Keep them fed and entertained

People who are in survival and prepping „movement“ all around the world and around the web are doing lot of stuff in order to prepare for SHTF.

Numerous blogs and forums are there, and they all trying to figure when s. gonna hit the fan and how it is going to be. My time in war was like worst case scenario but hopefully only few people will have it that bad even when there is total collapse and no law (at least you are not gonna have snipers and shelling if your government behaves).

1 million dollar question is: „How is the collapse going to look like, and when is it gonna start?“

So there are numerous opinions, and also numerous ideas about how it is gonna look, when it is gonna start and whatever.

And big truth is that „sheep“ people (non preppers, non survivalists) are not gonna see it coming and it is understandable, but also lot of real preppers are blind.

Some of us are „too deep“ and „too blindly“ buried into the BOB, BOL, SHTF, WROL and other discussion and arguing about „what knife to have when SHTF” and God knows what else. Many think one day lights go out and darkness all around, hell breaks lose. But this only happens when governments make big mistake or nature finally gets back at us.

I believe government and corporations just turn off light slowly. Hand out pocket lights that people can see small area around them but not big picture.

When you put people slowly in misery they think it is normal. Humen get used to everything around them if they have enough time. So they take away air to breath but leave you just enough you are still alive. What I mean is that s. already hit the fan, it hit quietly and it is slowly rumbling towards us. Most people gonna realize that only when it blows up in their face.

What is the state of your local infrastructure? How about criminal in your area? Gas prices, food and utility prices?
How many of you having decent jobs and if not what are the chances of getting one?

How about your health care? Are more people dependent on government these days? Is all this mentioned getting better or worse over the years?

I saw a guy, few months ago. He is alcoholic and homeless. His hygiene and way of life is of course on some low level.

After some time I saw that his foot is gets gangrenous. I helped him few times. He died later. He did not get proper medical care, he did not had proper social security, no money, no friends. He died on the street. Even when he died he was laying there for some time under the some rug before someone notice that he is dead not sleeping.

Now you could say that this things happens everywhere, and you are right of course it happens all around the world.

But I remember the time when that same dude would be taken care of (medically) and he would be taken to some facility that state (government) would pay for his medical bills food etc. This does not happen here anymore. Normal people would CARE about this guy but now they stopped because air gets slowly choked out of everyone. It is time to focus on yourself.

How does this slow collapse look like?

Places you live in get smaller, you work longer and get paid less. You eat cheaper lower quality stuff and have less time for other things. You expect less and less from things around you. Quality of things get lower. You cant expect to have secure job or secure anything. You get used to live with worry.

Luckily there is entertainment like tv series, video games and the Internet to get into fantasy land. This helps to escape real world that keeps getting worse. You work, live in small shitty place, eat bad food and escape to some place that entertains you and lets you forget reality.

Because you feel bad you get deeper and deeper into “comfort zone” and your comfort zone gets always smaller. All this makes you feel very powerless but do not worry. There are big organizations and your government who make you feel part of something, something bigger and stronger, you just have to pay to be part of this.

Slowly the forces in power make average man weak. So weak that revolution becomes very distant idea. Life got sucked out of regular people long before they realize what happened.

S. is already here, it already hit the fan for many but they do not know and might never know. Wake up, go out and smell the real world, I can bet that you smell it, you gonna see it if you look in right directions, and right places.

My time in war, my SHTF was bad, and it was some real experience. Wars are happening around the world, economies going down, new forces going up… and you can say again that it happened before and it is gonna happen again. And you could be right too.

But dont think this is only way how fight for survival looks like. The forces in power are smart and no need to rape someone with force if you can drug them and make them do whatever you like.

It is just common sense.

Question is also how long can they keep masses drugged before they wake up and realize the abuse?

This is what I see happening in future. Forces in power keep people drugged, fed and in fantasy land (entertained) and they do not realize whats going on until one day they wake up. But this might not happen in our lifetime and if it happens the masses are probably to weak to do anything. Only if something goes wrong, the powers make a mistake or nature strikes, then we have total chaos from one day to another.

Otherwise we have slow descent until we get to point of complete anarchy.

If you thought about moving to countryside do it today and not tomorrow. If you thought about forming group of preppers in your area, do it today and not tomorrow.

