In the days I spent with Selco not only did we record a lot of audio interviews and eat a lot of Cevapi (that’s meatballs usually with onions and some bread), we also went to some places Selco has been to during the war or places that were similar enough to give me an idea of how things looked.

In this video we visit a building that was abandoned right before the fighting started. The family never came back. Selco just shows me a few things that would have been useful for him. It is not a real lesson like the home defense video we have in our course area but just something I thought might be interesting to see.

It is hard to imagine how primitive everything can become in no time but this video will give you an idea what kind of “treasures” people sometimes fought and died for.

In one of the interviews Selco describes how he entered a house and another guy who was also looking for resources and useful things entered at the same time.

They both just saw each other, froze for a moment and after they realized the other person is not going to shoot, slowly left the building. He did not go back to that building in case the other guy might have returned. Not worth dying for a bit of firewood that night.

A different world, a different way of thinking and that is one of the reasons why I believe understanding Selco’s point of view on a lot of survival related things is so valuable.

It is hard to imagine what complete chaos and anarchy would be like and how far desperate humans would go to survive, so I’m grateful that Selco shares his experiences and is one of the few who went through something that bad and is still willing to talk about it.

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Selco made use of everything he could to survive the war and where others today see just trash he sees something useful. We all prepare that we never have to sift through rubble to find what we need but it is good to prepare your mind that when all plans and all preparations fail it might come to that.

I will post a video of a tour through one of the buildings on the frontline in the course area in a few days. To get to them we even had to jump some fences (those ruins are still pretty dangerous because of falling stones so they are fenced in / barricaded). After reading about Selco’s experience it is pretty bizarre to see those buildings where Selco passed through at night with huge holes knocked in the walls, holes for snipers, old sand sacks and so on.