Drugs during long term survival situations (Part II: Marijuana & other drugs)

Before SHTF I tried marijuana one or two times, and my alcohol experiences were connected to parties just like young folks everywhere around world.

In our political system people who used drugs of any kind were strictly separated from normal way of life, so in our city circle of folks who used any kind of drugs were stigmatized and definitely outsiders.

Nobody really talked about these people. So normal folks knew there are drug users, but what kind of people and drugs and any other details were not known much. Those kind of folks were just wrong kind of people and thats it. Period. That was before the war and total collapse of normal society.

My first contact with drugs during the collapse

When SHTF, I went with my friend to some guy because word was that someone sees him going out from military storage in the first days of chaos with few RPG. So we just want to check the guy and see can we trade something for that weapon.

After hours of finding right connections with people and digging trough the rumors we finally find the house of the guy. Man who brought us there went first in front of the house to call him, and he tell to me and my friend to take cover somewhere until he is done negotiating, because guy inside is heavily armed (from military storage) and he usually shoots first and then checks the remains of who was outside.

Finally we were cleared to go inside house. First floor looked like big animal fight with other big animal. Fight must have went on for few days. Everything was upside down, and common things were mixed with strange things. So you could see refrigerator taken upside down with bullet holes, and next to that there was traffic light severed from pylon.

First floor was not in use, guy made something like medieval fortress from his house. Second floor was in use and we climbed up there trough the hole in ceiling and some kind of navy stairs (ropes). His stairway was burned down.

We did not make any kind of trade for that RPGs because he fired all of that as he said. But I saw 5-6 full trash bags in one of the corner, and I asked him what is that? He said:“check it, be my guest“ .

Every bag was full of marijuana. There was small mountain of it. I never before saw so much of that stuff in one place.

I guess guy was dealer before the war, instinctively I was paralyzed, flashbacks of police, jail, courts, and folks point at you went trough my head. Man noticed that and laughs to me and say “do not worry, just take it and smoke it, that sh!t is our smallest problem now“. He was right and I was there to get a RPG but in shock in seeing drugs.

Why drugs matter during long term survival

I make myself unpopular here. Sorry, I just say what I experienced. Reality is not all clean and good or politically correct.

First I have to say we talk about long term survival scenario here. Few days of fearing for your life is problem, few weeks is crap, few months and more can easily take all will for survival from you and leave you empty.

It is hard to imagine and I never saw one of the “TV survival experts” do anything really long term.

Nobody who is sane probably does. I didn’t choose, I was thrown into this.

When the world breaks down around you, you want things to be normal. Even if you had bad life before in normal times it will feel like paradise to nightmare that happens outside or around you when you fight for your survival.

I do not do any drugs (besides coffee) and think drugs is for weak people… but if life slaps you around like it is hard to imagine, everyone becomes weak at some point.

So during the war marijuana was used to disconnect from horrors around you. When you find yourself with few friends in some safe building, basement, and if you have few cans of food, someone brings guitar and few bottles of alcohol and marijuana, you can start to feel an hour or two like nothing is wrong, people do not get shot outside, women do not scream in distance, peace is there again, at least for few hours, and for that small group of friends.

And when someone pass you small jar with hash „bubbles“ you can imagine almost that Jim Morrison came alive that night in that particular basement, in that small and unimportant city in Balkans, in the middle of civil war, and that he is gonna spend that night with you discussing about ridiculousness of life, and then play „The end“ song.

It also had some sort of therapeutic importance. When one of the member of our friends group died, we sit with someone close to him, for example with his brother and drink and smoke for a while, until he gets „numb“ from drugs. Only then we could tell him news about his brother. Everybody did that.

I can say that normal folks (something closest to today understanding of normal average folks) did not drink or smoke marijuana because they were curious what is like, or because they want something different. They did it in order to survive everyday life in new world.

You might think now, I never would do this. It is against my principle. When you see everything breaking down around you a lot of what you think now is principle falls away too.

So very soon some things that were wrong in normal times became natural. Folks started to smoke marijuana, even people who never heard for that, or even people who thought that is completely wrong to use it.

People started to trade for seeds, dealing advice how to grow it, dry it, what parts are best and son on. I am talking here about people who did not have clue about anything about that just few weeks before. Few weeks before it was completely wrong to know about these things.

Whenever I felt bad, or way too bad, or got some chance to sit with my friends I smoked marijuana. Older folks smoked it, grandpas smoked it. Joints made from newspapers, jars full of hashish, or bottle smoking.

It was so much of that stuff that even did not have some big value, I mean you could trade it but it was not very valuable because lots of folks grow it. When it is not illegal then it is completely other thing. When I told Jay while recording my course about this he was surprised. Seems like not many people knew that so many people start growing marijuana during the war but this stuff was everywhere.

Lots of the folks had it for few joints in their pockets always.

It was a pain medication too, when my cousin took out his infected tooth with electrical pliers, all of the „medicines“ he had were couple of joints before procedure, and half liter of heavy alcohol. Alcohol was for his wound and his stomach too.

Whatever you think about alcohol and drugs, you need to understand that they were important in that time, and they gonna be important again.

Hard drugs

Gangs still had access to them but of course, most of the real drug addicts, heavy drug addicts disappeared very soon. It was bad time for detoxification from heavy drugs when you had not time to stay in bed and throw up all day.

Of course people did some stupid and wrong things under these drugs too.

