Old cans and minefields… how to control enemy movement

People used everything they could for their protection, from most primitive things like throwing rocks to more sophisticated kind of traps made with explosives, usually those kind of traps required knowledge so they were rare. People invented some traps or something like false traps, everything was allowed in order to keep yourself and your group safer.

Home Security Mines

Armies used mines of course, there were whole areas covered with mine fields, some urban areas also were covered with all different kind explosive things, booby traps.

In some areas where soldiers had open terrain in front of them, or terrain with bush, and if they planted mines there, they usually throw all kind of empty cans, like food cans or anything similar. As we understanded at that time they used that in order to confuse enemy if they coming during the night trough the mine field with mine detectors.

So basically if man going with those mine detectors trough bushes during the night and trying to discover mines digged in ground he is going to be confused with lots of false readings from all of the cans and metal garbage, so he is not going to pay good attention after some time.

Pretty soon lots of folks started to throw cans in areas that supposed to be dangerous, or hard to watch all the night.

Sounds stupid and primitive, but in most of the situation it is worked.

Whenewer during the night i was stuck in some area that suspiciously was covered with lot of empty cans, or other small metal garbage usually i tried to find another way, even i was sure in 90 % of situations it was only empty cans.

I would just turn back beliving that somebody set up a trap. When it comes to life or death even very small percentages count.

It was just so basic opinion in that time that in every mine field you gonna find lot of old cans to confuse mine detectors that we all belived in that.

In a SHTF scenario some signs of danger will become common, use them to your advantage.

What are your plans for home defense?

12 responses to “Old cans and minefields… how to control enemy movement”

  1. -Peter says:

    Excellent lesson. Thank you for an informative and insightful blog. Your past experiences clearly allow you to share a number of lessons that no other blog on this subject matter can provide. I plan to check back frequently.

  2. dkclaymore says:

    Good job mate,
    I saw a whole bunch of cans and other metal stuff on some areas I knew that were not involved in direct clashes of regular forces. Some were marked as mine fields,some got the mark after a while when peace agreement was signed. The last “canned fields” I saw was in 1998. in northwest Bosnia.

  3. David says:

    Did people use empty cans filled with a few pebbles, and strung on wires and strings as warning systems? This was used in WW2.

  4. Julio Cheda says:

    Nice post!

    I believe that one of the things that i will do is to make my house look like already raided, with some windows smashed, maybe one of the cars destroyed in the front. The key of survival its to go unnoticed.

    As the money is short on this days, i will fortify one of the rooms of the house (strong door, maybe a vault), where i will store most of my emergency supplies. The other part of supplies will be on my BoB and on other place, maybe buried.

  5. shadowfaxhound says:

    Sir Selco, thank you for your blog and life experiences. We in the U.S. have no idea how we would live in a world you describe. I have prepared but ANY information such as the info you provide is welcomed and read time an time again to make sure I GET IT all. Please continue to teach us. Shadowfaxhound

  6. gyr says:


    Thank you for sharing your experiences and insights on urban survival. I have learned much from your thread on survivalistboard.com and continue to learn from your blog. I, too, am archiving your posts to share with family members. I hope that you will continue to give us the benefit of your experiences. Thanks again.

  7. Wills says:

    Please read my blog titled;” Retreat Security: I Am Your Worst Nightmare. by Jeff T”
    It can be found at; http://sfmedic.blogspot.com/2011/09/retreat-security-i-am-your-worst.html
    It spells out what Selco is talking about and deals with tactics you will face during SHTF.

    • Shawn says:

      I took a look at your link and thought it was well worth the time to watch. Our efforts need to be well rounded or like a flat tire “it’s only flat on the bottom” we’ll be SOL! Cheers!

  8. Delta 76 says:

    Thanks Selco for all you’ve done to open up many people’s eyes to the hell you’ve lived through, and your desire to inform others on what can happen should a SHTF senerio happen to them. I’m prior military (US) and appreciate your desire to inform. I know i’ve learned a few things! Your question on peoples plans for home defense is a good one. Most people will try to defend there homes from the inside. That will get you 6 feet in the ground rather quickly. As you know, you can NOT defend a structure from the inside. You will have to have a group willing to run security 24/7 OUTSIDE the home. Depending on the size of your home/retreat you may need upwards of 6 people or more on each shift. My home will be defended by 4 ex-military family members who will be equipped for the task at hand. Should there come a time when it just isn’t safe to defend, it’s time to bug out to a pre-supplied BOL. And that may NOT be easy to get to in an all out SHTF senerio. Especailly if your in an urban environment! So really, there’s a LOT to think about and plan for. What may work for one group may not work for another. You bring up lots of great questions designed to get people thinking about what they’ll do in a particular sitituation and for that, I say thanks. Keep up the great work!

  9. Direwolf says:

    Good advice here, thanks. I might do the ransacked house look to make it less of a target. My other thought was to get some yellow caution tape that is marked Bio Hazard. Then print up some CDC quarateen posters so I can put the latest scare bug/ epidemic info in sharpy pen. That should keep of the looters out.

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