How to help kids through hard times

traumatized kids

The terrible shooting in US that put 27 people to death, mostly six and seven year old children made me write this post. There is much controversial stuff.

Media outrage about gun laws instead more talk about media making people like the Aurora shooter to some kind of celebrity, that inspires other people to go out and “be someone” by doing extreme atrocities too.

I know many of you have families or are close friends with people who have. So today I want to talk about what happens to kids who get through some terrible times.

Kids had it too, just like grown up people. Maybe in different way, but they definitely absorbed all hard stuff that happened around all of us. You may expect that you can throw whole bunch of cardboard table games in one secure room inside house with your toddlers while you are fighting for survival and that everything gonna be OK with them.

And to be honest people did like that, nobody paid too much attention to kids, if you follow the site or are member of course you know how dramatically priorities change.

Most important thing was to keep kids physically safe. Everything else was kept for some other time, for time when peace comes, for time when „normal time“ comes. Even though often we did not expect to live to that day.

Later when normal time came, some of the folks realized that their kids are not actually „normal“ kids anymore.

Most of the people having tendency to forget time when they were kids, and think like kids actually do not understand too much, so there is no too much need for explaining things that are happening around them. Kids are small people, they are not idiots, they understand much more than we think.

In that time as I already said we did not pay too much time about explaining things to kids, explaining some bad things that they seen or heard happening around them.

I still think that we did not have time for that because we were occupied with much more important things, with food finding, and basic security things. But sometimes I think that we did not know how things gonna have influence on them, if we knew that maybe we would have found some time for that.

Anyway, today after any traumatic event in normal societies there is a whole system that is used to help kids to cope with that event, but do not forget that first and best friend for your kid is someone they trust, a close friend of family or you if you are parents, and you are the person who need to see problem with your kid.

Later when that kid is fully grown up person it is hard and sometimes impossible to correct some things. The bad patterns and trauma might have left too deep scar.

Examples around me are numerous, and whole society here is built on false and wrong values. I can say that one of the reason for that is that great number of young people are raised in wrong way.

Any traumatic event will leave great influence on kid or young person. Other thing is what that person gonna learn from that event. I am not some kind of expert in human behavior or psychologist, but I am man who survived great number of traumatic events, and I know great number of people who suffered many traumatic events, so I can say that people who survived it gonna have consequences. Always.

One of my relatives for last 10 years did not go out from her apartment alone. Always with some other family member. She was six years old when she watched how people getting killed around her, nobody thought in that time to talk too much about what she saw, priority was to keep her safe. It struck her years later.

Opposite to her my younger colleague who was also young during time in war can not stand elevators, and any other small spaces. Panic attacks. He told me parents put him in small safe room when shelling was very heavy.

I was once with him in apartment, and when we wanted to go out key in door jammed (here you lock door when you inside apartment), I guess he felt stranded in that moment or whatever, he got panic attack pushed me from the door and start to kick door with chair. Almost 20 years before he was almost suffocated when his house went on fire by shelling and he was stranded for some time in safe room. He was 14 then.

And these two cases are mild examples. In worst cases kids are grown up in traumatic events and without working with them they can grow up in man who think that he can do anything with force only.

If kids are seeing that people do wrong things in order to get something, they can conclude that way is easiest way. They get wrong ideals. This is why when media makes celebrity out of people who go on shooting sprees you create long term problem.

You suddenly have fully grown up man who is maybe simply bad or just knows he will be known and finally someone if he does one big act of violence that is worth the news.

So what to do?

Just work with your kids, pay attention what they seeing and how they understand all that. Help them to understand what is bad and what is wrong.

Do not talk about shooter with them, talk with them about victims. Shooter is nobody and should remain that.

Those “flashers” that run on field during sport events are not covered by media as well because this would just make more people go run for fame. Some part of media does not get it and for sake of money, attention and more viewers they make a hero out of someone who should remain nobody forever.

What I try to say is, do not underestimate young people. They are new to life and suck in all things around them. Good or bad and you have to help him make sense of this or be a bit of filter.

Without your help kid who is going through some bad situation may go to some extreme later.

Keeping kids away from real world is not right either but they have to learn about things and you have to help them understand context of this.

Saddam Hussein thought it is good idea to “toughen” his kids up when they were young, by letting them see atrocities. His sons Udai and Qusay became murdering psychopaths.

Sad reality is there is a whole generation of young people here who just do not have correct understanding of meaning of right and wrong. For them correct concept is easy and hard. And if you stop for a moment and think about that you can see how that concept is dangerous, and why when SHTF we gonna have some really hard time.

For them it is easier to get high and rob some small store, beating to death lady who work there than to work for living. They do not know for other way, any other way is harder for them.

And never make mistake and think that kids are just kids, and that they do not see and understand what is going around them.

They see everything and they will understand what is happening and why, but without your help maybe they might misunderstand that.

What are your thoughts on this?

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  1. j.r. guerra in s. tx. says:

    It is really tragic – those children were so young! I have no explanation or reasons to tell my children WHY it happened, only that some people for reasons unknown to us can do horrible acts. Lanza killed his parent then when to the school – definitely something to do with his history set him off.

    I wonder if any ‘mood drugs’ (ADHD type) medications were involved. I have heard a high incidence of these drugs were used by perpetrators of mass killings. In fact, TV commercials claim paranoia and ‘mood swings’ as possible side effects.

    Gun Control – we knew they would jump on this one, didn’t we ? Never letting a tragedy go to waste, gun control advocates will claim that ‘semi-automatics’ are evil, not pointing out that the ‘Good Guys’ were carrying the same AR platform design when clearing the building. Attributing evil acts with inanimate objects – Brilliant!

    • Dan says:

      Add in the food additives, GMO, infant and child immunizations and a culture that devalues life by abortion and violent video games and movies. You can also add the lessening of morals and the lack of teaching morals in schools and the constant drumbeat to remove religion from the public discourse. We have been breeding several generations of mind numbed robots.

    • Robert Valiquette says:

      I am pro-gun ownership for hunting and self-defense only. AR’s and other assault weapons are design to hunt and kill people. If you need an AK-47 to hunt a deer, then you better go and get some training on how to hunt with a normal single shot rifle. Police with these ‘ killing a lot people fast ‘ guns scares me as they are obviously unskilled shooters and can be as dangerous as the sicko’s they are trying to hunt and kill or they themselves get trigger happy and kill inocent victims as a result. Military are trained to kill humans ( be it right or wrong ).

      Tell your child that some bad people do bad things just because they do. Good people do not do bad things and help others whenever they can. So, my dear, are you good people or bad people ?

      I have done this with my 5 children and the many other kids we babysat. We had quite a few very bad situations to deal with while they were growing up. Only one went sour as a teenager and is a bit bad as an adult, but not evil (ADHD for Real. Not just a very active child the system wants to stifle from normal child’s energy powerhouse). Most children see the world in Black and White. Greys comes later on as they grow up and start to question the rights and wrongs of the world around them. That’s when simple answers and questions become much more complicated.

