If I was in America, I would….?



And then one day, finally, real democracy came!

We were feeling that after long time of the same old politicians who cared only for themselves or their own circles and families, suddenly there is a man (or people) who will bring something new for us, pride, strength, wealth or whatever.

Media was full of high hopes and praising, in order to bring new world for us, jobs, security and what not.

New factories are  promised, new liberties, patriotism and love for the country exploded.

Something beautiful was expected. We felt like it is dawn of new era…..

What a bunch of fucking idiots we were.

Then the polarization started. At the beginning it was something like “there are people FOR and there are folks AGAINST it” whatever that “IT” was.

Pretty soon we were “thrown” into situation where you have two families, they are neighbors, friends for years, decades even, but over the political reasons they started to see each other with kinda ‘bad blood’.

 And then one morning, SHTF and I found myself standing in my backyard like an idiot, still trying to find out what happened with great words of new era and better life…?

People were shot dead on the street for fun or wrong words, fire trucks were driven by stoned teenagers in weird uniforms, police cars burning, men with assault rifles walking on the street in cowboy boots and metal band T shirt acting like self proclaimed government forces, every group who had more then 15 guys and 5 rifles was self proclaimed police force doing whatever they want to do…

Whole bunch of people who had dreamed of times where and when they can do whatever they want emerged.

I forget together with bunch of other people high hopes and big words, all what was left is pure survival, day by day.




I got mail from one of my readers (thank you Mike!), and I really liked it. Mike and I share some opinions in exactly same time, I will cite his message here:

“My nation, America, is being abruptly dragged out of a deep and prolonged state of subconscious anxiety and depression. It is being assaulted with hope and this is beginning to produce a state of relief which will be managed into uncritical nationalism if at all possible. This euphoric state of national mind is the perfect cover from which to ambush a nation. The pressing for a one world government did not die under Trump, it simply got a new face. The danger to America and to the other nations of the world are more real now than ever. Extreme sobriety is warranted at this time. Most people I have spoken with cannot see this. They need to. Perhaps you could bring this to attention. Mike”

Yes, America is being “attacked” with hope, changes, trust in better life, new jobs, pride.

In the same time media is on the run for making “demon” out of people or political options, and polarization is there.

It all looks (sadly) VERY familiar to me.

It is looking so familiar too me that I have to say  I am afraid for the near future of Americans.

Stage there is “perfect” for violent changes and SHTF.

Stay sober, operate in your small circle, you will appreciate that effort when SHTF.


What Can You Do?


In terms of “big picture” you cannot do anything. It is like that, if big players are set to make shit, then it will happen, and timing and climate there in US is perfect for that, so no matter how hard I hate to shovel “fear”, you have to be afraid if that will at least mean you get into motion.

And again and again – think in small circles.

For example, I can say for myself that I am for human rights, protecting the weak and people who suffered, but more from that I am about respecting of my way of living, and if there is a bunch of people who wants to change my way of living with force because they are so different I want them out of my country.

Now this sounds nice and normal, decent.

But it does not have too much with storing food and ammo, learning new skills, knowing how to purify water or simply working on your survival group.

When real SHTF there is no no democrats, republicans, political options, right or wrong, left or right.

Everything is kinda blurred and at the end there are YOU and OTHERS.

You will find yourself standing somewhere, maybe in similar backyard like mine, 25 years ago, asking yourself where everything is gone and how suddenly bottle of water is more important then whole bunch of political options, parties, opinions, solutions etc.

And you had such a  high hopes in better life!

Stay on the right track of prepping, do not be mesmerize with current events. Monitor events, of course, but stay on the track, and please do not have high hopes that “everything gonna be OK”.

Also note, while America is the greatest example of this problem just now, other countries are , and will, experience very very similar things… Don’t believe it ‘Can’t happen’ where you are…

If you see worrying signs where you live, please share your thoughts in the comments below…





46 responses to “If I was in America, I would….?”

  1. Redstone says:

    We just had a nut-case go nuts and killed 6 innocent Muslims praying in a mosque. This was in Canada and US politics & media had adopted the event to advance their agenda/propaganda. My bet is that extremists on both sides will parlay this into a bigger problem than the event itself. Mentally unstable people will do nasty stuff sometimes. This is not representative of those who are dealing with their mental issues or the general view of the people. However, media & politicos will try to escalate it into a civil unrest and division. They try this every time an event happens that is disturbing to normally peaceful people in the hopes of creating more events to push the people into civil mayhem. It is just a matter of time before they succeed in turning good people into bad people.
    I am concerned about the people I have known to be intelligent & careful in what they post/comment on social media/publicly. Many have tossed all restraint aside and regurgitate propaganda without qualifying it first for direct and indirect message(s). This is a red flag for me. As a history buff, I have seen this precursor of civic/social upheavals and wars, over and over again. When the intellects get fooled by propaganda designed for the ignorant & the sheeple, it is time to worry. The circle of trusted associates is getting smaller every day.
    If the above sounds familiar ? Then preparing for SHTF is even more important than ever.

