OK now i have some questions, like most of us i like to watch this kind of shows, read books, try to be more prepared, so i want to check this video, i already mention it before. There is a lot of nonsense in this, maybe it is about cultural differences between me and you, but i still think there is some wrong perception of city SHTF here.

Intro is OK, catastrophes happens, societies falls, everything happens fast. He states if you survive catastrophe you will emerged in different world.True. Then he goes in city to find resources?? During the daytime?? No way. First i don t see reason to go in to the city to “find resources”, i would run FROM the city as far as i can, to go to city in daytime is ridiculous, absolutely nonsense.

“When society breaks down, people will be hungry, desperate … ” i agree, i ve seen that, but guess what? They are mostly not going to be stupid, they will hunt you, prey, scout, wait. So if they see you running with backpack, they will shoot you just to check what do you have inside.He is looking for shelter fornight, wrong it is smarter to stay hidden during daytime, and watch for movement and activities, then during the night go out and “find resources”

He says “this flashlight gonna save your life” then he enters some building with flashlight on to check it. It was like he wears T shirt with target, he is doing “security sweep” inside dark building with flashlight on, if somebody is inside he s dead for sure. Security sweep? Proper way is to quietly go inside without flashlight, hide somewhere, and wait for hour or two for other people to move. To use battery as a weapon if somebody “pop up” from the corner? :)) Man you light your self like Christmas tree in very dark area, nobody going to “pop up” in front of you unless he is idiot, they wait you to pass, and then smash your head from behind, or just simply shoot 20 rounds in direction of your flashlight from 50 meters distance, and you are dead again. I mean guys forget about walking around with your flashlight constantly on.

Steel wool and 9volt battery as a fire starter, very nice, i used steel wool as a kid to make some firework jokes. You know i spend some worst period of my life in city SHTF, i never saw anybody started fire like that, batteries were to valuable, i mean is it so hard to have bic lighter or Zippo? Covering fire, dump cardboard, that make sense.

Leaving building trough elevator shaft? Only if you are Navy seal member, most of us not, most of us are normal people not capable to do that things with cables. Do you understand what mean in SHTF if you break your leg or arm, you end up dead, simple cut can kill you. Not to mention he is making too much noises, breaking things, he is moving trough city openly on the road. Entering the house to find tools? I understand that, but on that way? no chance, if somebody is inside you are dead. I would first wait outside for hour or two, trying to figure is that house really empty.Checking every movement or sound.Cans check, it is OK, i did that. Entering sewer as a matter conceal movement, very good, i heard some guys did that, but you need to be really familiar with plans, it is harder than it looks.

And then again thing that i do not understand, he is entering hospital trying to make it like his base camp. I think it is stupid, hospital is last place to go in this situation, i mean staff is gone, but what do you mean it happens with all bodies? Nothing. Bodies are still going to be there. So do not go there. OK, if you already going in city during SHTF why do not choose smaller more secure place as your base camp, like police station,bank or something like that, you know more secure, smaller.

You probably not going to find gas at the gas station, you ll be late.Even if you find gas and find good car, you are not be able to leave city with car, roads gonna be probably jammed with all kind of stuff.

All this opinions are mine only, from my experience, so we can discuss if you think i am wrong.

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  1. TAC-21 says:

    Absolutely correct. It is good to see some common sense being offered on these topics. Thanks you for your willingness to share your experiences.

  2. Frank Albert says:

    You make alot of sense! Probably explains why you are still alive! Thanks for the time you’re putting into the blog I appreciate it.

  3. Longsnowsm says:

    Selco, I completely agree with your assessment of Apocalypse Man. For some reason people forget that in a true SHTF scenario there isn’t any medical care, and doing something stupid can get you killed. Even minor injuries are life threatening so taking stupid risks and performing daredevil stunts doesn’t make any sense. I could understand if it is a do or die situation to do something extreme, but like you said your job is to stay invisible, observe, and plan accordingly.

    Given your experience with this environment of night time travel, scouting etc, have you taken the next step in your preps to get night vision gear?

    I think you made a good point about sewers and underground tunnels. It would be a good idea to try and get the maps of these tunnels and have that as a reference if you feel that you might need to use these tunnels. You might need to get a hook tool in order to remove manhole covers to gain access. The manhole covers are quite heavy so that is something to take into account. If your trying to conceal where you entered a tunnel then you will need to consider how to recover the opening after you enter. Also in many cases toxic gases and flammable gasses collect in these sewer and access tunnel systems. City workers use fans to ventilate these access areas before entering them so you would have to consider those risks when choosing to try and use these underground systems.

    Thanks for your comments and observations on Apocalypse Man.

    • Dedicated says:

      Selco thanks a ton for posting your insights, they are very thought provoking. Regarding night vision gear, I would think that this would be one of those things that sounds good when planning, but not really practical in true urban SHTF situations. Decent night vision gear represents a sizeable financial invesment, money that could be spent on more critical items. Night vision gear would require battery power, and from reading Selco’s posts it seems battery power was among the most precious non-food items, period. Also night vision gear seems like it would complicate things when you should be looking to simplify. Taking it slow, being aware, letting your vision adjust to low light situations, listening for sounds, being patient, this is what sounds like the best approach for dark areas.