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  1. Jetpro says:

    It’s hard to make others realize that things are changing, slowly but surely. As you say those of us that are older and see the change taking place may not be around when they (those that are planning the ONE WORLD everything) finally succeed. Those who don’t see that they are being side tracked with sports, sitcoms, video games and so many other distractions and not paying attention to what is happening first at a snails pace and now at what seems a stepped up pace.
    I really don’t see that a small group living in somewhat of isalation can do other than survive a little longer than those in close proximitry of a city. Yes, we can have guns and protect ourselves from gangs and murauders that venture out. But, once the laws and governments change and enslave all the people we will eventually have to submit. I guess that’s the goal, to survive until then?
    Grammer and spelling not guaranteed!

    • Agreed, Now is the time to prepare not only ourselves but our Partners, our Assets, Resources and A Safe Place To Go. It isn’t hard it just takes as much effort as we put into working hard to be able to buy a new ski boat for Havasu or a vacation home in Sundance. Now is the time to put aside the unimportant things and dedicate ourselves to the things that will keep our families safe and secure.

  2. Cindy says:

    Very true.The wealthy buy boats,expensive cars,expensive houses,live in their own world.The rest of society either live off the govt,with ebt cards,etc or live paycheck to paycheck.Still,those who think having a college education equals job security,nice lifestyle and secure future,guess again.
    Having a skill,like heating and cooling repair,car repair,roofer,plumber, still a somewhat secure career.Security careers,like installing alarms,security lighting,burglar proofing entry doors,stuff like that would be a a good choice.

    • Simple says:

      Yes…very astute observation. I would think the medical/dental profession would be a good choice as well…not so much as a doctor or dentist but support staff.

      • COCOJO says:

        I wouldn’t bet on HC as a viable profession in future Omerica, unless you don’t mind being an arm of the government. Obamacare turns heath care professionals into federal proxies and wage slaves. I am an RN and my son was planning on becoming a doctor. Not now.

        • tax2death says:

          Brilliant comment!

        • Crater Shock says:

          Agree. Health Care jobs have become totally government-smothered and it will get worse. We are already at a point where only two classes of people in the USA can get quality health care: The wealthy and the super poor. Every one in the middle are screwed. Many of my friends cannot afford health care insurance so when they get so sick that the pain becomes unbearable, or death is close at hand, they check into the local Emergency Room and pray for the best…..same as the illegal aliens.

  3. Tommy says:

    I believe that you are right Selco. SHTF is here now, it’s just that most people are too blind to see it. In America we use the “Boiling Frog analogy”. If you throw a frog in water that’s already boiling, he jumps right out, because it’s too hot. BUT, if you put him in pot of COLD water and SLOWLY turn the heat up, he doesn’t know what hit him and he slowly cooks to death.
    Our economy is getting worse and worse (but they lie to us about it) so most people think all is well. Yesterday our central bank (The Fed) said they would continue to print 85 BILLION dollars A MONTH to buy bonds and mortgages with. This is PROOF POSITIVE that they are lying to us about how bad our economy really is (It’s a depression). Unemployment number is same thing (another lie), always worse than stated.
    I live in hurricane zone 35 years, so I’m ready for a lot, but it amazes me how many neighbors are NOT READY. These people might be a problem. Luckily the “criminal family” that lived across the street from me were evicted last month. The rest of our area is mostly honest hard working people. I agree that the time for being ready IS HERE NOW. Things will not get better, hopefully they won’t deteriorate into total Mad Max type world (but you never know).

    Thanks again for all the wise words Selco and good luck to all.

  4. Todd Browning says:

    I have been saying this for years now, thank you for finally writing about it. We are being rocked to sleep so to speak by the sports and entertainment industries. We have a generation that thinks we owe them. This current federal government is not into helping people rise above their situation but is in fact taking away any hope for the future, ever so slowly. We have a generation of voters who will vote the way grandpa did and not looking at the issues. Most in the US today would gladly trade the freedoms we have now for some type of false security. I would rather live by a shaky peace than absolute security, which only means slavery. Thank you for writing about what I have been preaching for years now. We must prepare and take care of ourselves.

  5. Leroy Poen says:

    The biggest, most obvious thing to us is gas.
    It’s draining us. We used to be able to go on quick trips, but now, a ‘quick trip’ will
    make it hard to pay our mortgage next month.

    My daddy died a couple months ago, we had to put the gas on the credit card to
    travel across three trips, and i still haven’t paid it off. With the cost of everything
    going up, portions smaller, we run out quicker.

