How it all started

To make some things understandable i ll try to describe my street in that time, it was street in older part of town, all houses made from brick, small yards, usually with gardens, every yard had wall, brick or concrete, street was dead end street, maybe some 20 houses, not sure.
Neighborhood was nice, middle class, normal people, kids, cars, lawns…

When everything started due to advancing of enemy army, and occupation of some parts of town, population gone to maybe 50 000-60 000 citizen, not sure. Lines of separation between “us and them ” formed pretty soon as advance was stopped.

I guess then they decided to conquer it with long siege, starvation or something like that. Whatever reason was , it resulted with lot of people in condition of constant shelling, sniper fire, no distribution of any kind of goods, no authority or anything else that means civilization.

Very soon things started to go down, people realizes that everybody is potential enemy, so if anybody thinks there was some feeling of union in trouble or something like that, no sorry.

Some folks realizes that they can not survive alone, without weapon in that new world. In my case some family members came from other parts of town, from their houses to my house, because they did not feel safe there, some of them bring weapon, some bring some food,some did not bring anything.

Now when i remember, i think maybe we needed 15 days to realize that is not gonna be war like war in some other . Houses gets cold without heating, people slowly realizes it is gonna be fight for life, every single day. Like every normal city in world we had stores, markets and malls, but trust me, folks just break and take everything in day or two. And that s it.

Some order on storages and granaries was maintained, but pretty soon we realized that it was not order, gangs just take it. Anyway soon we found our neighbor and his family killed, and robed, nobody knew anything but i guess that was one more awake call, maybe half of the people in street were armed, rifles, pistols, different things.

So we formed something like watch or guard at the street entrance, we roll over burned car as barricade, few men always guarded there.Even then we never were sure is our first neighbor going to attack us, or he ll be friendly. So we barricade our street from outsiders and put some kind of guard, or watch, but we also barricade our houses from everyone, you can say that was very loose alliance between neighbors.

We used what we had, with constant shelling there was a lot ruins from where we used rocks, pieces of metal plates or anything to make house harder to penetrate. My weapon was AK 47, folding stock. Lot of the people asked me is it good? Is it better then…? I don t think that s right question, you see many years after that SHTF i had and used for some time m16 ( i think it was M16 A1) and i found it much better than AK47, but in case of another SHTF i going to have Kalashnikov again. Reason is simple, most of the people here use that rifle, that caliber. Same with pistol and same with everything else.

Keep it simple and ordinary.

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  1. The Exorcist says:

    Most surprising to me, in your description of the tactical situation in that city, was that it did not fall to the enemy or suffer heavy raids from the army surrounding it.
    Your city could not really support itself, so the troops defending it were able to survive and fight…. how, exactly?
    You were under siege for some reason, and there were people that wanted to conquer it, so why didn’t they?

  2. Selco says:

    If you do not have a place to escape to and if you know your enemy will kill you if he gets the chance you fight at all cost because there is simply nothing else you can do.

    That was our situation. Certain parts of the city were under enemy control but I want to keep this political stuff out of this (for now at least). I still live here and do not want to run into any problems.

  3. john says:

    You say if SHTF happen again, you will choose AK47 again because it is simple and ordinary. Do you mean you want simple and ordinary because you don’t want to attract attention, and you don’t want people looking at your rifle all the time? Or do you mean you want it because ammo and parts are more easy to get?

    • Selco says:

      Actually i will choose that rifle again because all that reasons, but most important is there s going to be a lot of ammo for that rifle,everywhere.

    • Gripes says:

      It is best to consider ammunition stores, reliability, and availability of parts. Once these factors are considered, the rifle you choose will be very similar to the rifle used by the local military and citizenry. In that way, it will also be inconspicuous, which is an added benefit. An AK sounds quite different from an AR. An AK is a good rifle for its simplicity and ruggedness. An AR is better for accuracy but is still fairly rugged. The best choice is what is available and serviceable.

  4. Sean says:

    Selco you have done a good job at information over this time in many life’s that have changed many forever. I was over there part of US contingent for peace keeping assigned to UN and I will tell you this it was shameful duty where being part and under control of UN standing by and only able to watch unbelievable acts by all sides once My duty was reassigned back to US control than we were able to act and react to aggression by anyone of course far to late by any meens the UN can hang their heads in shame over what happened in your country I think only because of media did US start to respond with aid and help. God bless you my friend glad you and your family made it. I also will be prepared and mostly based on what you have reminded me of what I witnessed in the early 90’s in the Balkans. After over 20 years as a Ranger I have tried to forget much of what I have seen in different area’s of world and to the point of placing my head in the sand overlooking much in my own country I am not an alarmist or survivalist just a solder wanting to live in peace. Thank you Selco for the reminders of what could happen when we live with complacent.

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