      We are just at the beginning of the spoiled/abused generation of children and young adult’s rein of terror. Too many were neglected, abused, or spoiled instead of true parent-child relationship and love. Money and toys is not a subsitute for love and one on one attention. Besides they grow-up soo fast anyways and you can not make up for lost time later on.

      • Chuck B says:

        AR’s and AK’s are guns, plain and simple, and are – and rightfully so – protected by the Second Amendment. We often hear biased comments based on unsupported personal opinions deciding what others may or may not own; that is in reality, regardless of the lip-service given, anti-2A at every level. Bolt-action and lever-action rifles were the “Assault Weapons” of their day, when most civilians had falling-block or even muzzle-loading rifles; double-barrel breech-loading shotguns, then lever- and pump-action shotguns, were “High-volume” fire-power in their times.
        Either you are Pro-2A or not. If you arbitrarily decide what is and isn’t, should or shouldn’t be, legal based on personal opinion, you are NOT Pro-2A no matter how you attempt to justify yourself. It’s already illegal to shoot people, so what does it matter what guns law-abiding people choose to own? I have lots of high-cap and surplus guns, and for as long as I’ve had them, none of them have ever attacked anyone even though they’re all loaded, always. Their presence doesn’t give me the urge to shoot people any more than my hammers make me want to club people, or my knives, axes and swords make me want to chop and stab people. We don’t need more laws against the law-abiding, we simply need to enforce the laws we have, and that starts with PARENTS – not legislation.
        Chuck B.

      • Danette Zak says:

        I just need to school you a little bit on the AR and AK platforms, the ones that are majoritally used here in the states are semi auto guns, you have to pull the trigger each time you want to fire the weapon. Here in the states it is very hard and very costly to be able to get an automatic weapon. Many hunters do like to use the AR platform to shoot a deer and no, not to shoot it a zillion times. You are correct about the stupidity of our youth, but it also starts with the ignorance of the adults who teach them. It is the individual that wields the weapon in an evil way, it is not the weapon that makes that individual evil.

      • Mikhail says:

        Ok, you are attacking semi-automatic CIVILIAN rifles. Let’s have a close look at this.
        1. Assault rifles, I mean, the real ones have full-auto fire mode. The rifles called by stupid reporters (or, more correctly would be to say – provokers) are only semi-automatic. So, 99.999% of gun owners DO NOT have access to any assault rifles. Police does and not only to them, but machine guns also. Why nobody asks what for the police forces need machine guns? To shoot whom?
        2. Today, you say “no” to semi-automatic rifles. Tomorrow, another one will demand to restrict semi-auto-pistols. Then, semi-auto shotguns. You do not REALLY need them. Then, pump-action. One day you will wake up and learn that somebody decided that a broom steak is totally enough for home defense, and lazer-tag is enough as hunting and target shooting replacement.
        3. The WWI took several million lives. Mostly, with bolt-action rifles. They kill very well. Think about it.

      • SonOfSam says:

        @ Robert

        Many people use the AK and the humble SKS as an INEXPENSIVE means to go hunting. I got my SKS for 250 dollars…. please show me a bolt action hunting rifle that is so little money. Also, both the AKs and SKS are tough and durable, even if they won’t win any beauty contests.

        Additionally, I would like to point out that the 2nd Amendment is about a lot more than hunting, and even more than just self defense; its also about deterrent against the greatest mass murderers of all: police state governments. Do you really suppose that the gun grabbers are going to leave you and your “hunting” weapons” alone? Well ask yourself this: the Virginia Tech killer didn’t use rifles at all, he used semi auto handguns, the kind that people use for the “self defense” you’re talking about. How long until the fascist gun grabbers go after those firearms? How long before we end up like England, where the government tells you how big a KNIFE you’re allowed to own, yet the criminal element still roams free

    • GenEarly says:

      Ah Comrade, you fail to mention that those clearing the building were “authorized” and not mere peasants (formerly known as citizens).
      AR’s and AK’s aren’t for hunting deer and neither is that the reason for the 2nd Amendment.

      • ivytx says:

        The 2nd Amendment was added to the Constitution of the United States by the Founders of our nation who had recently left England and who had just fought for their Independence from England. The 2nd Amendment was added so that Citizens/Patriots could resist a TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT. I don’t believe that hunting was ever factored into the thought processes of the Founders or the Framers of the Constitution.

        Here, in Texas, we use firearms not only for hunting, but for protection…snakes, javelinas, other 4-footed varmints, particularly in the Western sections of our states. One is never certain of what you may encounter when you step off the beaten path here. In the Eastern portion of the state, lots of poisonous snakes….a handgun is as essential on a fishing trip here as is the fishing pole/rod and reel, and the bait. Protection from 2-legged varmints is also permitted. We have the Castle Doctrine in this state!

  2. g.sCOTT says:

    Thank you Selco for your words of wisdom……it is always a learning experience for me to read your posts……

  3. I see that dramatically increased the number of psychopaths, sociopaths, hysterical, schizophrenic, addicted, selfish… At least in my little world Brazilian. There is a huge lack of empathy. Total lack of friendship. No sense of selflessness. An absurd widespread existence of pusillanimity.

    From very young … From what I remember the most distant in time myself, actually … I did not want children. I did not want to be a father. I did not want my child had a chance to have a father like I did. I never met a woman who was able to take care of my child. I live in a world that does not deserve children.

    I see a child smiling and I’m very happy. I have hope. But I do not believe that the world in which I live deserving children.

  4. Nicole says:

    Having young children of my own, 6 and 4, this hit close to home. I don’t want to shield my kids from it, but I don’t want them to know about it either. Sigh….being a mother/father is the hardest job in the world. I talk with my kids about the bad they see around them. Explain why it’s wrong, and harmful to others.
    Tighter gun control will not stop these people!!!! It’ll just make it harder for those law abiding people to get guns to protect themselves from people like that!!!! They will find a way to get a gun……..LORD HELP US ALL IF GOVERNMENT PASSES ANY KIND OF TIGHTER/STIFFER GUN LAWS!

  5. Buck says:

    I suspect that these kids were murdered by the NWO shadow people to escalate gun control. These were the same people that pulled off 911 and put Obamao into power.

    • ivytx says:

      BUCK…I totally agree! There have been too many instances in too short a time with too many similarities.

      Aurora, Colorado…BATMAN shooter…described by many as ‘genius’…on psychotropic drugs…father of the shooter was slated to testify in the LIBOR scandal trial.

      NEWTOWN CT…school shooter…deesctibed by many as ‘genius’….on psychotropic drugs…father is also slated to testify in the LIBOR scandal trial.

      Not sure about the recent mall shooting in Oregon…it didn’t get a lot of national media coverage.

      However, it appears that someone or some group WANTS guns controlled and 2nd Amendment revamped/abolished….and is possibly trying to affect the outcome of the LIBOR trial!

