This is second part of interview 24 taken from the membersarea of my survival course. I talk about concealed carry of weapons (not), use of hand grenades, typical gun fights and more. There is very little hollywood in all of this.

I hope this helps you get more prepared and get idea how these situations happen in real world.

About the course. When I started course I was not sure if people appreciate what I have to say. It is all very normal for me, it is part of my life and experience. But now we receive much good feedback. Thank you for that. For example I received email from Megan today:

When I was in Paramedic school, we had an enormous amount of material to learn in a short amount of time. Half of our class of fifty flunked-out by mid-terms. Now I find, years later, that the materials in your course are equally important for survival, if not more so. Qualitatively different from anything else that I’ve ever seen, they are thought-provoking, packed with information. I’m sure that if I were to ignore the lessons in your stories, I wouldn’t be around to save anyone in the future.

If you think about course and are not sure we also have 30 day money back guarantee. I’m not here to rip anyone off. Stay prepared. Listen to interview below.