Loyalty in your survival group

When I write about SHTF world and interactions between people in that time, I always emphasize that you cannot trust in people any more. There are many examples why in my course.

Your neighbour that had been always nice to you in normal times is simply not same guy when SHTF, because now he may have hard time to keep his family fed, and comparing to his family you are nothing.

So simply trust no one outside your group.

Your group matters, you need people who you can trust, people that you can put your life in their hands. It is your group of people that you are preparing with for the time when SHTF.

Loyalty is one thing that you need to “grow”, and it needs time to grow, that is why it makes sense to have prepared your group before SHTF, it may be slow process, and you need to be sure what kind of people you have there.

My SHTF experience was very bad from the perspective of what I saw when it comes to loyalty.

When you have big number of unprepared folks thrown in really hard situation like war, you can see all kind of examples, mostly bad one.

Yes, I saw people betraying their friends, or even families. Sometimes for the few more hours of life.
Sometimes even for food.

But I have seen also people getting killed trying to save their families, sometimes they were almost sure that they going to get killed.

My old school friend get killed at the beginning of the war simply because he did not wanted to leave his wife under the ruins of collapsed house, he was trying to save her until the moment when rest of the building collapsed and kill them both.

And I already mention people trying to help friends or family members who get shot and wounded from sniper fire, only to get themselves killed from the same sniper.

Once I was pass out from the explosion (detonation) and my relative drag me to safety, while shells were still exploding.
You need to know what kind of people you have with you when it comes to loyalty.

Before you expect loyalty, ask yourself, are you loyal?

What kind of man you are? Do you have feeling of belonging to the group and what that group mean to you?
Of course there is your family or your friends inside the group, but what kind of the things you are ready to do for them? Do not expect more from them if you are not ready to do similar for them.

What keeps your group together?

There s few answers to that, fear can keep group together, or temporary circumstances too can keep it together when SHTF, but both of those examples will keep it together on very short run, and be sure that group not going to function good.

If members of the group are loyal to each other group will function much better, loyalty will be thing that keeps it together when things get tough. Creating a shared goal, idea and identity everyone feels part of, is another way to create more loyalty. You want as much things to be loyal to as possible. Patriots are examples of people loyal to something bigger.

Loyalty to the country always. Loyalty to the government when it deserves it.

Mark Twain

I would slightly modify the quote for survival groups and add “loyalty to the group and cause” and not the government. Some of us also do not feel loyal to country anymore because most important ideas and values that country was build upon have been lost long time ago. Just look in your group who is loyal to something. These people can be loyal to your cause or group as well if they want to.

Be realistic

Just try to be realistic when it comes to the loyalty of the people in your group. They are people, not machines. Do not ask from them impossible things.

Everybody has a breaking point. It is important to know EXACTLY where (or when) that breaking point is in every man. Observe people and see where their limits are in low risk situations.

Expect some weird things when people get to that breaking point. You may be surprised when you find out that some “tough” guys have much lower breaking point than you expected. When people break they often forget to put group interest first and just think about themselves. So a loyal weaker person can be much more worth than tough guy who is very selfish.

Point is to understand loyalty ends somewhere for most people. Try to find out that breaking point today BEFORE the SHTF so you can know what to expect.

Vision, goal and causes in your survival group

I saw some groups turn to gangs simply because it was easiest thing to do and took not much effort besides lack of compassion for others. There was no shared cause, vision or goal. Just selfish people who want to survive. Same groups often fell apart because of internal fighting.

In other words what makes group of survivalists different from the simple group of scavengers and thieves? Vision, goals or a cause.

While one group is simply going to use the opportunity of lack of law to do nasty things, other group will try to survive in order to make some sense in all of that chaos. In short you MUST have goal or cause however strange that can sound. Our simple shared cause was to keep our family save. Very simple. I went out and risked my life every day for people back at our place. Think now about shared cause or goal when you are with other families or friends in survival group.

For someone it may be trying to survive in order to build better society afterwards, for other trying to teach folks good things. Do not ever let your group get lost without cause or vision of better tomorrow. A cause or vision can carry group like picture of a loved one you look at when you are held hostage.

A cause can be simply to survive to tell others how it was back then. In this sense I found another cause years after, writing here today.

Share your thoughts and plans on your survival group in our forum and get feedback from other survivalists and preppers.

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  1. Japheaux says:

    “A cause can be simply to survive to tell others how it was back then. In this sense I found another cause years after, writing here today.”

    That sentence can work when all else fails–it is awesome that you included it. There will be those breaking points when rational people totally lose it because their minds can no longer process what ‘it all means,’ and what’s worth trying to survive.

    Really thinking about the values in one’s life TODAY will help with those times when one questions one’s causes in traumatic situations. Thanks, Selco.

    • Selco says:

      Sure, there must be something that keep each of us connected to the human side, no matter what chaos is happening around us.Otherwise man could lost himself or simply turn to animal.

