Self Defense in Survival Situations

Lots of people wrote about George Zimmerman case that followed the shooting of Trayvon Martin.

To sum up story, Zimmerman was local neighborhood watch volunteer and followed Trayvon Martin who he considered suspicious. Then they got into fight and Martin was shot by Zimmerman.

There is much more to this of course but reading about this gave me idea for article today. About what my understanding of self defense is and how it changed throughout my year in war.

If Martin was beating Zimmerman and smashing head into ground then what should he do? Wait until his head opens up?

I think world is going to hell very soon, and most of people are kinda idiots, brainless media blinded puppets.

I cannot see any sense in following big headlines and news about what some „famous reality star“ said about shooting and who is right and who is wrong.

When exactly we started to wait for statements from empty celebrity heads like some kinds of messages from Messiah?

Am I supposed to form my opinion based on her or his opinion just because she has public videotape of having sex with someone, or he can rap about throwing money in the air?

We have some wrong idols, and s. gonna hit the fan very bad, and if you look at humankind mostly we are deserving it.

Every lost life is tragedy, especially young life. Being in war I have seen many many people killed, young and old, innocent and guilty.

Some things never gonna change, there is always gonna be violence and stupid people.

Self defense for me was when I did not have any other option left and when only option was to shoot and kill. For example if I could not run away, or hide very good not to be seen. I would use any other option first, last option was to shoot.

Attacking them meant when I shoot first, even if I had other options to use first. In reality if I wanted to confront them I would attack them, if I did not want I would use any other option (go away, hide, or sometimes negotiate) then use force as a last option (self defense)

Real life example was two (drunk and high) guys going from house to house and killing and setting houses on fire, clearly self defense (as I understand it) because there is no sense of talking with them and leaving house was no option too. If you hear or see them murdering others, you are not going to be first person to talk sense into them.

When you shoot and kill the man, later you always think „Did i have to do it? Was there any other option?“. But yeah, in the beginning period, I mean when you are driven mostly by fear and adrenalin you tend to shoot too much. Like „shoot first and then ask“ stuff.

But man in my neigbourhood put like 20 bullets in his own brother just because his brother wanted to scare him (as a joke) while he was guarding their house. That is joke gone very wrong.

When you are new to survival situation most people do not understand all options they have. After some weeks and months you get familiar with your options and shooting is just one of the options.

Self defense changed troughout my year fighting for survival in two ways. First when people realized that SHTF for real, and there is no law it was like if you are smart and practice „self defense“ you would stay home, hidden and shoot at anyone who comes to you. That was self defense.

People on street were practicing something like „fun“ with weapon, like shooting and having fun, so nothing like real reasons for attack or self defense. Later when folks realized that it is becoming easy to get killed, and hard to survive, more people tried to stay „put“ and move out of way of other folks.

Self defense & carrying a weapon

Carrying weapon is not only about caring that gun, it is much more. It is about understanding the fact that you are ready to take someone else life, kill him, destroy his family.

There are not too many people who can live same life after killing someone, usually their life is destroyed too. They suffer slowly for the rest of their lives.

In short it is about understanding that and all consequences. People who can not understand it, should not carry weapons.

If you are right man then you are gonna be much more careful where to go and what to do after you start to carry weapons. You are not gonna look for trouble.

In terms of SHTF weapon have strange power not to transform man, but rather to remove mask from him. So you could see how weapon „turn“ someone to monster, or other guy to good and „righteous“ dude.

Actually weapon just „pushed“ them a little to show their real face.

When people seen that rules are gone, weapons were kinda used like firecrackers, so you could see people just having fun shooting at others with assault weapons, or killing each other because of minor fight.

But as I said those were specific kind of folks.

Smart self defense was that we just avoided all the time situations where we had to use weapon. And when we found ourselves in events when we had to use it, it was used with deadly force, not to demonstrate something, rather to kill.

If you miss it sends message too but when you shoot you shoot to kill.

How action movies kill people in survival situations

Lack of knowledge in the beginning days made people do stupid things, so people were killed in great numbers simply because they did not have clue about weapon and combat, so they use it a lot, and act like they had super powers.

Also lack of knowledge can be used to your advantage. I knew guy who used to shoot from his rifle using the old exhaust from his woodstove as a something like sound amplifier, so when someone attack his house it was like „what kind of weapon is that?”

Smart. More stuff like this in my course.

Pretty soon people realized that it is very easy to get killed so they become „smarter“ with weapon use.

When S hits the fan next time, on some global level, i believe it is gonna be very bad (or if you have very dark sense of humor funny), one of the reasons is because generations are raised and „thaught“ about weapons and shooting from action movies and music.

So it is almost like it is romantic and fun to use weapon. People will die in stupid ways again.

Weapons are not for everyone, and understanding of self defense can be different from man to man. I am using term „survival mode“.

In reality, today, fact that I carry weapon does not give me excuse to go in the middle of the night to the part of the town where I can expect trouble if I do not really need to go there.

I ll do lot of things in order to avoid the need to use weapon, some of those things you may call stupid, or cowardly, but I know how it is to use weapon to shoot to kill.

On the other hand when I judge that I really need to use weapon, I will go into „survival mode“ I will use it without mercy and hesitation, and I will use it with deadly force. And I will live with it.

If you can not swallow your pride sometimes in order to avoid the fight do not carry weapon, also if you are not ready to pull it and kill in moment do not carry it as well.

So these are my thoughts on self defense and I do not need false idols to teach me when to use weapons and when not.

I appreciate readers here, because somehow it seems what I write attracts more “true survivalists” and less rambo movie survivalists who live in dreamworld. So what are your thoughts on this case and self defense?

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  1. Emcy says:

    So true!! (as always)

    One only thing: Zimmerman showed his true face as you said: went looking for troubles and caused a fight with a 16Yo boy just to “Rambo up” and based only on a racial bias, hiding behind his gun.
    If he just let a kid with a bag of candies go along his way nothing would happend.
    Based on that, if Trayon would “open his head”, I would call that “legitimate self defence” as he was followed and provoced by an armed idiot.

    • anthony cuccia jr says:

      Disagree,,,,Travon age 17, 200lbs 6′ no kid, and exhibiting strange behavior, ,Zimmerman doing a community service watching over a burglarized area, where he lived . I hope there are many more of His kind. I know there are, in my neighbor hood. And by the way That Tea and skittles when mixed with cough syrup makes them high, which Martin showed liver damage from his abuse of the PCP like drug.