    We’re in a slow boil, and are feeling the pain. Enough to rise up and fight back?
    We’re on the glass edge now, aren’t we…

    • Hillbilly says:

      I’m 55, when I was 16 I made about 2.50/per hour pumping gas, gas was about .58 cents a gallon. So I could buy almost 5 gallons an hour. I was earning minimum wage, so @ 4.00 bucks now, 20.00 @ that ratio, right? I live in Kalifornia where minimum wage is perhaps the highest in this nation, Whew doggy , aint nobody 16 making 20.00 an hour round here legally.

  6. dammit says:

    *three states…dammit, op sec fail… posted uh–someone else’s name…
    (shame on me)

  7. Zefjoe says:

    It is very hard to stay a preppy over the long haul. I have been prepping for over 25 years. The fall will happen but maybe not in my life time. My thinking has been changed drastically by reading Selco’s work. I now look at friends and family critically. Trust no one and yet I must trust someone. My preparation now takes place more in my mind than physically because I have done most of the physical things. Now I must prepare my mind to use deadly force at the proper time and wait not one second. Be ready to abandon home or stores if wise. Live today to survive tomorrow. Much to ponder——

    • David says:

      Hi Zefjoe, your comments ring a bell with me as I am also a long time prepper. The other day my daughter “found” my shed full of empty jars and “stuff” for SHTF. Old junk she called it. I had to reorganize and pack it away as she needs the space. It is tough, and I don’t try to explain it to her as she thinks I am just a “hoarder”. ( and crazy ..;-) ). Anyway, like you I have the physical stuff… and time will tell if I have the mental stuff.

  8. Jon says:

    It is about like how you cook frogs without them noticing and jumping out of the pot .You put them in the pot of room temp water then turn the heat up so that it warms fairly slowly . The frog won’t notice the higher temps till too late .

  9. Ed says:


    I have to agree the collapse is not a single event but a slow gradual grinding down of the economy and the people.
    Everyone is always saying when is going to happen and they don’t realize that it is already happening with every little headline that they see they don’t see the collapse happening right before their eyes.
    Old saying, “You can’t see the forest for all the trees”.

    I’d like to ask you if before the military locked down and attacked your city, can you see in your hindsight were there any small signs that something very bad was about to happen?

    Thank you for your chronicling your experiences to share with the world.



  10. TimGray says:

    Want to know some of the biggest signs that will hit the USA.

    The rich will start hiding in gated communities more and more. Walled mini cities with armed guards at the well fortified entrances. The rich will also start having armed guards with them all the time.

    The divide between the Rich and Poor will increase drastically over time and people will accept it, Rich get richer, poor get or stay poor and the middle class disappears. When the middle vanishes that is when you had better already have your Bug out cabin and land.

    Now this is if there is nothing to trigger a faster collapse. If the electrical grid pop’s and we start having to have rolling blackouts, things will get very nasty very fast. What do you think will happen in a city like chicago if all power is out for as short as 24 hours. Looting will start the very first night if not right away in some areas. NYC almost started to collapse if it wasn’t for the rest of the country flooding the area with police and service people to fix things after the hurricane.

    When you start to see “police” patrol in armor with automatic weapons, SHTF is about to happen. When they start buying a lot of military armored vehicles and the USA cities start to look like eastern block countries and drive them around town as if it was normal, SHTF is around the corner.

    Watch the police and government, they know what is going to happen and they will gear up and start using military hardware when they think it’s time to start using it. It’s not because your town now has a lot of thugs, it’s because they are gearing up to take on the citizens.

    That is when you had better accelerate your Bug out plans and start storing 20 gallons of gas all the time rotating it in jerry cans and be able to load up and bug out within minutes. That is the flare in the sky that things are about to get bad. And remember, bugging out means that you are abandoning everything you leave behind, as it will be looted and probably burned. But if you stay and defend your home, you will be shot by the police. The police do not like anyone that is armed as they are, and will do whatever they can to disarm you or detain you.

    The news will also tell you that all of what the police are doing is normal and is to protect you. Another red flag is news not questioning military presence in american cities.

    • CCHGN says:

      IMO, when cops, firefighters, etc go on strike because they’re not getting paid. Or else natural disaster, or occupation by Russia/China, becaseu they’re out of resources.