  2. RangerRick says:

    Just a year ago, I had a man that had been coming to my Preparedness trainings I put on every Saturday at the church tell me that he was at Fort Bragg North Carolina in a meeting room and had a General come up to him and tell him; myself and 3 other Oath Keepers in North Idaho were to be removed. He needed to abandon our friendship .

    I had known this man a few years, he went to my church and so on, but he did make a choice. He told me bad things were coming my way and no more. This man chose to protect the enemy within the government and cut me loose to sink or swim. You may think folks will stand by / with you ,but I have found most will run.

    That said the majority of this group of 25 families all ran off to hide. Don’t call, stop by or email me ever again.
    Now it has been a year and things have happen to confirm what this man told me, but as a group that trained together for two years, packed up and ran. What will they do for each other in bad times.No Trust there I would say.

    I wonder how they will deal with each other when the feds or enemy troops start down their driveway. Who will they trust or turn to then? I am glad I found out how they would react then, than really count on them now.

    My Sheriff got involved and found this man was a plant and I was surprised, but that is how life is.
    Pick your group carefully, even family and friends will turn on you. It is in the Bible.
    Stay Safe,RangerRick

  3. Ed Parker says:

    When what is coming the America is over, these writings will be taught to every school child. They should grow up in reality, and not the fairy land foisted upon them today. God Bless You and your work.

  4. Matt in Oklahoma says:

    What were you doing that drew such attention to yourself to begin with?
    I doubt a General in dealing with all the world threats and issues it takes to run an organization is worried about 4 guys in Idaho just trying to survive. Coming from a retired soldier.
    Compare 4 survivalist to the 20 direct threat terror groups, Russia and the many places we are deployed not to mention posse commatus and you will understand my feelings.
    A sheriff will not be able to find a “plant” placed from another agency unless he was part of the original task force.
    Gotta keep it real.
    I can see the mass exodus

  5. Phobus says:

    You are saying a General Officer from Ft Bragg ordered a hit on you up in Idaho? I’m with Matt, no way. I am a Bragg guy and I can positively say that, setting aside things such as Posse Comitatus, you and your band don’t even begin to meet the threshold of who even the spookiest of military units are interested in. Not in the least. There are things to worry about in the world and in our government, a G-O targeting some prepper in the U.S. is not one of them.

  6. GRA says:

    This abandonment is most sad. Even more sad is the fact that he was a “plant”, and I believe you that certain types of folks have already become “targets” or “persons of interest”. We have folks coming across our border(s) now who were never supposed to be here and they are the type that are not actually “fleeing” anything they left behind, but no doubt are coming to the USA to do us nothing but harm. I can go on and on, but I have heard some strange things from folks I never thought would speak in a certain manner and my attention is getting more alert to certain things every day; things I never thought I would ever have to worry about before. This is the reason I began researching preparations a couple of years ago. I am more prepared now than I ever have been but still have a long way to go. I am truly grateful for forums such as this to keep my mental wheels spinning.

  7. GRA says:

    One thing I am really concerned about is my wife’s health. She is diabetic and although she does not at this time require injections she does need her meds and a steady source of food. Can anyone refer to a source of research where I can possibly find something that can assist her with her diabetes in the event we cannot get meds nor a steady source of food? I would really appreciate the assistance. I need to start studying these things as soon as possible. THANKS !!!

  8. Thomas says:

    Great article, “So a loyal weaker person can be much more worth than tough guy who is very selfish” couldn’t agree with you more!

  9. Cache Valley Survivalist says:

    Is this Ranger Rick Tscherne?

  10. Cache Valley Survivalist says:

    After the first so called “assault weapon” ban, there was a big Patriot Militia Movement in the 90’s. Feds infiltrated a dozen different militias. Culminating in Ruby Ridge and Waco. Then after the Oklahoma City Bombing nobody wanted anything to do with militias and they all disbanded into triads or rifles cells, dismantled their infrastructure and made sure no one had contact with more than a couple others and went underground. Words like survivalist and milita were equated with white supremacist, racist and domestic terrorist and because pejoratives. So much so that they started to be called preppers until Doomsday Preppers came out and made us all out to be paranoid whackjobs. Because of the popularity of wilderness survival TV shows, bushcraft and primitive living skills, and all the economic, natural and manmade threats that we face, now survivalist is a badge of honor. Funny how things change.

    Enough time has passed But this administration clearly sees every one of us as potential terrorists. It may not be high on the army’s list of priorities from what you saw, but if you climb high enough, you will see that the officers become more and more like politicians and dependent on politicians. Military brass is beholden to politicians and this administration has had two terms to cleanse the military leadership of anyone who doesn’t at least appear to see things their way. Enough time has passed for a new generation to grow up in 9-11, war, Katrina the tsunamis, tornados hurricanes, Fukushima, NHEMP, GMEMP, nuclear proliferation, 200 missing Soviet nukes, Iran launching missiles into the atmosphere off cargo ships and North Korea now has a “weather” satellite etc, etc. A new Patriot Militia movement has started. The current admin has sicked the IRS, the NSA, the BLM and the rest of the alphabet soup on them. You really think it’s impossible for the Feds to pressure generals or other officers to cooperate? That sounds a little naive to me.