  2. Drake Savage says:

    Most people do not know their history. Never forget that Adolf Hitler was ELECTED as Chancellor, and initially his policies were applauded by the masses. Oh , in case I didn’t say it already… NEVER FORGET !

  3. Carl says:

    I do know that the current situation in the USA also has given anyone paying attention as to who are the dangerous ones. They are letting themselves be known loudly, take notes and in SHTF do not trust those people in any way. I do know that I recently distanced my group from a radical member that was going hard on his hate tirade demonizing immigrants and anyone that was not lilly white. That kind of person is dangerous as they validate to themselves their hate and they are justifed in it. They will kill you with their own personal justification.

    Get them away from you and out of your group. Radicalised and hate filled are unstable and dangerous, you do not want them to your back with a gun in their hands.

  4. wildartist says:

    I agree with Selco, that this euphoria, thinking that a new leader who seems to espouse our Constitutional form of govt–will be our savior–is extremely dangerous. It could all turn upside down in a few hours. Do not be mesmerized into complacency. If anything, it has given us a few years (or months) of reprieve in which to continue to strengthen OURSELVES and our situation. And mindset, bracing for the storm to come.
    The world is in a very volatile state, ready to erupt on many fronts. Hatred and excuses for violence are becoming more open. Take, for example, a keynote speaker in the recent virtually pornographic “Women’s March” in DC (I am a woman therefore can criticize it LOL)–she had tortured and raped a man years ago. Her excuse was her ‘marginalized young life.” Sorry, but I was very poor and abused and hungry and enslaved in hard work for many decades, and never killed or tortured anyone. Made my own career in a man-dominated field without whining or needing govt help. And work with compassion with the less fortunate in this country and overseas.
    As Selco so wisely points out–from bitter experience: Do not let the euphoria deceive us. Bad times are ahead. We can only depend on ourselves, our families, our group and on God.

  5. Toby C says:

    Carl – That is a GREAT point! With such ‘polarization’ and people being very comfortable about being VERY outspoken, presents some great ‘vetting’ opportunities of those around you, especially those you are considering relying on in volatile times…

  6. MadnessReigns says:

    Hitler was never elected please stop perpetuating lies:

    When Hitler was appointed in January 1933, Germany was a democracy. Germany had fair elections; nobody had their right to vote abused; there were numerous political parties you could vote for etc. To pass a law, the Reichstag had to agree to it after a bill went through the normal processes of discussion, arguments etc. Within the Reichstag of January 1933, over 50% of those who held seats were against the Nazi Party. Therefore it would have been very unlikely for Hitler to have got passed into law what he wanted. . . .
    Hitler had promised a general election for March 1933. . . . One week before the election was due to take place, the Reichstag building burned down. Hitler immediately declared that it was the signal for a communist takeover of the nation. Hitler knew that if he was to convince President Hindenburg to give him emergency powers – as stated in the HYPERLINK “http://www.historylearningsite.co.uk/weicons.htm”Weimar HYPERLINK “http://www.historylearningsite.co.uk/weicons.htm” Constitution – he had to play on the old president’s fear of communism. What better than to convince him that the communists were about to take over the nation by force?

    A known communist – Marianus van der Lubbe – was caught near the Reichstag building immediately after the fire had started. Those that arrested him – Nazi officials – claimed that Lubbe confessed to them that the fire was a signal to other communists to start the revolution to overthrow democracy in the country. Matches were allegedly found on van der Lubbe and those who arrested him claimed that he smelt of petrol.

    Hitler asked Hindenburg to grant him emergency powers in view of the ‘communist takeover’. Using the constitution, Hindenburg agreed to pass the Law for the Protection of the People and the State.

    This law gave Hitler what he wanted — a ban on the Communists and Socialists taking part in an election campaign. The leaders from both parties were arrested and their newspapers were shut down. To ‘keep the peace’ and maintain law and order, the HYPERLINK “http://www.historylearningsite.co.uk/nazi_police_state.htm” SA (the Brown Shirts) roamed the streets beating up those who openly opposed Hitler.

    The election took place in March — though Hitler was convinced it would be the last. Hitler did not get the number of votes he wanted but he did get enough to get over a 50% majority in the Reichstag. . . .

    After the burning down of the Reichstag, politicians had nowhere to meet. The Kroll Opera House in Berlin was chosen. This was a relatively small round building – perfect for meetings. On March 23rd, elected officials were due to meet to discuss and vote on Hitler’s Enabling Law.