    • Robin says:

      “The rich will start hiding in gated communities more and more. Walled mini cities with armed guards at the well fortified entrances.”
      Already happening. Look up “Waltons” and “mountain.” The Wal-Mart family is building their own Cheyenne Mountain.


  11. Simple says:

    You have written some very good articles in the past but in my opinion this is the best one yet.

  12. David says:

    Like others I would thank Selco for another good article. I wait for your words with great interest Selco. Your audience may be small.. but we are very appreciative. Thank you.

    I think you made some good points and I agree fully. People must realize that this is an international site and not all countries will experience SHTF ( TEOTWAKI>>etc ) the same way. I do not expect snipers and artillery for sure… but may well get raiders and looters as society and controls break down. I prepare for economic breakdown.. followed by social breakdown. The “sheep” will not like it for sure.. they are so accustomed to being well cared for.
    Throw in some “earth changes” mother earth groans under the strain of our abuse and heavy footprint… and we may be in for interesting times where ever we live.

  13. Branislav Ivanović says:

    Selco your articles are as always, forthright and enlightening. This latest article you have mentioned so many things which are happening right before our very own eyes. Many cannot understand nor want to understand that SHTF is already here and has been here for quite some time, by this I mean (the whole world not just the USA).

    It reminds me of the boiling frog analogy, whereby when a frog is put in a pot of cold water and the pot is heated slowly, the frog will just sit there and die slowly; but if the frog was to be put in a pot of boiling hot water it would jump out immediately. Essentially many people are boiling frogs in terms of their mentality of denial.

    What I see every day is civilization in collapse, factories are closing, unemployment rising, violent crimes rising, minimum wage earners get shafted daily, food is getting even lower quality, many (not all) of the youth today are either on drugs or addicted to the Internet or x-box (either way they are distracted, manipulated and controlled).

    I have had conversations decades ago about exactly what you have written about in this post, no one cared to listen nor try to understand the big picture of what is really going on. This article of yours covers 99% of what I was explaining to my peers (yet the truth falls on deaf ears sometimes) until it is too late to do anything.

    Highly recommended reading: “Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars” it explains complete manipulation of society.

    Here are a few paragraphs

    The following document, dated May 1979, was found on July 7, 1986, in an IBM copier that had been purchased at a surplus sale.

    Operations Research Technical Manual TM-SW7905.1
    Welcome Aboard

    This publication marks the 25th anniversary of the Third World War, called the “Quiet War”, being conducted using subjective biological warfare, fought with “silent weapons.”

    This book contains an introductory description of this war, its strategies, and its weaponry.

    May 1979 #74-1120

    It is patently impossible to discuss social engineering or the automation of a society, i.e., the engineering of social automation systems (silent weapons) on a national or worldwide scale without implying extensive objectives of social control and destruction of human life, i.e., slavery and genocide.

    This manual is in itself an analog declaration of intent. Such a writing must be secured from public scrutiny. Otherwise, it might be recognized as a technically formal declaration of domestic war. Furthermore, whenever any person or group of persons in a position of great power and without full knowledge and consent of the public, uses such knowledge and methodologies for economic conquest – it must be understood that a state of domestic warfare exists between said person or group of persons and the public.

    The solution of today’s problems requires an approach which is ruthlessly candid, with no agonizing over religious, moral or cultural values.

    You have qualified for this project because of your ability to look at human society with cold objectivity, and yet analyze and discuss your observations and conclusions with others of similar intellectual capacity without the loss of discretion or humility. Such virtues are exercised in your own best interest. Do not deviate from them.

    (click on link above for full document).

  14. G says:

    In Canada our government says crime rates do not warrant civilians being able to carry firearms to protect themselves. Yet now the civilian police are transitioning to military automatic weapons.
    To the south of us a large population is feeling pressure. Scary indeed.
    Selco, what you write is not new but to many it is unbelievable because it is uncomfortable. For the majority they would rather be soothed than be confronted with reality.
    The dinosaur of the internal combustion engine proves we are artificially stagnant.

    Those that can see how we are being exploited should arm themselves first with knowledge first and weapons second.

    • john says:

      to the south of you are feeling pressure? what is that supposed to mean, canuck?

