Lessons in urban warfare from Syria

We are at interesting point in time. It might be point that changes human history if some of those who rule us (sorry to call it like that but that is situation right now) play their game and it escalates. Im happy to know most of you have already proper storage and skills to try your best when storm hits. Let’s hope we don’t need anything of this.

If you have time, stop eating (but maybe get drink) and spend half hour to watch the video below. It is just out since 4th of September 2013 but shows bit older video footage of people fighting for their survival in Syria in current conflict. It’s bloody and maybe disturbing for some, so maybe dont eat. I speak a lot about how I moved through city and fought in my survival course and see many similarities. Too many, so I had to take some breaks looking at this. Anyway, I have comments about this video below.

Be aware that this video is clearly pro rebel propaganda. I do not take sides and have this video here for the urban survival and fighting in it.

3:33 and 11:29 You can expect whole kind of injuries, and being kid does not protect you at all. Both injuries looked horrible, but kid with the bloody head probably just lost part of his scalp, so it is good for him. Nature of fighting in crowded space is brutal. There is no discrimination with explosives and if opposing force thinks of you and your family and friends as nothing more than animal then everyone is target. Look for small parts of shrapnel, they can penetrate deep and go unnoticed.

7:33 SHTF in your city is something like slow process of accepting the fact that everything around you is going to hell. I remember watching my city burning years ago, it looked like magic, big fires in city without electric lights, later I was looking how places that I know for years disappeared from the face of the earth, and from my memory too. And some time later I learned too not to give damn for places disappearing around me, because I learned that people disappeared (got killed) too, so it became my bigger goal to stay alive. If things get to this point, prepare to be in free fall with everything (and everyone) around you changing and turning ugly.

11:55 Guy with the bad dreams did see only small part of his bad dreams. He is under the pressure, doing some hard job and his every moment is filled with tension. Later, years later bad dreams gonna haunt him, when he goes back to „normal life“. Actually he is gonna figure that there is no normal life for him anymore. Sorry man, world becomes different place.

12:24 City moving during the fighting is some other moving then you use to. It means that you need to „draw“ some other map. Move through the ruined buildings, holes in walls etc. Moving trough the normal ways is usually way to dangerous.

13:48 „We have enough shown to the people. Do something“
I have been there, only this dude has opportunity to say this to someones camera. I was asking myself for days „is it possible that no one is seeing that people getting killed, children dying, people starve“. Later I figured that mostly people do not care for that, because of many reasons, and I figured too that there are no sides, only people suffering, dying,fighting, surviving… I talk more about this after comments here.

16:56 Guy throwing the „home made“ bomb, usually made from the unexploded stuff, while his buddy is taking cover few meter behind opening without revealing himself. Basics of urban street combat. Shooting is done from small openings or with just your hands raising (with rifle) above some cover and spraying. Progress is made when civilians learn to fight. They speak about how warfare changed from spraying and random shooting to snipers and ieds in this video.

19:41 does this guy look like he knows what he is doing? No, he is not so familiar with the weapon. SHTF also means lot of guys with weapons, and many of them do not know how to use them too, some of them seeing it for a first time probably. And shooting does not mean that you gonna hit something always, there is also other reasons for shooting, so it is good idea to have huge amount of ammunition. When you go out with group for first couple of times… stay away from them. Friendly fire is real and I saw people get taken down by friends and family or shooting themselves.

26:41 That is the picture how most of the cities gonna look when SHTF, it shows some of the streets, and you can say that it is war there, and it is not gonna look like that in „my SHTFcase“. But still you need to consider that in any disaster and survival scenario for whatever reason, with time and lack of the city services, violence and ruins because of fight for resources, it is pretty much similar. Consider this when you are taking some advices and plans for moving through the city during survival scenario. “Smart“ advice like „usage of skateboard for moving trough the SHTF city“ just does not make sense.

I feel like I describe something that can not be described, but video helps to imagine. Imagine things go bad and grim and then add more to it.

Another survival lesson that can be learned

Do you see how long this conflict in Syria going on? People are getting killed, dying, starving, no proper medical care, no common services etc. Does that look somehow irregular to you in some way?

I hope not. Look at situation in Syria and yes there is some help coming from other countries but many people survive. That you are lone survivor 3 months after SHTF is another myth in “survival scene”.

People will die in huge numbers, but also it will be crowded with lots of bloody fights for resources. People have ability to adapt, so we all can eat food with worms, learn how to shoot and kill, live without showers etc. People will die yes, on many ways, but not so fast and not so easy like many maybe imagine. It is gonna be fight for survival and everyone is invited.

