The Global State of Survival & Preparedness Report

Survival Report

We are really happy how many people participated in our survey. Over 1800 of you have answered the questions and I have spent the last few nights to whip all the responses into a presentable form. This is done now and I think it gives everyone a good idea what is on most people’s mind, why people prepare, what they prepare for and where you are standing compared to others.

The Global State of Survival & Preparedness Report comes in four parts but I strongly suggest you start with the first part.

Global State of Survival & Preparedness Report I

  • How long have you been preparing / into survival?
  • Please describe in a few sentences what scenario you are preparing for and what events might trigger it.
  • Do you currently prepare for a long term survival scenario? (5 years + / sustainable living)
  • (Optional) Why don’t you prepare for a long term survival scenario?
  • How long would your current food supply last? (Just the food you store)
  • How do you buy your preparations?
  • Where do you buy your preparations?
  • What made you start to get into survival?

Global State of Survival & Preparedness Report II

  • How threatening are the following scenarios for you?
  • Natural disasters
  • Economic Collapse
  • War between countries
  • Civil war or rioting
  • Totalitarian regime (new world order)
  • Terrorist attacks
  • Pandemics / widespread health problems
  • What kind of natural disaster might affect you?

Global State of Survival & Preparedness Report III

  • If you could take only 5 items with you in a bug out bag what would they be?
  • How experienced are you in the following areas?
  • Self defense / hand to hand combat
  • Weapon handling (guns, rifles, knifes..)
  • Homesteading / sustainable agriculture
  • Medicine / first aid
  • Trading / bartering
  • Food preservation / water storage
  • Wilderness survival / bushcraft
  • Hunting and trapping
  • Financial preparedness
  • In what areas would you like to improve your skills?
  • What was the most helpful survival skill you have learned so far?

Global State of Survival & Preparedness Report IV

  • In case of SHTF how many people do you have to take care of?
  • Does your group include children or people who depend on assistance or support?
  • Do you try to network with other preppers in your area?
  • How many other preppers or survivalists do you know personally?
  • What is your plan if it comes to a total collapse from one day to another?
  • What factors do you consider to be the most essential for your survival once shtf?
  • Summary

7 responses to “The Global State of Survival & Preparedness Report”

  1. j.r. guerra in s. tx. says:

    Very well written summaries. Thanks to both of you for taking the time to do this – 1800 respondents, that must have taken a lot of patience!

  2. Brian says:

    too paranoid of the government to make reply. How many agents are assigned to watch these sites? I know that Homeland Sec. and everything from the White House down is anti Constitution.

    • Jay says:

      Hi Brian, I work on an online course about staying 100% anonymous online. All current Selco Survival Course members will get access to this course for free. I will show why for example Lulzsec members got caught, what serious cyber criminals do to stay anonymous, which VPN provider not to use (one that was recommended recently on survivalblog is absolutely NOT safe…) and more. After you have set yourself up not even your ISP (internet service provider) will be able to monitor your traffic. This is all legal and fine and sound, just governments won’t really like that they can’t monitor all their citizens so easily. But that is fine with us!

  3. greg says:

    You are crazy if u think knowone see’s your quiz, I droped this site for this quiz verrry scarry

  4. Jack says:

    I would like to know more about that anonymous surf also; it is getting bad in these parts; if I were the .gov I would set up all kinds of fake VPN and many other kinds of tools. Run them totally ligit, until the day you really need to monitor them. Just like any other good business; build a reputation and keep it up, then when the need comes, you tap your resources.

    I appreciate your every effort. I am in Calif. In this country we are so soft, so very soft. For any disaster many will suffer, mostly because of a lack of taking the time to discipline themselves to not watch TV, and use that time to read sites like this one.

    I watched, helplessly, once as some young, in training right, bad guys broke into my vehicle. I was a bit too far away to prevent it. But what impressed me most was the violation I felt as someone violently entered my space, my car. Still, it had to have been a shock many times that to have been caught in that town and getting shot at. It’s like, instant adjustment or die.

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