      • gibbsmack says:

        He’s not necessarily bashing America, john. There is no crime in observing the social distress the US is in, and has been in, for awhile. Do you disagree? As a Canadian, he could be used to having a strong, stable neighbor to the south and senses a foreboding chaos. That certainly meets the “scary” criteria. Hell, I live in the US and it’s scary to me. No need for namecalling.

        • chuck b says:

          All his posts seem to come across as aggressive and angry; most of us aren’t accustomed to that on this forum. He’ll either mellow out some, or the moderators will eventually tag him for trolling. Either way, I don’t worry about it.

          Chuck B.

  15. chuck b says:

    The one, single worst thing in the USA that is and has been the death knoll for independent family farms (the only thing potentially safe in/from SHTF) is the Property Tax. The existence of Property Tax actually makes the USA a Feudal state; any time you have property that is ostensibly yours taken from you for failure to pay (tax, tribute, rents) to the government, you don’t own it – the Government does.

    “Feudalism: A system based upon fixed relations of lord to vassal and all lands held in fee (as from the king), and requiring of vassal-tenants homage and service. ”

    As long as a person cannot *OWN* his own land/house, he will NEVER be a Sovereign Citizen; only a Sovereign Citizen can “truly” prepare for disaster, because the government at any level can tax him into defeat, or exercise the Right of Eminent Domain – which is a right, since ultimately all lands DO belong to the Crown. Citizens own NOTHING.
    Mostly just a rant, but not without meaning – never forget that your home, basement, fall-out shelter, well, garden, fish pond, ALL can be taken with the stroke of a Bureaucratic pen and turned into a neighborhood park. Preps are good, more preps are better, but always remember that there had better be a back-up plan, and a back-up to the back-up plan, or there is no plan.
    Just sayin’. . . .

    Chuck B.

    • Christina says:

      Chuck B you are absolutely right. I have tried to explain this to people before. All the government has to do is raise the property tax to where you can not pay it, and your property is the governments. Make plans and preps, but don’t trust in them, trust in God.

    • willy says:

      YEP ! , seen it too many times out in the west coast. Rain Tax in oregon, can not collect rain water for home use, Das Verboten. Examples abound around the west. Fudel system is correct.
      Did you know the EDB card will give you 20$ off food but the rest of US(working slaves) pay full price.
      Gas, we have a refinery close by and we pay FULL price.
      Just saying I hope for a grid down, Equalize these bastards.Everyone feels the same pain.Why? Ive lived my life thought i did right BUT never good enough , And im a rich bastard for having what I worked for. Sure I’ll be KING RAT for a week or two, get my licks in then ……
      Hey if you want to see how the GOVT. takes care of slaves go see a Indian reservation… Beat people down , feed them booze and drugs and see the waste of spending your life as a NUMBER.
      Leave It to Beaver life is gone and will never come back. Soorry for the rant but thats the way Ive seen it and felt it and experience it for the last 55 yrs.
      Our Gold is rusty and cloth is rags. Remember: experts build the titanic,amature built the ark.
      Take care.Life is still good, GOD Bless you all.

    • john says:

      Farmers are all government employees at this point. I do not decry their suffering, chuck b. they do not deserve it. If farmers wanted my sympathy they should’ve stood up to the subsidies and coops generations ago.

  16. Blair says:

    Great observation on ‘tv series, video games and the Internet to get into fantasy land’. Coincidentally electronic gizmos are about the only things that have gone down in price in recent years.

    I once read where the Soviets always made sure there was plenty of cheap vodka available…

    • Larry says:

      Gee, where’s that cheap vodka? we could use some about now. just thinkin’.

      • Patrick Loper says:

        Why do U think there is such a sudden successful push to legalize Pot? When large swaths of the country are “Numb” they will care less what good ol’ Uncle Sam is up to.

  17. BobbyD says:

    Here is some food for thought. Many of little faith will reject it out of hand. But these are the people She is
    wanting to speak to here. These are messages given to a chosen soul (American, now anonymous) and are recorded on the website:

    The Present Distress (The World and the Church)


    1. The Proposed Missile Strike

    The Present Distress (The World and the Church)

    Mary, Mother of Jesus

    I will explain the present times so you are filled with hope and not fear. The world has made great mistakes. Satan, in so many ways, placed before the world some apparent good. It always involved a compromise. The world would choose the good. People would applaud the decision though it was the first step down Satan’s road.

