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I already wrote about some basic home security during my SHTF.

It passed lot of years from that events so you may though my home defense is modern today, to be honest it is not. I like to keep things simple.
Right now i live in apartment building, fourth floor, so if SHTF again and caught me in the city what will i do. I ll wait week or two, i ll stay hidden. Then after the first period of panic is gone i ll try to get to my rural place.First period is marked with panic and chaos, everybody is trying to go somewhere, most of them will failed, roads are jammed. Best thing to do is stay hidden behind your door, heavily armed.

In first moments of SHTF, go out, leave lot of garbage outside your door (if you live in apartment building like me) smash your TV, your stereo, let passage outside your door looks like your apartment is robbed already, most of the apartment gonna look same like that, spill some red color, leave old clothes.

And wait.

In first days gangs not organized too good, probably most of them gonna think it is already robbed and abandoned. Maybe sounds stupid for you, but i ve seen that, it works. In other cases you have weapon and a lot of ammo.

You can set up some basic traps in passage outside, if you good with explosive devices you can set up some more sophisticated 🙂 After first period is gone, gangs will be more organized, they will be greater in numbers and more determined.

It is simple, first they gonna look for jewelery, LCD s,money and things like that, and if they see obstacle they just go away because there will be lot of other places without obstacles, later when they realize that real SHTF came, they will look for food, water, ammo, and they gonna try to destroy obstacles. So again, if you caught in city in SHTF, do not panic, stay focused, wait for the moment, and then of course leave the city. Where? Wherever you can, just leave.

Sorry guys there is no perfect home security in city SHTF, unless you have small army in your apartment. Get out and connect with family, friends and form a group.

What to carry? i guess you are not be able to carry a lot things with you, weapon, ammo, basic first aid kit, maybe food for a day. From all of this what i wrote, you can conclude that best thing is to have some hideout, some house close to your living place, place with all suplies, ammo, medical, food, water, friends. That is my plan, because my job i must be in city, but my real place in SHTF will be rural community. I hope.

I do not know how many of you is aware that in every city, every country and culture, there is considerable number of people who just waiting for some kind of collapse, some kind of chaos so they can start with robbing, killing and havoc. So if you counting on human kindness and help i suggest you to forget about that, you are not going to have too much friends, so do not prepare alone, have friends now. But choose wisely with who you are going to share your thougts about preparations and plans.

I have read some post from some guy, he states that he is not hiding fact that he is prepper from anybody. As soon as folks realizes what is happening,he gonna have visitors.

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  1. Eddie says:

    One problem we have here in the US is that most homes are made of plywood and 2×4. Not very good for defensiveness. I would suggest, if you plan to stay in the city here, redoing your siding with brick. It will take most small arms better, even better if you can make a double layer.

    Also, one may consider tearing apart empty or destroyed homes to add to your defenses.

    Honestly, if it be war, I would RATHER just leave the area. Not too far away I have 2 small towns I could try to go to, they have only one road in and out, so would be easy to defend. It is WAY out of the way, and would also be easy to overlook. There is plenty of coal and sandstone, coal of course for burning fuel, but sandstone for defenses. It would be hard work, but would have the ability to harden structures that way.

    One thing I did learn in Iraq.. Tape the glass in your windows, it will help keep shattered glass together. Chicken wire on the inside will help, too, as well as keeping things like grenades out. You may have to repair often, but it is worth it.

    If you are in an area being heavily shelled and have the material to do it, I would suggest putting up a wall around and between properties. This also serves to protect the home from shells landing in the street. As for walls around the property, brake up glass bottles and mortar them along the top. If someone is coming over the wall, they will cut themselves and may not try it again. I learned this, too, from Iraqi’s.

    One would HOPE neighbors would pull together during such a time, but maybe not. Maybe after initial panic and acceptance settles in. If you do have this, it would do well to start blocking off the neighborhood. It may do, if you know neighbors well, to work toward sharing security and at least in a limited sense, sharing some resources. This may not be as realistic, however, as I would like. Chances are, we’ll see a whole lot more “Screw you, I’m taking care of mine” than “lets work together”. Maybe it depends on the situation more than anything. Selco, you were under the most horrid conditions known to man, In my humble opinion. So I would say you would know much more of that than I would.

    TUNNELS!!!! I saw that in Sarajevo they had tunnels. I don’t know if you guys had this at all wherever you were at, but it is a good idea if one needs to move around in the day? I can see the benefit. Even trenches with overhead cover might work. It would offer some protection at least. Of course, this can’t be done everywhere.