It was not time when you just can go out and drink and party. You needed to be alert most of the time.

It was wrong to drink a lot or get high before some hard jobs, like going out to find and trade things, because you just needed to be completely ready for anything. Anything that clouded your judgment and reflexes was wrong, and very dangerous.

I knew a guy who go out in wrong moment and gets shot in head, just because he thought that he hearing some music from the distance, his favorite song or something like that. He smoke too much, yes.

With all urban myths about how alcohol can keep you warm, or can give you more strength of course wrong things happened.

But for me, in some moments when it was very hard for me, alcohol and marijuana helped me to go trough some things. For all of you who still resolutely say that you are not gonna use alcohol or / and marijuana, just try to be prepared for a fact that those two things gonna be important when SHTF.

Don’t do drugs of course, but just like painkillers, some things have its place when things get really hard no matter if legal or illegal. Even if you can not imagine some things, part of being better prepared then next human who has to deal with same situation is to have a more flexible mind. To be ready for whatever gets thrown in your way.

As you know, soft drugs are controversial topic right now, especially in the US. Colorado and Washington legalized marijuana, legalization can cut cartel profits but maybe also create more smokers. What are your thoughts about marijuana?

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  1. Clinton Crafts says:

    It’s OK for the pharmaceutical companies to kill an average of 100,000 Americans per year (reactions, etc) without any blame, but grow your own marijuana and you are a criminal. Damn ridiculous! There was a time in America, before the pharmaceutical, timber, and oil industries helped get laws passed that would ban the use of marijuana, that it was perfectly legal to grown your own hemp…and if you smoked the buds no one cared. Now, the world is a brainwashed mass of sheeple who believe whatever their government tells them! “Be careful with marijuana! It’s dangerous!” It makes me laugh. Hell, Henry Ford’s first car was made of hemp!

    But, it’s perfectly OK to drink alcohol because the government says it’s OK. See a problem there? I do and I don’t even smoke! Every year, thousands of people are killed and injured because of accidents related to alcohol. Let’s not even talk about how many people become alcoholics and eventually develop cancers–some even committing suicide–because of what alcohol does. The government wants the tax revenues and when people stop obeying and growing their own, the liquor industry will dry up and die. What you put into your body is your problem. Like I said, it’s perfectly OK to drink–only because the government says you can.

    Great article you have written, as always, my friend. 🙂

  2. Acorn says:

    I don’t smoke myself, but I think it should be legal in the US. I’ve seen plenty of folks with habits of various substances since I had a band in my youth. Habitual marijuana smokers can be just as socially acceptable (keep a job, raise children, etc.) as those who consume alcohol. I think the biggest factor is that if it were legal to produce your own crop the government would not like missing that tax revenue.

    Speaking of growing, I’m no pro, but I’ve known a few that are. The biggest thing with growing is to isolate the female plants (a green house is best.) The females then produce the most THC and the buds are smokable. There are probably a ton of other useful tips with varietal selection, etc, but like I said I’m no pro. 😉

    What about bread poppies in your hard time Selco? I’d think those would have medical application and would already be growing in some gardens. I’ve entertained the idea of growing some since they are mostly legal here in the US.

    • anonlegion says:

      It no longer really matters anymore about the female plants needing to be isolated, most grown medical labeled maryjo is cloned from female plants only. You grow a mother plant and cut cut cut it dipping the bottoms into the clone solution and putting them in straight away.

  3. I think almost all people are very hypocritical about what does and very hypercritical about what others do.

  4. Carol says:

    Thank you, Selco, for another dose of reality.

  5. Richard Stone says:


    It’s important that we think survival here and unfortunately anytime the government puts its greedy hands on anything it lies thru disinformation, passes so-called laws to suppress and oppress the people and taxes it so they can get their Mafia share.

    In survival, it is important to know the TRUTH as the truth will not only set you free but will in many cases, save your life!

    Following is an example of the TRUTH about Hemp:

    Hemp is one of the most useful plants on Earth.

    For thousands of years, humans have used parts of the hemp plant for food, textiles, paper, fabric, and fuel oil. Today, modern processing technologies have made it possible to create alternatives to gasoline, plastic, and other petroleum products that can help the human race lessen its reliance on polluting and expensive fossil fuels.

    The hemp plant is a renewable resource that can be produced domestically. It grows quickly, naturally resists plant diseases, requires little weeding, thrives in most climates, and enriches the soil it grows in.

    Here are some of its most important applications:

    Food and Nutrition

    Hempseeds and hemp oil are highly nutritious and delicious. Hempseeds are an excellent source of protein, minerals, and dietary fibre. Hemp is the only plant that contains all of the essential fatty acids and amino acids required by the human body. These essential nutrients affect a variety of body functions, including metabolism, the skin, mood, behaviour, the brain, and the heart.

    Many people eat fish and take fish oil supplements to get these essential fats, however concerns around over fishing and the chemical contamination of modern fish have made many choose to switch to hemp instead. It is an especially excellent option for vegetarians.

    Hemp is also good for animals, and some veterinarians recommend including it in the diets of pets and livestock. In Europe, fishermen sprinkle hempseed on the water as an effective bait. When hempseed is included in bird seed, songbirds will pick it out of the mix as they prefer it over other seeds.

    Hemp foods are becoming more and more popular as the public discovers the nutritional benefits and culinary uses of hemp.