    This is so evident. All of these roads, which I will fully explain, have led to this time of darkness. Never has the world had such luxuries. Yet, does the world feel secure? What have we built? Where have we foolishly walked? These are the questions that arouse great fears.

    How close the world came to a massive disaster in Syria. Pope Francis called for the day of prayer and fasting. Heaven responded and a peaceful solution was sought. This is my teaching. When asked, heaven will always respond. Do not wait. Call upon heaven for all of your needs.

    Now, I give you a task. You are so blessed by these locutions. Tell others. Be a missionary. Others will be blessed and you will be the door of these favors.


    2. Global Economy

    The Present Distress (The World and the Church)

    Editor’s note: There were two separate locutions given on this day.


    I want to take you into the hidden secrets of darkness. More and more, the world moves into a global economy but this economy is shaped by forces that seek wealth and power that has never been dreamed of before. With the global communications, this goal is within their reach. What was far off, is now close at hand, almost within their grasp, a system of total control where the powers of local banks and even of sovereign nations are swept away. Each day, this power lies more and more in the hands of the few.

    I am the Woman Clothed With the Sun. This title and all of its prerogatives are given to me for this era. Who can stop these forces? Who can rescue the world? The global economy is not stable. There are many flaws. It can be attacked and brought to its knees from many different points.

    I must raise your level of faith. I am not just the woman who helps individuals, or churches or even just nations. I am the Woman Clothed With the Sun who can blind those who want to establish themselves as the world masters. Begin now. Invoke me as this woman and believe in the powers given to me by the father.

  18. Robin says:

    Selco, most of what you said is reinforced by this article.
    Poverty in America. (2011)

  19. Jav says:

    Selco, Thanks.

    Some believe the US is at a tipping point in the balance between capitalism & socialism. Most Americans now believe they are somehow “entitled” to hand outs or larger hands out from the US government. They cite poverty growing, but never engage in discussions about new millennium economics, work forces, skills & skill levels. Citizens actually believe they can make a living with a High School (secondary school) degree in complete ignorance of the skills and skill levels needed to maintain employment for 50 years in this economy.

    The past 2 national elections have been pure “feed & entertain them” with vast unkept promises of “change” and new entitlements, meanwhile the US prints money by the ton. Future Americans will have to pay a steep price for this approach and we may never recover.

    Ironically,this is happening right in front of our eyes in our daily lives, but it continues almost invisible because our politicos keep us (barely) fed and entertained (distracted). The US Constitution never promised we’d be fed or entertained, just a better “playing field” to gain an education, seek our fortunes, and feed our families. It was clear citizens & immigrants had to work hard to survive and prosper, but this somehow has been lost to the focus on collecting entitlements…….the slow decline.

    • chuck b says:

      I’ve been referring to our politics and election cycles for years as “Bread and Circuses.”

      bread and circuses pl.n.
      Offerings, such as benefits or entertainments, intended to placate discontent or distract attention from a policy or situation.
      [Translation of Latin panem et circenses, a phrase coined by the Roman poet Juvenal : panem, accusative singular of panis, bread + et, and + circenses, circus games.

      ” … Already long ago, from when we sold our vote to no man, the People have abdicated our duties; for the People who once upon a time handed out military command, high civil office, legions — everything, now restrains itself and anxiously hopes for just two things: bread and circuses… ”

      History repeats.

      Chuck B.

    • john says:

      Jav, post secondary ed is a joke these days. Those clowns teaching those degrees know less than men with no highschool diploma of 40 years ago.

      • Frank says:

