Getting to know Selco

*Disclaimer: This is a guest post by Jay, the guy who does the site with Selco.*

Like many of you I know Selco from his posts at a big survival forum. I thought his story is a story that must be told and if possible in great detail because who can we learn better from than someone who has been through the end of the world as he knew it.

If you would like to climb Mount Everest would you listen to someone who has been up there or someone who just imagines how it is up there?

I live in Thailand for most of the year and just a few days after Selco agreed to do the interviews and online course about his experience and preparations, I was already on a plane to Europe. A long bus ride later, I was in Selco’s country. It was quite depressing to still see the scars of war on almost every corner… literally because usually people looked for cover behind corners so they were especially riddled with bullets.

I met Selco in my hotel and he surprised me with a nice Browning folding knife as a gift. I had a shoulder holster for his Glock 21 as a surprise for him… so it seemed we kind of understood each other and hit it off well. We went out to get some coffee. Coffee is really big there and you see people drinking coffee like people in other countries drink water.

In the mall I was surprised to see so many security guys. Selco explained that’s normal, and it makes sense because so many people carry weapons and the tension and people with post war mental problems don’t make the situation any better.

We went back to the hotel and started the interviews. I had 17 pages of questions prepared but while we spoke, many more questions came up. Before I met Selco I also had friends from the US Army and even a SERE instructor who added a few questions. While I did my best to ask “everything” those of you who join the course early on have the chance to ask even more questions. We have planned to do another four interviews in the weeks after the course launches with your questions.

I stayed a whole week with Selco, and this week was a bit like time traveling. He showed me some of the real places. We recorded a lot, and the more I heard from him, the more I understood his survival mindset that enabled him to overcome something so bad and terrifying that it’s hard to imagine.

I was amazed by how he was able to speak about so many devastating experiences and personal tragedies and still remain alright. He is really someone who has processed all that happened to him and the people around him and can live with this experience in peace now.

It is a bit weird but if you hear his story in detail, it just changes your perspective. If you compare this with food then most of the survival books and advice I read so far tasted like frozen pizza with lots of artifical ingredients to somehow enhance the taste, while what I learned from Selco was like a good juicy grass fed beef steak from the grill. More natural, more real and in the end simply better.

What Selco has to share is honest, it is real, it is brutal, dirty, smelly and unpleasant. Welcome to one of the toughest real survival experiences… that lasted a whole year…

I’m not sure about you but I had so many “aha moments” when reading what Selco wrote. I had many more of these defining moments where you gain real wisdom and understand something during this week with him. Many things I understood and learned are things that are better learned from someone else, because if you have to find that out for yourself through trial and error, you might simply die in the process.

Maybe you know some people who had a really hard life and who overcame a lot of massive problems or went through extremely tough times to just come out of it stronger, wiser and more balanced? That describes Selco. There is no hate and no anger, but determination. A strong, pure will to do what it takes. He is a go-getter and this is also what helped him to survive this year in hell. He is really not a person who would start a fight but also not a person anyone would want to fight. He just does what has to be done.

We expect the course to start in the first week of January.

18 responses to “Getting to know Selco”

  1. Mike says:

    eagerly looking forward to it!

  2. Robert says:

    Can’t wait to read and learn from it. Afraid that we might have to use some of this knowledge in the not to distant future.

  3. Crooklyncat says:

    Been checking the site EVERYDAY for it!

  4. FAlley says:

    Happy to hear. This is a great resource that I love, and anything that adds to it I will love as well.

  5. ASD says:

    Yes please.. It will help…

  6. Hamlet Jones says:

    I’m re-posting and linking selected material to my yahoo group (approval to join required).

    I really appreciate the effort guys. You offer an invaluable perspective not found anywhere else, not even from Ferfal.

  7. Susan says:

    I agree with what Jay said – the first time I found Selco’s story on the Survivalist Forum I was spellbound, sat there for hours and hours just reading his story as it unfolded, agreeing with everyone’s excited questions for him – it was a rare magical find and has completely changed and “matured” my perspective on possible future events. Hurry with that course!!! We desperately need more Selco Lessons!

  8. Windycity says:

    Very much looking forward to it!

  9. Shawn .223 says:

    Thanks for the update! We really appreciate yalls time and effort with all of this! Thanks again!


  10. Sharac says:

    People in the west will get their first hand experiences very soon and i really believe even the preppers are not prepared (mentally) for what is about to hit them…

    Selco tvornica alata još radi ? 🙂 Ne moraš odgovoriti…pozdrav iz severa bivše naše…

    • Selco says:

      Hello and welcome here.
      Probably we all gonna have some new experiences in coming time, some of us again…
      He he pozdrav sjeveru, najbolje ste prošli 🙂

      Cool nickname. 🙂 (for English speakers: it is slang for m53 machine gun)

  11. warner says:

    ahh, the coffee. US beer, coffee is weak, but our orange juice is strong! You have to water it down by half! But the coffee is Europe is SO good! They have the right idea over there.

  12. LaughingBear says:

    The lessons to be learned from someone with experience are invaluable, whether in technology, medicine or SHTF. I am so grateful to have found this site. I also thank Creator that Selco survived and is willing to share his experience with us.

  13. Shawn says:

    Jay, We appreciate that you took the initiative to seek out Selco and are able to get additional information that’ll help us to be better prepared – I’m looking forward to it!
    I am amazed at the content and the way Selco tells his story and am passing it on to the people in my life who’ll listen. I think the post about Gold and it’s value in a survival senario was a very insightful – not what you’d be told by anyone who hadn’t been through the experience personally. Thanks, Shawn

  14. Christian Gains says:

    Thank you Selco…Obviously you didn’t miss the lessons…and we are ALL the better for it.

    BTDT my friend, and appreciate the effort you & Jay are making…Let us all pray that we weather this next storm as well as you have Bro. Selco.

    Jay, keep it up man…We ALL need this intel.

    BTW Sel…nice descrip: “we FELT the music…fun was fast…emotions were real…” {my paraphrase}…yes…and the pain of loss was DEEP & QUICK…THANK GOD we’re still able to “pay it forward”!

    “The things that thou hast heard of me, among many witnesses, the same commit thou to FAITHFUL MEN, who SHALL BE ABLE to teach others also!” [II Timothy 2:2] TEACH ON Selco…we’re take’in notes!

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