The European Cold Snap

Something again about power of media and human stupidity, or i can call it human lazyness to check some simple facts.

first aid

Right now in my region we have something like two weeks of very bad weather, snow, -15 or -20 C temperatures (getting finally better now), roads are blocked by snow, whole cities are completely cut off, infrastructure in some regions is falling apart, ambulance services can not reach patients, stores are mostly closed in worst hit cities, electrical power is off. Deaths from cold temperatures are more than 600 now.

Now this all is temporary, maybe few more days, week, and life is coming back to normal way. But still from this “small” scale event there is again some important lessons to be learned for us.

In my country political elite rule the mainstream media, i guess in every country in the world it is something like that, sometimes more obvious sometimes less. Free media barely exists. Maybe politicians in other contries have “smoother” ways to control media, but at the end all come to same.

So from the beginning of this bad weather collapse event i am following local media to confirm some things. Every single broadcast in media with some politician is same: “everything will be fine, we have enough resources to fight with this, our power plants will not have problems, we all doing our best for citizens, there is no need to panic, there is no need to panicly go in to the shops and buy candles, extra food ,water, whatever, our medical system is completely ready for this event, all patients will be take care of” etc etc.

In reality, first about medical system: few examples, our medical system works that we have supply for a few weeks, for example we are preparing for next month based on facts from the last month. So obviously if we had for months or years certain number of patients for example in emergency room (ER) we have manpower and medical storage in ER for that number of patients.

In other words we are working on assumption that everything will be fine. We are not counting that some major event can hit us, so even if we have extra manpower and extra medical supplies in ERs or hospitals, for some major event, we have that only for short period of time.

We do not have backup. Politician will say: “our medical system can cope with this event” because he need to say good news, politician who is telling bad news will not be elected next time, most of the people do not want bad news, even if it is truth.

OK, i work in medical system, so i perfectly know how bad the system is. For example, try to research how many respirator machines hospitals in your region have, after you finish that, research how many respirators will be needed if some kind of bad deseases struck your region, terrorist atack, flu, SARS..

Even if you do not research this. What you would learn would be pretty much bad news anyway.

Point is: System is not ready. And that is not worst thing. Worst thing is that system will try to convince you that “system is ready” for everything, until it is too late.

Same thing is with power plant, for example coal power plant use coal (obviously), coal is been delivered with railroad, since snow and ice is covered everything they can not deliver it to plant.

Plant by their rules have coal for something around 10 days of work without delivery of new coal, by simple math (and asking some friends who work there ) i found out that they have coal for 3-4 more days. And that’s it. Power for 400 000 people will be off, heating too, and everything that’s going along with that.

And funny, yesterday some politician shows up on TV stating that “citizenz will have electrical power no matter what happens”. We can all sleep well!?

Same goes with all stores, and everything else. When delivering of goods stops, all is going down. If you are member of my course you will have heard me talking about the signs of SHTF and what happened before all hell broke loose. Now compare this with what’s happening now.

All this is happening… in part of the world where 20 years ago we had war, so you could expect that people here know how bad things can be, but no even here people are just people, who again believe “smart” guys on TV.

Now please understand me i am writing all this as a simple example. Everything now will be fine, unless new ice age is starting.

Point of all of this is: in last week or so i did not hear from any authority, any…, advice for people that they need to buy food, candles, medicines, and everything else for month or so. Most of the people are waiting for them to tell that before they start to prepare for something. They are not going to say that. We need to prepare alone, without warnings from anyone.

Look what happens with all these disasters. Good news and if things get bad, its up to people to suffer, die or survive and politicians later play the blame game without any change.

If you have people who do not believe in preparing or think their government will look out for them, tell them this story or stories like that. It is simple logic. Nobody likes guy with bad news. I see history repeating itself and that in country that has been through major SHTF time. Most people here should know but they do not want to know. People see what they want to see, get told what they want to hear (only good news) and are blind to truth again.