    • Mike says:

      A problem that I see here in America is that most houses can be easily burned, and they will burn quickly. Care must be exercised in choosing a location to defend.

  2. Selco says:

    Thank you Eddie, good points.

    A neighbor completely barricaded his house and built secret tunnel to the next house that he used to go in and out. That was very good protection at that time. Really only one way in (and out).

    I see problem with the attitude of people. There is no team spirit when SHTF. People who hope for that will be disappointed.

  3. Eddie says:

    : ) I believe I will hope for the best but prepare for otherwise. I think it will likely be that I will find a place elsewhere, if I can do that. I’d rather not stay and put up with the gangs here and such. Maybe come in to trade once in a while, maybe not. There will be other small towns.

  4. James says:

    Would you describe what you mean by city vs rural? Here in the US the inner city is big building and tall apartments. Mostly cement and business. Most people live outside of the city in suburbs. Large areas with lots of homes, fences and streets. What is your thought on how to live in the suburb environment?

    We tend to think of rural areas as land out in the country with maybe house and barn.

    • Selco says:

      I mean that with rural as well. Suburbs are ok but it all depends on tight network of people you have, people with resources. If you live in well armed suburb full of preppers you trust. No problem.

  5. Danny says:


    Thank you so much for your experiences. I try to warn people I know at work to prepare for a SHTF senario. My brother who recently moved to an urban area on the left coast (we were raised in an urban setting but untill recently both of us lived in the rural woods and fields) I worry about. I will make sure he gives this a look. Thanks again my friend.


  6. Terry says:

    I think the last sentence in this post summed it up pretty well. A lot of people who will find this site, and read through it, think that they’re pretty well prepared for a bad situation. Your best bet is to keep your head down, your mouth shut, and keep as low a profile as you can. If you’re prepping for a collapse…keep it to yourself. Your neighbor perhaps didn’t, but he’s got 2 starving kids and a gun…will he try to kill you for what he thinks you have? Given the opportunity, you’re damn right he will. The words about generators and batteries…thats damn good advice. I hear a lot of preppers talk about keeping fuel for generators so they can run lights and stoves. That’ll make you a target.

  7. Wills says:

    “I see problem with the attitude of people. There is no team spirit when SHTF. People who hope for that will be disappointed.”

    This is the crux of the matter. The very people who now make fun of preppers and survivalist are the ones who will turn into savage beast in SHTF and they will be intent on taking everything they can get from anyone in their way.
    The only way anyone has a chance to survive a large social collapse is to begin preparing now. Part of that
    equation involves developing a team of like-minded, trusted individuals who can help you.

    • Jay says:

      Exactly, in the interviews I did with Selco it also became clear that especially vulnerable people joined gangs and enjoyed having “power” and taking stuff from others.

      People today feel entitled to stuff. They think they deserve things for no reason. They will not understand why you keep your supplies and let others in the neighborhood starve to death. That makes you instantly “evil” and in no time you will have some people knocking on your door getting what they “deserve”… (a bullet or your supplies).

  8. Bosko says:

    You have bad cards in urban areas – even if you are prepared and cannot get out at time – Selcos family did it well but who knows what happend if that situation lasted for years….

    But even in little towns or farm houses you have to be on guard – because gangs will not stay only in urban areas….we had lots of drunken and armed guys who searched for light targets during the war in Croatia……to stay low profile is a must….to take them out before they reach your survival area is also a must or you may loose your house or shelter…everyone knows what that mean!

    If someone who starves knows, that your family or group has to eat, medicine and other needed stuff – you will have lots of visitors….and not everyone will come in peace!

  9. Larry says:

    I have been a “prepper” since before the term became popular. I have slowly acumilated a good supply of guns, ammo, and most of the other supplies normally reccomended. I am Army trained, and at least as good at all types of shooting as most “snipers”. With my sniper/hunting type rifles, I can keep 1/2 minute groups, at 300 meters, (that’s 1 1/2″ for all shots) I also have shorter range battle rifles for general defence. Out here in western Montana, the distances are long, and even in the suburbs, the neighbors are widely spaced.
    I recently picked up an “odd” piece of “medical” equipment that I’d like some help to identify. The bag is marked with a red cross symbol. It appears to be from the region of hungary, bosnia. I can’t identify the language. possably russian, but I don’t think so. It appears to be a primative kind of airway “intubation” device.Let me give you some of the words that appear on the label inside the flap, and on the enclosed inspection sheets.
    ZAZNAMNIK Bystrce pod Hostynem1284
    Rokvyroby 1967
    Strucny K pouzitf RK 32
    1)sestaventi rucntho pristroje:
    A) pronasazenfna oblicaj
    Etc etc…. There are orange tubes, of different sizes and lengths, marked Barum 764 and 772, and761
    A large, heavy plastic toung depressor, a rubber harness, to fit over the head,
    aaah! there we go. The manualy operated “compressor/evac unit has a data plate that says made in czechlosovakia. 12/67 I guess that settles who made it, now to find a translation for the directions.