  6. mariowen says:

    We are paying the consequences today of the way we train our children. When a child is raised with TV and movies that glamorize violence and make it an everyday thing in their world; if we give them electronic games to play that give them the opportunity to live in a world where they can use weapons to kill, kill, kill; then we are training them to be mass murderers. It becomes a normal way of life for them. It shapes their thought processes into believing this is a fun way to live and they practice and practice. It numbs their consciences till it is OK to blow people away – in fact it gives them a higher status by winning these games. When real life comes to them and times are tough and things don’t go their way, they fall back into what they know, which is to kill. We would like to think they can discern the difference between games and real life, but the truth of it is that they will fall back to what they know best…what they have “trained” for.
    We are not very good parents if we overlook the consequences of what we allow our children to absorb. What goes in usually comes out. Every day we let our kids learn more violence in play situations is another day that they learn to be a violent person. Think about it.

    • Chuck B says:

      My wife and I were discussing this seeming “trend” earlier this morning, and as I told her, if I could blame any person it would be Dr. Spock. This self-absorbed, arrogant pediatrician decided that he, personally, was more qualified and knew more about raising children than the accumulated wisdom of over 3,000 years of Jewish tradition, 2,000 years of Christian tradition, and every other major religion/culture in the world. Then again there have always been self-righteous fools preaching idiocy in one form or another, so I suppose the real blame ultimately belongs to the parents that actually listened to and followed the fool. Psychology is as much Phrenology as it is science, as much personal opinion as proven/known fact, filling in the unknowns with convenient assumptions and anecdotes.
      Another issue we (Wife and I) have discussed is the use (and over-use) of Ridalin and similar drugs on children over the past (roughly) 25 years. When I was in grade school, if we got fidgety or talked in class, etc., we got a ruler across the hand or got put in isolation on the stool in the corner; then our parents were told about our behavior, and we were motivated to try harder to co-operate. Today, a child is more likely to be drugged into submission than to be taught self-restraint. Children are not “allowed” to fail – or, conversely, to excel – resulting in older teens and young adults that have never learned to cope with the ups-and-downs, the disappointments of life. Instead of working around their failures like a mature, properly developed personality they have the equivalent of a crying/screeching tantrum: They destroy things. Like lives.
      Even if we could deny them access to fire-arms it wouldn’t change things – they could actually cause more destruction of life and property with $10 worth of gasoline and a 50-cent lighter, neither of which is regulated at all, so don’t even start with the mindless “More Gun Control” mantras that the unimaginative Media reflexively regurgitates because it’s more “Politically Correct” and safer than putting the blame back on the failed parents that they depend on to buy their newspapers.
      I admit to being a bit cynical at times, but any independent-thinking person would have to be – unless they’re on Ritalin, of course! ;~}
      Chuck B.

  7. Jenny Clemons says:

    Selco, you are very correct in your assessment of childhood trauma. Very good advice you give. I am an adult who was subjected to a lot of brutality as a child. It took away my childhood and has affected me to this day. Thank you for article. People do need to talk to their kids about the victims and not give the guy a name. I am going to talk to my six year old grandson about it today, he is aware of what happened but does not understand.

    • Selco says:

      You are welcome Jenny.
      Kids will carry things that they lived trough their childhood trough all of their life. Good things or bad things. We are there to explain them what is good or what is bad. To help them to understand. We gonna help them to grow up in normal and good person.Guy who did it is not important here, it is important how kids understand that event, or any other bad event.

  8. DiAnna says:

    I agree with the above comments, but, I truly BELIEVE THAT WITHOUT GOD IN YOUR LIFE, YOU CANNOT RESPECT ANY LIFE!!!! and our world does not want GOD involved in it anymore!! So I can see no outcome other then the one’s we’re seeing everyday take place.

  9. hillhag says:

    Thanks for writing about what happens to children in war. That is a subject I wanted to ask you about. Many preppers are focusing on food and ammunition, but not giving much, if any, thought to preparing their own minds or those of the children to be, not feel, safer in an unsafe world.

    We lived in Korea when my children were being born and small, and there was always a threat that the north would attack. We lived near a river that began in the north and could be an approach, so we built a bomb shelte/ safe room and taught the children about obeying orders through games, such as “who can be the quietest the longest”, and “freeze” and not to ask questions but obey first then learn the reason. The children were not fearful, it was just a game to them. That was only for preparing them, and I know it was nothing like the trauma of seeing injuries and death. Do you have any ideas for preparing them for such an ordeal, or anything to get parents involved more with their children so they are more aware of them in a crisis and be practiced? There are rumors of war here but I don’t think average people will believe it and plan for action.

    • Robert Valiquette says:

      Dear Hillhag,
      Good for you. You have the magic that children learn best from. Play.
      As for teaching them how to deal with death and blood. I taught my kids this by raising small livestock and had them help me harvest them. They were a bit tramatized at first (normal reaction) but as time went on they learned that everything is to be treated with love while living and death needs to be swift and humaine. Sometimes it doesn’t happen that way and we must stop for a time and be sadden by this. We lived in an urban area back then and had to be careful that the neibours did not see me teaching my children the facts of life and death. Yet, some of these people thought nothing of terrorizing and beating their children’s Mother.
      You know your children the best. Let this guide you. No parent has all the answers and no child leaves childhood without scrapes and bruises along the way.

      • txchickchoc says:

        I agree that children must be taught the facts of life and death in a caring, compassionate manner, preferably by someone they love and trust. I taught my son about conception and birth by breeding dogs and having him present at the birth. He never thought it was “yucky”, just interesting. This experience made it a snap to apply those lessons to the human experience of conception and birth later on. How many adults told kids that witnessing normal animal behavior was “nasty”?

        I have not had the opportunity to harvest any meat animals, but I have harvested fish and other seafood all my life. I suspect that harvesting a meat animal will not be too traumatic as a result of this early experience. How many people have never cleaned their own catch or are repulsed by the very thought of gutting a fish?

        IMHO too many people try to shield children from all of life’s lessons. Even in schools here in America teachers are expected to preserve “self esteem” at all costs so that kids are constantly told how “smart” they are and poor academic performance is always allowed a “second chance” or, worse yet, simply accepted.

        A young tree doesn’t develop a strong trunk and root system if it is constantly staked and supported. So, too, do our children.

        • Selco says:

          It is always something like choice between letting kids know about how world is dangerous and hard place and over protecting them and building some kind of shield around them on the other side. I think real way is somewhere in the middle. We all need to be there for kids on their way of discovering things, bad or good, and helping them to understand all on right way.
          Worst thing would be to let them deal with something new alone.

    • Selco says:

      @ hillhag.
      I do not believe that there is a good thing to install fear in kids, or if it is really necessary i do that very rare. To act like it is game in some situation is not bad idea. Important thing is to teach them that there is a moments, or there is gonna be moments when they gonna have to obey your commands absolutely and momentary. Again of course without terrify them.
      For example my kids know what is gun, it is not bad thing for them, it is not monster for them. I teach them that gun is dangerous thing and they must know to respect it. People are bad or good, or monsters.
      Kids must be part of everything, no use of shielding them too much, or terrify them without explaining them to certain level that they can understand.