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  1. Darin says:

    i took notice all over, i see the flags and hear what your saying. thanks for the insight and preperation you have instilled in all of us world wide. i am prepared to take the hand of good like minded folk interested in survival. thanks again and good luck, i look forward to more articles…..VILNA ALBERTA

  2. Mari Owen says:

    Thank you, Selco, for this very good information. I guess the whole world is just alike. Nobody wants to hear the real information, but just what tickles their ears. I wish I knew how to make people – family and friends – wake up and see reality. I appreciate all that you teach us. Thank you. I pray a blessing on you and your family.

  3. DocB says:

    Another great post, Selco.

    This reminds me of the morning of September 2001 when people in the north tower of the New York Trade Center were told to go back to their offices and not evacuate the building, after the American Airlines flight 11 had crashed into it.

    “So arrest me” is my motto whenever I get some idiotic “official advice” that sounds like it’s in THEIR best interest and not mine.

    • JoelC says:


      “They” will rarely arrest you, but they will mock you. It’s like being in a bar, hearing a loud “pop”, and dropping like a stone to the floor. All your buddies WILL laugh at you, unless someone else in the bar is discovered to have also “dropped like a stone…but involuntarily”. Then they ask you, “How did you know to do that?” Well, duh!

  4. JoelC says:

    If you saw the National Geographic Channel’s expose on the Costa Concordia Italian ship sinking, you witnessed this same style used of, “It is under control. Please return to your cabins. Everything will be fine. Do not panic”. There is a reason for this. Those in authority positions are no better at admitting “control is lost” than the sheep they guard. At the WTC during 911, the same line was used, “Return to your offices. Everything is under control”.

    Whenever and wherever you see or hear that, ALWAYS consider the opposite, AND TAKE ACTION! Do it quietly, but do it, and do it early. Most humans sincerely want everything to be “under control and fine…meaning safe”. Trust your “gut”; it’s correct most of the time, and if it’s not…well, so what. You can apologize for your “over cautiousness” and beg for the forgiveness of those in authority…or…you may live to tell about your experiences to someone else in “authority”. It’s your actions, your life, and your choice.

  5. Dashui says:

    Humans are a type of great ape that evolved in tribes(packs). So it’s inbuilt for us to follow authority no matter how ridiculous.

  6. Larry says:

    Thank you again,Selco, for your insiteful comments. Your temperatures are about the same as we are having here as well, but we are not having any amount of snow to speak of, and people, and the “officialdom” here are used to cold-dry temps in winter.even -40 (-40celcius AND -40 farenheit are equal at this point) .Usually if it is cold, we dont get snow untill it warms up. You are “right on” about the “officials” and their “lap-dogs” in media, They will tell you whatever furthers their “agenda.”at the moment. Everyone, not just those of us living in the north, should go to their “goodwill” and 2nd hand stores, and stock up on warm, heavy-duty clothing, boots, sleeping bags, extra blankets, and some kind of cooking/heating stove, that dosen’t rely on electricity, or public utility gas. Food and bullets are necessary, but will not help much if you fall ill from exposure in a sudden snap of bad weather.( or virus ) After hurricain Andrew devistated south Florida, in ’91, It rained off and on every day for weeks. people fell ill and many died from exposiure. They were wet and cold, the bedding was wet, clothes were wet, and many had no source of heat to dry out. Keep well, my friend, and keep up the good work.

  7. Bob O'Connor says:

    It’s interesting that people refer to 9/11 as similar, cause in some ways it was. The largest company in the WTC (Morgan Stanley) had people on over 50 floors and yet only one of them perished.

    The reason was when the plane hit the first tower, the announcements were that you were safe in the other buildings and to stay at your desk. Morgan Stanley had been through the earlier bombing of the WTC (1993), and employees said, ‘F*** that, get out of here now’ and were already leaving on their own when the second plane hit. TAKE ACTION when needed and learn from your experiences and the experiences of others. Thanks Selco for your experience and wisdom.