Who will go first?

Not necessary the weakest one in terms of strength, expect to see first casualties among the people who are most dependent on society and have very bad ability to adapt.

So while 70 years man surely looks like guy who is gonna die among first one when you compare it to the young athletic looking teacher (or whatever) in reality that old guy might be able to adapt faster, because he comes from poor background and grew up in sort of the same survival scenario. That athletic looking dude is maybe lost because his strong faith in society and good human nature.

International intervention or not?

Personally I do not know enough about situation on ground and media reports are very different, so I can not say if helping rebels is good or not. If you are there and see this and experience it you want to help them, you can be sure about that. If you only see this from the distance it is different. Best thing really would be if everyone goes home, stops fighting and Assad leaves. Not gonna happen.

Maybe now is not the time for US or international troops to get involved in this, but leaving mad dictators like Assad kill harmless demonstrators in streets? I think this is situation where every way is wrong. Now it is just about finding which is not too wrong. No need for world war 3, no need for atrocities on civilians, maybe best to wait and see before doing something wrong.

This is what I have to say about this. Share your thoughts and opinions on scenes in video and situation in Syria in comments.

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  1. Lori Fields says:

    I am praying for the people inspiration. I think it is unfortunate that Al Queda has been brought in to “help” the rebels. The will be a blood bath for years to come

    • Jay says:

      I think doing nothing is the best course of action. Im not sure anyone knows exactly what’s going on. No need to make the same mistakes that were made in the past when terrorist organisations received weapons.

  2. Bob says:

    Great insight into the realities of what would happen in a SHTF scenario. But I totally disagree that Assad government is responsible for chemical attack’s on his own people. This is just another false flag situation. Just like 9/11. The rebels are funded and supplied via Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The Rebels did this chemical attack. This a war which CIA and NSA are driving as the real goal is to wipe out Iran and then Russia. This is the New World Order in your face. Soon all the information you have talked about Selco will be relevant for us the readers who just witness from the safety of our computer screens. Must watch Obama Deception on Youtube and see http://www.infowars.com also watch strategic relocation on youtube. WW3 is on the way.

    • Selco says:

      I did not mean gas, I mean proven violence from shooting protestors that started civil war. I doubt anyone can form opinion on who did gas attacks based on what media present us.
      I am not for intervention and not against it. I do not know enough to have qualified opinion on this.

      • Bashir says:

        With all due respect Selco, the UN report itself written about the gas attack says that the rebels were the ones who carried out the gas attack, see online for yourself. In this case no one should accept that the US get involved on the side of the rebels, especially when they are Al Quaeda affiliated. This, and the fact that military action will set off WWIII is the reason why the US can’t find any support around the world for this action (accept for the French for some reason). Also, the world is sick and tired of of the same old lies from the US, saying that its (so called) “enemies” have very dangerous weapons that are a threat to everyone (ooooh very scaryyy) and that if we don’t attack then we are screwed. The Iraqis had nothing and American “democracy” made a complete mess of Iraq. The Afghanis were poor and helpless and American “democracy” left Afghanistan a broken and useless country and this is what we can expect from their involvement in Syria too. I don’t think anyone wants that.

        Selco, I appreciate the informative videos you post and everything you teach us, thank you, it is very essential, but you said yourself that you want to remain impartial. This video, just from the introduction and the language used in it and who it interviews and what it shows is obviously not impartial. I’m sure this wasn’t your intention but I just wanted to make it clear for the people here on the site. But selco, regardless on who’s side I’m on, or who’s side you’re on, you are putting your reputation of impartiality at risk with such a one-sided video. I just wanted to give you a heads-up, I know you are the last person to choose sides.

        • Selco says:

          Bashir, thanks for reply. As I said before, I do not know enough about the politics to form opinion. I know the video is propaganda, I thought it is obvios.

          I build my (and still building) my reputation on teaching the people how to survive some hard situations when SHTF. I am doing that by telling how I survived and how it was when SHTF in my time.

          Please also keep in mind and remember that I also mentioned many times that I do not like politics and how I do not trust mainstream media, because they there mostly in order to form our opinion, not to tell the truth.

          In this particular case (Syria) I do not want to take sides because it is hard to say what is really going on there based on media report. But one thing is for sure, people there getting killed, fight for survival, doing some stuff that actually I did in my time in order to survive.