    As politicians neared the building, they found it surrounded by SS and SA thugs who tried to ensure that only Nazi or Nationalist politicians [in coalition with the Nazis] got into the building. The vote for this law was crucial as it gave Hitler a vast amount of power. The law basically stated that any bill only needed Hitler’s signature and within 24 hours that bill would become law in Germany. With only Nazis and other right wing politicians inside the Kroll Opera House, the bill was quickly passed into law. The act gave Hitler what he wanted — dictatorial power. What he wanted would become law in Germany within 24 hours of his signature being put on paper.

    On 7th April 1933, Nazi officials were put in charge of all local government in the provinces.

    On May 2nd 1933, trades unions were abolished, their funds taken and their leaders put in prison. The workers were given a May Day holiday in return.

    On July 14th 1933, a law was passed making it illegal to form a new political party. It also made the Nazi Party the only legal political party in Germany.

  7. TimeHasCome says:

    I happen to agree with Mike and Selco . I coming from the age born in the 1950s have seen this country go down a blind path of Liberalism . Watching grown adults wear pussy hats and dress as Vagina’s sums it all up for me . Do not follow the insanity of the world , trust your gut instincts more than ever because we are in for a rough ride.

  8. C Rock says:

    I’m still betting that the future that Trump is creating is going to make the world much better off than what Clinton would have provided. Time will tell. I also am highly tuned to the risk of SHTF, hence a big fan of Selco, and the risks are still very much in place until the US federal debt starts shrinking, then it is smooth sailing.

    • Selco says:

      Yes C Rock.
      I hope too, I think things can be much better, there is a perspective for that, but in the same time buildup against that is huge.

  9. K. says:

    I’m worried too. I’m in the middle politically — liberal on some issues, conservative on some. I’m not convinced Trump is either a Hitler or a Messiah, but I’m worried about the polarization I see in response to him. I think Trump’s actions so far are a mixture of reasonable and unreasonable, but the reactions I see appear to be mostly “unreasonable” — as if the country is going absolutely hysterical. My fellow citizens are scaring me more than Trump is.

    • Selco says:

      Thanks for comment K.
      I am not even very familiar with political options there in details, but yes, what worries me is exactly that: way too strong reaction, and low kicks.
      That brings hysteria and polarization. And all that happening fast.
      Perfect recipe for bad things.

  10. Jay says:

    @MadnessReigns – thank you for correcting one of those often repeated falsehoods, often used by the current crop of leftists. Indeed, we in the USA are not having ‘false flags’ nor is President Trump interested in the NWO – otherwise, Soros and others would not be funding rioters to physically attack his supporters. At this point, all physical violence has come from the leftists and so-called ‘anarchists’, the burning of cars and buildings, mob beatings of individuals, death threats and such. But we, the people who are committed to our Republic, stand ready to defend our lives, families and freedom by whatever means are required. We have never stropped training and preparing. Si vis pacem, parabellum.

  11. Seasoned_Citizen says:

    Fellow Travelers–take moment to look around you today. No, I really mean it. Half my local village is crazy over TV coverage this weekend of a game whereby an inflated pigskin is bandied about by spoiled young men, each making tens of millions of USD. The “winner” of this game will a trophy and get to wear certain ring. Women “cheerleaders” will prance around half nude and there will be funny commercials on the idiot box. At least one half day will be wasted on this.

    Others, myself included. will be re-zeroing our weapons for winter, checking our stored food supplies, making sure our water purification systems are in order, reviewing our split wood and coal supplies, cataloging our medical supplies, reacquainting ourselves with reliable neighbors, and the like. Wasting time is robbing oneself. You can never get back lost time nor preps.

    When the “sportiness” finally arrives upon American shores, my family and neighbors of like mind will watch the
    “BIG EVENT” unfold in real time, but–it won’t be on tv. It will be smack dab in front of our faces.

    The “spectators” to this real GAME OF REAL LIFE will be the big losers. Big time.

  12. bushrat says:

    I admit to voting for president Trump out of fear that Hillary would become our next president and nominate the next SC judge, and maybe a couple more by the end of next year. I also feel the president got off to a great start with his cabinet & first SC nominee. Yet, I am uncomfortable by the tremendous backlash to everything he has done so far. The amount of resistance to his administration is beyond anything I have seen in my 67 yrs. The liberals have shown themselves willing to impede, destroy, harass anyone or anything they need to, that they might tear down the nation to regain the power structure they had already developed. There are so many different groups, organizations, etc, that are playing off one another to position themselves for control of the narrative, and to slide into the positions of power if and when our government fumbles and makes a wrong move. Our nation is so fractured, I have little hope that Trump’s election will bring us anymore than a short reprieve from the inevitable. So, my goals are to continue stocking high & deep and making sure we are not caught unawares by a rapidly spiraling downward crisis. A huge dark abyss has opened beneath us, and we are holding on by our finger tips. May God have mercy on us!