    • MLee says:

      Why the Morgan Stanley people survived…..

    • MikeM says:

      The Morgan Stanley people got out because of one man, their security chief, “Rick” Rescorla.
      (Look him up in Google or Wikipedia.)
      He warned them about the possibility of a truck bombing in ’92, a year before it happened.

      After the ’93 bombing he planned and drilled the employees for what he expected the next attack would be, a plane crash.
      He was the one who made everyone get one.
      One man with vision and preparation saved 2,700 others.
      That’s what I call a hero.

      • Bob O says:

        Rick was truly a hero, even to the extent of singing songs to calm the people coming down the steps during the evacuation while he was going up to what would be his fate, but there was also the awareness that the buildings had some things in common (ventilation, etc) and what effected one would soon effect the others, and the MS people who had been there once, remembered, and evacuated and told others to do the same.

        It’s very similar to Selco’s description of why the old people are of value – knowledge of things that the younger people may not have experience with. Rick had it that day, and so did others and it made the crucial difference compared to the companies who stayed in the building listening to what the ‘authorities’ told them. God bless all that perished that day, but God also blessed those who took action and moved when they needed to.

  8. Ron G says:

    Thank you for describing what your experiences have been.
    In the US the politicians are constantly lying saying we could not have a debt crisis in this county. They are spending so much money and borrowing money we could not possible pay back. Preppers are looked down as nut jobs.
    By sharing your experiences provides us with excellent insight on how to prepare for the inevitable.

  9. frosty2 says:

    History is very clear that in times of serious threats or disasters the Government will protect itself first, not the people.

    Anybody that still gives any credence to the mainstream press is an idiot and will suffer for it.


  10. Robin Warren says:

    I was wondering if you had to dig out.

    Ivanhoe, Tx

  11. dkclaymore says:

    What you write is very true Selco; but to give small credit to some Croatian areas, the goverment warned people of cold coming in and those who took it seriously have the least problems. The shops were emptied by hipershoping in one morning and folks survived without major problems even with broken power system (aparently main problem was shortage of condoms :-))))
    Seems like the bigest problem was in Dalmatia where they have snow once in 50yrs (like geting 2ft of snow in Florida), people broke limbs mostly and strong wind destroyed the infrastructure, they have no road ploughs for snow,schools and shops were closed.
    In the north Croatia we are used to cold and kids go to school on -15C; I went to work on my bike today on -13C; things go a bit slower but no big deal.
    But as you said;even in the north (especialy in the cityes) nobody is ready for having the system shutdown for more than 10 days max;out in the country people are a bit more selfreliant (they have cattle,grain,firewood…)
    As I see it; higher the “civilization” level more the people are dependant to the system and the system is governed by lying politicians with “don`t worry” attitude.
    “Rule No 1; trust no one”

  12. David says:

    I am in New Zealand, and in an area where we never get snow. But we do get earthquakes, and floods and so I prepare for loss of services ( as well as SHTF).

    It is summer here now.. and as I go to my “Goodwill” store ( Salvation Army) here I have been amazed at the bargains in winter clothing. It is like “well it’s summer why would I buy winter clothes??” After clothes have been on the rack for 2 weeks they put them on a $1 rack.. or fill a bag for $3. I have got recently a very nice ski jacket, a dress coat, and a quilted vest for $1 each. There things had “labels”.. high quality garments. Better than anything I already have. $100-200 garments in the store.
    We can get pretty cold in the winter and if the power was out, or you have to live in a tent because of an earthquake, then staying warm is an issue. I also picked up a really heavy duty pair of boots for my wife. At first she wouldn’t try them on.. because she normally does not wear boots. She was surprised that they fitted. They might even fit my daughter too. They are the kind of boots you could walk over broken glass and rubble in. Showing only slight signs of wear. Cost.. $5…:-).
    So you can get quality “survival” gear if you shop carefully. It does not cost a fortune to be prepared.. just a bit of foresight and forethought.