    Body Care

    Due to its high content of beneficial oils and natural emollient properties, hemp is becoming a common ingredient in lotions and many other skin, hair, and cosmetic products. It is a good alternative to the toxic chemicals present in many petroleum based lotions and cosmetics.


    Hemp is an ideal material for making paper. It regenerates in the field in months (unlike trees which can take 30 years or more to become harvestable after planting.) Moving towards the use of hemp for paper can help save the world’s forests.

    Historically, hemp has been used to make paper for thousands of years. It makes a fine quality paper that is naturally acid free and does not become yellow and brittle or disintegrate over time like conventional paper.

    Fabric, Textiles, and Rope

    Hemp can be used to make a variety of fabrics, similar to but more durable than cotton. Hemp is also excellent for making rugs and other textiles. The word canvas comes from the Latin word for hemp.

    The oldest known woven fabric was made from hemp, as were Levi Strauss’ original denim jeans, and the first American flag. It was a common material for clothing until the cotton industry gained strength in America.

    Hemp is the traditional rope making fibre due to its flexibility, strength, and resistance to water damage. In past centuries, hemp was extremely important to the Navy, the shipping trade, and fishing because it was used to make ropes, riggings, nets, and sails.


    For centuries, Hemp oil was used as lamp oil. It began to be phased out in America in the 1870s when petroleum was introduced.

    Today, hemp oil can be used to create biofuels to replace gasoline for diesel engines. Unlike fossil fuels, biofuels are renewable and produce less of the greenhouse gas carbon monoxide.

    Plastic Alternatives

    Standard plastic is made from fossil fuels using toxic chemicals. Almost everything we buy is wrapped in cellophane and our landfills are full of it. A variety of alternatives to plastic can be made from hemp.

    In 1941, Henry Ford held a media event where he swung an axe at a prototype car body made of hemp and other plant material to prove its strength. The technology was never put into mass production, cars continued to be made of steel, and plastics made from petrochemicals became the norm.

    Fortunately, the number of available products made from hemp plastics is on the increase as awareness of the importance of developing sustainable alternatives grows.

    Building Materials

    Hemp based materials can replace wood and other materials used to build homes and other structures including foundations, walls, shingles, paneling, pipes, and paint.

    The modern hemp building materials Hempcrete and Isochanvre are lightweight, waterproof, fireproof, self-insulating, and resistant to pests.

    Hemp’s Past and Future

    If hemp is so useful and practical, why hasn’t everyone heard of it? The answer lies primarily in politics. In the United States, growing hemp is largely prohibited and there is a great fear around it due to its resemblance to marijuana. Hemp may look like marijuana, however it does not contain the active chemicals that cause mind-altering effects.

    Historically, hemp was important in America and several of the founding fathers grew it on their estates. Thomas Jefferson himself said, “Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth and protection of the country.” There were times when farmers were legally required to grow it. During World War Two, the American government encouraged farmers to grow it to help aid the war effort.

    In the 1930s, a “reefer madness” campaign began in the United States to stir up fear around marijuana and hemp. Today it is clear that these beginnings of “the war on drugs” were pushed into being by the newspaper, cotton, and petroleum industries which have all benefited financially from hemp prohibition. There are many people in the United States working to make growing hemp legal, however for the time being the laws remain restrictive.

    In Canada, the cultivation of hemp has been allowed by the federal government since 1998 with a special license. Hopefully, as hemp becomes a growing agricultural sector in Canada and other countries, the availability of hemp based products will continue to grow worldwide.

    To Your Survival,

  6. Cavernator says:

    Hello. I have been adict for weed during long years; But after a long job, , now, iff i don’t have some during many weeks, i don’t care.
    When i have found that usefull, it was when my little brother is dead, , and also two years later when my mother is dead too, and again there is two years ago, when my father is dead too.
    During the last days before the cimetery, i use weed a lot, really a lot;
    The last time after the dead of my dad, i have used weed during many month, because, it is a lot off thing to do in the same time, because i am the last of the familly, so there is many officials papers to do, and many official thing s to do.
    You have to go to the hospital to know when they will bring back home your parent’s body, and you have to go to chosse the coffin, and to go to speak whith the man who will open the grave, and to the office to do the papers who are needed for all that. And there is nobody more than yourself to do all that is the same time, and also, don’t forget to call all the familly and friends etc etc. So made a splif , a good big one than you keep for you and don’t share it with friends.
    There is a strange feeling for me to said to myself, than i am the last one.
    So yes, weed have been beter than to go to see a psychiatric specialist.
    I don’t whant to use the autorised pills and that kind of things, because i do know some peoples who are adict whith the official medicine, and years after yeras, they just stay “stiked ” for that and need always stronger’s drugs.That cost alot for the money and for the ealth.
    I can said than in my life, the weed have been usefull for that kind of situations, it give me the force to go ahead;to don’t fall down .
    I don’t whant to said to use it , it is very bad to do this, and it is forbiden.
    I just said than i know what to do whith it.

  7. Rod says:

    Thanks again, Selco. You have captured an often overlooked segment of long term stress that many will not talk about. I notice that those who touted God over alcohol, after part I, have remained silent. May I say from experience, that belief in God has not helped one bit with 9 disc herniations, 8 surgeries, and the resultant bowel and sexual malfunction. I am probably screwed when the SHTF but I’ll be taking several with me before I go to the other side while relieving the pain in any way possible.