  10. This discussion reminds me of something said in an old Ed Wood film that was repeated in the 1989 Ministry song “So What”:

    “Kill for the thrill. (Assassin). Some people think newspapers exaggerate juvenile crime. All that is defined mostly to the large cities, juvenile delinquency is underlined. Thus parents think something is going wrong with the environment. Adults create the world, children live it. Juvenile delinquency is always rooted in adult delinquency. And in this process, parents play the key role when children grow up among adults who refuse to recognize anything that is fine and good, or worthy of respect.”

  11. DISPENSER4HIRE says:

    If that librarian, hiding in a storeroom with kids while hearing shots down the hall, had a choice……..what do you think she would have rather had?
    1. A law saying the shooter could not have a gun, just like the law saying he could not bring a gun on school property, just like a law saying he could not shoot people.
    2. A right to concealed carry, a gun, and the training to use it.

    Isreal used to have a problem with terrorist waling into their schools, and shooting their kids, until they decided to arm the teachers. I don’t remember any mass shootings happening at a gun show, a gun store, a police station, or a shooting range.

    The defense free zones are much more dangerous than the so called assault weapons.

    • DISPENSER4HIRE says:

      Sorry for the typo. walking, not waling into schools.

    • GenEarly says:

      It’s spelled Israel, but you got it right with IsReal. The problem is Liberalism is a mental disorder and the solutions are the problem and it keeps getting worse and that just means “we” need more controls. Government doesn’t trust it’s citizens with any responsibility (Liberty).

    • Robert says:

      Well said. on the issue of “safe” zones vs unregulated areas… nothing more to be said on the subject!

      On the trauma aspect I believe there are many good points here to consider. It is a sad fact that for many reasons now there are “defective” people. Those who do not share moral values which society consider to be the basis of CIVIL society.

      Children are sponges, they soak up everything now and learn to sort it out, to fit the pieces of the puzzle, as they grow and soak up more info. We need to let them know there are bad people out there and help them learn early how to spot them from the known bad behaviours they typically exhibit.
      That there are good people too and its better to be good than bad.

  12. robert says:

    Sad to say this but it seems like we have to go back to the Wild West style of living.More civilians need to be armed. If the Vice Principal and some of those teachers were armed, they may have stood a chance of surviving.
    I think there should be some bullet proof vests available in the classes also to grab in an emergency.

  13. grower says:

    Thank you, Selco, for taking the time to think through this issue. When my children were young, we lived in an RV and traveled the country, doing street ministry and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with others. The lost people were fine, but the churches treated us badly. I didn’t spend enough time talking this out with my children at the time, and I believe because of that one of my sons has issues to this day. He’s since grown, gone in the Army, and all that, but he says he is an atheist. He is the most astute, most aware of my children, and I believe he understood more of what was going on than the others did, although as a child, he couldn’t process it in a healthy way. As a result, he completely rejected everything we believed in — to avoid the pain he witnessed us go through. Children may not show it, but they are listening and they are watching, and they absorb everything.

  14. LearningOne says:

    Thank you Selco – I agree, way too many times adults forget that children ARE little people with thoughts and opinions and knowledge. Not as much knowledge and experience as the adults, but that doesn’t make their own invalid.

    Before we banter about guns and god being issues, please read this (not my writing – read it yesterday) –

  15. Steven Adams says:

    Thank you Selco for your thoughts!! I agree with you totally on the News Media consistently making these shooters Anti-Heroes/Evil Celebrities! As long as that continues, the next shooter is seeing these events and literally wishes to be seen this way. This is something “normal” people will always ask “why”, yet truly never fully understand because you have to be able to think and feel like one of these coward shooters to be able to understand. I’ll ask this, If parents are so disconnected to their children where they fail to potentially see warning signs, then how is anybody without a connection supposed to ever understand these events. So, parents, pay attention to your kids, listen, and never make them afraid of you. Be Honest Always!! Tell the news to Stop covering these events the way they do, because the shooters are forever remembered, and that’s what they want!! Other “items” that make these events worse. Failure to effectively deal with the person(s), TV and movies desensitize, video shooter games “train”, right or wrong prescription drugs, easy availability of gun(s) for shooters-but lack of guns or training for those attacked, which make so many “soft targets”. The American society is numbers/shock based!! It’s ok for 17,000 people a year to be killed by drunk driving incidents, one at a time, but a shooter kills 26 people-mostly babies, and that draws more attention. That has to change or this will get worse!! There are more sick people out there who want this attention, and want to do “better”. I’m a strong supporter of, the quickest way to stop a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun, and the police will never ever get there in time.

  16. hillhag says:

    @ robert, thanks for your comments. We had no animals back then but now that I’m on a farm, I am able to teach about respect for life and death to my grandchildren and great grandchildren. They have yet to eat something we’ve harvested here. I also teach them skills that will bode well for them.

    @Selco, I also consider that should war come to us, or calamities, there will be lost and orphaned children,, and someone needs to take care of them. Did you see any of that, and how did that go? I think preppers without children should give some thought to how to help children not theirs, maybe.

    • Selco says:

      It did not work so good here, because after everything ended there was no real “program” or real plan of helping war orphans. It is not all about food and shelter. Kids who lost their parents were mentally torn apart, and what they get after the war was food and shelter. There was not some real plan with helping them, to somehow rebuild their life. Professional work with that kids were left to enthusiasts, humanitarians, and religious organizations. It just was not enough. Lot of those kids grow up in very problematic young persons.

      • hillhag says:

        What I mean is: if people are making preparations for crisis, and consider that there will be orphans, then they can prepare something for them on a personal level, not set up some program that has to be managed or organized. Just let people be aware that children are orphaned in these situations and prepare their minds, hearts and provisions to help them. I know I will..

  17. Greg says:

    God Bless you Selco. You are using your hard experience to prepare and educate people for good.
    My wife and I did our best to keep our sons innocent from the world as long as possible because we knew that they
    would eventually be forced to see it as it really is. They had time to be children and dream and play.
    I am sorry for those children that have had their innocence taken from them at a young age.
    You are a force for good in the world Selco. Thank you for what you are doing.

  18. It would seem that learning about the Psyc part of survival would also be an important part of being totally prepared. Any good resource that you’d recommend to help parents properly prepare and then work with their children during times of chaos?

  19. timgray says:

    The problem is that here in the USA. Free medical care is considered EVIL. Taking care of those that may have problems is SOCALISIM. Doing the right thing is against the american way. It’s all about how rich can I get and how can I avoid being a good citizen.

    If our leaders here were not soul-less selfish hate mongers, we would have had for decades now free health care and our mental health programs would not have been destroyed by the “poor hating” republicans. This is the core of all the problems that are over the top sensationalized by our media.

    Gun control does nothing to keep guns out of the hands of people that want to kill. Anyone that thinks that making a gun illegal will stop gun violence is one of the dumbest people on the planet. Grenades are illegal and I know I can get one within 12 hours if I tried.

