They were family living in building that was populated with important people from the old politic system, like retired politicians, rich and important people.

It was about about one month after SHTF started, family stayed inside, did not know what to do, their apartment building was one of the few that gangs did not visit yet.

They heard screams and pistol shots, always bad signs, then loud curses, and sound of fighting. Anyway, there was no too much time to do anything smart, while gang get to their floor, they managed to hide girl in one of the closets, and put some pillows and random stuff on her.

They did not have any weapons in their apartment, except kitchen knifes. Son was about 17 years old , perfect age to be killed, or in better (or worse) case to be recruited for their gang.

So he did only thing that made some sense, he just played that he is retarded, staring in one direction, drooling. When the gang entered the apartment, they did not loose too much time on questions, luckily it was just a quick sweep, so they did not find a girl under the blankets, just stealing what they thought is valuable and giving few smacks to the woman. Her husband tried to protect her, but he ended up dead, they even did not shoot him, they just threw him trough the window on the 4th floor.

Son received few kicks, and jokes about his state. And then they left the apartment, five men with weapons. I heard this few days later after the mother and rest of family fled to other relatives in different part of city. Bad story but teaches important lesson I heard over and over.

After SHTF and looting there will be period of silence, things will be quiet. That’s when looters see if they can get away with their crimes. That’s why the house the family lived in was not looted earlier. Too dangerous, there might be still police coming after them.

After first few weeks bad people realized there were no rules. No punishment for looting, and then they moved on to more serious things. Then real madness started.

If you miss opportunity to bug out. Be aware of this time period because it might be best to get out while you can during that time. After that, when bad people know they can do whatever they want to, things will be more serious.

And important thing is: the bad guys rarely look like gangs from the movies, like Mad Max guys. No, almost always they are groups who are pretending to fight for a cause, to protect people, to defend, to recruit. To “help”. They are not going to have funny haircuts and shirts with gang names on it.

In some cases they are going to be police officers, who saw opportunity for them, or army.