Strength is in the numbers!

One man survivor?
I just say it on beginning- from my experience no way, or very hard, not in the city SHTF.

You know i watched on You tube few months ago great documentary about urban SHTF survival, i think guy is ex special force or something like that, i remember he shows how he crossing river with rope, hiding in ruined building, entering hospital and how he taking fuel from abandoned gas station so he can start electrical power unit in empty hospital ,later he is making some fuel from something… and things like that.I can not remember his name or name of show.

I mean guy is OK, he is doing some smart things, he is good. But what about other people in that town? It is OK if the city abandoned and you are alone in town, but chances are more that is gonna be crowded with desperate people, hungry, ready for everything.

You know i have seen a lot of shootings, but i never met Rambo, i never seen guy who killed 8 bad guys with three bullets from rifle. Some thing just did not worked, yes i ve seen some bad guys, lone wolfs, good armed, trained, and most of them finished shot from the back from some ordinary hungry folks.

So, from my experience be close with your family, or choose wisely your friends, share your prepping in normal times with them, because when SHTF come, they probably gonna be your group, your best defense. I don t know how things works in wilderness but in town SHTF your group is everything, it can be you family, your friends.

Do you think that s only you gonna have great idea to take fuel from abandoned gas station,or weapon from ruined police station, no, lot of guys gonna have same idea, probably you gonna have to fight for that, what is your chance for fight if you are alone? You can say that s you going to have everything because you are prepping for years, but sooner or later you gonna have to fight for resources, or defend your own.
You know i was pretty smart guy in that time (i think i am still) but in the time when i am figured that i need to go out and take things,because everything falling apart, i was too late, really smart people already took everything 🙂

If you really stays with one man survival in city SHTF, i suggests that you need to be invisible, dig in somewhere with lot of food and guns, and try to be invisible, and hope it is not going to last.

On the other hand, worst panic is in first few weeks of SHTF, when most of the people can not understand what is going on, most stupid deaths happened then, so again it is up to you, stay home with what you got and wait to see what s going on, or go out and risk life to acquire things .

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  1. SITW says:

    Mr. Selco, I understand that you want your home to be invisible or to appear heavily armed, but would you want to look as well armed as you could? Or would that just be advertizing for bad people to come try to take your things? Also, when you are out and about, say to trade or scavenge, is it better to appear well armed (AK47 over my shoulder or in my hands and a pistol on my thigh [and probably another gun hidden])? Or would it be better to look like you have nothing (just a concealed pistol or hidden rifle)?

  2. Good questions SITW.

    It seems to be one of the age old questions–do you try to appear prepared in hopes of scaring people off, or do you try to appear unprepared so that you are less of a target.

    There are always differing opinions on this…

  3. Selco, I believe the show you’re talking about is the History Channel special “Apocalypse Man.” In the 50-minute post-apocalypse “how-to,” Rudy Reyes, an ex-Marine who served one tour in Afghanistan for Operation Enduring Freedom and 2 tours in Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom, demonstrated a number of survival techniques in a SHTF scenario. I reviewed it here:

    Just discovered your blog today via Alexander Wolf’s TEOTWAWKI Blog. Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

  4. undeRGRound says:

    _ALWAYS_ go under the radar. If you read the whole long version
    “One Year in Hell” Selco states that if you have a nice gun you will be targeted.
    The whole thrust was travel incognito and out of sight. Look poor and scraggly.
    Don’t look like a spec ops guy or you will be targeted. Blend in at all times.

    Unless I missed something, one should never look “interesting”. Never travel alone!
    Looking “armed” will just cause the observers to get more help so you can be taken.
    Choosing when to show strength is an important decision. “Ace in the Hole” so to speak.
    A smart raider would assume a target was armed, anyway. Better to keep them guessing
    at just how heavily armed you are, IMO.

    Love the blog, Selco!
    Hope to join once I get back to work, hopefully by summer. Lots to do, short time!

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