    Putting money into treating mential health, dealing with the people that are unhinged and make it 100% free for them and their families. THIS IS THE ANSWER.

    Add on top of all this that it is considered OK for a child to watch someone get dismembered and killed on a TV show, but show a nipple and the world falls apart with idiot parents screaming for justice because their child saw a nipple!

    In the USA we expose our kids to violence 24/7 and then tell them the human body is evil and disgusting… Then we dont have anything to deal with it.

    Until that changes, it’s only going to get worse.

    • Jay says:

      I have been working with a professor in a Psychology department of a major US university on a non survival related project in the past few months, and we spoke about these issues. Mental healthcare has become mostly a “take those meds and go home” affair instead of treating the underlying problems.

      The lack of access to healthcare in general only makes the situation worse. Its a pity that politicians and most common people often jump on the first conclusion instead of looking for underlying causes that could fix the problem in the long term.

      That sex is bad but violence is OK is of course another one of these things… the entertainment industry needs something to sell their products and violence just fits the bill.

  20. Bill Cleveland says:

    God be with all those folks dealing with the aftermath of this tragedy. Again innocents have been sacrificed on the altar of political hackery. The reason this sort of thing happens is the insistence of the Liberal mindset to enforce “gunfree zones”. Notice that there has never been such an incident at a gun range or an Israeli school. The lunatics don’t go where the “sheepdogs” hang out. They go for the soft targets – the undefended. That is our fault – we leave the children undefended and pretend we don’t understand when they are victimized. Shame on us.

    As to the “new” prevalence of this sort of tragedy – there is nothing new about this kind of atrocity and the statistical frequency of these tragedies is no more today than in any other past historical era. Do the research. Statistically by population – the percentage of such criminal acts is about the same as was in the 1920’s. Not nearly so many victims in long years past – people tended to immediately shoot the daylights out of the perpertrator. But that was before the onset of mass liberal stupidity and gunfree zones in our country.

    Guns kill people in the same manner that spoons make people fat. As far as the gentleman that doesn’t see the need for AK’s’ or ARs – with all due respect; you – nor any other mere human may decide what weapon I choose. The 2nd Amendment didn’t give me my right to bear arms – God did. The 2nd Amendment provided the advisement that I should probably have military grade weapons at hand. It’s not about deer hunting, tho I do love venison stew – it’s about my “dear ones” protection.

    Always remember folks – .308 – because sometimes they hide behind trees.

  21. RedBand1 says:

    A message to all gun “enthusiast’s”:

    I know what forum I am submitting this comment to, and I imagine the predictable responses. However, it is my duty to my community and country that compels me to post it here.

    What do you prefer for our society? A slaughter of innocents by a single mentally unstable person with an assault rifle, or a bit more legislation and enforcement that keeps guns from mentally unstable individuals, and certain weapons out of civilian hands? No civilian needs to possess an assault rifle – just like they don”t need an RPG, a tank, or a Patriot Missile battery in their backyard. If you want like war, go enlist. No one is saying you can’t own a revolver, a bolt action hunting rifle, or 9mm pistol (which have also been used to killed innocent people). You just don’t freakin’ need an AK or AR or any other such weapon of war. PERIOD. Sure, people can always find ways to kill people and animals. Any tool in your kitchen, workshop, or garage can be used. You can even use a ballpoint pen. Since you cannot predict or control what random thing a person might do with a pen or a crowbar or an assault rifle, you can work to minimize damage that they might do by taking the assault rifles out of the equation. How did that Connecticut shooter get access to his mother’s guns? What if there were no assault rifle at home? Yup, he still would have taken the pistols to kill, but perhaps less people would have died. Fewer dead children and teachers is still better than more dead children and teachers.

    The second amendment was written in a time when pistols and rifles were single shot black powder arms, and the nation was fighting for independence and interested in protecting that new freedom, and it made sense for the 2nd Amendment as written, AT THE TIME IT WAS WRITTEN, by its authors. I would venture a guess and say that if our very intelligent founding fathers were alive today to see the carnage of innocent people at the hands of one person with an assault rifle, they would have made some changes. Speculation aside, as a society, WE need to have the freaking backbone to stand up for our innocent children and loved ones. How much damn good did it do ANYONE in that “gun enthusiast” community in Connecticut to own a gun collection on that day when the kid shot up the school and tore apart the community? None. The community was not being invaded by enemy troops for God’s sake. People all want the world to change, but they want others to do the changing rather than themselves. Many gun owners who are possessed by a lust for power granted by their guns argue for zero gun control legislation under any and all circumstances. Reasonable gun owners see no need for civilians to have an assault rifle. Want to be courageous? Want to prove you are strong and tough? Want to protect your loved ones and your community? Then stand up for appropriate and effective legislation that sets conditions on weaponry and screening for ownership of guns. It is a no-brainer. And arming everyone, including teachers, would absolutely lead to many more deaths by providing access to more weapons. People who love their guns more than people wish everyone would carry, then they could take their toys everywhere they go and feel sexier about themselves. Maybe even become a hero some day and shoot a “bad guy”. Everyone carry a gun? Astonishingly insane reasoning that just argues for their addiction to guns.

    Here is a simple moral self-evaluation . . . Ask yourself this question: if you were told you could have saved all those murdered children and teachers shot to death last Friday in Connecticut by giving up all your guns in exchange for their lives – and that you could never ever own or borrow or use another gun, would you agree to it? Would you save their lives? I know what some of your answers would be in defense of your gun collection. Still, the answer to this question of course, depends on whether you possess your guns, or your guns possess you.

    • corbin dalles says:

      RallyforBarackObama…..I imagine thats what RedBandOne stands for….did you get a little red bracelet with your little red book at the rally?…. go away troll

    • timgray says:

      My answer would be to require being a teacher include gun safety classes and a concealed carry permit. They are required to have a handgun with them in the classroom.

      This would have turned out very differently if the teachers were armed and trained.

      It also would have turned out differently if we were not a 3rd world country in regards to healthcare and mential health. This young man was unhinged from going untreated, Those that call social problems “entitlements” are who are to blame.

      A gun is a tool, if he took a small shovel and sharpened it to go an murder everyone, would you be calling for the banning of shovels? Please get some education as to the truth of the problem. a Gun does not make someone a crazed murderer. Lack of healthcare and mental healthcare that is fought against day in and day out in congress and in states by the republican party is what is the problem.

      Demand single payer Healthcare, Demand the whole system get revamped. Demand the robbery of american citizens by big pharma stopped.

      If a poor person that is schizophrenic cant afford his $350.00 a week prescription, he will go off the meds and start to become unhinged.

      • hillhag says:

        Sorry, but I think it’s the meds that make people crazy in the first place. If you think the answer to everything is drugs, you’re confused about what drugs are good for. It’s not the absence of drugs that make people sick, so find the roor of the problem and you’ll know the solution. The pharmaceutical companies are chemical plantsthat own the insurance companies, and hospitals and doctors ‘groups. and banks. Just look at all the legislation after all the mass killings of one sort or another. The links go full circle .It’s pure evil that loves killing, war, destruction, bondage, and control. There are no free lunches. And if you’d try to live a healthier lifestyle you wouldn’t be so quick to ask other people to pay your way! You watch too much tv and are programmed.

