Authority & Stereotypes Post Collapse

Stereotypes Post Collapse

I know man who is cop and he is not officially prepper, but couple of times I talked with him and „spotted“ his philosophy. Because nature of his job he knows whats going on in town, where he can probably find drugs, weapons, prostitutes, everything.

He mentioned to me couple of times that if something bad happens, something like war, he would get together with some 15 of his buddies and take over pretty big part of the town while everything else is collapsing around us.

Of course he would not do that in order to help people, his plan is to gain power, in order to gain more power, and so on. He did not mention it, but what he wants is be gangleader after collapse and he is simply ordinary cop today.

But he has plans, skills, resources and wrong (or right) mindset for achieving this.

I do not judge him, I just observe. I learned long time ago that it makes sense to know all kinds of people, especially when SHTF. People often say that cops are actually particular type of folks, and that their morale is highly questionable. Some people say cops are people drawn to power.

Just like with everything else I do not like to generalize things. So I like to say that just like all other folks there are good cops and bad cops.

It may be truth that occupation like that may draw (attract) certain types of people but nothing more than that. And of course (especially here) cops are highly subjectible to bribes, because nature of job. Just like medical professionals are as well. If you want to get your urgent operation done you either wait for 4 weeks or pay the right people that it happens in coming days…

I had friend who was cop. Actually he was police inspector (detective) when SHTF in first few weeks he simply used his badge and authority in chaos and „confiscate“ gold from people in the name of „cause“. The cause back then was to support our fight against the enemy troops who have surrounded our city. But the cause can be anything of course.

At first it was story about how it is not secure to have gold inside home because bad security state in town, so it will be kept in safe in town hall. Sounds stupid maybe, but people (especially honest and decent) will believe in lot of things if you back up your words with some authority like badge and uniform and some weapon. He even gave them some kind of written certificate (recipe) for gold that he took.

Few days later when it was obvious that there is no safe in town hall, and no government order, he simply took it with force and using weapons.

Of course he was not the only one who did that in that time, but he used his badge and training to do that, actually normal folks trusted him, because they thought something like „oh, he is policeman, he must be right, and he must be good man, let’s do what he says.“

Of course gold got through black market channels out of the country, he is out of the country too for years already. And yes, he is rich. Some other cops become famous as the worst war criminals, they turned to monsters, and did everything to harm people.

I knew some other folks from the police department, some of them simply used weapons and skills to do bad things, other did good things, they helped folks, organized them and learn them how to defend.

What they all had in common is that they used their training, authority signs and weapons when SHTF.

Some in good ways, some in bad. I do not think that being cop made them good or bad, it only made them skilled in controlling people.

Just like folks in my case 20 years ago before SHTF believed mostly that cops must be good guys because they are cops, I am noticing opinion that today cops must be BAD guys just because they are cops. Again I like to think that they are usually skilled guys, very usable in SHTF events. But I do not (just like everything else) take them like only bad or only good guys just because they are cops. Keep in mind that flexibility of thinking gives you big advantage in every survival scenario.

Simply forget old stereotypes once SHTF. Stress and fight for survival will bring out best and worst in people and make them drop whatever mask they were hiding behind in normal times. I try to separate what people can do and how people are and then can form an opinion. This is very valuable when time goes on and you and your group have contact to others.

How do you decide on qualities of people today and for your survival group once things get rough? Write in comments below or simply discuss with us in forum.

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  1. j.r. guerra in s. tx. says:

    In a collapse, anything can happen. The altruistic can become very mercenary, the meek become powerful. And the person who was once for Law and Order can turn bad. I can see it – they are exposed to the very ugly sides humanity has to offer. I guess its ‘Do Unto Others Before They Do Unto You’.

  2. TimeHasCome says:

    Thoughtful article Selco . Ten years ago I believed a great many things that I don’t believe now . I was childlike in my views of the world . I lacked street smarts and I have gained them slowly . The US in not a nice place and I need to keep my head on a swivel because there are bad people all over.

    • Selco says:

      Thanks TimeHasCome, luckily we always can learn new things, we just need to keep open mind, I am trying to learn something new every day.

