out of all this for Selco but it seems some people like you seem to feel entitled to get everything for free without giving back. Glad not everyone thinks like you.

      • dsd says:

        sorry that you seem to have jumped to such conclusions…

        maybe there are those who send $30 to the first person who asks because they want to be “first” like it somehow matters in the real world or gains them some special cub scout status

        but i prefer to not rush into things or make rash judgements about people; like you apparently do – i guess by not immediately sending $30 to someone who asks on the internet makes me one of those people who don’t “who feel it is worth giving something back” in your eyes – which is not true at all – but you making unfounded negative assumptions because i was not in a rush to send you money does not really add confidence to the purchase in my opinion… i guess anyone who is in the “wait and see” camp such as i am are all ungrateful freeloaders to you right?

        you could have easily answered the question without any of the negative slanders…

        i hope to see some positive reviews or more information about the “online course” and hope to purchase in the near future and gain some valuable insight based on selco’s real world experience before i will part with my money… it is not lost on me the dichotomy of selco coming from a world where caution and careful decisions kept him and others safe and your immediate slandering of people as conspiracy theorists or insulting them for not rushing to blindly send you money.

        until then…

        • Jay says:

          It’s fine if you are cautious, it makes sense. I just do not understand how someone can complain that “nearly every link now goes to a “buy now” button…” after getting so much valuable information for free. I’m happy that this course now can offer Selco some perspectives in life… where he lives things are rather hopeless.

          Anyway, you seem to have clarified your point of view now. It is $19.95 by the way if you follow the link in our first newsletter email.

          • dsd says:

            hi jay,

            thank you for your reply, i am sorry we did not understand each other as clearly in the first exchange.

            the new price sounds like an even better deal and i will be gladly purchasing the package tomorrow – thank you for that information, as i was unaware of the change.

            perhaps some of my questions are due to the fact that i do not subscribe to lists or newsletters (so i have not been receiving this one either) – so maybe that information is being missed by other readers on your site too – as i did not know the price had been changed and possibly other readers who are “on the fence” have also missed that information… also the sign up page still shows the price as $29.95 (or is the special price only for readers of the newsletter?)

            i look forward to reading more about selco and learning from his hard earned experience – and thanks to you as well for your work to give selco have a voice on the internet to speak through.

            sincere thanks,

          • Jay says:

            Hi Dsd,
            it is meant as little loyalty bonus. We run the newsletter via an external well established newsletter service and you can unsubscribe anytime by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email (and then you get removed from the active subscriber database).

            We do not want anyone who doesn’t want to get emails from us to get them. It is absolutely not in our interest to p!ss people off.


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