    • Selco says:

      You are welcome Rod.
      Yes, in short we all gonna be tested when SHTF, our faith, our strength. I know for a fact that people acted different and whatever man says today in normal times about how he will react, that gonna be tested when SHTF.
      Very few kept high moral when SHTF, it is not about am i like it or not, it is how it was.

  8. Meridian says:

    I’ve smoked a lot of pot in my time (and tried just about everything else at least once too), but I’m one of those people that simply cannot function when stoned, I get way too paranoid. I know a whole lot of people who can function just fine, but I am not one of them. I cannot imagine being stoned in such a scenario. I’d be curled up in a corner on the floor frozen in terror thinking of all the possible things that could happen and how I’m too high to deal with them intelligently. I guess maybe you get used to living in terror all the time, and have a better understanding of when it’s ‘safe’, but for now… man, I just can’t even imagine it.

    • Doc Blase says:

      …”I’ve smoked a lot of pot in my time (and tried just about everything else at least once too), but I’m one of those people that simply cannot function when stoned, I get way too paranoid….”

      Me too. But if it works for you and you can use it intelligently, without huring anyone else, go for it. I voted for the WA marijuana law passage and am proud we did it. But if SHTF I’ll go for the wine. 🙂

      Thanks Selco for another thought-provoking post.

      Doc B

  9. HarryHydro says:

    When I mention the value of hemp/marijuana in a SHTF scenario, there is always someone saying that it is illegal and bad, etc. But they don’t have the vision to see into a future where there is no one to say what is bad or not, what is good or not. Marijuana seeds that are illegal now might have trading potential when there is no longer any law. Your excellent article fully supports my arguments on the value of certain drugs in the SHTF future. Thank you.

  10. Shootertom says:

    Hmm! I thought this might be about the medical stuff you will need to keep yourself, your family and associates alive during SHTF. Under a SHTF scenario, the first to die are going to be those who are in need of drugs to stay alive and those drugs will become unavailable and any inventories going bad from being out of date.. Diabetics will be among the first as insulin requires refrigeration for storage. For me, my artificial mitral heart valve requires Coumadin to keep my blood in a clotting range that is safe and not allow the heart valve to create a clot making a stroke or heart attack. Hence my time would be limited as even if I had the Coumadin it requires regular lab checks to keep the doseage on track. You should read the book, One Second After, it is an eye opener.

    Aspirin would head the list for SHTF drugs. This includes the alternates too. Next would be some broad spectrum antibiotics that keep well without special storage needs. Both oral and injection types would be good as well as a ointment variety for external use. Something for insect bites and stings also would be good. A antiseptic of some kind would also be good. Much of this is inexpensive and available over the counter except for the antibiotics. Fortunately, antibiotics are sold in farm supply stores without the need for prescriptions. Many if not most are the same as used for human consumption, all you have to do is determine the proper dose. Pain killers such as moriphine would be good but I am clueless how one would go about getting any.

    Just some practical (I think) thoughts for when things really go bad and drugs are needed for survival, not recreation or relaxation.


  11. j.r. guerra in s. tx. says:

    I’ve never understood why marijuana is illegal but alcohol is okay. Vehicle accidents, spouse and child abuse, rape, assault, unsafe sex practices and a whole host of other crimes occur, alcohol often being an influence. Marijuana – laziness, laughter and a case of the munchies – big whoop!

    ShooterTom, a person I know has claimed that his use of baby aspirin for his blood thinning has really worked, to the point where a bad cut can really cause some major bleeding out. Any needing blood pressure medications or other daily meds should take care to gather as large a supply of them before their loss is an immediate effect if SHTF.

  12. Lefty Prepper says:

    Another thought provoking post Selco.

    In my work with homeless teens I frequently saw youth who wouldn’t have tried pot or wouldn’t have smoked as much had they been living under “normal” circumstances. They smoked, or drank, to try to deal with an overwhelming situation. I think most of us can conceive of doing that. But we’re getting sidetracked with the legal/illegal question here, cause Selco has once again opened up a psychological can of worms. It’s not so much the choice of “I’m going to do something illegal now,” that’s important as it is “I’m going to do something that I thought I would never do.” When survival forces you to make those kind of decisions over and over you can get seperated from who you thought you were. And when you most need to be on top of your game is when you most need to be sure of yourself. We’ve heard of some guy who goes off to war and “loses himself” after taking part in some horror. Well, its partly the horror of the situation and partly the shock at finding oneself capable of something so inconceivable that messes with people. I think that’s what Selco was getting at here, not only “expect social norms to shift” but also “don’t beat yourself up for your norms shifting some too.”

  13. Grog says:

    Concerning the use of drugs, while you do and have mentioned earlier about Alcohol and some of its uses when not being consumed for drinking and other items like Marijuana , there are benefits in cases where things like Aspirin may not be available, eg Leaves of marijauna soaked in alcohol (Per the person who told me this, either Vodka or Grain Alcohol is best) for a pultice on inflammed joints for some forms of pain control. I do not advocate herbs where other medications are available, however given what you mention and the things to watch out for (eg Do not get stoned/swhackhammered) before heading out or working. I was in the Military for several years and on things like Ambush or Recon, 100% Straight was the base level to operate in. As to getting into a state where it may be needed in order to deal with grief or the like, take care these substances DO NOT become a crutch. I do think you did make good mention of why NOT to use these things, but addressing, Yes it may infact happen. Be aware! are great points to consider, I have prepped and trained militarily for TSHTF, in Civilian life, it takes a lot more. Without those kinds of logistics , Tough just got tougher.