  13. Danny Pruitt says:

    We have an advantage that the pre-WWII Germans did not have. We have the 2nd Amendment. It’s purpose was to insure that if a federal government came into power that sought to subjugate the American citizens, taking away their God-given rights, that the people (described as the “Militia”, would have the means to defend themselves and fight against those who would enslave them.

  14. Red says:

    Trump might not be what you like but he’s what our country needs at this moment in time. He’s not going to be a savior but I believe his administration is going to work hard in delivering what they said they would do. The 8 years we have experienced of of phony leadership has come to an end and I don’t agree with the pessimistic views that our worst days are ahead. I ask this question, “what is the purpose of our government?” Our government here in the U.S. is completely different than the Balkin government you experienced Selco. What makes us different is that we have a Constitution in place that has given us principles that still define our nation. We were not founded as a Democracy but a Republic. Take the time to search it out and find your answer but I think you will see that it comes down to this: The purpose of our government is to protect and defend it’s citizens. I don’t know if the nationalism you are speaking of is just another word for American exceptionalism. If it is I take offense to that. As an American I feel that because of those principles I mentioned earlier we have a special responsibility to defend the cause of liberty at home and abroad. Trump has recently signed an executive order halting immigration from the Middle East. I applaud this because it goes back to what the core purpose of our government is: to protect and defend. I don’t agree with Mike that we’re still on a track to a one world government but with a different face. Everything that has happen since we’ve elected Trump points to the world coming against us and disagreeing with our every decision. When you piss the wrong people off, the opposition, you know you’re doing the right thing. If this administration continued to implement the same policies we’ve had the past 8 years, we’d have the support of the nations that hate us, and that would be the greatest indicator of moving toward a one world system.

    • Selco says:

      Hello Red!
      Thank you for commenting.
      Actually I like some of the Trump decisions,and I think he might bring needed change, if he gonna have chance. but it is completely not about that.
      And I agree that I do not know too much about political system in US, but I do not talk about political system.
      I am talking about how stage is getting set for violent events, big violent events.
      I am “translating” my experience to what I see is happening over there. And I am thinking you might be in big problems soon.

  15. Jim says:

    What people know about Hitler, WWI and the true bastards that created WWII is all wrong. I encourage all to learn the truth. Watch: THE GREATEST STORY NEVER TOLD (You Tube) and Read: THE BAD WAR: THE TRUTH NEVER TAUGHT ABOUT WWII. Sorry, Hitler wasn’t the real monster, but Jew Bolsheviks, Churchill and Roosevelt were!

  16. Karen says:

    Stay calm and focused. Don’t get caught up in the political or religious differences, but be aware. I’m not sure what will eventually set this off, but I feel it coming. Stay safe and peace to all.

  17. Donovan says:

    Enjoyed the blog man. Thanks. I live in South Africa. Riots, farm murders, hijackings, xenophobia, illegal immigration (in the millions), heists etc. have been gradually increasing. So, to your point of things looking very familiar to what you experienced in the early nineties before your own personal SHTF experience – I am seeing things gradually get closer to what might be my SHTF experience. The political rhetoric which you also mentioned is huge. The strange thing is that so much is also ‘normal’. I live a fairly normal life because I am fortunate enough to live in an enclosed area and have significant security in place. I have been doing your courses man (best survival / SHTF type courses and material available – wish I had found you years ago) and I can say one of the best pieces of advice you have given so far goes something like “…you have to accept your reality is going to change – for the worse – and you must mentally prepare for that.” And thats what we have been doing – not just stocking up on ‘stuff’. There was a time when I thought preppers were whack jobs. Now I am one of them. Even my kids (boys – 14 and 11) are involved e.g. they made bug out bags – and I did not ask them to do that. – they did it on their own. They are preparing mentally and physically for when our reality changes because I have told them “enjoy life now, but be ready for when the change comes”). It is really tragic that we need to to this but it would be shameful if I have not got my family ready if / when something does happen. There is just no bloody way I am going to do that to them. Keep up the great work Selco. And if you are reading this and did not get at least one of the courses – don’t delay – its worth about 100 times more than what you will pay.

  18. Snowflake says:

    Reading Selco’s article I found myself nodding in agreement. Reading these comments I’m perplexed.

    Most comments are completely piling on to the “left vs right” argument otherwise known as “us vs them” that Selco warned against.

    Trump is the president and it doesn’t matter if we love him or hate him, voted for him or not. We as a nation must respond to his actions. If there was ever a time to stop using “Hilary” arguments to defend trump…that time is now.

    Whenever I post anything critical or trump or his cabinet I get called a snowflake and get shouted at “well Hilary…”. It’s time to leave that behind and live in the present with our current reality.