  3. Tri0de says:

    Great article.
    I have always been distrustful not only of police but of anyone and everyone who wants power over other people. I’m not an anarchist, because I understand some things are necessary for the greatest good for the greatest number (the only justification and purpose of government IMHO), but the sort of person who *wants* to be armed, to have a badge, to control others and order is already much closer to being bad than good.

  4. Bob says:

    Being in Law enforcement in the past I encountered officers who thought that they were above the law. When the shtf the they will be the ones to try and get ahead for themselves no matter who might be in the way. Law is of no concern to them. Keeping your life to yourselves and trusting very few, (through time of knowing them) might help. But no one knows for sure.

  5. Centurion_Cornelius says:

    As always, Selco–an informative and thought provoking article based upon your own “boots-on-the-ground” experiences. None of the armchair commando baloney (which can get you killed in short order in a shtf scenario.)

    “Authority.” Like it or leave it?

    We just had a good Sunday sermon on this. Bottom line: benign authority is like the steel guard-rails you see on highways going up mountains. Sheer cliffs and drops off are negated by the “guard rails” you see and observe. Limits are put on you for your own welfare and good.

    Same like “authority.” Normally these power restrictions are there to maximize your potential as a human being.

    BUT, when SHTF, all bets are off. Power and authority may be used to cow, frighten, thieve, assault;t, rape, or murder you. Unless you know the person 100% trying to exercise dominion over you, BEWARE!

  6. Dashui says:

    My friend is a local detective. He said that 80% of cops are bullies hiding behind the badge .

  7. Matt in Oklahoma says:

    Percentages huh. That means Stop sniveling about stats that aren’t real. Bullies only exist because sheeple allow it regardless of who they are.
    People in law enforcement are just that. People
    People are good and bad. They don’t posses special powers. Control is an illusion. Respect is nothing more than fear of what they can do to you.
    Man the —- up and do what needs to be done when it needs to be done. You have every tool at your disposal in this country. What you lack is backbone to deal with issues.
    You are gonna let some man take your gold, food, women or whatever cause he has a small object of illusion!?! That’s crazy

    Classic example right here of sheeple wanting to be led aka bullied

    Now go prepare for something real

  8. Tim Gray says:

    ” They don’t posses special powers. ”

    Yes they do. They have a firearm and can kill you without recourse. THAT is their special power. A cop can pull his gun and blow your head off and the worst he will get is a 2 weeks unpaid vacation and a stern talking to because you cant tell the judge that you were innocent, all they have is his words on how you were violent.

    Do not underestimate their special power granted to them by law. Keep it in mind at all times.

  9. God's Love says:

    Selco, thanks for great article. I think it was right on target. I once read a New Orleans police officer’s account of things on the streets during Hurricane Katrina. He said as a law enforcement officer, the focus was on safety of the people and stopping the looters. But once martial law was declared in the city, which caused all citizens to be disarmed, “some” cops went crazy with their new found authority and power. I will post a clip from his article. See below:

    My point is that when traditional social rules break down, it takes only days – if not mere hours for a Gestapo-like police state to exist. In fact, even without outside influences and legal precedants, many police officers will naturally progress towards this herd mentality, especially if encouraged or informed that they have special/emergency authority. In an almost tribal sort of way, the police department fractured and groups of officers began doing anything they wanted. Some maintained their patrols and attempted to provide law and order. Some took over private homes, others took over businesses, schools or gas stations. Other groups of officers merely went on killing sprees, literally. No business or personal property was safe due to the police having been granted [falsely] “the authority to seize and confiscate what was needed,” even from private possession with absolutely zero oversight.

    So Selco,, I understand your point. The officer’s account was similar to yours. May God’s love shower & protect us all… Take care!

    • Selco says:

      You are welcome God’s Love!

      Power can draw some bad stuff from the people on surface. Of course those kind of people had it always, SHTF will only take that on the surface.
      Point is that there are many people like that.