  4. Shawn says:

    Don’t go into the Sewer System except to save your life from imminent danger! The gases in the sewer system may kill you without any warning. As a contractor I can tell you that NO ONE EVER goes into the sewer system without 1st testing for lethal gases, 2nd carrying oxygen and a mask in case gas is encountered and 3nd setting up a fan that feeds fresh air into your work area for the entire time your are in the system! Add constant radio contact and the buddy system and then maybe you could consider it safe!

  5. quasi-prepped says:

    I wouldn’t go near army camps or police stations when SHTF, I think it would be raided- the place would probably be picked off by the time I get there – no more ammo, no guns, few or no more supplies and plenty of hungry and dangerous people who thought that going to the police when SHTF is a nice idea. It’s very easy to imagine that places people use to think of were very safe (army camps, police stations -anything that most people know has guns) would be one of the first locations to be looted, or used as a new “home base” for the “bad” people who are most likely to have power come SHTF (like in Selco’s posts at survivalist forum).

    It may sound like I don’t want to be close to guns, killing, or violence but this is only because I always think that the best fight is the one that never happened. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have preps those situations where I may have to kill people, and I think that come SHTF I will probably have to kill a lot more people than I would have wanted to.

    I’ve learned a lot from you, Selco. Thank you for sharing to us these experiences that helped you survive. I hope you’re dealing with these experiences very well and not too much hurt by PTSD and things that come after psychological trauma such as war- I do hope that you recover, if there is such a recovery from those things.

  6. 10a says:

    OK, serious topic ofcourse, but this post made me laugh (especially your take on this guys flashlight-use) and what you say makes a lot of sense. And I recently heard a woman from the Middle East describe that you know for certain that the SHTF if you and yours sleep by day and wake/guard by night, confirming your experience; no daytime strolls.

    I think a lot of advice is given by survival experts who are experts in surviving hostile terrain, but not necessarily with hostile (because scared and desperate) PEOPLE in it. And I guess that makes a whole lot of difference.

    Thank you for sharing Selco.

    • Selco says:

      Most of the shows keep forgetting to throw in scenario bunch of hungry and possibly dangerous people. And yes you are right,when you throw that in any scenario you get whole new dimension.

  7. lateToTheParty says:

    Thank you Selco for this post. I always wondered why people would “I’m going into here with a tacticool flashlight and I’m gonna surprise everyone….”? WTH? And any place that had supplies that are highly valued are the worst places to be even after everything is gone. Start from simplicity. They want what you want. And they are always willing to do worse things than you are. Now you are starting to be come a little paranoid. Now ask yourself “What is the worst place to be BEFORE SHTF?” And add that to “What is the worst place to be DURING SHTF?” – I’d think a very safe place afterwards (after all drugs etc are raided) is retirement homes. Almost no weapons. No real supplies (beyond the initial medical stuff stolen.) Same for funeral homes and morgues – no drugs, possibly dead bodies but once you clear it – who wants to go there? If you don’t want to go to a place now, and they don’t have supplies – good idea! Morgues are likely to have secure settings also. (all that stainless steel in the new ones!)

    I figure I should work to not look like I can feed others. Act stupid in the group (or neighbors.) If I have to help them, to get them doing something, I do it publicly, whether I need it or not! I.E. Before the final axe falls, tell them “I think I need to go to the store, I don’t have ANY food… you wanna come with me?” And get less than they do because “I am out of money” even to the point of putting something back. That way I helped them but made them a little afraid of me (“They got even less than we did…..better watch them.”) Did you have to play hiding games like that with neighbors? How did you keep others not in your 6 houses/block from thinking you were good to rob?

    Were the more torn up houses more or less likely to be ‘raided’? I’ve read a recommendation to “tear” your place up and dirty it and make it look burned or useless … so it looks like there’s nothing of use there. (Made a bunch of sense to me .. no supplies = safer.) But on the other hand, others say “now you’ve the attention of the teens and firebugs.”

    You mentioned protecting gardens. Was anyone able to do this? Did they have to bring it inside? You talked about the parties and music and burning MJ and candles, didn’t it bring people looking for stuff if they saw a light in the house? Light = people, people = some form of supplies. As to night-blindness, I read that some people wear a patch when they are in light before they go outside, and remove it when they go out. That way one eye is already acclimated to dark.

    Anyways thanks again and wish you all the health, love and wealth you can get.

    • Selco says:

      Yea people actually did some protecting of gardens pretty good, because it was mostly set inside fenced yards, very close to house, and every small peace of land was used.
      People used lot of “light hiding” I mean every opening were covered with something, shaded, so no visible light. Yea light did attract.
      Basement were very popular as a place for partying or any other important thing, like some local headquarters.
      I would simply take some time outside at yard, in full dark, waiting for my eyes to adapt.

      Less interesting places had much less chances to be attacked, and also it was thing of “less pain” I mean easier targets gets first. Anyway people were armed so it was not so easily to attack, unless you are really have good reason to attack. I did not always manage to keep other from my house with playing “being not-interesting” or keeping low profile of course, but it worked in many cases, and when it not worked, it worked with weapons.

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