    While I was not in Kosovo and more in SouthWest Asia and Other locals, I do acknowledge your sharing of experiences has great value. Thus one of two reasons why I bought a subscription to your site, Yes, Mr. Spirko having you on his podcast led me to check it out and decide for myself. While I think your command of english is better than you acknowledge. 🙂 Great post and site, Thanks Selco and Happy Holidays for you and those you love.

    • Selco says:

      Because my job, I am in contact almost every day with people who are abusing drugs and alcohol ,so I can watch how that things can destroy your life, and life of people around you. I am perfectly aware that drinking too much alcohol and smoking marijuana can not lead you trough survival alone. And to mention again my addiction is coffee only for a long time.
      It would be easier probably if i could say that only strong faith in better tomorrow lead me trough all of that but it would be a lie, i needed some help to go trough that, just like most of the folks.
      Of course there is no sense to understand all of this like a suggestion that when SHTF let s all just get drunk and stoned. I recognized that things as a aid in some situations and i used it, and that s it.
      For the people who state that “God will lead us trough all horrible situations when SHTF, and we gonna have help from Him” I cannot say that they are wrong or right. I think i can say that I admire them if they have that attitude and they gonna keep that attitude when times get tough. Anyway religion is private thing, and it is OK to keep it private. All of us gonna decide for itself what to do.
      I can say that it was hard to distinguish good from bad, and any kind of guidance is welcomed.

      Again thanks, and Happy Holidays to you too.

  14. sput says:

    There are unfortunately pot addicts that are not functionally useful. My ex was one —

  15. Larry says:

    Hmmm, I am not one to comment on “mary-J” use, as I’ve only tried it a couple of times, and it was totally worthless, as far as I was concerned. One time I sat with friends, after work, and one broke out a bottle of
    “Jack Daniels” and another dug out a pack of weed, and soon everybody was passing it around. I enjoyed a slight “buzz from the whisky, but just like the one other time I tried it, I had no more reaction from it than if I
    smoked a regular cigarette. Now, since I had a serious roll-over accident 5 years ago, and had my hips and pelvis broken, I am stuck on using oxycodone on a regular basis. I can get the same relief with aspirin, or tylenol, but they have serious side effects when used over a long period. I switch back and forth. On days when I don’t have to work, I can get by with little or none at all. Like most preppers, I worry about how I will get any of it after ” TEOTWAWKI” so I “stash away”‘ a little just in case.

  16. Jim Holmes says:

    Guys, I didn’t take Selco’s post to mean anything other than what he said. It wasn’t a “legalize marijuana” posting. What I got from it was that ANY person under the tremendous stress and horror dealt out by something like war can or will use whatever means available to help them cope and get through the day.

    WAY back in the academy days, I remember during a discussion that I said something like, “When you pop that trunk on a suspicious vehicle, and see 300,000 in cash just sitting there, it’s going to go through you mind that it sure would be nice to keep some.

    The backlash was pretty ugly, at least half said that they’d never consider it. Very righteous response. Same response to drug use.

    Anything can be a drug. The control of drugs is no more and no less a false-flag operation to help increase our master’s control of our everyday lives. Even the argument about marijuana is just so much self-serving blather – to use drugs on a day to day basis without cause is weakness, pure and simple. I’ve met people with severe psychiatric problems who were BETTER on marijuana, and worse on the prescriptions. ALL drugs have their uses. And if I were in my own version of Bosnia, I know I’d at least consider the use of them to keep me sane. None of us here can even fathom what Selco went through, and what millions around the world are going through while war ravishes their land.

  17. OldTCS says:

    I had a lot of experience with pot long ago. When the mil started urine testing in the early 80’s, I had to choose. I chose to stop. I never experienced anything close to addiction, despite a LOT of use. I never got into the drugs that are the typical addictive drugs, like heroin.
    I know that constant high threat levels can get people wound pretty tightly. Things can go bad pretty fast from that alone. Pot seems to me to be one of the best things to use to unwind. Just don’t add other drugs to it to “improve” it.
    I’ve heard that today’s pot is addictive because it’s so much stronger than before. I don’t know if that’s true, but it shouldn’t be a factor in a SHTF scenario anyway. I doubt there’ll be much of a market for designer pot when everyone can just grow their own if they want it.

    Good post!

  18. TC says:

    Another excellent article! Your thoughts remind me of a subject I studied sometime ago, very under researched and not discussed, but the use of drugs in standing ‘professional’ armies during times of conflict, often for the same reasons you describe Selco, a brief summation here http://www.highestfive.com/combat/drug-use-and-addiction-in-war/ but many, many other examples along with some limited studies…

  19. john says:

    I’ll pass on the pot…even in SHTF. I’ve tried it 3 times. All it does is make me go to sleep. I don’t get it. Also, I cannot stand being around stoned people. It makes them act like mentally defective people. I can handle being around drunk people as long as they are not the type who become violent when they get drunk or they don’t get so drunk they get sick. For me, alcohol is tolerable, but pot is just dumb. Stronger drugs than alcohol or pot scare me.

    • Random_guy says:

      You just identified a reason to use it… it helps you to sleep. Pot is just a plant with psychotropic properties; it’s not dumb (or even cognitive at all that we know of). The point is to figure out what works when your environment changes abruptly and you need to adapt.

  20. N says:

    “What are your thoughts about marijuana?”