    Lol at the 2nd amendment guy…I too have my guns an ammo. That’s for protecting my family and my homestead. That will do jack to stop the US Government…they have drones. And the most advanced military in the world. Small Bands of people with rifles are hilariously ineffective vs a force of that magnitude. Your best chance at fighting tyranny is through political means. Whatever that looks like to you. Then when that fails…hunker down to protect against other citizens. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

  19. grower says:

    Jim….I’ve seen the ovens. I have a friend that was in the camps. She has the tattoo to prove it.

  20. Buh says:

    In my part of the country the chaos in the neighborhoods has reduced since Trump won the election. If Hillary had gotten in, I would have eventually needed to use my ammo stockpile as a result of gangs of young men freed to roam for targets due to police noninterference. In the short term, I’ve seen a HEAVY, HAIR TRIGGER police presence in my low income neighborhood, but they are primarily suppressing these groups of young men. I still avoid the police, but have no reason to worry about being targeted due to my age and dress. For now, things are safer for families. I’ll keep my eyes open, stash full, appearance grey, and powder dry, but I believe the US may improve, at least for the near future.

  21. Steve says:

    The USA has been kicking many liberal and financial issues down the street for many decades. I think Trumps admin is going to turn it around. May take a while, but it will.
    Times are tense here, just watch your back and pay attention to whats going on..

  22. Javel says:

    People on both sides in US are overreacting. Students of US history see just another cycle, not doom, as the pendulum swings Right, trying to achieve balance.

    1% of the population is showing their immaturity in the streets without popular support. They have only the Left Wing media support. DC riots had more press than rioters.

  23. Alaska Paul says:

    Greetings from Snowy Alaska, Selco. I enjoy your thoughtful blog, and find your experiences related to us most valuable. I read a book a while ago by Strauss and Howe, called, “The Fourth Turning: An American Prophecy – What the Cycles of History Tell Us About America’s Next Rendezvous with Destiny.” These crises are not new to the US, but in a cyclical view of history, have occurred a number of times before, in a rough lifespan of 80 years. We are entering the Fourth Turning, the time of crisis, where old institutions are no longer valid, and we must go through the crisis, for good or ill. Things do not stand still.

    This is not just in the US, but it is worldwide. There has been a great effort to create a one world government, an oligarchy of the privileged. Now it is being challenged by forces such as Brexit and the Trump phenomena. I do not think of Trump as a messiah. He personifies what hard working, responsible, and decent people believe in. The Left sees this phenomenon as an existential threat and like any cornered animal, will fight like a madman to maintain their status quo. All sense of decency will go out the window.

    On a national basis, the Trump Administration needs to take the high road as best they can, based upon our national bylaws—our Constitution. They also must realize that there are moneyed forces at work, agitating others to promote their agenda. People like Soros need to be investigated under the RICO statutes for their generous infusions of money into Black Lives Matter, recent riots, and other causes leading to intimidation and violence. The money supply for these groups need to be dried up. These behaviors need to be exposed to the light of day for everyone to see.

    On a personal level, I defer to M’Lady. She says that values and change grows from the roots up. It starts with you. What makes your life meaningful and what makes you happy? Then those values go to your family, neighbors, and friends, then maybe your community, and possibly your state. That is where it counts. In our neighborhood, we have 4 households. We watch out for each other, we have a common interest of living a good, wholesome life, and providing for mutual benefit and protection. We also keep up on local intelligence of crime in a nearby city that has risen by alarming amounts in the past years. One needs to be prepared for things on the local level. Besides the usual SHTF, we are faced with earthquakes, wildfires, a very remote but possible strike by maritime transportation workers that could cut off food supplies to the state, and in our area, avalanches that could cut off access by road for a while. When you live in a frontier, you take nothing for granted.

  24. Donovan,
    Please keep us updated on the situation in South Africa. I have always been interested in what is going on there. I believe you are living in a SHTF scenario already.


  25. Mac says:

    As Snowflake alludes to above, these comments should not be a discussion centered around us vs. them or whether Trump will be effective as a president.

    I believe that your article points primarily to the reality that post election drunkenness may be followed up by one hell of a hangover for those who view the new administration as their savior(s). Your point is to stay in tune, stay frosty and don’t let your guard down. I have seen many people advertise for sale on websites that they “don’t need anymore since Hillary lost.” I have seen the same ads for food stores and other critical items. Now is not the time for ridding yourself of these things just because of the promise of a new tomorrow.

    If, indeed, President Trump is who he says he is and he truly maneuvers to make successful changes to a worn out system occupied by worthless politicos from both parties, he will be upsetting the fabric of those who support the nation’s downfall. Guys like Soros are on the warpath with a seemingly endless money supply. The country is ripe, in my opinion, for some sort of event that will eclipse everything that is going on right now and discredit (or at least overwhelm) the administration.