    • Selco says:

      Hello Larry
      I can try to help,yes language is Chec or Polish probably,tubes are nasopharyngeal airways maybe,used to be inserted in nasal passage in order to keep airway open(unconscious patients).
      I do not think it is intubation device or ET tubes,because two reasons: it is colorued and it comes in first aid bag(as i understand you), most of that bags are used as a first aid kit or BLS protocols(Basic life support)
      Other thing is probably manualy powered suction unit(aspirator) for clearing the airway from blood,mucus etc.
      Rubber thing can be torniquet for IV start,or device for stoping massive bleeding.
      But maybe i am wrong,i do not have enough information from your message.
      Best thing would be to send me photos so i can tell you what you have for sure.

      • Larry says:

        Thank you sir, for your reply. I frequently am able to find rare pieces like this, in my travels, and to be honest I had not investigated it much since I got it from a small second hand store for about $2.oo U.S.. It is in remarkably good shape, and will be added to my other “SHTF” med/emergency supplies. I have found that I can get the instructions translated at the local university, so that will help a lot. The “air pump” device has a face mask attachment, and is rather like the squeeze bulb aspirator used by parameds in emergencies, only more sophisticated. I am storing my med supplies in sealed 20MM. ammo cans, in a cool basement. We have to be careful here, because the mere posession of emergency medical devices, or medicines such as pain meds, or antibiotics, even with a perscription from a doctor, can land you in jail. Things are really tightening up over here, and the police state mentality gets worse every day. Now they are advising neighbors to report any suspicion of anyone storing food, or purchasing survival items to the authorities! In some states, a person can get a $1,000 reward for turning in a neighbor who has a gun.
        The internet, particularly U-tube, can be a tremendously valuable source of information (as long as it is allowed to exist) I was reviewing a site, just this A.M., about converting used .50 cal. ammo cans into a small, wood burning stove., and making a back yard home made forge, for repairing/ making metal objects(knives, etc.) Also one on using car batteries to weld metal,

        • Joe says:

          Yes, there are rewards for reporting illegally obtained or possessed firearms, but that is common sense not a police state. If you want a burner, don’t tell anyone you have it… I have never heard of this nonsense about reporting neighbors suspected of hoarding “food and survival items”, but I would have to imagine if real, it was limited to your municipality, county, or Communist commune. I am a big fan of prepping and reading between the lines, but the great thing about living in the United States is that if you don’t like your local or state laws, you have 47 other states to choose from. Not all states are as restrictive as California, New York, or (apparently) Montana…

  10. Interesting recommendations about scattering garbage and debris outside your house. Makes sense, although to me it also seems like it would send the message that your house is an easy target. If it looks like somebody has already been there, somebody could got there again.

    Unless every other house looked the same way. It doesn’t seem like a good idea to make your house stand out from the others, just blend in with whatever the others look like.

  11. CR says:

    The advise here is based on experience… I have heard and read similar things from other people who have lived though SHTF situations. Also, watch this documentary here, they also gave similar advice as was posted here.


  12. CLT Prepper says:

    I couldn’t agree more with keeping a low profile. I have been prepping for some time now and live in the suburbs. I only plan to stay in my house for 2-3 days tops. I have set up a network of friends from work who truly live in a rural area to combine forces with. Surviving the suburbs will be easier at first, but the ” have not’s” will definitely leave the city in a rather short time frame….and guess where their headed? That’s right suburbia.. You should have a place to go out in the countryside. Heck it doesn’t even have to be owned by you. If you can’t afford to buy rural land, then scope out others land….. Be careful though… For good survival characteristics. Look for a stream, good thick cover, wild edibles…etc. I know a ton of land around me is owned by out of staters. Keep this only as a backup. Just remember suburbia will eventually be hell also.

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