        I am 35 now, served 5 years in just about every hell hole on Earth from 97 to 2002, was shot in Serbia by one of the snipers Selco warns about ditched the military because I saw the absolutely evil corporate and banking institutions we were basically fighting for (the US military no longer serves the people’s interests, only banker, oil, and commodity thieving corporations… DO WHATEVER YOU CAN TO DETER PEOPLE FROM JOINING!!!), worked as a contractor for a bit, went to school to become a Critical Care Registered Nurse, worked as one for several years, realized I worked with a disturbingly large crowd of common sense devoid morons and that health care was a sadistic construct of debt creation designed to drive people into their graves based on financial means…. then I hit bottom. I was literally ready to kill myself if I had to continue living life in such a evil system. Sure, we saved lives, but I saw what happened afterwards. IT IS NOT COMPASSION THAT DRIVES HEALTHCARE. Money. Money, in all it’s evilness, drives healthcare. If you want to escape death or injury via health insurance and modern care, YOU WILL BE IN DEBT FOR IT, REGARDLESS OF HOW MUCH YOU MAKE. They honestly do adjust charges to the client…. it is sickening… College made me insane with their bureaucratic bullshit, so I started teaching myself. Reseach, internet, workshops, voluntary internships… and I can honestly say I am 100% better trained at my current profession of drafting (Autocad), machining, raw fabrication, and custom solutions to heavy industrial problems than ANY of the college grads who SHOULD be my boss. Instead, I proved through raw demonstration I was beyond capable to manage and design whatever the mining company I now work for needed. My position now is supposed to require at a minimum an Engineering degree, yet I have yet had a college grad engineer walk in the door with even HALF the basic metal working knowledge I would expect of ANY management person in what I do. Modern college seems to be more proof that you can finish it than any form of specific competence in a profession, and a socially acceptable way to drive yourself tens of thousands of fiat dollars into debt before you even have a footing in society. College means very little to me. SHOW ME YOU CAN DO IT, and you are hired, experience and school be damned.

        • SheepDawg says:

          Sorry, not buying your story Frank. You were shot by a sniper in Serbia? I spent a lot of time in the Balkans and my unit was one of the very few that actually operated in Serbia, chasing PIFWCs…and none of us were shot. You served a whopping 5 years (so you completed your enlistment as a Specialist or a Buck Sgt? Guarantee you weren’t with us. Our lowest ranking guys were SFCs) and you got out because you recognized the evil corporations the military works for (again, as an E-4 or so? Wow, you must have been really high speed)? And you also hate the bureaucracy of college and the drones working for the man in health care. My guess is you aren’t really good with authority and someone holding you to a standard.

  20. Tuffy says:

    Selco, I always like your articles, and this one, above all else, focuses in on exactly what I have been thinking and observing for quite some time. Our liberties and freedoms are not lost overnight…they are slowly and deliberately drained through a pinhole leak in the pool…until we notice we are lost.

    I will be reflecting on this article for quite some time. Keep up the good work!

  21. Cid says:

    Selco, all your articles are amazing. Thanks for your commentary on today news and above all the coverage of Syria and your ideas, are amazing. Please keep this blog alive, we are learning a lot and you could save so many lives.

    Greetings from Argentina!

  22. Bostonian says:

    Selco, I’ve recently signed up for your course and I’m finding it’s well worth the money. Your first-hand experiences are riveting. I’ve never lived through a society disintegrating the way yours did and it’s incredibly valuable to hear you describe how things changed and how people responded as it all fell apart. As horrible as it may be for you to remember all these things, I hope you get some satisfaction in knowing that your lessons mean that we here will be better able to protect ourselves and our families.

  23. Preacher says:

    Excellent write up.
    I said in church today, as a matter of fact, that the old cliche’ “If it feels good, do it” has been replaced by “I’d rather be comfortable.”
    People today don’t want to do the difficult things like; work or think for themselves. They would prefer to sit around and be entertained, or do nothing at all. This will be our demise.
    It is very interesting that you and I are on the same wave length.
    Thanks for your article.
    Keep up the good work.
    Keep the faith.

  24. Chief says:

    I have enjoyed reading all of your articles since I first saw your site mentioned elsewhere. The fact that you went through the Balkans war and survived without first being “prepared” says a lot. The lead up to the war was a battle 600 years in the making. No way for anyone to simply prepare for the coming storm.

    The Olympics were in the previous decade at Sarajevo and no one at the time was aware that the city would be in ruins. However, in the USA, we have elected our ruin. We have allowed them to overrun the nation and lay siege to our country. Shame on us.

    We are now witnessing the slow, but steady decline of our nation and the world. Not even the money lenders will survive this intact. We in the USA are 3 days from starvation. Those with food put away, longer. My dad warned me that when the food runs out for those who rely on the government, they will come to your house and claim your refrigerator.

    Who here could have foreseen the Knockout Game? Beat Whitey night? The no job improvement of the economy? And now the shooting of an unarmed woman in DC by the (scared) police.

    Are we there yet? Don’t know. I am living out in the countryside permanently. Hopefully, it will be a long and peaceful stay.

    Thank you Selco for what you do.

  25. Looongerbeard says:

    Hmmmmm, good dialog! (just stumbled onto this site this morning)

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