    Keep your powder dry.

  26. JS says:

    I think the current events in the US show the degree to which people will react with fear and/or violence when their “worldview” suddenly doesn’t match reality.

    Prior to the election we had a Liberal president and almost all of the TV news reporters leaned heavily to the progressive side. During the election, the news media kept saying that there was a 95% chance that Ms.Clinton would win…so most liberal people naturally believed this was what was sure to happen. The majority of Trump supporters, afraid of being judged or attacked (verbally or physically) for their political beliefs kept quiet until election day. Then they went and voted.

    Trump won. Suddenly, liberal people in the US had to face the fact that what they had expected to happen hadn’t. Also, they were forced to see that many people in the US either do not share their progressive values or were pissed off enough by the progressive political status quo that they voted for a political outsider. Some liberals (not all,certainly) reacted to this “cognitive dissonance” with extreme emotion, anger, and even (in some cases) violence.

    Think about how much worse it would be if TSHTF and countless people’s lives were suddenly upended. Large segments of society (no matter what their political views) would be intensely afraid and angry, and they would look for someone or something to blame. This, I think is an unfortunate part of human nature…a tribal “us” versus “them” mentality that crops up when people feel stressed and threatened. Its been instructive to see this play out, on a much smaller scale, before and after the election. It brings home how irrational and extreme people’s reactions are likely to be if TSHTF.


  27. Mike says:

    The only people who should be afraid are liberals if they will not accept the choice that was made by the American nation. If they will continue their offense on the public order and the way America has chosen, one day they can see consequences, because the life is very much unlike the idiotic imaginary world they have dreamed for themselves.When the previous president took the White House, conservatives did not go on rampage, did not burn cars and businesses, they accepted the elected president. That’s what humans do. What we see now is nothing but herds of stupid animals, who have got out of control. One way or another, but they will be soon put back into the cages of their primitive and useless lives.

  28. Eagle223usa says:

    Amen Mike. America is turning back towards the rule of law. All these un-raised children will be dealt with.

  29. oldfatguy says:

    Carl’s letter is especially interesting–I’ve actually heard people boasting that although they believe social collapse/civil war could be imminent, they have no intention of storing extra food,water or other goods. They intend to forcibly take whatever they want from whomever has it, and are willing to kill to get it. These are not people from whom you’d ever expect to hear this kind of talk–always saw them as solid,productive individuals that today seem law-abiding and God fearing.

  30. Old Soldier says:

    To the “True Believers”: Please take note – the Con-stitution is, and was intended to be, an instrument of enslavement, not of individual liberty. I refer anyone with the stones to read it to run, not walk, and by “HOLOGRAM OF LIBERTY” by Boston T. Party. (be sure to get the latest edition – Amazon has it). Yup, that guy, of “Boston’s Gun Bible” fame. If you have half a brain in your head, you will see the fraud that this document really is. In fact, I would argue that is was jammed down the throats of the good folks of old using many of the same tactics as the elites did in ‘marketing’ “O’Bamacare” to the masses!!! If you prefer to zone out, then please kick your boots off, lay the recliner back, grab a tall one, and remote your life to Monday Night Football.

  31. Tjtech says:

    Just so no one forgets where the polarizatiin started from, Obama over the last eight years. It wasn’t like this before Obama. Obama is not done yet. He and his group of socialists are the ones starting this war.

  32. DTM says:

    About 2 years ago I saw something that shook me to my core, since viewing that I have taken my preparations from a few days of food and heat to a much higher level. The credit/atm card scanners at the grocery store quit working for about 5-10 minutes, cash accepted. This happened mid-day, on a week day. I thought there might be a riot right then in the grocery store. In the store with me were mostly young mothers and retirees, but seeing the looks on faces I thought all hell was about to break lose.

    Point is, Selco is right, SHTF can happen anytime, anyplace, and you just never know what the trigger will be. I’m probably not alone, the tension here in the USA is so think right now could slice it with a knife.

  33. We can’t ignore the obvious subtext in what’s happening in the US. Leftist ideology has controlled the culture, the universities, the media and entertainment industry, and virtually all government bureaucracies for decades. Conservatives have been pushed back decade after decade. Then over the last 8 years Obama and his fawning minion media have escalated the destruction to unheard-of levels. Under Obama the nation got steadily closer to the brink, and ordinary conservative people who see how dire things have gotten, and after being repeatedly betrayed by the Republicans were determined and ready for someone who would finally stand up to the Left. That leader is Trump. Now the Left is going on a rioting spree b/c they refuse to allow the rightful winner of the election to govern. The media naturally blames the riots on Trump. This is what conservatives have contended with for decades. The only difference now is Trump won’t back down. Previous conservative Presidents always backed down. Not this time. And so the Left is going full ballistic. So by what sane measure should conservative citizens and Trump just let the Left have their way, for the thousandth time, and surrender to this bullying and blackmail. Frankly, most conservatives are so fed up, so extremely and supremely fed up with the 35% or so of voting districts that voted for Hillary, home to the hyper-rich, holding to ransom the 65% of districts that voted for Trump. It really is this dire. Conservatives have had it, they are just fed up and ready to start shooting if that’s what it takes. B/c the Left will never stop. We’re tired of their tantrums and bullying dictating what happens politically.