          Point here was to talk how people are trying to survive in some very hard time.

          • SeTe says:

            Selco, this video does a very good job of demonstrating what may expect in shtf. Your instruction of such situations with this visual aid is very informative of what could be.

            You are also correct in stating the propaganda in this video is obvious. Some people have difficulty separating what is being shown as what “things can be in shtf” versus the politics that causes the situation.

            To say that such a situation is horrific is an understatement. One is lucky if they only have mental scars to affect the rest of their lives…

            Thanks for posting this and showing the parallels to your experience.

  3. Gumby says:

    I’m a husband and a father of four children. After watching this video, I gotta tell you, the children in the video hurts me the most. I want to protect my children from such things and I don’t want any other children, even those of my enemies, to suffer such things. I know you have posted articles dealing with children in SHTF, but Selco, how can I mentally prepare for such things? There probably isn’t a right answer but your thoughts would be appreciated.


  4. Dave says:

    I always seem to agree with you Selco and I believe that is because you speak from experience.
    The place true wisdom comes from. It is indeed too late to try to make effective change to the paradigm in Syria. We are now going to bomb Syria because Syria is bombing Syria?
    The time to have done something to help the Syrian people was at the beginning, before the foreign islamist jihadist moved in. Now there is only two sides we could help, the devil or satan,
    Those are our choices. This is why we must not do anything until the two forces of evil stop fighting.

  5. Brad says:

    Thanks for sharing this; it must have brought back bad memories for you. Any war is bad and the killing of civilians is a crime that should have the harshest penalties, but the problem is that these “leaders” have the money and the military power to do what ever they want and they are protected.
    I’m in the USA and I am preparing for the day when our government attacks its own citizens; it may be years off but with our economy failing and our money becoming worthless the time will come.

  6. Andren Ess says:

    I am starting to believe that armchair warfare theatrics are becoming the norm as is evidenced by the plethora of assertions and positions. The facts are very simple, war whether homegrown or in shores afar is a destructive and soul destroying practice. One which our most determined to endorse tend not have equity in the game, mainly children of politicians, state officials, lawmakers and the like.

    The most perverse arguments exist, in the are you with us or ag’in us argument. The first is who are the we and who are the them, currently as trends predict anyone who causes or causes to give cause to an infraction of any municipal law is effectively a domestic terrorist, that means at any time, anywhere and for any reason, most of the US general population can be picked up and hauled off for some unknown cause and be entered into the newer but well practiced laws of be you a witch or not a witch. Based on the structure of the law that the people endorse, it appears the law is now no longer a case of we accuse, but you are and when you can prove you are not, we will let you go, in the meantime pay this much money to secure your release. Unseen among the victims are the shackling and probationary programs for public acceptance of enslavement. whether you be guilty or not, we enact the ancient practice of Baalism. The method of antiquity is known as pay bayl, and we pay bail for everything that used to be a God given right. Want to go fishing, pay bayl, want to talk to your family pay bayl.

    Endorse our actions pay bayl, it is your bayl, not theirs but they have acquired that power. Pay Bayl is the very form of government that we endorse. Everything is fee based and scheduled with a cost factor to determine the direction. We need only read the most important book for Americans or US consumers. Bible ?, Blacks law ?, or federal policies ? The answer is No, No and Yes. Like the ever growing behemoth of IRS statutes with municipal statutes following, policy law is derived form not a modern concept but a state of existence by fee. These were declared over a century ago, by Woody Wilson. He described the reformation fully to congress as a globalist venture, he also described well the classes of population. Two were required, the state and the workers. Think about it ! and all that has been made possible in the interim. For example America unlike China on it’s one child based policies is set to endorse it’s fee based child program, want a kid ! No problem, fill out these forms and pay your fees and like owning a gun, hope you qualify. Don’t believe me ! Lets wait and see.

    Regardless of my meanderings, the problems Americans are going to face is not and I repeat not that you will see American armed troops quelling any signs of insurrection. I believe most people assume something that would not be possible can happen. If you look at who has been controlling the Psyops of the pentagon for the last four decades and his creed, I believe we will be facing troops who simply have orders, and no skin or loyalty in their missions. More importantly they will not be American military, but like joint compacts over the major world states will for the sake of argument come from Russia, or perhaps Honduras. We practice it already on other nations, what is to stop a member of the public facing off against a special type of asymmetric trained trooper who has no loyalty to you, your beliefs or worse your plight and more importantly a moral divide that cannot be communicated.