      • Reality Check says:

        That skinny kid wasn’t 200lbs. Here’s the last photo of him:

        More like 180 soaking wet.

        Also, nobody uses skittles and tea to mix with cough syrup. The cough syrup alone is what can get a person drunk/high/whatever.

        Zimmerman rolls up on the kid like a tough guy, kid fights back, Z shoots him. In a SHTF type situation, wanna-be tough guys like Z will be the first to die.

        • Malgus says:


          It wasn’t “tea”. It was watermelon flavored.

          And in the black community, Skittles + that watermelon flavored stuff + cough syrup (Promethazine w/Codeine) makes something they call “Sizzurp”, “purple drank” or “lean”.

          Might want to look into that.

          I’m not going to argue the “Zim vs. Saint Skittles” case here. Not the place for it, but know I’m solidly on Zim’s side.

        • AJ says:

          6’3″ and 185lbs. He prided himself on his fighting skills, bragged of being a badass and liked to fight. He could whoop the crap out of 5’8″ Zimmerman, and very likely you or me. BTW, the evidence showed that Martin ambushed Zimmerman on his way back to his vehicle.
          I’ll take a bunch of Zimmermans in my neighborhood, you can have the Trayvons.

        • grower says:

          Here’s the last photo of Trayvon *alive*…

          Notice, he’s a head taller than the convenience store clerk where he bought the Skittles. I wouldn’t want to wrestle this “child.”

    • Gary Douglas says:

      Emcy, you need to consider more than the media hype. Get all the info – you’re smart enough – do some research, unless you’re just looking for the ten seconds of fame and acceptance by the lawless few. Anyone that knows anything about that area or both individuals can easily come to a correct conclusion, unless of course racial pandering or negrophilia is what you’re after. Trayvon’s tragedy was not the result of a community watchman. On the contrary, it was way before they even had their confrontation – it was the failed image of what his culture calls a man, and the social pressure that made him conform to it. Who told him to quit a good life style and idolize a form of lawlessness? Where did he get the idea that he could only get ahead by stealing? Seriously, you need to step back from this circumstance and really see what’s going on – you are being played.

    • I disagree also. If George Zimmerman had been doing this and had been “looking for a fight”, he would never have ended up injured as he did. He would have had his weapon drawn (but kept close to his body), “had his head on a swivel”, and never would have allowed himself to be “sucker punched”.

      You don’t get your nose broken and skull bashed in a “gunfight”.

    • nord0 says:

      You have been decieved by the brainless mass media.
      Trayvons dad is a high lever freemason. lever 33 I believe.
      Trayvon was a spoiled, drugged a$$hole that thought he could do whatever he wanted and his mason-dad would get him out of trouble by knowing the judges, politicians etc.

      The world would be a better place if the streets were filled with crime fighters like zimmerman.

      If he just wanted to kill the guy, he could have done it without risking his life in a fight you know… He is a hero and should be treated as one. He should also be very happy it was a jury that judged, and not a corrupt freemason judge.

    • john says:

      You talk like one of those stupid people Selco tells us about who eat up all the stupid things they see on TV.

    • Tim Gray says:

      Again this sillyness. The kid died because he ATTACKED someone with a gun. Why is it that most people do not understand this?

      He would be alive if he just kept walking and did not confront and start hitting/pushing. Yet everyone ignores this simple fact.

      Both made huge mistakes, but people like you need to stop with the lies making it sound like he was hunting the kid and shot him in the back while he was running away.

      • Robert II says:

        Exactly Tim. I tell people he came to a gunfight with his fists. We weren’t there or in the courtroom to see and hear the evidence. The found him NOT guilty, so he’s NOT guilty, same as OJ Simpson. Hmm, come to think of it, where were all of these idiots when he was aquitted, crying about how justice wasn’t served?

    • Tora Ishiida says:

      I’m sorry, but that thought that he went looking for trouble is incorrect. Countless police reports about break-ins and burglaries by black youth in the gated community, corroborate the need for a neighborhood watch, of which Mr. Zimmerman was the lead watchman. He was on watch that night, and called the police due to suspicious activity, during which time he was making sure he understood what streets he was on so it could be duly reported, while having his phone out and speaking to the dispatcher on the phone. It was on return to his vehicle after Mr. Martin had vanished from view that Mr. Martin confronted, violently as it turns out, Mr. Zimmerman. It was only after Martin had verbally threatened Mr. Zimmerman’s very life and went for the now exposed firearm that Mr. Zimmerman was carrying that he pulled the weapon and fired on Mr. Martin.

      The very fact that he waited until it was apparent that he would have to use it or lose it and potentially his life, while being pummeled by a not so small “kid” (17 years old, football player, 5’11” in height, 160 lbs, muscular) in order to shoot at, while not being able to see effectively, let alone aim the weapon properly says much about the reality that this was self-defense. Don’t believe the media hype around this case. 95% of what they say about it, simply aren’t facts.

      He behaved appropriately, and yes, it did show his true face. That of a man that uses a weapon smartly, in self-defense in an appropriate manner.

    • Red State says:

      You have it backwards. Zimmerman was an authorized neighborhood watch person. There had been many robberies lately. He had reason to observe Martin. Martin got mad and jumped Zimmerman and beat him mercilessly. Zimmerman did what he had to to survive. He was right under the law, which is why he got off easily.

  2. prepper1 says:

    Well, I’ve wrote articles on certain supposedly survival websites saying much the same as that,
    but they don’t want to hear it, they don’t want to face the harsh realities of a shtf scenario, they blank it out, ridicule you for saying those things…

    How could humans be so cruel, barbaric, say its not so…..

    Fools, in my opinion, you just have to look at what went on in your war, or Libya, Iraq Syria etc…
    to realize humans are inherently nasty animals, with good people spread few and far between.

    BUT that’s just my opinion,.

    I know there’s good people about but they seem so few nowadays compared to the scum and dross.

    The worlds in a bad way its plain as the nose on your face, unless your asleep.