  10. Hillbilly says:

    During WWII, my grandfather was a San Francisco police officer, sgt. While his duties were the same as in peace time, in addition the PD always worked closely with the Civil Defense. Civil defense was primarily made up of private citizens, not all were perfect citizens. The coastal watch was made up of many people, some commercial fisherman. The majority were Italian and Sicilian with heavy Mob connections…The mob was very interested in keeping their business’s operating at a profit, so they contributed a lot of their resources to protecting the USA. On one occasion, my grandfather stood side by side with tommyguns in uniform with “Heavy Hitters” he called them, checking out submarine sightings.

  11. Leonard says:

    No, my friend. When there are no “backup” or judges or DA’s et al to save them, most cops will be shot into hamburger on sight, post TEOTWAWKI. Not saying it’s good or bad, it’s just what LE has brought onto itself in recent years…

  12. John says:

    @Gid’s Love,
    Where is the link you said you’d provide in your post?

    Thank youa

  13. Jon says:


    It is because of people like you we need cops in the first place. I suspect your day will come!!!

  14. Matt in Oklahoma says:

    Lol if you don’t have the same power then you live in the wrong place and/or are sheeple
    You all talk like thru are all bad just like you all don’t want to be lumped in the same catagory then
    don’t lump law enforcement
    And for those who have all the answers join the force and show me how it’s done

  15. Jon says:

    I think what most people do not understand about LE in the U.S. are a couple things. Unlike European countries the people in the U.S. grant rights to the government to be governed. In European countries and other countries throughout the world the government grant the rights people have. This is a very important difference that a lot people do not understand or realize.

    So in countries outside of the U.S. the police are a enforcement tool of the government and most police force are controlled by the central government. In the U.S. the police are an extension of the people at a local level (except feds of course) to enforce the laws that we as a whole or majority have elected to have. We have a decentralized law enforcement in the U.S. meaning they are under the control of city, county, and state elected officials. The feds well that is another whole animal. We must always fight any attempt to federalize law enforcement in this country, because that force of approx. 700,000 locally controlled LE is truly a balance of power with DC. They already took the militia from the states by the formation of the National Guard in 1916.

  16. hans says:

    These are the special powers all cops in police states have.
    Military experts are calling this “a clue”.

  17. hans says:

    Was supposed to be a reply to Tim Gray´s post above on cop´s special powers.

  18. Jon says:


    The military has even more special powers than LEO. They can kill you from 30,000 feet without a trail. In western countries at least LEOs have to be in fear of their life or a third parties to use deadly force. The military does not need probable cause to kill you. They can pull the trigger and then they blame it on some else. Also history has shown us that in your so called “police state” the military is very much involved in oppressing the people. They carry out the dirty war of kidnappings and murders of political opponents of the ruling party. We have found throughout the world that the military were the one responsible for the crimes against humanity on behalf of the ruling party. It was not the local LEOs so much. So the bottom line is if you think LEOs are the problem and some how the military will save the day than I suspect you would be one of their first victims.

  19. Jon says:

    Should say trial not trail!!!!

  20. I suspect a SHTF scenario will draw out many “General Bethlehem” wannabes, a la the film, “The Postman”. I already see that personality in some who admin social networking page with the words ‘Patriot’, ‘Revolution’, etc in their titles.

  21. Jon says:


    I think you are correct. There are a lot of wannabe Generals out there on the internet. They are hoping and praying for the end of the word as we know it, because they believe it will bring them their place in the world that the do not currently have, but deserve. The biggest problem will being a good guys is getting organized behind a quality leader. The bad guys are already organized and have leadership structures in place. We will be behind the curve, assuming your on the good guy side.

    • undeRGRönd says:

      I hear you!
      At this time, I am effectively the “leader” of our group/family unit. But my dad has military experience, and so does my son. I have already told him he will be the tactical leader, and I will always respect the input of my dad’s experience. If we merge with another family or group, I suspect the dynamic will change a bit. But the level of equipment we bring to the mix will definitely be a factor. No plans to follow a madman 😛

      • Selco says:

        Sounds like you have good people there UndeRGRönd, you have two great factors there, military experience and trusted people (family)

  22. KOS says:

    1. I judge people by there actions, never there words, never there emotional state or what they think about. Actions are the only reliable source of information when you want to predict a persons next action.

    2. As a lone wolf not by choice, ( ive failed to motivate my family and friends ) I have more or less decided I cannot depend on anyone at this point but myself. They make mistakes, they lack humility when they dont know something or lack training, and they have false confidence in their skills in general.