  34. Let me add this, I find it a bit offensive how some of us talk here in neutral terms, regretting the division and violence, all the while avoiding naming WHO is stoking the crowds’ emotions, WHO is rioting, WHO is assaulting others, WHO is setting fires, WHO is screaming out imprecations against rightful authority. This time the country won’t surrender to the Left. It stops here. And if that means thousands of bodies in the streets, so be it. The Left has pushed and hectored and vilified and manipulated and controlled media narratives and driven conservatives into capitulation time after time. They’re doing now exactly what they did to Palin, Bush, Cheney, Woflowitz, Condy Rice, Reagan, Nixon, Goldwater, it never stops, on and on and on. They’re going apocalyptic now b/c they’ve finally run up against someone who knows their pathetic game inside out, and is calling them on it. It’s about time!

    […] If we are mark’d to die, we are enough
    To do our country loss; and if to live,
    The fewer men, the greater share of honor.
    God’s will! I pray thee, wish not one man more!
    By Jove, I am not covetous for gold,
    Nor care I who doth feed upon my cost;
    It yearns me not if men my garments wear;
    Such outward things dwell not in my desires.
    But if it be a sin to covet honor,
    I am the most offending soul alive.
    No, faith, wish not a man from England.
    God’s peace! I would not lose so great an honor
    As one man more methinks would share from me
    For the best hope I have. O, do not wish one more!
    Rather proclaim it, Westmoreland! through my host,
    That he which hath no stomach to this fight,
    Let him depart; his passport shall be made,
    And crowns for convoy put into his purse;
    We would not die in that man’s company
    That fears his fellowship to die with us.
    This day is call’d the feast of Crispian.
    He that outlives this day, and comes safe home,
    Will stand a tip-toe when this day is named,
    And rouse him at the name of Crispian.
    He that shall live this day, and see old age,
    Will yearly on the vigil feast his neighbors,
    And say ‘To-morrow is Saint Crispian.’
    Then will he strip his sleeve and show his scars,
    And say ‘These wounds I had on Crispian’s day.’
    Old men forget; yet all shall be forgot,
    But he’ll remember, with advantages,
    What feats he did that day. Then shall our names,
    Familiar in his mouth as household words-
    Harry the King, Bedford and Exeter,
    Warwick and Talbot, Salisbury and Gloucester-
    Be in their flowing cups freshly rememb’red.
    This story shall the good man teach his son;
    And Crispin Crispian shall ne’er go by,
    From this day to the ending of the world,
    But we in it shall be remembered-
    We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
    For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
    Shall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile,
    This day shall gentle his condition;
    And gentlemen in England now-a-bed
    Shall think themselves accurs’d they were not here,
    And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
    That fought with us upon Saint Crispin’s day.

  35. First, I find that while every post has a ‘reply’ button following it, they don’t work. They are not active.
    Now, there are some things you, Selco, may not understand about the USA, and it appears quite a few of the other commenters here don’t understand as well.

    This includes the fact that 1) The United States of America (hereafter “America”) is not a democracy. A democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting for what’s for lunch. America is a Constitutional Republic in which government is limited to the powers delegated to it in the Constitution. Much of the problems befalling America today is the fact that we have been suffering a covert Marxist insurgency since COMINTERN in 1925, and it has been accelerating breath-takingly in the last few elections. What amounts to a “Second Bolshevik Revolution’ was intended for the Clinton administration, but they overplayed their hand with the Assault Weapon Ban and the number of firearms in private hands doubled in the three months before the law went into effect. The AWB sunsetted ten years later because the crime rate exploded. The second ‘Bush’ presidency was arranged as a holding pattern while they groomed their Manchurian candidate Obama, who was almost certainly not born on U.S. soil and claimed a British citizen father, each of which made him ineligible — but the Marxist Mafia infiltrators in our government prevented that fact from being acted upon. (Definition of ‘natural-born citizen’ is contained in Vattel’s “Law of Nations,” which was well-settled law at the time of our founding, and was incorporated in our Constitution by reference.)

