now, this is more realistic

Again with show, but this time i am pointing at this history channel documentary as opposite to Rudy Reyes Apocalyptic man. Just to make some things clear, i do not think is smart to base our preparing on popular media, movies or shows, i like more to research ordinary people statements or experiences but sometimes it is easier to picture it on this way.

If you ask me, History channel “After Armageddon” fairly realistic SHTF documentary about complete collapse in city,now it is not completely realistic, you just can not put some things in documentary or movie, but… I ve been in some of the situation described in this show, and lot of the things are described pretty good, (except maybe fact that all happened mostly during night time) for me it was like watching myself in some of the scenes ๐Ÿ™‚

As i said before, for us it is not too much important what is going to cause SHTF situation, war, terrorists, meteors, epidemic… outcome is going to be pretty much same.

In this documentary reason is epidemic, maybe looks like science fiction for someone, but this can happen very easy.

So what is different between this two shows, obviously guy with his family trying to GET OUT from the city, smart, he is scared, gangs are there very active, there is no law in the city, hospital is not place to go.

Roads are jammed, gangs holds storage and goods (remember my statement in posts-worst kind of people gonna be in charge) , there is no rule about anything, you never know what to expect.Guy is making that his house looked like already robbed (remember posts about how to be small, not interesting, invisible)

So they finished in some rural small community, rules are hard over there, but they safe pretty much.Even he dies from the small wound! (infection, simple cut can kill you if you do not have antibiotics)

As most of the folks today watch TV more then read books, i strongly recommended to do some of your preparing basing on this show. This guy does not look like Rambo, he looks like most of the ordinary people in any part of the world, man with family, man who believe what he read in newspapers or TV ๐Ÿ™‚ And there is great statement at the beginning of the show, something like: “disasters are not normal” Very simple, but still very smart. You can not prepare yourself basing on normal mindset, you need first to change way of thinking.

Forget about Rudy Reyes and Apocalypse man,his kind of show is one of the reasons why some of the folks imagining SHTF situation like romantic one man fight i mean

i do not have anything against well trained people like he is, he is doing some great things with rope, some good jumps,starts generator in hospital (with how much fuel?) he is making fuel (i must learn that), hot wiring car (i must refresh that) and then he is driving car on empty and clean streets during day time( impossible) going victoriously into the sunset.
It is more western movie then documentary.
In real world he would be probably caught and beaten or killed right at the beggining of the show ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. The Exorcist says:

    Hello, looks like your site is running and doing well now.
    Daisy directed me here, nice lady for a Bulgarian, isn’t she?
    I’m kidding! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    As for the worst people being in charge, there is a remedy for that. How hard is it to snipe those guys? When the bullet comes from what they had thought was a disinterested 3rd party, I mean to ask.
    Do they spend all their time lurking in a warehouse, or do they have to go out an enforce their will on their little minions in person from time to time?

  2. Eddie says:

    There were some things from Reyes show that I could appreciate, modified of course. In the case of his small backpack, I have taken that notion and rolled it up behind my kidney pad in my big backpack. I intend to cache my big pack, and carry the small one for searching for food, maybe a small bit of stuff for overnight, and tools for getting in to places. I agree, there is much in that show that won’t do, for example I wouldn’t likely risk my life to jump across like he did, nor would I use a flashlight as much as he did.

    Light attracts attention, and trouble.

    After Armageddon, that was pretty good. With a bit of prior planning, they could have had a not so bad trip out to safety. Smart idea with making your place look ransacked and robbed. You mentioned leaving some dead animals about to get some stench, that people may just pass by thinking everyone is dead and the house has nothing of value.

    I do have a notion that, to an extent anyhow, cities may not be quite as bad as if it were surrounded by enemies with no way in or out, mostly. In such a case, you might be free to come and go, although it would probably be quite dangerous still.

    • momjac says:

      Im thinking that if marshall law is declared during any event, and we all know there are now troops all over the country, ready and waiting, domestic and foreign, there may very well not be free travel in and out of the cities.

  3. Selco says:

    I believe everything also using sniper should be done to protect yourself and not to catch attention. If people don’t know you are there and don’t think there is anything valuable it offers the best protection.

    Eddie I agree. If I can get out now I will just wait for the first wave of chaos to settle and then make my way to the countryside. After TEOTWAKI cities will be dangerous places but probably still trade hubs like the trade street we had in the city. Not a place you want to go but a place you had to go if you really really needed something.

  4. Susan says:

    Very pleased to find Selco’s powerful story here on his blog – I spent hours and hours today reading the original blog from other survival site – my only request would be a nice Paypal button so we could donate to expenses.

  5. The Exorcist says:

    Yes, I know my comment about wanting to take out the Bad Guys is naive, but the very existance of such creatures offends me on a very basic level… like child porn or cannibalism would.
    And for pretty much the same reason.
    It’s simply impossible for me to live with such people, so the end result is not as important as taking a stand.

  6. Eddie says:

    Bringing such attention to yourself can be your undoing Exorcist. And while it may be that, now, you can’t stand to be around criminals, once SHTF you may very well find yourself relying on them for the most mundane of things that you need to survive. And once we do have TEOTWAWKI, who really IS a criminal? You very well could find yourself doing things that as of right now make you sick, but you’ll have to do it in order to survive. Having been in war, I can honestly say I don’t like killing people. But if it means I live, I will do it. If it means my family is safe, I will do it. I just won’t likely go out of my way to do it.

    And currently there are far worse criminals than street criminals. These own banks and hold Political Office. I am not speaking of politics, I am speaking of the things that these folks do and get away with, that is all. I can forgive a street criminal that maybe knows of no other way to take care of himself. It’s much more difficult to forgive he who has everything, and still commits crime and hurts others. I am much more concerned with that, myself.

    Of course, for this discussion here, one must defend themselves against the common criminal, even if yesterday they bought medicine from them.

  7. Wills says:

    A good look into the future is the movie “The Road”
    Some very handy survival info there and an entertaining movie.
    I also recommend any of James Rawles books especially his
    latest “Patriots”.
    A couple of other good reads in the same genre are Lights Out
    and One Second After.

  8. littletoes says:

    There will never be an excuse for child p#rn, but I do understand what is being said.
    I hope to never have to kill, but don’t misunderstand this to mean I won’t. I’ve been very close time and again, and with the first time, I knew I could, I just chose not too. This is no simple, easy, realization.

    It was self defense, that is all I need to say at this time in my own defense. There are horrible people out there walking the streets of major cities. It is these people that will become worse, that already do not have the morals needed, nor forced to by laws, to live together.

    It scares me to think what I am capable of doing, if I must be forced to watch my babies starve….

  9. Robin Warren says:

    “i do not have anything against well trained people like he is, he is doing some great things with rope, some good jumps,starts generator in hospital (with how much fuel?) he is making fuel (i must learn that), hot wiring car (i must refresh that) and then he is driving car on empty and clean streets during day time( impossible) going victoriously into the sunset.”

    For a long time I wondered about the little “stills” on car rear bumpers in old WW2 pictures. Turns out that you can run your car on “wood gas.” Burn wood and take that gas to the engine.
    A couple of places to check:
    These folks are the Edisons of “producer gas” (wood gas.) Start in the files section and get a general idea.
    This is a very basic system. Will give you a starting point. This system needs changing to make usable fuel gas.
    Basic instruction booklet.
    For folks that just want to buy a ready-to-run system

    Many, many different systems out there. Basically things made by folks that have time to tinker with the systems.


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