  13. Styer says:

    Selco buddy, one question, when SHTF….where do you hide your guns???
    big brother will come for them, I know it….can you name good places to hide guns and ammo food?

    • gyr says:

      Selco, Thanks again for an excellent and thoughtful post. We humans tend to think we will always be warm, well-fed and healthy. We need to be reminded that winter, war, famine and disease WILL happen sooner or later. And that only those who have prepared have a chance at survival. Bless you for sharing your experiences and your thoughts about them with us.

    • Larry says:

      Just a quick note to Styre:
      I haven’t hid anything. The “big bully-boys” WILL come, eventually, for each of us, and I don’t see myself hiding from them, hoping they’ll go away. If they know you have bought any gun, or other survival supplies Through records, or tips from informants, or whatever, They WILL come, and when they do, how will you explain not having the items?? They have a great deal of expertise at getting you to talk.
      No, my friend, get used to the idea. If TSHTF, it HAS to be you or them, and a gun hidden away, isn’t going to help.

      • Selco says:

        I like to think about two different kind of guns. Guns for normal time (legal) and guns for “not” normal times ( SHTF,collapse, or ilegal guns)
        If you found yourself in situation when goverment trying to take guns from you in some attempts to stop everything from collapsing, maybe easiet option would be to give them your “normal time” weapon ( they already know that you have it ) and stay with your “collapse” weapon.
        Hard to predict what will look like, if i wanna talk from my expirience, in most of the situation guys who wanted to confistate weapon from me (in the name of some cause, or whatever else reason ) were guys who deserved to be shot at the first look.
        So yes, probably will be situation of barricade and shoot at everyone who come to you (whatever reason he gonna have ) or run and hide.

        • alc says:

          In parts of the US, cops don’t go, I know this from 1990s, 1997, 1998, when the economy was good.

          If a few get a sudden .22 headache, in certain areas, well, cops are big chickenshits, they’ll find reasons to tell their Captain they can’t go to that area, or they’ll tell their officers (even bigger chickenshits) that they went there, but in reality they went to the donut shop or to extort bribes from the *unarmed* people.

  14. Sparo says:

    Once your in the midst of a crisis, the officials *must* say calming things. Panic only aggravates a bad situation. For example, there may be sufficient food, but not if everyone panics and starts purchasing/hoarding in large quantities.

    The US government, at least, constantly reminds people to maintain readiness for a disaster:

    But, almost no one listens.

    The problem isn’t the “political elite”. It’s stupid citizens who enjoy walking through life pretending that they don’t face any risks, and demeaning anyone who does as “paranoid.”

  15. Whamo says:

    Great info!
    Similar to 9/11 and also the Costa Concordia shipwreck. On the ship the crew were telling people everything is OK, there is a problem with the generators. They were telling people to go back to their cabins even though the ship was listing 20 degrees!

  16. Great post Selco. Interesting to hear that the crisis situations continue. You can never just get comfy and breathe easy. And you can never know what to believe.

    @dkclaymore-good point about the relationship between the level of “civilization” and a city’s dependance on it’s systems. I see it the same way. Much more fragile environment than an area where people aren’t used to having the same degree of creature comforts…

  17. Greg RN says:

    This is where older folks with experience can bring common sense to situations, they invariably have memories when what was said by Government and Media was Bullshit. Your article reminded me of the basic mindset of the Entitlement Constituency most vulnerable to Crisis. “Save Me”, to learn to be proactive will save your life, to be prepared and able to help the truly helpless is a Blessing. I recall working in the ER and this young woman with 3 toddlers and an Infant came in saying the infant had a fever of 105f, I jump up and grab tympanic thermometer, child only have 99f, I lifted child’s lip, cutting teeth, ask mother if have Children Tylenol-Motrin, she says no, cannot afford, but vehicle, Cadillac Escalade still running outside ER door. I say, for price of gallon of gas you can buy. But come ER, $1000, she not have to pay. Very simple lesson here, many will perish when SHTF, primarily innocents.

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