SHTF in Rural Communities

Now it is not from my experience ,it is from other people stories, my relatives, some friends. It was hard, but it was not even close to urban chaos. They adapted and survived, most of them. People in rural mostly did not grow wheat prior SHTF, i think reason was because big agricultural companies did that, and as i understand it was cheaper to buy wheat from to grow it ( not too much sense in this maybe, but that what i ve been heard)

That changed when all started, people start to grow wheat, and corn. Same was with tobacco, nobody grow that here before , except big companies in company land, when SHTF started, people pretty soon realized if they had a land they can grow tobacco and trade it, it was pretty much valuable.Same with making alcohol.

Lot of things become rudimentary like in old times, main transport was horse, and horse cart.All machines stopped off course because fuel, but they still work on fields, they just move maybe 70 years back in some things. But all that changes did not affect them too much, they just changed some stuff to grow, like wheat, tobacco, corn, beans, potatoes etc.

Security things was much easier to maintain, i guess that comes from fact that village here is a small community of people who know each other pretty good, or in other cases most of them are relatives. They just keep it together, in good or bad. My opinion, man from rural community is just stronger (in any mean) than man from the city.

They did not had gang issues,they had some crime problems, but they dealt with that fast and brutal in most cases, they were tightly organized, and traditionally here folks in rural areas are armed and know how to use gun. They are tough guys here, even in perfectly normal times 🙂

They had a resources all around them, and they knew how to get them. Food from land, domestic animal (chickens, rabbits and cows mostly) hunting (boars and deers mostly), there s some great forests here so firewood was not problem neither. It was hard, but without starving, fighting with gangs and things like that.

Now this was not rule for every rural community, i know some villages were burned, all residents killed. But it was due to war, due to enemy armies fighting. If we talk about survival things, rural community or village did pretty good in SHTF( without gas, electricity,transport,news…collapse)

For example, in that time if you lived in rural communities, and had some connections to city, like some kind of trade rout, you could get lot of things for some basic food.

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  1. bstoff says:

    Selco, Thanks so much for all of the information you are providing us. I have told a few people about your site, and I think we are all better off for the knowledge we get.
    I was in that area in 1996 and 1997 and I’ll never forget the shock I felt at the way people in rural areas were living AFTER the war! I can’t imagine how bad it had been for them during.
    I think the rural people probably had a slower time recovering after than the city people did. The city dwellers in ’97 seemed to have their lives back in order for the most part.
    Keep the stories and advice coming! We are hanging on every word!

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