    – Many americans dont realize that marijuana is literally everywhere. There is not a single town or highschool where it is not available. My point is that if your kids/grandkids want it, they can already get it. Legalizing it will not produce any more smokers than already exists. Also there are millions more people who regularly use drugs than those who do not have any idea. You encounter them all the time and mostly have no idea. Its like guns. For every moron who accidentally shoots himself in the foot or accidentally kills his friend, there are 70 million gun owners who killed noone last year. The only difference is the accident makes the news. Im not saying we should all embrace drugs or that they r harmless, just that simple education makes more sense than fighting a neverending war on drugs that costs us billions of dollars a year to not even put a dent in the use and trafficing of drugs. Legalizing even just weed would defund american gang activity and defund the cartels that profit so heavily from it. Do we see phillip morris salespeople decapitating camel advertisers for a bigger share of the market? Do liquor store owners do drivebys to intimidate other liquorstore owners? Look at prohibition vs post-prohibition. Making something illegal only serves to increase price, reduce safety/quality, and make organized criminals filthy rich and powerful enough to fund their own armies. It’s way past time we take a responsible second look at many of our current policies in the usa.
    In addition, it sets a dangerous precedent to allow the government to tell u what is and is not ok to do with your own body in private. The fda is as corrupt as the day is long and every year approves deadly drugs which later are found to kill more people than smoking a naturally grown, unchanged plant ever has. This same fda is trying to run every natural herbal/remedy company out of business and telling us that they arent safe and that only drugs (approved by them of course) can cure or treat any illness. It’s all about money and government power. I dont use drugs and will educate my children on the dangers of them when the time is right, however i dont wish for my tax dollars to be wasted busting people who r minding their own business and i sure as hell dont want a government that thinks it knows what best for me and intends to force me to do or not do according to who is currently in the pockets of the politicians.

  21. Tim says:

    Well, I’d like to give you guys a perspective from a Christian who is also an herbalist. Most herbalist I know understand that marijuana is simply an herb like any other with medicinal benefits and advocate decriminalization. They realize the problem is with our corrupted corporate America and it’s unholy alliance with the government.

    My preacher was teaching a sermon one day and he told us a story of a man stranded on top of his house during a flood for days when a a rescue boat came by. The rescuers called out to the man to get in the boat. The man refused saying, “God will save me!” Then next day the water level was rising higher when another rescue boat came by. The rescuers pleaded with the man to get in the boat. But the man refused saying “God will save me!” By the third day the water level was almost covering the house. He was standing on the very top when a helicopter came by. Once again the man refused to be rescued. Unfortunately the man was swept away by the flood and drowned. He gets to heaven and angrily asks God, “Why didn’t you save me?! I waited for you for days!” God responded, “Well I sent 2 boats and a helicopter.”

    The moral is sometimes God puts us in situations to test our response. If you acknowledge the fact that God created all things in heaven and on earth, then God created all herbs including marijuana. Marijuana is neither good nor evil. It is simply an herb to be used by man. It’s no different then any tool you may pick up. You can repair your truck with a wrench and save the day for your kids soccer game. Or you can bash someones brains out with that same wrench. Does that make the wrench evil? Should we outlaw wrenches? Of course not. And it’s just as ridiculous as the propaganda our so called government has spread about marijuana.

    Don’t let ignorance deter you from using marijuana to help you now or later in a SHTF scenario. But don’t let marijuana become an evil tool either. God wants us to use his creations responsibly. Don’t let man convince you otherwise!

    I’m glad to see me have so many open-minded educated people here. It reaffirms that I’m in the right place….

    • N says:

      You pretty much nailed it tim. If i was in a shtf situation and had some downtime i might use it to de-stress if offered. Also i would recommend it to anyone with terminal cancer or going through chemo treatment, or with food poisoning. There’s nothing better on this earth to relieve nausea and give a healthy appetite. That being said. Overuse can be demotivational and inhibit brainpower. Like everything, some at certain times can be fine, too much too often will bring unwanted side effects. I dont believe God would be disappointed in anyone who used responsibly for a decent reason, just like any other medical or psychiatric treatment. We all have different hormone/chemical makeups and we all have different situations in life.

    • Dave says:

      “All things are lawful for me, but not all things are profitable.
      All things are lawful for me, but I will not be mastered by anything.” 1 Corinthians 6:12

      I like Selco’s post and position in a SHTF situation. Unfortunately, I have to take issue with your position Tim which strongly seems to imply that using marijuana is okay in other than SHTF situations. You said, “Don’t let ignorance deter you from using marijuana to help you now or later in a SHTF scenario.” With emphasis on using it now. That could prove very unprofitable depending on the surrounding legal situation regardless of government being right or wrong. I know of harmed and destroyed lives that started their downward trend with being turned on to marijuana.

      You also said, “God wants us to use his creations responsibly.” Poison Ivy is also a God created herb, but the immediate harsh consequences pretty well settles that choosing to smoke it is not very responsible or smart. Unfortunately the harmful consequences from choosing to smoke marijuana are more insidious. In a SHTF situation where there is no more law it may very well be profitable for many of the reasons Selco stated. When law still exists whether the law is right or wrong, the potential consequences are pretty severe.