    • lolinski says:

      Regarding your last question : No I would not compromise my safety for others many people thought like you and gave weapons to UN and got killed here in Bosnia.

      PS you do know that in the Founding Fathers time, that civilians owned cannons privately(cannons as in artillery pieces which can sink ships)

    • Don’t be naive,the world is ruled by the aggressive use of force. An unarmed man is a pitiful thing who lives at the pleasure of the violent people who might prey upon that man.
      Our Right to Bear Arms is necessary to protect us from Tyrannical Governments and from violent men. I own and train continuously with the most advanced weapons I can get my hands on because I don’t want the fight for my life or Freedom to be a toss up…. I want an overwhelming edge!

    • Tommy says:

      Those single shot rifles you speak of when the 2nd Amendment was written were “State Of The Art.” at the time of it’s writing. The exact same weaponry available to the US military. Fast forward 236 years and AR15’s and AK47’s are in the exact same boat….

      You say 9mm pistols are okay and the rifles are not. Did you know the Newtown shooter killed the kids with the 9mm’s and reports vary on the rifles usage. ie. He used it to break the window and get in the school or it was found in his car, take your pick…

      Our children have been suffering from these types of violent incidents for a very long time. This Wikipedia page chronicles all school shootings since the 18th Century. I find it interesting that they INCREASED MARKEDLY AFTER THE 1990 SIGNING OF THE GUN FREE SCHOOL ZONE ACT.
      Since the earliest entry of the 20th Century 1927 until 1989 (62 yrs.) there were 18 events.
      After the gunfree zone act was enacted until last Friday (only 22 yrs.) there have been 113 incidents.

      As I’ve always said criminals prefer their victims to be UNARMED AND DEFENSELESS…

      Thank you Selco for pointing out how the children suffer through all these tragedies and providing this forum for discussion.
      My thoughts and prayers go out to all victims and their families of all acts of violence where ever they may be.

    • Selco says:

      You are welcome to comment anything as long as you can keep discussion on normal level, without hate or anything similar, so please feel free to comment again.
      Just like you I also like to think that i have duty to say something that can look maybe stupid to you.

      Discussion is good, and there is a lot of arguments, but let me tell you one thing: Some 20 years ago, suddenly i woke up in the world where there is no law, 95% of good, law abiding citizens did not have weapon, because they trusted that they do not need weapon. Oh how they were wrong. Good, nice people from neighborhood, did not know how to use gun even when they get a gun. Funny thing is that most of the bad guys had weapon, and knew how to use it.

  22. BobbyD says:

    We are hearing a lot now about the “heavy weapons” used by the Conneticut shooter………..even quoting the .223 caliber and all the damage it did to their little bodies. So true, and may they see eternal bliss.

    However, this is the perfect time for the media to revisit those millions of rounds of the same .223 hollow point ammo that our government has purchased for “non-military” purposes. Yes, the type designed to kill upon impact. They have never given what I consider a satisfactory explanation of why they need to acquire that much fire power. Two government agencies that they have said needs it are the US Postal Service and the IRS. What a stretch! They actually think we are stupid. Other reports circulate that the government is actively preparing for civil unrest. Add that to Obama’s call for a “civilian military type police force” and it is easy to put it all together. Then comes the mass killings in Conneticut, providing the backdrop to further disarm the people. May God protect our 2nd Amendment rights!

  23. Richard Stone says:

    Watch out!

    Don’t be fooled!

    They want us DISARMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They want to establish a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They want 90% of us DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ponder on this article before you give up your guns.


    By R.J. Rummel

    As shown on this web site (e.g., see Table 1.2 of Death By Government), from 1900 through 1987 governments murdered near 170,000,000 people. With respect to this figure I am often asked how much of this occurred since the end of World War II in 1945. With the conclusion of that war and the discovery of the breadth and depth of the Holocaust, many demanded “Never Again.” But our history since has rather been: “Again, again, again, and again.”

    From 1945 and up to 1987, about 76,000,000 people have been murdered in cold blood by one regime or another, around thirteen times the number of Jews murdered in the Holocaust. Most of this democide has been done for political reasons (reasons of state or power), but also much of it has been outright genocide (the killing of people by virtue of their ethnicity, race, religion, or nationality–for the difference between democide and genocide, click here). From 1900 to 1987, about 39,000,000 people, including Jews in the Holocaust, were killed in genocide throughout the world. I do not have a break down of this total for the post-WWII years, but it seems that the proportion of genocide to overall democide has remained roughly the same. If so, genocide since the war possibly accounted for near 20,000,000 of those murdered.

    The greatest source of post-war democide was communism (see the communist death toll). During and after the war communists seized power, or came to power with the help of Soviet military might, as in Eastern Europe. In addition to the USSR, Mongolia, Eastern European regimes, East Germany, and Czechoslovakia, communist regimes eventually also included China, North Korea, North Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Cuba, Grenada, Afghanistan, Angola, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Nicaragua, and South Yemen, or 26 regimes in all. These communist governments and the communist guerrillas they supported in other countries account for about 66,000,000 of the 76,000,000 murdered since the war, or about 87 percent. Clearly, of all regimes, communist ones have been by far the greatest killer. During these years it has been mostly death by Marxism than more generally by government.

    Other regimes, however, did from 1946 to 1987 murder about 10,000,000 people. This killing was due to attempts to maintain control over colonies, as by France and Portugal; to rid the country or newly acquired territory of ethnic Germans after the war; as by Poland and Czechoslovakia; to some form of ethnic cleansing, as in Nigeria and Burundi; to hold power, as by the Nationalist government of China and by Pakistan; or to establish a theocracy, as in Iran, or state socialism as in Myanmar.

    Tables 1-5 present the democide totals for each regime, 1946-1987, and ranks the regimes as to their democide for each decade. For each decade one can see the democide of the minor dictatorships and in the first decades the massive contribution of communist regimes to the total. However, as we approach 1987 there was a clear decline in overall democide with the waning of communism. This can best be seen in the year-by-year plot of total democide in Figure 23.1 (“nonstate regimes” in the plot refers to guerrilla organizations and terrorist groups that controlled a certain territory, as did Castro before his defeat of the Batista regime in Cuba). The absolute peak of democide occurred during World War II. But rather than this be the end of it, the second highest peak was in the 1950s as one new communist regime after another tried to eliminate its opposition and establish totalitarian control. And with the establishment of new communist regimes in the 1960s we see another peak. The next and last peak in the early 70s is largely due to the democide of West Pakistan in rebellious East Pakistan in 1971 (over a million murdered).