  3. Slobyskya Rotchikokov says:

    You are so right about not caring what empty headed, amoral idiots say about cases like Zimmerman. Most ironic was when infamous bimbo Kardashian woman, know to sleep with whatever she can, puts out a Tweet complaining about the verdict, when her own father was lawyer to defended OJ Simpson who attacked and butchered two unarmed people to death and walked free. and I agree, if you know you are about to be beaten to death whether by one larger person or a group, you eliminate the threat with whatever force is available whether gun, knife, rock, club – it is kill or be killed in the most raw form. And as always, an excellent article.

    • ttpm says:

      I was unaware of the Kardashian/OJ link, but that’s because I got rid of our TV 12 years ago. Not to imply you are vacuous at all. I agree with your comment about violence. I was forced to be violent with bad people many times when I was young and found it so strange when people who witnessed some of these fights would criticize me for ‘not being a fair fighter…???

      TV and music is extremely powerful in warping young peoples minds.

  4. Morphine says:

    Self defense here is watched as a crime, the state say you need to call police, don’t react and shit like that, what we live here is a odd situation where violence after the robbery is quite common. I think the stay away from trouble is yet the best advice, you can empty your rounds in the “victim” for nothing, but you probably will spent some time paying for it in the actual situation.

  5. TimeHasCome says:

    Great piece Selco , and you are correct . The world is going to go dark very shortly. Life will become cheap. The liberal news expected Zimmerman to take a beat down and except it . I have and carry the Kel Tec 9 mm. It will be forever known as the Zimmerman.

    • Brady says:

      Zimmerman carried a Kel Tec PF9 9mm.
      Martin attacked Zimmerman.
      Zimmerman was beaten down to the ground.
      Head being bashed against the asphalt.
      So Zimmerman, as anyone would, put a bullet in Martin’s heart.
      Should have been end of story. Self-defense.
      Local authorities concluded no crime had been committed.
      Only after radical left-wing liberals whined did the state wrongly decided to step in.
      However, justice was served. Zimmerman was exonerated.
      I now wish peace for Zimmerman and his family.

  6. Christopher de Vidal says:

    The Trayvon / Zimmerman case is very tragic. But what if the media hype surrounding the trial is only intended to distract and divide us?

  7. sl says:


    Below is a link to a man who teaches about self-defense with a weapon and the legal implication that goes with such actions. Here is his opinion on the Zimmerman case:

  8. HABCAN says:

    Selco, a great article as usual………..and great advice to those who have never experienced a life/death ‘situation’!!

    My own criterion and training for myself and others with handguns consists of ‘draw and shoot’. The analogy is the Gurkha’s kukri: if drawn it must draw blood………IF you DRAW it, you SHOOT it. In training, there MUST be a trigger pull to end the draw cycle. Hopefully in a SHTF ‘situation’, the mental process will apply: ‘IF I draw this weapon it WILL go BANG, so do I NEED to draw it?’ The same thinking is applied to other weapons…….there will be no ‘brandishing’ or other threatening move. If it comes out, it will be used with deadly force AS A LAST RESORT because there is NO OTHER OPTION.

    • Arthur Ford says:

      It is unwise to insist that a weapon must be fired once drawn. Are you unwilling to give the person a chance to surrender, or change his mind? I would seriously rethink my attitude if I were you.

      • HABCAN says:

        That’s what I said: AFTER there is NO OTHER OPTION. Certainly, one wants ‘the bad guy’ to ‘surrender’, or go away, or cease doing ‘bad’………I don’t think you’ve ever faced BTDT, and I hope you never will.

      • Malgus says:

        Sorry, but you are incorrect here.

        If the situation is dire enough that you judge you need to pull a weapon, then the situation is dire enough to actually use it.

        Pulling a weapon and not using it or hesitating will get you killed. Bluffing will get you killed also.

    • Tim Gray says:

      If you wait to draw, you will be dead. Please go take classes and learn proper gun use and handling, your ideas are very wrong and dangerous to you and others.

  9. -T says:

    I tend to be sceptical of the whole damn thing. I mean, why are we still hearing about this?
    What else is going on in the world, that we are not hearing about, because of the media noise on this trayvon garbage? Guaranteed there are important things going unreported, and it suits some politicians agenda. Think i’ll go check al jezeera.

    • nord0 says:

      Trayvon Martins dad is a level 33 freemason. thats why.
      Lots of power, and this case will be used to stir up the black in the US to divide the races.

      A lot easier to be a tyrant over a population who fights themselves…

      • Tim Gray says:

        I am a level 96 Freemason and they never talked about this at our secret meetings. I need to contact the Worshipful master and find out why.

  10. Selco, you may have answered this question before, but did you have an everyday carry piece during the war? Or did you take a handgun from your family’s battery of firearms with you as needed?

    • Selco says:

      Yes, i had everyday carry, I had 2 types all the time, and two more types of weapon for one short period. Yugo TT pistol, AK, PAP rifle and CZ 22 cal. rifle.

  11. RW Russell says:

    To help deal with those you have killed>> Visualise them and you in the Omnipresent Light of G-D. Visualise the Cross in front in back, above, below. Experience the Light right in the center of the cross piece. Enter the light and take those you have killed with you. You can pray them and you out of darkness or they can make your life miserable and try to destroy you..You have a RESPONSIBILITY to G-D to THEM and YOURSELF!!………..Your Choise!!

  12. Shadow says:

    The trial of Zimmerman, and the ongoing persecution attempt by the government, gives us a clear and simple message. The message is if you defend yourself and use a weapon we will ruin your life. We the government do not like you having the ability to protect yourself or to have the ability to defend your liberty.

    The racial component to this issue is only used to further divide us. Division is a classic strategy of governments trying to remain in power. Because of the trial how many of us are now too scared to defend ourselves and lose everything we have trying to defend our actions?

    • SeTe says:

      Nailed it!!!

    • john says:

      Excellent point, Shadow. Not only that but the government has succeeded in brainwashing a sizable portion of the population into believing as the government wants. Hell, we even have one of those idiots posting comments here on this very thread.

  13. Hornet says:

    I have a permit to carry and I pray that I never have to use it. I also pray that no one will make me make that choice. But if that has to happen, I pray that my aim is true. When it comes down to him or me or my family, I will kill. Zimmerman got punched in the nose, knock to the ground and had his head banged on the sidewalk. I truly think Trayvon Martin should have taken one between the eyes.

