Urban vs Rural in Case of SHTF

Now, if anything like SHTF gonna happen again, i am choosing countryside for sure.

From my experience it is better there, i am trying to learn something about wilderness just in case i am gonna need that, mostly to get me trough from city to countryside. I must mention again i am speaking from my experience, maybe it is not gonna work in some different situation.
So first period of SHTF is worst for moving somewhere, like leaving your apartment to go to countryside.

If you going to live city be sure that you are gonna see some warning signs so you can live before everything starts. That s best thing to do. But probably you are going to be caught in the city, most of us.

When starts, that is worst period in terms of chaos and panic, that first period i guess is coming from he fact that people can not accept new reality.

Sound funny but after that acceptance, comes short period of some kind of peace,people are shocked, terrified, in that short period of peace you must leave the city. Because after that real hell is coming.

Real hell is coming after people accept fact that old world and old rules are dead, and in new world and new reality everybody making the rules.
I think good description is- good people turn to bad, bad people turn to worst.

So i think good thing is to be stocked and prepared, but best thing is to prepare your mind and recognize signs of coming SHTF.And recognize your chance, because it is not going to be better.

Talk with your family members about your plans and prepare with them, good thing is to have friends, real good friends and to plan together with them.

I think best place to be during the SHTF is small rural community. Village with all resources.

I have house in village,land to farm, and some plans to go there with my family, few very good friends and their families when everything gonna be close to SHTF. We all have skills in fighting (we all survived war) but also we all have some specific skills, like medical, defense, farming, mechanical-technical etc.

You just can not have everything what you going to need for SHTF, you need people.

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  1. The “small village” sounds a lot like what FerFal talks about (www.modernsurvivalist.com). A lot of people ask him if it’s better to go live by themselves on hundreds of acres up in the mountains. He always says that living in a small community is better for security and for interdependence, and it sounds like you’re saying the same thing.

    Find a community of people that you can trust, share skills and work, and try to enjoy the journey together.

  2. Ilsa says:

    Could you give me an opinion on which “village” you think might be better?

    We currently live in a small town (5000 people) and are reliant on the city for all utilities. We do have a garden during the summer and all of our “stockpiles” are here. We do not have any kind of group or network. The town is 15 miles from a major interstate (USA), about 30 miles from a town of any size, and 90 miles from a major city (Dallas, TX) so is in an area that seems unlikely to see sustained military action.

    My mother has a large family home with plenty of room for us. It is in a tiny rural community (maybe 300). Electric is from the power company but water is a well and heat is propane (stored onsite.) The downsides are that the community is 20 miles from a city and 2 miles off a major interstate plus has rail road tracks directly across the street and the house is a major community landmark (i.e. possible target). It is 150 miles from where we live (so hard to get to if major highways are closed) and the community is so small that any barter/food acquisition options would be severely limited.

    Right now the plan is, if we had warning, to load up a trailer with stored food, supplies, and whatever we can carry, and head to my mom’s place. If we bugged out to there, we would have a family group (with skills), lots of land to grow food on, clean water access, etc.

    Which type of rural scenario do you guess would, overall, be more likely to work out? Close to a city but full “off the grid living” or farther from a city but “urban” in all day-to-day life aspects? It’s really the nearness to a city, the interstate, and the railway that make me question the safety of the bug-out location.

    Thanks for an opinion. I appreciate that you are willing to share your stories so that others can be better prepared.

    • Selco says:

      Yea, I would do with original plan, go to your mother place. Just try to see early signs because distance of the trip. It is impossible to know everything for sure, but your group and family (together with skills, land etc.) are very important to have. Have some multiple- way planned to go there ( A, B and C road) and think about some hidden stashes on way there. Or some known people on the way to BOL.

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