    It was thought that ‘ZeroBama’ (as I call him) would succeed in destroying our right to keep and bear arms, but he failed too, and the American people — fed up to here with cultural Marxism being rammed down our throats for the last fifty years — pulled the rug out from under the Marxist Mafia insurgency and elected a man who knows what it means to be an American and is ripping Marxism out with both hands. THAT is what the Marxist infiltrators and their ‘useful idiots’ are raising hell about, and because they have no respect for the Constitutional Rule of Law, we might well find ourselves in a full-scale civil war in the not too distant future. But it won’t be against our own military (except in isolated cases of rogue elements) because unlike other nations, our military is not sworn to obey government except to the extent government acts according to the Constitution. Our military is sworn to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC.

  36. Toby says:

    Stephen J Carter. Thanks for your thoughts, that is an excellent summary that I can understand and agree with. As an outsider looking on, it does seem to be a bit of a ‘now or never’ moment to correct certain (now deeply embedded) behaviours, that have been ‘tolerated’ for far too long…

  37. Andy says:

    I agree and disagree with that Selco has to say. I agree with the part having to do with us banding together in groups to help each other. Our history has shown that people to survive better in a group and I do believe that a basic nature of mankind is to help. However, “polarization” is being ascribed to Trump and I disagree with that. The polarization that is/has occurred in this country has stemmed from the administration that just exited. Not just Obama, but, he was certainly the poster child for polarization. The history of this country goes back almost a few hundred years when we had a similar polarization in this country. At that time it took a few good men and women to stand up and say, “that’s it” and they took the country back. That’s what is happening now and that’s pissing off a lot of those who have vested interests in keeping us polarized.

  38. Cassandra (of Troy) says:

    Some things to ponder

    Righteous Conceit & Tyranny

    The legal camouflage for the above

    An observation on the decline caused by above circa 1969

    An observation about the societal corrosion caused by decline circa 1975

    The result of the above decline & societal corrosion circa 1968

    A justification for the above result circa 1993

    An ‘inconvenient’ thought from a ‘troublemaker’ circa 1788

  39. toktomi says:

    I enjoyed this post.

    I also liked Carl’s comments about radical thought and behavior.

    My two cents on “In America” would be that I make a conscious effort to ignore most of the political machinations of this government beyond simply maintaining an awareness the events. I view the political system to be evil at its core, not something that I want to participate in.

    As an aside, perhaps, I would pose a simple question for consideration.
    What could be more radical than any individual proclaiming to be in possession of truth?


  40. BH says:

    Haven’t read all the comments yet, but I will add this. The problem, although it is not directly related to “us versus them”, truly has to do with the to divergent viewpoints most widely held in America today. There are traditional, patriotic Americans who believe in the Constitution, limited government, and individual liberties. (not to mention the more generic concepts of self-sufficiency, preparedness, and prudence) Then there are the liberals, who are the party of “inclusion”, “diversity”, and “tolerance”, as long as these things are implemented via government force, to the detriment of the country, it’s native (melting pot) people, and the Constitution.

    Chaos and SHTF scenarios at this point are more of a risk arising from extreme leftist agitation than from any sort of government crackdown. While government crackdown is not an impossible potential scenario, it is greatly reduced at this time.

    As for the 2nd Amendment, I will reiterate, MASSIVE, widespread gun ownership really is the wild card in any sort of government-run-amok scenario. Yes, the American military is huge, and effective. But it is utterly dwarfed by the gun-owning populace. This is as it should be, it ensures that any acute government overreach will be checked. But this was more of a risk under Democrat leadership — the people who like to force individuals to bake cakes for ceremonies that are against the baker’s religious beliefs, or force school districts to allow men into girls’ locker rooms if they identify as girls. In other words, it is LIBERALS who like to enforce through government might “rights” for small, vocal, outlying minorities, at the expense of the rights of larger, more mainstream groups.

    Republicans, for all their ineffectiveness over the last decade, have only ALLOWED via feeble opposition these government overreach scenarios to unfold. They have not spearheaded them. And now that we have a patriotic Republican president, a Republican-controlled congress, and a soon to be Republican-majority Supreme Court, the most urgent phase of danger has passed.

    This all stems from the fact that conservatives, who are represented by Republicans, have a much more moderate viewpoint that is fairly closely represented by Republican leaders, as opposed to the liberals, who have veered so strongly to the left, and are PULLING their Democrat representatives to the far left, that the ultimate result is going to be a sort of Democrat irrelevance, as their ultra-left platform continues to alienate more and more moderate Americans. As this happens, watch for more irrational, chaotic tantrums from the leftist base when they don’t get their way.

    Do not stop preparing for hard times. This can be said over and over. For those who will heed it, repetition is unnecessary. For those who will ignore it, repetition serves no purpose. But really, watch President Trump. He’s smart, and the plan he’s currently unfurling is not only good for America, it is brilliant. There is more than meets the eye. Watch, and you will see. Prepare, nonetheless.

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