  14. Isabel says:

    There’s a perspective on this case I have yet to hear: The clothing, behavior and location of the individual is more important than the race.
    I believe if he had been dressed like a Mormon missionary and responded courteously, that would have been the end of it. If he were white, dressed as a punk with tattoos and piercings, the result would have been the same.
    Am I missing something?
    Selco, did clothing or courtesy make any difference back when?

    • Hornet says:

      Are the actions of a person more important than his looks or dress? I would think so.

    • Selco says:

      I understand what you ask, but in that time of SHTF clothing have role if you want to hide something, or look different then you are. For example it was not good idea to go out in too clean stuff, or look “too tactical” or whatever. Nothing that attract attention.
      It can help us, but also it can mask things and fool us.

  15. So much of what we see in the media will get killed you killed in a “SHTF” situation. Just look at a rerun episode of “24” and see how Jack Ryan wastes ammo and usually ends up running out. In a “SHTF” situation, ammo is precious since it often can’t be replaced, and certainly not easily or cheaply.

    Use plenty of ammo pre-SHTF. Go to the range often, especially if you can get access to a more realistic shooting range where the targets move not only side-to-side but come towards you or move away. Ammo expended there is an INVESTMENT. But at the first sign of SHTF, you are on an “ammo diet”. Ration it carefully. Immediately try to buy more if it’s still available at a price you can afford. Stockpile other things that you can barter for ammo, preferably things you don’t need, like alcohol if you don’t drink or cigarettes if you don’t smoke.

    I think the old NYPD doctrine of “don’t draw your firearm if you don’t intend to shoot; don’t shoot unless you intend to kill” should apply. Never draw on a mob that you can’t outshoot, like if you have a 5 shot magazine and there are 10 of them. In fact, don’t even let them know you have a gun, unless you want it stolen and possibly used against you — unless you really, really, really want to DIE FIGHTING with the emphasis on “DIE”.

  16. SeTe says:

    Selco, thanks again for sharing your experience. Avoiding such self defense situations if possible of course is the best plan, followed by a cool head. Getting into a fight even if one wins dose not mean they are not injured. Such injuries could be life threatening over time, bad concussion, severe wound/s, infected wound, mental trauma, internal bleeding.

    Selco, did you see many casualties or disabilities to winners from fights?

    A person whom up till now lives their life getting in fights will most likely continue, and suffer consequences. Those whom do their best to avoid such incidents yet are prepared to use force if needed stand the best chance of survival…

    The future does look dark, but it need not be that way. Plan for the worse and work for the best.

    • Selco says:

      You are welcome.
      Of course i have seen, that is the also reason why we should get involved in fight only as a last solution, because chances are that we gonna get killed high in SHTF situation, or injured which can be the same at the end.

  17. nord0 says:

    just thought I should say.
    Trayvon Martins dad is a grand master freemason…
    Thats why all the media hype. The masons own the judges, the politicians, the popstars, the media etc etc

  18. Clint C says:


    American Anglos like European Anglos “candy-coat” everything. Their press consists of a bunch of cowards too fearful to tell the news for what it is: “All across America, angry, lazy, racist black youth are attacking innocent whites. Before this incident, they were doing the same shit. (

    Whites in America have become spineless chickenshits…raised to be tolerant–ignoring the obvious. Now for all those Euros who think my speech is “prejudice”, I’d encourage them to reference the behavior of the Turks and Greeks. Enough said…

    I’ve been an equitable person my whole life. I’ve dated black women, raised black/white children, had many black friends. Yet, I will not forget my skin color and how racist blacks and Hispanics are when it comes to choosing sides. The game is set. The radical Zionist Jews (NOT the real Jews) have set everything up. The “Great Culling”, as spoken of by the elites, is coming. Many of us will perish in the disastrous design they have set up for us. But, as long as I have air to breathe, I will never lie to myself about the state of my country or my people. We’d better get tough real quick because those of the black and Hispanic races won’t have any mercy on us because “we just want to get along”.

    • Robert says:

      well said. It will be a shock to most of us who were raised to be civil and fed a steady diet of watered down “Brady Bunch” from the media all our lives when the shtf. and when it does we will find out if we still have the raw animal instinct to survive. And yes, racial groups will band together for the feeling of security and sameness, we humans don’t like differences and change. I don’t harbor feelings of ill-will to other people of any race or origin. Will I be able to change and survive the corrupt people? I won’t know till the time comes, I won’t like the idea of not being able to trust anyone again, but I’ll adapt or die same a every one else.

  19. rd says:

    Maybe, it’s not that your site do not attract Rambos, but also that you teach people who would otherwise attempt to be Rambos to be smart.

    I used to know a guy who fought in your war, as a mercenary on the right (in my opinion) side, and there was an article about him in the Soldier of Fortune magazine.
    He told me lots of stories about that war.
    Based on those stories, and what you tell yourself, I have nothing but the utmost respect for you, and gratitude for sharing your knowledge with me. This just might save my family, and that’s what I am preparing for.

    Thank you.

  20. Richard says:

    My dad and grandfather taught me,”First make sure you are right, then do what it is that you have to do. As long as you are right you can deal with the results without any self doubts.” Not their exact words maybe but you get the point.

  21. Sam says:

    Common sense in thinking and planning for scenarios is good, I’ve done this now for about the last 15 yrs because of the hand writing on the wall. The most important part of being prepared, as I understand is to develop a foundation of waiting and listening for that deep inner voice (our Creator and Father) to guide my next decision and the timing for carrying it out. This needs to be practiced in every aspect of our life now, because if it is not learned now, you will do what ever the first thing that pops into your head says. I have notice that most articles put out by SHTF School leaves this aspect of survival apart, but this is what has brought me to the place in being prepared that we are now in. Most won’t survive what is coming, but knowing of your hope of where your going is of great consolation and will give us the strength to move forward in love not fearing physical death.

    Thank you for your articles Selco, they are good to digest.

  22. PrepperDude says:

    A lot of interesting comments. In the town I live in, there was a break in that resulted in the death of the person who broke into to the home. He had no weapon on him, but threatened to kill the home owner and his children if the home owner did not empty out his atm for the perp. The man’s gun was loaded and within reach in his closet where he was standing. He grabbed the gun and he put one bullet in the perps chest. The perp died, and the home owner faced zero charges.

    This, in my opinion, is a great example of self defense. The home owner did not need to be threatened by a weapon, he only needed to be put in a life threatening situation.

    • Jay says:

      How was he able to proof that he was threatened?