    3. Even with my experiments in forming groups, infiltrating groups, reading books on psychology and manipulation, ultimately everyone is out for themselves, and thus cannot be trusted to make decisions for myself or my well being. Even a leader of a group who behaves benevolently with outward appearance of selflessness is in fact selfishly acting in self interest, and that in fact is what keeps the group together in the first place, its not desire to protect the group and its people, its desire to protect the self with the group. If you find yourself displaying weakness or sickness, you will see for yourself how quickly a group can turn on you. It is only for fear of our reputations in the eyes of our current group that people outwardly behave “nice” right now, they are more worried about how the group sees them being nice… not about the person they are being nice too…

    Lastly, law enforcement. Its politically correct to say that they are not all bad eggs, and I defer to point number one about judging by actions to reveal character, so I will neither coddle nor attack verbosely in regards to conduct past or future and simply say this.

    Everyone thinks they are in the right, everyone thinks they are doing the right thing, and everyone justifies their actions before and after the fact. From cereal killers to mother Teressa ( who for the record was as corrupt as they come (by actions involving money) and insisted that suffering (you know… pain…) was a righteous path… and medicine evil…) I dont see any distinction between a cop who wants to take over a section of town and become a local war lord or a chef who wants to start a restaurant, it is the exact same system of coercion and reward that you find in every level of society as it is right now with ultimately the exact same goals.

    To put it bluntly, getting wealthy… leading a group… getting laid and procreating.

    Anyone who says otherwise about their motivations is hopelessly confused and ultimately doing it anyway… or manipulative enough to know that other people will believe them when they say otherwise and become victims.

  23. Jon says:

    “I dont see any distinction between a cop who wants to take over a section of town and become a local war lord or a chef who wants to start a restaurant”

    Really!!!! The difference is one would in all likelihood involve violence and killing and the other would not. There is a pretty clear cut difference my friend. I can see why others do not trust your vision or leadership. If you truly see thing this way, you might want to seek some professional help.

    The only one confused here KOS is you, but I am sure your family and friend have already pointed that out to you.

  24. KOS says:

    I don’t think you understand what I was saying there Jon, and you cut off the last half of that sentence in your “”.

    Ive worked as a chef and under chefs for a long ass time. It is the most toxic, stressful back stabbing and competitive working environment on the planet. And if you don’t see poverty as violence when it comes to coercion in the workplace, (never mind the real kick your ass violence and all the drugs that are rampant in kitchens, never mind OIL work camp/kitchens…) then you are as naive as you are un-informed and opinionated.

    The point, you verbose insecure little prick, is that anyone is capable of bad things, cop or chef, and that the motivations (goals) are exactly the same thing. Just because one uses a velvet glove over the iron fist doesn’t mean it is any less malevolent. Losing your job could = death in this economy, especially if your not a nob sucking brown noser.

    And for the record. Real life is not the internet msg boards, I suggest you watch your pretty mouth if SHTF.

  25. Jon says:

    No KOS I just know your mentally off by reading your statements on this site. You are surely one of the first rabid dog that will need to be put down during an end of the word SHTF. As far as real life is concerned I am more than capable through my own life experience and training to handle a rabid dog such as you. No internet chest puffing here just the reality that awaits those who fantasizes about SHTF such as you do.

  26. KOS says:

    @jon your not bright enough to realize talking about someone elses family issues is a sensitive topic, and your not bright enough to not threaten someone over the very public inter web. I bet money on someone waiting for you outside a bar over your big mouth way before shtf and you have the opportunity to get your fellows killed over words and that bullshit righteous attitude. .

    insecure ass clowns like you are a dime a dozen. i suggest you re examine selcos course.

  27. Jon says:

    Your the only one talking crap about someone’s family at is your own. So in your own words you are the assclown my friend. Furthermore you are the only one threatening anyone over the internet again. I merely made a statement about rabid dogs, which you clearly are one. Your confused, so take you meds and go relax.

    Much like assclowns, mental patients like yourself are a dime a dozen these days sadly. So please get some help for yours and your family’s sake.

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