Signs of SHTF

Good question when did i figured that SHTF in city is started. I do not now for sure, but i think it was then when i saw that i can not leave the city, and when i saw some ordinary nice folks doing horrible things.Because important thing is to know, bad people, gang members, people who did horrible things, they did not came from other planet, they were with us all the time, some of them were criminals, some of them were normal people, they all just seen their chance when chaos started.

About organization in my house, it was not democracy at all, there was something like leader, smartest man i queses, he made some decisions about what to eat, and when, what we going to trade, what was safe and what not.But every member did something. Someone was better with fixing things than with shooting, someone else was great for trading, one of my relative was great for scouting, he use to be in special parachute unit in army 15 years before that, so he knew some things. So i think it is great idea to preparing as a group or family, so each member can learn some skills, more skills means better chances. It is not only about storing food and guns.

Why i believe it is gonna happen again? I ll try to explain situation in my country in present time. Well, economy is gone to hell, costs of living is constantly going up, there s sharp rising of crime, even during a day it is not safe to walk in areas of town where is no too many people, especially for females, gangs activity is higher then ever before.

There is a whole generation of young people without job, without any future, they see their chance in crime, gangs, drug business. They do not remember war, they have different picture about war and chaos. They actually wishing the chaos. Every football game is possible start of rioting. To have job is luck, even if you have it it is hard to live.

Every aspect of authority is corrupt, government, police, courts, health… You can sense feeling of rising rage. Situation is similar in most of the surrounding countries. I think some organized crime groups have much more members and will than police force.

I was not prepper prior this situation, so in many fields i did poor, but i can mention what was hard to get in the city. I mean everything was hard to get, but you just do not think about some things until you notice you need it, and then is probably too late. Now let me know, i am not making some survival list here, so i am not mentioning usual things like food, ammo, guns, hygiene etc.

Small precise tools, like tools to fix watch or lighter, flints for lighters, sewing tools,aluminum foil as a help for cooking, garbage bags heavy duty lot of , nylon tarps, containers all kinds (jars, plastic canisters…)ropes all kinds, Velcro tapes, duct tape , chains and locks, belts all kinds including those belts like truck drivers use for fixing the load- don t know word sorry 🙂 fabric bags (like bags for coffee), stuff to reinforce your windows and doors like metal plates, all kinds of tools.

If you ask me what tools, simple advice is: every tool that you need to take one ordinary house in parts, and to take that parts to your home, and every tool to fix stuff in your house.

But remember to keep it simple in prepping for city SHTF, I mean if you are planing to start generator unit in ruined city to have it like in good times,probably you gonna end up dead. It is much better to have solar batteries chargers and a lot rechargeable batteries. If you are storing things for trade in SHTF then store small things, batteries, candles, antibiotics, hand sanitizers, lighters etc. You are not be able to carry big things in city and look for trade.

Now my advice is: keep your storing and prepping as a secret, or keep it inside your group, family, friends if they preppers too. Do not just go around with attitude that the end is coming and i am prepared and stocked. They all going to remember you when they get hungry. Hungry people are desperate people.

My friend had small portable stove, maybe shoebox size, it used petroleum, gas, alcohol, had some kind of small pump installed on it, i remember it was made in Spain for Spanish army. It was very valuable thing.

Anything related to medicine was very valuable so go big with medicine. First i suggest educate as more as you can, i mean you can kill someone with wrong drug easily. Do not just go online and buy trauma kits or drug box,or whole list of antibiotics,first learn how to use it, it is maybe second most valuable knowledge in SHTF.

I think in order to survive this kind of situation man need some reasons, of course main reason was to stay alive, but without any other reason some people can easily turn to animals.

People needed hope, good news. Normal people in normal times usually do not understand importance of news, communications and things like that. It was some kind of information blackout, only few people had batteries for radio, so to at the time when information reaches you, it is probably completely useless and false.

It is strange feeling, when that situation is happening you have feeling it is end of the world, nobody cares, nobody knows for your suffering, that can kill your will for survival. So yes i think it is a great idea to have something to communicate with others, like CB or something like that, but again, keep it as as secret, not to mention to have correct information is very important and valuable.

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  1. j0z0r says:

    I was wondering, would a battery powered shortwave radio be a good investment? It can receive news from all over the world, and in cases where the unrest is local (or even country-wide) it might help hearing news from other parts of the world about your situation. Thanks for sharing this information. I know it’s not easy to remember such things, but you may save someone’s life!

    • Selco says:

      Yes, to have right information was very important, and gonna be always important.Many time things have been done basing on rumors so it is good idea to have a source of information, shortwave, cb radio, or anything like that. In times like that confusion is very big and to be completely cut off of any “outside” news or any kind of real information only made situation even worst.
      People literally get killed because sometimes they just take some risk and go somewhere to get any information.

    • SITW says:

      You can also get short wave (world band) radios that are not battery powered. Mine for example has a small solar panel on the top and also a hand crank to charge it. It was also not expensive.

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