      • PrepperDude says:

        I apologize Jay. I don’t have all the details, but I do know that the man who broke in did so in the middle of the night. Before alerting the home owner and his family, he made himself a sandwich, and changed into the mans clothes that were sitting in a laundry pile in the kitchen. The perp who broke in had broken into multiple homes, and had damaged his jail cell at the previous prison he was at. I assume the previous charges along with his wife’s testimony, allowed him to be acquitted.

        Here is a link to the story. I hope it helps. Cheers!

      • john says:

        Jay, are you for real?
        He doesn’t need to prove a damn thing. Innocent until proven guilty. The cops assess the situation and decide if there is a justification for arrest. If they see no reason to doubt the man’s story they do not arrest. If they think there is some conflicting evidence, then they arrest and the prosecutor will start looking at evidence to see if he can PROVE the guy was not acting in self defense. The guy never needs to prove he is innocent. If it goes to trial, then the guy’s lawyers will try to show that the evidence the prosecutor has is not credible. If the jury agrees that the evidence is not credible then they must vote not guilty because questionable evidence does not prove “beyond a reasonable doubt”.

        Prepperdude, if he faced zero charges he was not acquitted.

        • PrepperDude says:

          Hi John, I forgot to include that, the man did see a judge, but the judge ruled that it was in self defense.

          Thanks for your response.

  23. Mac says:

    I know the area where Zimmerman was forced to kill to survive. I walked away from a very lucrative service contract in Sanford, Florida just two weeks before the incident happened because of the people that live there. One of the properties I was assigned work on was just around the corner from where it happened.

    I got tired of having to run from the vicious pit bulls that everyone seems to have. I got tired of hearing someone yell “hey there is a white guy over here” followed by having a dozen blacks coming around and messing with my truck and tools trying all the locks and chains looking for something to steal. I got tired of having to have someone ride along to guard my equipment while I worked.

    The last straw for me was when I came from the back of a house and found a black guy standing in the back of my truck pulling on the chains and locks trying to remove tools that were locked and chained to the truck. He was so focused on trying to find something to steal he did not notice me walk up behind him.

    When I asked very loudly, “Find something you like asshole?” he jumped out of the back of the truck and ran off.

    I decided that if I had to carry a weapon with me to be able to do my job safely then I did not need a job in that town. I am not a bit surprised that this happened in Sanford.

  24. Don says:

    I see both sides. zimmerman was in a high crime neighborhood and was out to stop it. But the crimes were burglaries, not violent. by carrying a gun he was more likely to put himself in high risk situations. i choose not to carry a concealed weapon because it forces me to be more aware and think through problems, rather than react. there’s only been one time i’ve wanted a weapon, and thank goodness things turned out okay.

    trayvon may have been smoking marijuana and drinking ‘lean’, a drink made from skittles, iced tea, and cough syrup. that could have made him more paranoid, and when his girlfriend mentioned a molester following him the paranoia could have been heightened. Perhaps he really was in fear for his safety as well. And at 17, his pre-frontal cortex isn’t fully matured and his judgement wasn’t the same as a man as old as zimmerman.

    Two things i don’t like. the uneven application of this law when compared to other cases, and a rise in vigilantism at a time when violent crime is actually declining in the US, despite the media hype.

    As for whether GZ was guilty or innocent, whether TM was fearing for his safety or being a thug, we’ll never really know now.

    • chuck b says:

      Assault is a crime of violence. The shooting was not about break-ins, it was about an assault. Martin did not know, and had no way to know, that Zimmerman was armed; had he known, he probably would NOT have have attacked him. The contention that being armed escalated the situation bears absolutely no logic. If you look all the way back to the beginning, you will also find that it was actually the police that recommended to Zim to buy the gun because of the neighborhood situation and his OFFICIALLY recognized and supported position as Captain (or whatever) of the Neighborhood Watch. If Zim had actually had any real training, he would have had the gun in his hand, in his coat pocket or under the edge of the coat, through most of the walk-through; certainly as soon as he was startled and approached he should have gripped it. Instead, he took a beat-down and reportedly reached for it AFTER Martin saw it, commented on it, and was reaching for it. At that point it was no longer even within the realm of self-defense – rather, it had devolved into the most primal level of desperately trying to survive. Anybody that “can’t” understand that is simply refusing.

      Chuck B.

    • “Two things i don’t like. the uneven application of this law when compared to other cases, and a rise in vigilantism at a time when violent crime is actually declining in the US, despite the media hype.”

      You are correct, but I do not think it is in the way that you mean. The uneven application is that George Zimmerman should never have had to face trial. All the evidence shows that the police in the initial investigation did the correct thing, and that George Zimmerman’s prosecution was forced by political pressure, not the law or the facts.

      Second, there is no “rise in vigilantism”. There has been a tremendous increase in people with concealed carry permits, which has occurred just as violent crime rates have fallen. There is decent evidence that the increase in concealed carry permits has contributed to the decrease in violent crime.

      Some things you have not been told:

      Black people benefit from Stand Your Ground laws in greater numbers than white people.

      Poor minorities gain the most from shall issue concealed carry laws (mostly because they live in the most crime infested neighborhoods).

    • john says:

      chuck b says…”Two things i don’t like. the uneven application of this law when compared to other cases”

      uneven application of WHAT law? I get a very strong feeling you do not know.

      • chuck b says:

        I’ve been mis-quoted here – READ what I posted, don’t react to what somebody “thinks” I said. If you choose to disagree with me fine, but disagree with what I said – not what you or someone else imagined I said.

        Chuck B.

        • john says:

          Chuck B, you are correct. I copied and pasted that from the comment just before yours. It should have been addressed to Don, not you. My comment was a response to the same post you were responding to.