      So, do you want one of your children going to prison because you told them it was okay just don’t get caught. And, for some reason they failed to manage the don’t get caught part. I’d love to see you arguing your self-righteous position that it is one of God’s herbs in front of the judge. It didn’t help my buddy who lost his military aviation career. I understand the cancer problem, since I have a friend that went through this. My recommendation to him was to move where medical marijuana was legal. Otherwise you could end up on the losing end of the stick. Recreational use is a completely different ball game. There are some jobs that you lose the ability to do because of random drug tests. Is it worth losing your job? Question “e” on ATF Form 4473 makes a user ineligible to purchase a firearm or if you do still purchase a firearm where these forms are required to be filled out, then it makes you a liar. Legally owned property is subject to confiscation. Children are subject to being removed from their biological parents home. A user is subject to being incarcerated and finding themselves in the court system with never ending fines. Is it responsible to put yourself in this position?

      The example you set for your own children is bad enough, but cause another’s child to stumble by your poor example that marijuana is okay even when the law says no is quite another.

      “Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe to stumble, it would be better for him if, with a heavy millstone hung around his neck, he had been cast into the sea.” Mark 9:42

      I recently had the pleasure of picking up my daughter’s favorite male cousin at the airport when he flew in for her wedding. We had a three hour ride to our destination. He started expounding on all of the benefits of marijuana over alcohol. I started playing devil’s advocate with all the potential negatives. Like most dopers think they do, he had it all figured out for every possibility and considered himself too smart to get caught. I looked that young man in the eye and said, “You may very well have it all figured out, but if you give my daughters a positive plug for that trash and they don’t have it figured out like you and then get into trouble, you and I are going to have problems boy! Do you understand me?” He assured me he wouldn’t say anything to my daughters about dope.

      Another male cousin came in for the wedding whom I’m sure got the word to not say anything to his uncle Dave about pot. Shortly after the wedding this kid moves in with another kid whose place got raided within two weeks of him moving in, and the cops found 10 pounds of marijuana in the house. It was the other kid’s dope, but my cousin none the less is now subject to suffer harsh consequences just for living under the same roof with the kid who was obviously dealing even if he knew nothing about it. I wonder what the one who considered himself too smart to get caught now thinks about his favorite male cousin’s current legal troubles? I also wonder how he might have negatively influenced the one now in trouble?

      I have a former christian brother that I broke fellowship with for positively plugging marijuana and being an active user. He also claims to have it all figured out where he won’t get into any trouble. Now, I’d like to know what is responsible about a father that would put himself into a position where the state can come in and remove all of his children from under his roof and farm them out to God know what in this day and age? I would like nothing better than to be reconciled with this brother, but it is not going to happen as long as he holds his positive position on marijuana. I enjoyed our friendship, but I feel I would not be a true friend to let him believe I support him in his illegal activity that could potentially have all of his children removed from his care. Also, what kind of example is he setting for his children and what if any of them suffer future harmful consequences because they just happened to not have it all figured out like daddy and it was daddy’s example that led them astray?

      I have no doubt my flesh could enjoy marijuana just like my former friend does because of my personal experiences from a foolish youth, but I hate the trash with the utmost hatred because of the harmed and destroyed lives I personally know about because of lax attitudes like you project.

      The rules change in a SHTF situation as Selco has stated where it may very well be the more profitable choice (and I don’t mean monetary) depending on what people are going through. But to soft pedal it where laws still exist that can cause the ones who manage to get busted lives to take a serious turn for the worse, not to mention the adverse reactions others may experience such as highly diminished ambition or gateways to worse things is very irresponsible, and you should be ashamed for making a post that could very well cause others to stumble.


      Dave with another Christian viewpoint

      p.s. If any reader lives in Colorado or Washington state or their trend of recreational legalization spreads to all other states, this post will have to be amended accordingly. I wonder if question “e” on ATF form 4473 will still apply? They are not excused for DUI. Also while the legal consequences will be removed it is a brand new social experiment that has the potential to prove as harmful for some has the failed sexual revolution social experiment has proved for women.


  22. JX says:

    On the subject of weed I’m not going to say much. I do know that all strains of weed are either Cannabis Sativa or Cannabis Indica, or a hybrid of both. Second, Cannabis is both fat and alcohol soluble.

    I mean that you can make Marijuana infused food and drink that will last longer and go farther tan the original plant.

    Google “Space Cakes” And “Green Dragon Soda”

    Secondly, Selco, in regards to making tobacco go farther by making it into Hookah tobacco, (or “Shisha” As we know it in the west.) Here’s a few links:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elOh6-C4sh8 (Making Homemade Shisha)
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1IZnoR0caA (Homemade Hookah example)

    I’m sure you know where to get all three main ingredients.

    • ttpm says:

      Selco’s point was the value of pot to deal with stress and the broader number of people that used it during the war. He was not advocating de-criminalization in the US, as others have pointed out. The point was that the number of people that had reached their ‘stress limit’ had increased dramatically and pot became an acceptable release. Maybe those here that are already fighting their ‘war’ should reread the post or put the bong down.

      I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s and was very familiar with the drug world. I would say that from what I saw, pot was often a gateway drug for many psychologically weak or addictive personalities. Not a gateway drug for everyone, but for many, and it was impossible to predict who would get in trouble with it. Several friends from then never made it out of the ‘haze’ and they were otherwise good people. From the vantage point of many years, it seems those that didn’t escape the haze never emotionally matured – it’s still high school with a heavy dose of bitterness.

      Selco’s post got me thinking of the number of people that are unstable but functional today and how they may end up ‘with a bullet in the head’ relatively soon once the flag goes up. I think this group may be bigger than many suspect because they have not had to develop coping skills like the Depression or similar circumstances – the US has enjoyed the ‘land of milk and honey’ for several generations.

