An Ordinary Day

Actually it is more correct to say ordinary night, because if we had some business to do outside house , we did it during the night, like trade, collecting wood, waiting for mre,s etc.

During the day we usually sleep, or doing the things inside house, yard. We waited for every rain to collect rain water from roofs in barrels,try to filter it trough gauze, boil it, then used that water for everything, other solution was to go to close river and take water, but mostly it was dangerous, at the beginning there were some effort from authority to supply streets with water with tankers, but soon that fall apart like everything else.

So another precious item became water container, plastic canister, to carry water. We did not have any water filters, or water purifying tablets, so i guess lot of diseases occurred as a result of dirty water. Connected with carrying things like water canisters or firewood people started do make all kinds of carts, most basic was cart made from plastic crate (originally used to transport bottles, beer for example) on that crate people attached small wheels from rollers, or toys, and that s it. Nothing fancy. Funny actually.

Hardest thing was to collect fire wood for cooking and heating during cold days, very soon city lost all trees, so we started to use every wood, i burned almost all my furniture, my books. We started with trips trough ruins to collect wood like door and window frames, furniture, wooden floors, parquetry.

During cold days it was a constant problem, to keep the fire. Just to mention all of my windows were broken, we just plug the holes with anything, and when you add ruined roof, holes, then you get the picture how cold can be.

You know in some of the movies of SHTF you ll see guy who is operating from his perfect house while world outside falling apart.Well everything, is falling apart, including your house, especially if you don t have knowledge to fix things in your house, or you don t have tools, so another advice, learn how things work in your house, and learn how to fix things, and especially- have tools for that.
There is nobody to call when your door lock is blown up, or to fix roof tile.

I spent few nights trying to make some system with tarps and drain pipes to collect water, i just did not have any experience with that.

Same was with almost every aspect of life, skills, it all comes to your skills how to make something, we were not prepare for that situation, so i guess when system failed to provide us with goods like food, water, medicine and any other kind of support, we just used skills to made them or acquire them.

Same is today i think,in the case of SHTF, even if we are prepared very good, sooner or later we going to exhaust our supplies, and then we gonna use our skills to made them.

I think good example is to have a big supply of food, but still know how to work in small garden. Great fortune was if somebody knew how to fix things, guns, locks, shoes, people…

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  1. Craig says:

    Thank you for providing so much info concerning life in a SHTF world. Please for give me if the following questions have been answered and I have just not found them on your site yet.

    My question for you involves dealing with human waste (urine and feces). Where did you go to the bathroom? What did you use for toilet paper, if anything?

    Would you consider toilet paper as a good item to stock pile and barter with?

    What did women do when it came to managing their menstrual cycle?


  2. JoelE says:

    Nobody appreciates “sanitation” until there is none. Human waste contamination is a serious threat in any type of post SHTF situations, and nothing can effect the downfall of a group faster than poor planning in this area. it is always amazing how quickly these disease types surface and spread in crowded situations when the public sewer facilities cease to operate, or only operate sporadically. Of what good is a 2450+ calorie per day stored freeze dried diet if your group is afflicted with diarrhea and dehydration. In Central America, we always remarked about the relative much better health of those living the highest on the Mountain. They were of larger stature, better fed, and in better health. Most of our group ended up getting sick at the lower elevations. Yes, S*** really does “roll downhill”.

    The point is, especially in the city, but actually anywhere you plan to be, you MUST consider this before the event, so you will be able to adequately address it later. Yes, port-a-potties work for a while, but ultimately you must find a way to safely handle this.

  3. Great points.


    Stuff like windows. Who thinks about repairing windows as a SHTF skill? But so true. The cold can kill you without ever firing a shot.

    Great thoughts. and good question on sanitation as well. I’ve gone over that one a handful of times as well.

  4. mid2007 says:

    where is the authority and police?
    are they attacked by the criminal?
    or they just go home and stay with their family?

  5. mid2007 says:

    especially if you don t have knowledge to fix things in your house, or you don t have tools
    And the material

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