  25. Irish-7 says:

    Good points about firearms and the real meaning of self-defense. The Zimmerman trial was a charade, motivated by racists like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, ERIC HOLDER AND BARACK OBAMA. The Main Stream Media is the real culprit in seeking INJUSTICE. These liberal scumbags lie and distort the story to achieve their goal of disarming the American citizen and destroying our Capitalistic system. Ideally, all these scoundrels want a Utopian, Socialistic society where elites like Obama and Holder cross level wealth and punish the white Westerner for sins of the past. As a combat veteran, I know more than the average person about death. Everyone handles it differently. I bore no guilt or remorse for decades after multiple lethal actions. Later in my lengthy military career, I was exposed to a different side of death. I was assigned several duties as Casualty Notification Officer (the military leader that informs the family of a serviceman/woman killed in combat), Casualty Assistance Officer (military representative that assists the family with the interment, processes the insurance and death gratuity benefits) and also the Non Commissioned Officer In Charge Of Military Funeral Honors. What a different perspective to see the impact of the innocents of war, the families of the combatants killed in action. Although years have past, I think of these people frequently and picture their equivalents in the foreign lands that I traveled to. To each his own. My strength and absolution is in Christian faith and the belief that all our efforts were justified to “Keep the wolf away from the door”. There are evil people on earth. There always has been. They will export violence and terror unabated unless good people take up arms to stop them.

  26. Gumby says:

    From my comments I posted about your last article, I used to teach martial arts and self defense. I always taught what we called the sliding scale of escalation. On one end is escape, which is always your first choice. On the opposite end is death, which is what you use as the very last option. If escape is not possible, you move up to the next option, de-escalation, then the next and so on. It looks something like this:

    ESCAPE -> De-escalation -> Distraction -> Deflection -> Damage -> Destruction -> DEATH

    I totally agree with your post Selco and always learn from your voice of experience, which in this case, re-affirms to me that what I taught my students hopefully prepared them for reality and not the fantasy that entertainment and media feeds us.

    • Security isa Myth says:

      Interesting concept Gumby- I have seen others like it.

      My question for Selco is during your time in the war was the time available to analyze a situation shortened which in turn shortened the decision process? Or the nember of choices?

      In normal times it seems we would have more options to avoid a situation- Not go to a bad part of town- go during the day, go next week- what ever.

      I guess the question for me is it seems during a time S hit the fan- it would be more “Primal” Kill or be killed- am I way off base?

      If I am not- how did you decide the other persons intentions?

      I could see where some folks might want to shoot first and not have to make a decision that could end up being wrong. Of course, I understand that the shooting could be the wrong decision as well.

      I would appreciate your thoughts.

      As always- great article!

      • Selco says:

        Choices are there in lot of situations. In SHTF situations choices are there too, but we may not like it. Time for making (right) decision was shorter in some cases but we learned to value everything in short time, situation force us to learn that. It is about all that i am talking (writing) in my posts. If you are prepared you are gonna be able to make right decisions in short time.
        SHTF is not good time for learning.

  27. Tim Gray says:

    “When people seen that rules are gone, weapons were kinda used like firecrackers, so you could see people just having fun shooting at others with assault weapons, or killing each other because of minor fight.”

    This is how the inner cities are in the USA already.

  28. Malgus says:

    Outstanding article as always Selco…

    I’m just an old soldier, but I would like to humbly add a few things, if I may.

    I’ve carried concealed weapons in other people’s countries (working a PSD detail), both sidearms and automatic weapons. I retired from the military back in 2000, and have had a Concealed Weapons permit from Day 1.

    I would like to add a few observations.

    – Carrying a weapon is literally having the power of life and death in your hands. You become Judge, Jury and Executioner all in one.

    – Power literally grows from the barrel of a gun. As with all power, one must guard themselves so that power does not corrupt (becoming complacent, arrogant, etc).

    – Carrying a weapon takes maturity and the most serious mindset. You have to prepare yourself for the likelihood of taking someone else’s life. That is a heavy cross to bear.

    – One must know the weapon they carry intimately.

    – The art of the gun is every bit a Martial Skill as any of the unarmed combat arts (Aikido, Judo, Hapkido, etc). It is a perishable skill, and one should work to become as proficient as possible.

    – The Japanese spoke of “The Sword that gives Life and the Sword that takes Life”. You should view your weapon of choice in the same light- It’s not the weapon, it’s the man behind the weapon. You do what you have to do to preserve life. If that means taking another life, so be it.

    – If you judge a situation dire enough so that you have to draw your weapon, then use it. I can think of only twice in my life when I drew my weapon with the intent to send my opponent to the morgue, and did not shoot. (If anyone cares, the first was when I was working as a PSD agent. We were going to move our principal- the guy we were protecting- when a small vehicle came screeching into our perimeter. I was in the process of squeezing the trigger of my MP5 when a radio call ordered me to stand down. Seems someone ordered a pizza and the “terrorist vehicle” was the delivery boy. Nobody bothered to tell me. The second was a few years ago. A couple thugs thought that picking on and robbing a crippled old retired soldier was a good idea. I drew down on them and they instantly turned and fled. You don’t shoot a fleeing man in the back, bad guy or no.)

    – The easiest way to win a gunfight is to not be there in the first place.

    – Sidearms exist to give you the chance to get to a long gun.

    – Carrying a weapon does not give you super powers. (Selco nailed this one).

    There’s more, but I don’t want to get preachy or draggy… Selco is an outstanding teacher, simply by virtue of having lived through what most of us can’t even imagine. He has my respect and admiration…


  29. Rough & Ready says:


    I especially appreciate your comment about celebrities and teh comments they like to make about various things going on in this world. Frankly, I can think for myself just fine and do not need any help from them to formulate my own opinions about things. Perhaps they should should stick to acting, singing or whatever it is that makes them famous. I do not think they are qualified to be my philosopher or anythnig else for that matter.


  30. blackandtan says:

    Thank you, Selco. This was the best CCW article I have ever read.

    As a CCW teacher/practitioner I always try to stress awareness and options. Unfortunately the gun culture attracts a type A personality who is incapable of walking away when ego is involved. It is up to us as moral and responsible citizens to refuse to pass someone out of our CCW class that we think is looking for a fight, or for that matter doesn’t show the needed proficiency to carry a gun.

    For those who aren’t prepared to carry, or for wives, gf’s, and daughters too young to carry, check out It’s an app for your smart phone that when activated records everything and tracks GPS. I don’t sell these or anything, but I encourage everyone I know to get it.

  31. Ridale says:

    The Zimmerman/Martin scenario could become very common if our society continues to deteriorate. Crime will escalate. Neighborhoods will organize for protection. People from outside the neighborhoods will be treated with suspicion. If those suspects react violently, they will be killed.
    This situation presents a lesson for all of us. If you are in another neighborhood, expect to be questioned. Even if you have a good reason to be there, be calm and respectful to the questioner. You may feel you have every “right” to be there, but the neighborhood you are in believes their safety is being compromised by visitors and they have the “right” to defend themselves from those visitors. The person questioning you has been authorized by the residents to act on their behalf, and feels a responsibility to insure their safety. Don’t make it worse by becoming defensive in their neighborhood with their chosen watchperson. You will be escalating the situation dangerously be doing so.