    What has happened since 1987, the cutoff year for my statistics? Democide has continued, of course, as any newspapers reader can attest. Possibly 500,000 to 1,000,000 Rawandans have been slaughtered and around 2,000,000 have been starved to death in North Korea in its continuing famine (which for practical purposes is intentional). Possibly in each of the countries of Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, and Burundi, hundreds of thousands have been murdered; and lesser numbers have been so killed in Kosovo, Bosnia, Algeria, Angola, Ethiopia, Uganda, Congo (Kinshasa), Zaire, China, Indonesia, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Indonesia, and North Korea (aside from the political famine). Then there are Azerbaijan, Liberia, Nigeria, Myanmar, Turkey, Russia, Syria, Sri Lanka, and Iran in which may be a few hundreds or thousands have been killed since 1987. And no doubt there are other governments that deserve to be mentioned for their democides, but have so far escaped attention by the media.

    How many corpses should thus be added to the world total since 1987? I can only make an educated guess, but would put the figure between 3,000,000 and 6,000,000. Lets say a reasonable death toll is 4,000,000. For the years 1946 to 1999 then, this would make to democide total about 80,000,000. While even if the 4,000,000 for 1988-1999 is roughly correct this is a huge number of murders in absolute terms, it is much less than what we might expect given the average number killed per year 1900-1987. Indeed, on the basis of that average we should expect about 19,000,000 additional deaths in the years 1988-1999.

    Let us stop a moment to think about this likely 80,000,000 murdered since WWII. This is a statistic impossible to grasp. Only twelve countries in the world have a population larger than this number of killed. It is as though the total Philippine population of 79,000,000 were murdered; or that all the people living in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Belgium, Portugal, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, and Norway were wiped out together–not in some natural catastrophe that kills quickly, but for most of the victims a painful and slow death at the hands of a government. To look at this toll another way, it is over five times the number of combat deaths for all the nations that fought in WWII alone. Add those killed in the Korean and Vietnam Wars, the two most deadly major wars since WWII, and the democide 1946-1999 is still almost three times these total combat dead. Perhaps this democide is still impossible to absorb. Then consider this. If laid head to toe, and each of the corpses is assumed to be 5 feet tall (1.52 meters), then the 80,000,000 victims would circle the globe (at the equator) three times. Three times!

    However, as pointed out, democide has been declining sharply. What accounts for this? As should be clear from the above, the first reason is that the deadly totalitarian version of communism is all but dead. It now only exists in North Korea. And China and Cuba have moved to a more authoritarian, less-totalitarian, version. A second reason is that democracy–the regime least prone to commit democide, especially against its own citizens–has grown throughout the world. From perhaps a dozen or so countries in 1946 the number of democracies had grown to 114 out of 191 states in 1995. The age of totalitarianism is over and that of democracy is upon us. To my knowledge no liberal democratic government has committed democide since 1987 (in terms of civil and political rights, neither Russia nor Turkey is yet a liberal democracy), which is predictable from the this web site’s theme: power kills–the less power, the less the democide.

    Moreover, with the growth in democracies, changes in the norms, structure, and functioning of the international system are moving against democide. No longer is state sovereignty a legal/conceptual bulwark against international humanitarian intervention in a state. Through the United Nations the international community has intervened to stop the killing in Bosnia and Rawanda, and as of this writing NATO is using military action against Serbia to stop its democide in Kosovo. True, these interventions are often too late. True, there are too many cases of mass-murder that are ignored. But a core legal bridge has been crossed and no government guilty of mass murder now can confidently protect itself by the claim that this is its own business. This is now especially true with, first, the precedent creating UN establishment in The Hague in 1993 of a temporary tribunal to indict and try those who have committed war crimes in the former Yugoslavia; and second, the approval (by 120 to 7) in 1998 of a treaty to set up a permanent international criminal court in The Hague to prosecute genocide, war crimes, aggression, and other crimes against humanity. The Court will have the power to issue arrest warrants for the citizens of a country even against the government’s will–a remarkable step forward in making democide by governments a punishable offense.

    But still, there is so much to be done to eliminate this horror. Even in this day and age, we can have the Congo’s government of President Laurant Kabila broadcast over the state radio this open call to murder:

    People must bring a machete, a spear, an arrow, a hoe, spades, rakes, nails, truncheons, electric irons, barbed wire, stones, and the like, in order, dear listeners, to kill Rawandan Tutsis. (Quoted in THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, August 19, 1998, p. A-18)

    Most of the cases of democide detailed on this site were as flagrantly the direct action of government. Indeed, for many nations, such as the USSR, Communist and Nationalist China, Nazi Germany, Turkey during World War I, and the Cambodian Khmer Rouge, democide was as much the policy of their governments as was having prisons and an army. Democide was not an event or an episode, not a happening or incident, it was done in the ordinary course of events, sometimes even in order to fill government quotas as to the number to be killed.

    The lesson from all this horror is clear, as recent democide further confirms: reduce government power, check and balance it, divide it among different regions and municipalities, constitutionally limit it, and make the people its only source and arbiter. That is, promote democratic freedom.

  24. Kent says:

    RBO, a gun is a gun. I would submit that the do-gooders must at least share a more than equal responsibility for this tragedy and many others like it. We ‘reserve’ these gun free, violence free zones for the most vulnerable of our society. It is a myth that these serve ANY purpose other than to direct the mass murderer to the location of the most vulnerable and ENSURE that they will have at least 10-15 minutes of unencumbered mayhem.

    I am a middle aged man who only in the past 10yrs has begun to enjoy shooting sports. I do so with my 14yo daughter and 11yo son. THEY have had the most questions, with respect to WHY there was no counter-force available in that school. THEY do not understand what possible benefit could be derived from posting a sign in front of schools declaring that its inhabitants are unarmed and helpless.

    What is your answer? Place armed police in every school? Install barbed wire around the ‘compound’ and security at its gates? How about allowing qualified and trained concealed carry permit holders to have the RIGHT to do so on these premises? The mere thought, by a would be assassin, that he may be met IMMEDIATELY with deadly force, would be enough to quell these events. Sadly, whatever the reason that these pathetic individuals commit these atrocities, the ONLY resolution is to make the target that of swift and certain defeat, rather than that of opportunity.

  25. Chuck B says:

    The real irony is that my AK, my brother’s AR, my daughter’s SKS, my wife’s 9mm carbine, my sniper rifle, will all fight to the end to preserve thay Troll’s right to free speech even as he/she/it is spouting mindless drivel in an attempt to disarm us. The two things that type have no understanding of is honor and respect. They have no respect for anyone with differing ideas, and lack the sense of honor needed to foster that respect.
    If that murdering coward had bought five gallons of gas or diesel and a book of matches, he could have easily caused far more property damage as well as more deaths; would the Media then be in favor of fuel rationing and outlawing matches? Or would that be “Different” because it might affect them personally? A few years ago I remember that someone drove their car through a crowded playground, but it wasn’t followed by a demand to eliminate cars.
    What many people erroneously call a “Gun Culture” is, in fact, more of a “Freedom Culture.” This was what the Founding Fathers intended when they wrote the Second Amendment, that every person be armed and equal. The Second Amendment was not intended to protect us from our government, any more than it was meant to protect hunting rights. It gave us nothing. The Second Amendment acknowledged Americans God-given right to defend ourselves from anything, anytime, that we may remain free citizens.