      For me, I may stock alcohol for its’ utility, but will avoid pot. YMMV.

  23. Irish-7 says:

    I take narcotic pain medication every day. These pills are for spinal conditions from parachute injuries early in my military career. I am not very mobile without my medicine. In fact, I told my family to prop me up in a corner with my Mini-14 and a few magazines when I run out pills (post SHTF). We stockpile the traditional beans, bullets and band-aids in preparation for long term crisis. It is very difficult to stock opiates, in that there is such a huge illegal market for prescription drugs. Consequently, the medical and law enforcement communities are watching for excessive quantities of these pills. I see that many survival experts recommend saving the medicine that was not consumed after surgery, dental work, car accidents, etc. They say that narcotics will be great barter items. After reading your articles, Selco, I now see why. Recently there has been a huge legal market for medical marijuana. Folks out west swear that pot can be used as a pain reliever. I almost think that I should try to get some seeds and grow some weed for my own pain relief. I don’t think that opium poppy seeds are available in the United States. I have been reluctant to pursue any illegal methods so far, in that I am a law abiding citizen. I really don’t have a lot of options, other than suffer. Any advice would be appreciated.

    • Selco says:


      Considering everything you said i would think about marijuana growing, or at least i would be very prepared for marijuana growing when SHTF. You just need to be prepared.

  24. I dont want you to know ;-) says:

    I experimented with some to prepare. It is best to know what you are doing before it goes wrong.

    Marijuana – Although it is illelgal in many places, buying and owning seeds is quite legal in most places. When SHTF no one cares what you are doing anymore.
    Khat – A stimulant which keeps you sharp. Many Muslim countries look the other way at this African herb, it is often refered to as “the herb of God (Allah)”. Perfect for staying sharp for long hours. It is not on the scope of illegal drugs in most countries
    Salvia – Plant which is legal world wide. You will find it in many gardens. About 5 leaves will give you an LSD type trip, however it’s effect is only about 5 minutes.
    Tobacco – Tobacco plants are quite easily grown in many types of climates. I’m getting some soon to get in some pratice at growing it. Tobacco leaves are also good to use instead of rolling papers.
    Alcohol – I hope to have gained the capability for producing distilled alcohol before the coming harvest. I have enough fruit trees 😉 I don’t feel the need to comment on it’s use, or legality.

    Common synthetic drugs – I have tried many of them (I lived in a country where it was legal) and found them very useful. However, I found them hard to acquire in sufficient amounts in these times, let alone a time of shortage. Some of these drugs will cause you a lack of good judgement and/or heavy emotional reactions.

    • I dont want you to know ;-) says:

      And I forgot:
      Calafornian poppies – Legal and non addictive version of th opium poppy. Very useful against pain. Do remember it will get you very drowsy and distant.

  25. Sally says:

    Don’t ever kick yourself for this. I am pro
    Marijuana all the way. It has a recreational
    Purpose in moderation and many medicinal
    Properties much safer than the alternative
    Pharmaceuticals. RN speaking to you. It’s
    Been used for thousands of years prior to
    Pharmaceuticals. Glad you’re alive and here
    To share with everyone.
    Thank you Selco.

  26. NWDUB says:

    People who say cannabis is bad because you could go to jail or you teach your kids things and they’ll go to jail are incredibly dense. Scared people who think god said don’t do drugs because your government outlawed it and God said obey laws. He didn’t say obey unjust laws, did he? Or he did he say roll over and let the gov’t trample all over you?

    Jesus went to jail multiple times. Nobody ever said going to jail was a sin.

    Cannabis is as useful as anything. Male plants can be grown tall and their fibers used for paper, rope, jute twine, eating, making oil (perfect balance of omega 3-6-9). Their fan leaves you can eat like salad. On female plants the buds are smokable, you can make tinctures, hashish, hash oil, it’s also edible. Female plants you can also eat the fan leaves though a lot may get you a little bit high.

    It’s used for stomach aches and diarrhea, and of course nausea. It’s also used for pain. It’s not an analgesic in the typical sense. It basically makes pain more tolerable. There has been a lot of recent research into this and why it is the key to surviving. Of course you can’t just say “blaze it 420 every day bro” because you must be proactive in your survival and the top of your game, but at the same time you need to relax and sleep to remain sane over a long period of time. You get high, but over time you get used to the high so you will function better and better on it but you must have self restraint. It is not addictive, but the stresses of life will make you want to use more and more.

    Alcohol plays many key roles as well, but both have their uses. I believe a swig of alcohol is better before a mission than a toke. one makes you timid, the other makes you confident. Confidence (not cockyness) is key to accomplishing your mission at hand. Afterward when you need to sleep, a toke may be perfect.

  27. Hillbilly says:

    Back about five years ago when I had cancer, a doctor told me to make a Tea out of “Buds” simple to do and I can tell you from first hand experience it works to relieve pain. Wasn’t just the cancer I was suffering from. Both my shoulders were frozen up. Very painful, much more than the cancer…
    Take a couple of Buds and place them in a little boiling water, about a cup just to soften them up. Now add about 2 tablespoons of milk, stir for a minute. Now pour it thru a strainer. tastes like crap so add a little honey, makes it easier to drink. Don’t make any plans, you’re not going anywhere for about 4 hours, but your not going to be in pain either..

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