    • chuck b says:

      I perform maintenance for the City utilities, whenever and wherever there is a problem I can address. Just as it sounds, this puts me in some unlikely places at some awkward times of the day/night/week-ends – including some high-dollar (multi-million) neighborhoods. Attitude and bearing have kept me out of many potential “conflicts” for the past 25 years. Be approachable, polite, and professional; even initiate the approach – but while keeping a safe (for the resident) distance to explain why you are in their yard and answer any questions. If it’s an emergency, politely tell them you’d be glad to explain when things are “under control.” Many times I could’ve been shot at or had the Law called, but instead itthe result usually ranges from mild irritation to a laughing, friendly conversation. One time resulted in a pitcher of hot chocolate and Christmas cookies (late evening/night Christmas eve.) Most civilized people WANT to trust even strangers; simply give them an excuse to. On the other hand, “If you don’t belong there, don’t be there.”

      Chuck B.

  32. Natty Bumppo says:

    I have followed your site for some time now, and just keep silent here and link to my website for more to learn from your experiences.

    For what it is worth, I agree 100% with this and hope others begin to use their brain and realize the responsibilities of carrying a weapon (which I do everyday, more than one, and openly as well). My job and past jobs require it.

  33. After the Ball says:

    As just about all of Selco’s advice, common sense tempered with the reality that we can’t really imagine how living in a true survival mode may affect us. Selco, your advice mirrors my CHL instructor who spent the majority of our classes getting us to think about how we can AVOID using the gun we were there to be licensed to carry.

    Not only are the Rambo types dangerous to others, they are incapable of seeing how they are significantly raising their own exposure to injury or death; truly, people you do not want to be around as either enemies or friends.

    I can never understand how bloggers can get so pumped on the idea of being a situaton where shooting is necessary to live day to day…they must have a different definition of “quality of life.”

    I have been a subscriber to your course and have found the same level of practical advice in all your materials. Truly, it takes someone who has been through it AND parks his ego at the door to be able to offer information that can help keep us and our loved ones safer.

    • chuck b says:

      We must also not forget that “willing” to use a gun is not the same as “eager” to use the gun; if you’re not willing to use the gun, maybe you should leave it behind so you can run faster!
      I say this in a joking manner, but it’s something to consider. Zimmerman apparently wasn’t willing to use the gun – he was getting his head bashed into the sidewalk and all he could think of was to get in the grass so his skull wouldn’t crack (I heard the original interviews) until Martin started trying to take the gun. It was almost pure luck that Zim got control of the gun instead of Martin.

      Chuck B.

  34. Eunowho says:

    Selco, I appreciate this article as well as the others you have done. It is right on. Also agree with Shadow and Sam among others. It is important to think ahead and learn everything we can before we need it and be sure in our heart that we are doing the right thing. Then we can live with what we do.
    I know of a guy who carried a revolver and someone cut him off in traffic and he went after the guy with the gun. Didn’t shoot the other guy but realized his propensity for violence, scared himself and didn’t carry the gun afterwards.
    There is an abundance of idiots and a lot of them are famous and shooting their mouths off.
    Our brain is the most important weapon for offense and defense. Much more important than our ego.

  35. Fidalgoman says:

    I know exactly what you mean. I have never killed anybody myself but I have taken serious training in the use of firearms and trauma medicine. I know how easy it is to get killed. I am getting older and am neither a low drag or high speed in the tactical sense, but can get the job done and will defend myself, family and friends if called to do so.

    I saw my first man shot and killed less than fifteen feet away when I was seventeen. I’ve carried the body’s and learned to look at the world in all it’s splendid gore, blood, etc. You need to see clearly what the problem is if you want to do anything about it. It’s why I have a first aid kit and always carry a gun. I’m not looking to use either.

    Who really knows what tomorrow may bring. Some are looking to change the world, for justice or payback but from my limited experience payback is a bitch for everybody and no one in their right mind wants to see civil war at any level. Some are born for the day of battle but most fight only because they must. It is better than seeing those you love die however.

    Think about what you would do. Where will it lead. Are you truly prepared for what your actions or inaction may render?

  36. Clay says:

    Thanks again for the article Selco. This might seem like an impossible question to answer, but given the latest run on ammo here in the U.S. it raises the question: How much is “enough” in a situation like the one you faced? I know there are too many variables to simply say “this much”, and given the option I would like to answer my own question with “all of it”. But seriously, for the average person with an average income, and given the fact that there will always be some to scavenge and barter for as things drag on, what do you think?

    • Selco says:

      3000 would be some number if everything would be as you expect in terms of barter, scavenge etc. Best thing is to consider that number as a starting point and then go for more and more.

  37. Captain Andy says:

    I was a merchant seaman for many years. One of the first lessons that I was taught was that there were no police or investigators aboard ship. I could be killed and thrown overboard in the middle of the night without anyone seeing or knowing anything and my body would never, ever be found.

    When I went aboard my first ship, the sailors told me to immediately forget all that silly, honorable, high school fisticuffs/Marquis of Queensbury rules stuff and deal with reality.

    If you know someone is intending to attack you aboard your merchant ship you have to get him first: go into his bedroom aboard ship when he is asleep late at night and take a baseball bat or piece of pipe to his knees/legs. Cripple him in the dark.

    When you realize there is no law to protect you, it changes everything you have ever learned before.

  38. Jose says:

    “If you can not swallow your pride sometimes in order to avoid the fight do not carry weapon, also if you are not ready to pull it and kill in moment do not carry it as well.”

    Best rubber meets the road advice on carrying a gun.

  39. Shupak says:

    In my view, a weapon is simply a tool that serves a purpose. As with any tool that has the potential to be deadly, it should be handled responsibly. I’m fortunate to have learned proper weapons handling in the military, which is something that’s been ingrained in me since I was 19 years old–many more moons ago than I care to admit.

    Too many people, today, (in American, certainly, and also in parts of Europe) live in a fantasy world. People are “politicized” with polarized viewpoints on the political and racial and social significance of one’s right to bear arms, with opinions on the subject largely diverging down racial or social lines. Obviously, this is not exclusively the case, but it can be seen as generally true, from what I’ve observed.