  26. Lefty Prepper says:

    A few thoughts, in no particular order…..

    If there’s going to be a ‘debate’ spawned by a room full of dead kids let’s keep it on mental health. Gun or no gun, this guy was crazy. Period.

    You know how there’s all those blind guys and one feels an elephants trunk and says it’s a snake and one feels the leg and says it’s a tree and one gets stepped on and says it was a steam roller or something but no one can tell it’s an elephant? Like children they were interperting the world through the resources available to them, not stupid. Children lack the resource of experience, of knowing that there’s not only the scary and bad of this moment. Their little brains are working out how the world works, searching for cause and effect relationships and indicators of predictability. If the world is chaos around them that’s the ‘system’ their brains develop to function in. They themselves become chaotic and unpredictable.

    I work with street dependent youth and young adults, most of whom were traumatized as children, sometimes horribly and occasionally to the level of kids in the situations Selco describes. That stuff NEEDS to be worked though or it WILL leave some sort of lasting impression. At the very least people end up being mentally younger than their age for a good part of their development. What we end up doing with our youth at work is building an understanding of the world as predictable, so that kids understand actions (theirs and others) have consequences. I’m not really sure what else you could do for kids in war or other chaos, other than somehow give them an understanding of the world that makes sense.

    I also fear that someday I will see one of ‘my’ youth under some horrific headline. Some sweet dorky 20y/o who hadn’t been able to get his meds since aging out of state insurance at 18 and has been slowly going insane while reaching out for any help he could get. Because there is no mental healthcare system for the poor. There’s barely a functional one for all these middle class kids who’s parents knew there was something wrong but who still end up killing kids in schools.

    This article is about kids, not guns. If some of the people on here read an article so focused on children and immediately thought so deeply about their guns, I worry about their children. Like Selco says, glorify the killer and that’s what kids will take from this, killing is glory. Well, focus on the right to own guns instead of the right not be be shot repeatedly in your first grade classroom and your first grader sure as fuck knows what your focus is. (It’s not their safety no matter how much you say it is.)

    Lastly, If you’re going to fall back on historical arguments, please do your research. The Bill of Rights was written and added to the Constitution more than a year after it’s writing, and not at the height of the war. That’s why they’re called amendments.There’s also the second half of the second amendment that specifies this right is specifically to maintain a militia, which at that time was the army of the government. Not of the crown, but of the revolutionary government. So if you want to preserve your historic second amendment right you really have to organize your own regularly drilled militia that has a specific grievance with the government and an active plan to take care of this grievance and a government ready to step into the void once you’ve completed your revolution to own a gun……

  27. James Dale says:


    After the latest tragedy by a deranged individual there will be a call for gun control laws by the Left (Democrats). They falsely state that denying 90 million law- abiding legal gun owners their 2Nd Amendment right to own guns would solve the problem of mass killings. So, because of a dozen or so deranged individuals who have committed mass murders; why must we punish 90 million law abiding responsible gun owners? The true reason for gun control is to make slaves of the people so government officials can rule without any fear of reprisals for the daily crimes they commit against the people. You lose your guns you lose your FREEDOM.

    Nothing is said about disarming the 33,000 gangs in our country with about 1.4 million members, (per FBI web site). Disarming law-abiding citizens would be a disaster by giving the gangs and criminals the upper hand. They already out man and out gun the police in this country. You and only You are responsible for your safety. On average there are 2,500,000 yearly cases where people must defend themselves with a gun. Also when concealed carry laws are enacted crime goes down. The State run Media will not publish this type of information because it doesn’t fit their agenda.

    The British and the Australians stupidly gave up their gun rights, and have witnessed major increases in crimes, especially of the home invasion type. They must now use baseball bats for defense. Ask the people in Los Angeles, Oakland, Detroit, New York City, and Washington DC, who have given parts of their cities to gangs how well strict gun controls work. Why does the Government allow gangs to take over city blocks and not disarm them? Oh, I forgot, gang members have civil rights, to take over the streets.

    How about focusing on the individuals who commit these crimes. What mindset can shoot small children multiple times, or blow the head off of your classmates and laugh about it. We have been a gun-carrying nation since day one. There was never a problem until the video games came out glorifying killing as many people as possible. This is a training ground for mass killers not entertainment. The movies also glorify killing. We should outlaw violent video games and movies. They serve no good purpose. The goal is to kill as many people as possible; they covet a high body count. Because they are cowards they choose easy targets, this is also what the terrorists do.

    We must take an inward look at ourselves. Where have our moral values gone, why are we so intent on kicking GOD out of our lives and country? The biggest problem this country has is there is NO FEAR OF THE LORD. I feel we are in the latter days as mentioned in the bible. GOD is allowing the Left to destroy our country because of our gross sins.

  28. Thanatos says:

    By Paul Harvey Are you considering backing gun control laws? Do you think that because you may not own a gun, the rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment don’t matter?

    In 1929 the Soviet Union established gun control. From 1929 to 1953, approximately 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
    In 1911, Turkey established gun control. From 1915-1917, 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
    Germany established gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, 13 million Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, the mentally ill, and others, who were unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
    China established gun control in 1935. From 1948 to 1952, 20 million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
    Guatemala established gun control in 1964. From 1964 to 1981, 100,000 Mayan Indians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
    Uganda established gun control in 1970. From 1971 to 1979, 300,000 Christians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
    Cambodia established gun control in 1956. From 1975 to 1977, one million “educated” people, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
    That places total victims who lost their lives because of gun control at approximately 56 million in the last century. Since we should learn from the mistakes of history, the next time someone talks in favor of gun control, find out which group of citizens they wish to have exterminated.
    It has now been 12 months since gun owners in Australia were forced to surrender 640,381 personal firearms to be destroyed, a program costing the government more than $500 million dollars. The results Australia-wide; Homicides are up 3.2% Assaults are up 8 % Armed robberies are up 44% In that countries’ state of Victoria, homicides with firearms are up 300%. Over the previous 25 years, figures show a steady decrease in armed robberies and Australian politicians are on the spot and at a loss to explain how no improvement in “safety” has been observed after such monumental effort and expense was successfully expended in “ridding society of guns.”
    It’s time to state it plainly; Guns in the hands of honest citizens save lives and property and, yes, gun-control laws only affect the law-abiding citizens. Take action before it’s too late, write or call your delegation.

  29. Cindy says:

    Back in the 1970s,I had a friend from Vietnam who told me her story as to how and why she came to the US.
    She and her Mom decided to leave Vietnam, with gold, silver and their birth certificates ,by boat, with some other people.Somewhere, they were robbed by the pirates and she “lost her Mom” .My friend was adopted by a former SVA officer and his wife.She then had a family, with older brothers who taught her karate and younger brother and sister that she would take care of .Basically, she was happy, and made the best of her situation.Several decades later, I met her and found out she had gotten married and and had two sons.

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