    I’m out West and everybody is just itching for a confrontation with the Feds just like they saw happen at the Bundy Ranch. It has emboldened them. They buy drones, DHS buys 2 billion rounds of hollow points when we only use 90 million a year to fight 2 wars with our combined armed services and they buy 3K MRAPs. Do not doubt that they see the oathkeepers as an extreme right-wing group capable of harboring domestic terrorists. With financial backing and nukes on the black market, and the threat of an asymmetric high altitude nuclear EMP lofted by something as simple as a weather balloon they must have contingency plans, continuity of gov’t plans, etc.. Do not doubt that pres’s lose sleep over losing popularity because of some black swan event. Should they be focused on other more important things like securing our borders? Absolutely they should. But will they, with a dem the WH that has a wet dream about making 20 million socialist voters overnight by granting illegals amnesty? … forever changing the voting demographic of the US from a two party dictatorship to a one party dictatorship. Hell no they won’t! I bet O thinks about that crap to get it up for the first wookie.

  11. j.r. guerra in s. tx. says:

    I’m suspicious by nature and gaining my trust takes quite a bit of time to develop. I’ve seen too many instances of friends and family simply shutting down and leaving another in wind. I imagine during hard times, this will be more the rule than the exception.

    This was a good post Selco – a very relevant subject, thank you for posting it.

  12. RangerRick says:

    Hi Matt,
    I was around D.O.D for almost 40 years. I will hopefully answer several of the questions here.
    Oath Keepers have been declared a terrorist group by Obamas group. As an organization we have been very out spoken about this government and have placed billboard ads at the front gates of some military bases just to remind troops to remember their oath. They were not happy with that.
    I have been exposing the government and several false flags since the early 90”s. I have spoken on several different talk shows over the past few years about the feds and the issues today did not start with Obama, it has been going on for 60 years. We just now have a worthless Congress and Senate that refuse to do anything to stop the madness
    I am a founding member 1990 of the ICVM in Indiana. Most of our militia were law enforcement, rescue services, and military. But , I still had FBI and BATF come and visit often. I did invite them to my meetings but they never came by, but they did bug the building we held our meetings in. I continue to teach and train folks all over the American ReDoubt here in the PNW.

    As I was told by the friend, that if the government could remove well know Oath Keepers from the heartland of Patriots, it might scare the rest into being very quite.
    We did find explosives hidden in my wood shed and the ON STAR was activated on my Hummer so I could be tracked.If the Feds did find evidence at my farm, I am sure THEIR MEDIA would not be far behind.The story; OATH KEEPER found with explosives at farm. They would spin it..
    Did make me wonder about what would happen next.
    The sheriff was able to track this guy and for no longer being in the military, he would go and stay at Bragg for 30 days at a time. I wonder who he worked for?

    No I do not think it was a General that called for a hit, the General according to my friend, they worked together back in the day when both were 82nd Airborne. My friend was told by this General he needed to abandon the friendship between us as bad things were coming my way.
    Amazing all the military activity going on around us up here for no reason. Areas now made no fly zones-somethings up.

    Phobus, I too am a Bragg guy, earned my 100% disability there on the DZ around the Republic of Pineland back in the 70s’.
    I agree I am nothing more than a grain of sand in this world but , some very strange things have happened here and I figure I best have my $hit in order.
    I know some guys still in dark places and they have not been able to verify my $hit is in the wind
    but into days climate I have prepared .DHS is putting together snatch teams from what I heard from some friends I knew from Black Water days with Prince and Jackson.
    Hope this gives you a better answer. DHS is a very dangerous organization.

    Cache Valley Survivalist,
    No. last time I communicated with Rick, he is in Italy with wine, cheese and a lovely Italian bride. Randy Weaver and Sara are good friends of mine. Randy and I were floating around Smoke Bomb Hill around the same time.

    I guess the jest of all this is you never know who you can trust. That our government is completely out of control and many Federal agencies are acting out of their jurisdiction.
    Troops are treated as they are the enemy, Christians, gun owners, common folks being shot for no reason.
    America has become Amerika and anyone who does not see the Socialist take over of this once great Country needs to look around real close. When I was breaking bread 2005 2010,with all the Spec Ops at Camp Atterbury Indiana as they head to Iraq, Afghanistan and such, we all were in agreement, Get Prepared ,$hit is about to happen to US and it won’t be pretty.
    What the hell are all these Federal Agencies needing all this ammo and MRAPS for.
    Be Prepared – Be Prayerful – Be Thankful – You are an American,

  13. DocB says:

    Rick T. is in Italy, not Idaho.

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