    I also think every region of the world has its own unique “form” of dumb–in America, our brand of dumb mainly manifests itself in people who have no earthly idea of how to provide for themselves in a primitive sense. I lost track of how many women I dated in the past who couldn’t boil water on a stove or check the oil on their vehicle (insert your own example here).

    I bring that up to note just how high the level of desperation and ineptitude will be if things “go south.”

    I was in Kosovo and I spent some time in Croatia–both visits (if you can call something that lasted over a year a visit) were spent with old vets of the war. Without getting into any of the political leanings of any of the groups with which I had the good fortune to train with, the common denominator with all of them was their self-reliance, their ability to accomplish a task or, generally, act like an adult–which is more than I can say for the troops of some of our NATO allies.

    KOSOVO was still in rough shape when I was there (years after the conclusion of the war), with sewage running down ditches along almost every street, no running water to speak of, and generally piss-poor living conditions (by Western standards).

    Life went on, though, and people generally went about their day-to-day just trying to pick up what they could of their lives, whether it was opening a cafe, farming or running a gas station.

    Drugs and organized crime moved in to fill in the void, which I think addresses a point that will prove to be particularly prescient in America–Cartels and gangs that are already thriving quite handily in this country are going to become a hell of a force to be reckoned with, if things ever do get ugly, here. It’s a natural progression of a power vacuum that those who have the means, take the power. And take it, they will.

    I think, though, we are even less well-prepared in this country (depends on which part of the country, of course) to handle the lights going out than they were in the Balkans. Anyone who’s ever been to Chicago or LA or NYC, can plainly see that those areas, with their absurd restrictions on the legal ownership of firearms, rampant gang and drug issues, economies that are completely reliant on the current status quo, etc, and finite entry/exit points with be a graveyard for perhaps millions of the ill-prepared.

    People in places like Montana or Wyoming or even Texas will probably not notice a huge difference *by comparison*.

    To look for a moment at the issue of self-defense, one has to, I feel, consider the risk of giving away one’s position versus the use of force (maybe I’m thinking of it too militaristically). Of course, as Selco mentioned, if someone has their foot in your front door, the issue of giving away your position is moot.

    One thing I’ve been wondering that sort of pertains to this, though, is: is it better to remain in a fortified location or is it better to rely on mobility and evasion as a tactic for survival?

    I apologize if this has already been addressed, but I find this is the consideration that I most often wonder about.

    • Selco says:

      Hello and welcome here.

      People with who you worked and talked with (war vets from this region) have completely different view on some important life questions. We been here trough lot of things that shattered some old thinking. So if we are talking about some “self reliance” we here are definitely better prepared then people in some country where civil war is long past history. But it came with high price, so we are “dysfunctional” in many other things.

      In short things that i seen and done gives me ability to recognizance and act very fast when SHTF, where most of other folks will be like “o my God, what is happening, what am I gonna do now?”
      But good thing is that lot of things can be learned without being in SHTF situation, OK not everything but lot of can.
      There is no easy answer on your question, it is specific, next time I am choosing some rural settings with small community of known people or relatives with natural resources. I am preparing to bug out there, if I failed from some reason to do that I will fortify again in my place just like I did before.
      It is impossible to fortify and cut off from other world no matter how good you are prepared. Sooner or later you will be forced to go out because some reasons.

      And by the way interesting nick 🙂

  40. Jerryboy says:

    guns are the great equalizer. they allow an 80 year old great-grandmother to survive a violent encounter with an 18 year old gangbanger; put a 5’8″ history professor on an equal footing with a 6’3″ football player, and a single office worker on his daily commute can defend himself from a carload of road-raged punks.

    i find that those who subscribe to the darwinist theory of “survival of the fittest” are more likely to want to ban guns because they violate the law of Might Makes Right.

  41. Cleetus says:

    The problem that I face is that many in my family are either old or disabled so we cannot leave. This leaves only one option and that is to shelter in place. As such, we are stockpiling supplies and materials necessary to turn our home into a fortress. Since we live in a small subdivision away from other population areas, we will be forced to form a defensive cooperative with other subdivision neighbors. I sure hope it works because it is the only option available. That being said, the idea of having a strong and vigilant defense is paramount. This defense would have to be based on long range rifle fire backstopped with shorter range firepower from AR’s or carbines. Pistols would be the last line of defense.

    The draw back to this is that you cannot move so you are a sitting target. Also, you’d best hope that you can get along well with the neighbors or else you could have problems. On the plus side, there would always be people available for help, there would be land available should the crisis extend beyond a growing season, and lastly, there would be a variety of skills and experiences that could be drawn upon. I sure hope that works because there are no other options.

  42. stevenr.f. says:

    Thanks for your take on the Zimmerman case and where that takes you in your thinking, Selco.

    Two things the Zimmerman case remind me of: if you carry concealed, every fight you get in will be a gunfight because you brought one. Also, if you carry concealed you should also carry a non-lethal tool–pepper spray, for instance. Granted, in the Z case he had to make a split second decision. He clearly didn’t know he was walking in danger of attack.

    We should never make that same mistake.

  43. cyn says:

    When shtf and it will be “okay” to kill, people will do so. Some just to see what it is like because they watched movies that inticed them to want that. The martin and Zimmerman case is of no substance to me. In my opinion, one wanted to be a superhero and save the neighborhood and the other was a thug wanna be. Neither one of them had the right thinking. As time passes and we keep seeing things about them and how Zimmerman is living out his life it is obvious what went on. I just believe when shtf there will be be a lot of thugs and a lot of hero wanna bes. For normal folks it will be survival and taking care of ourselves and our families. Just trying to get by day to day. People who are doing what they have to do to survive will not be heros or thugs. We will be doing what we have to do without wanting to take someones life but if the necessity arises we will do what we have to do with loss of life being a last resort. It wouldn’t be my intention to kill anyone but in a survival situation you just don’t know what you would do unless you have done it already. Reality is, there may come a time that killing someone is necessary but I would hope I would never have to use that kind of force. Keeping on the downlow and going out at night seem to be good ideas to me. I sure wouldn’t go asking for trouble and thinking im a superhero. I might be the one killed if I did that. Common sense works wonders but the common man has no common sense anymore.

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