    The moral argument and basis for posting was a simple one, within this post I have read, the age old political tool of thinking acted out. By redefining the rules of engagement and bring out the empathy vote. Do the males killed matter, no, do the old people killed matter, no, do the women matter, perhaps, but only when children and animals are affected do we actually reach a thread of humanity. Where is the morality ?

    • TimGray says:

      My position is easy, I’m against everyone. I treat ALL other humans as enemies until they prove otherwise. I learned a long time ago that you do not trust people, and in times of war, you trust them even less.

      • iksnilol says:

        Coming from a antisocial person who doesn’t really like people(me): Its not really smart to block out everyone and treat them as enemies. Not trusting them or being heartless, yes. But blocking them out and antagonizing them, wouldn’t recommend.

        • TimGray says:

          Where did I say that I antagonize them? In SHTF Everyone IS your enemy until they prove otherwise. Ask any serviceman that has served in Afghanistan and had a friendly Afghan soldier shoot them in the back once they let their guard down.

          My son in Law is there now. And he refuses to not have his gun around the Afghan soldiers. He has it at the ready at all times around them as he does not trust ANY of them at any moment.

          • Larry says:

            My grandson has returned from Afghanistan, and while there, he and his “buddies” were handing out food, candy, etc. to the “locals” when a bayonet was thrust into his back. He turned around and fired his weapon only to find that he had killed a 9 year old boy. Yes, the boy was the attacker, he still held the knife, but my grandson will carry,that memory for life. On another day, he was shot in the back, by another local,
            “friendly? or not, dosn’t matter.He survived his wounds, and now is awaiting being sent back. It has become the only life he knows.

  7. Bruce Beach says:

    Thank you, Selco,
    as always your comments are very good.

    The video itself was a propaganda film for, “Let’s bomb Syria!”.

    The motive of those governments who supply the weapons and wish to bomb Syria (as well as those who wish to defend the government of Syria) is the pipeline. No mention is made of that.

    The words – “We want freedom”, is only for their own view. Not freedom for Christians, Buddhists, and Jews. Indeed only freedom for their own Muslim sect. This is true on both sides. On all sides. Because there are many sides. Many there are not revolutionaries. They are terrorists – because they are brought in from the outside.

    There is no internal solution. There is no external solution. What is required is a change in world attitude. All that happens in Syria will happen to the world – because it is a part of the changing of world attitude.

    Peace and love,

    • Slobyskya Rotchikokov says:

      BRUCE – Well said; and the thing about images is that they determine often, how we emotionally react to a group of people. No matter how one may have felt about the ‘rebels’, i.e., al Qaida, after watching the man hacking the head off of a non-0military Catholic priest as his friends chant Allah Akbar, and after watching the other muslim cutting open the chest of a dying mad and chewing off pieces of his heart while again, his friends shout Alla Akbar and cheer – this is enough to convince many people that whatever Assad’s failings, the subhuman barbarity of the ‘rebels’ would make it impossible to listen to their side, much less support them by the sacrifice of American troops. It is true that, as my friends in the IDF used to say, ‘War is war, and no hands are clean”, but the mindset of filming such atrocities makes it easier to decide who to support when the bullets fly.
      An excellent and very thought provoking article! Well Done!

    • Selco says:

      Good observation Bruce. I did not want to talk about this much because I post video for fighting and survival reason. I want to keep this site free of politics and religion. But yes, it is very clear this is propaganda. Another example if you look at this part of sniper video:


      He is not sure if guy over there is civilian or soldier, and how he „recognizes“ he is civilian is a joke and propaganda. And it is cheap propaganda. Been there. Shoot the guy and just be sure. They just shoot without the camera there.

  8. BobbyD says:

    2. Syria – The Precursor Aug27

    Jesus, Special Locution – The Fires of Syria

    What will I say about Syria? The events have begun and will lead to other more destructive events and., then, to even more destruction. The fuse has been lit and is now burning. Syria is not the place of the great future explosion or of the greatest destruction, but Syria is the precursor of these events. Syria, even with all of its turmoil does not possess the great weapons or the destructive powers possessed by other nations.

    However, its role as precursor should alert everyone that the time before wide scale destruction is very short – far closer than anyone expects. Other leaders see that Syria has survived by using weapons that all the world has banned. In this sense, he is the precursor of later events.

    Israel knows that it is alone and cannot firmly count on anyone. It also knows the precarious state of its own survival. It must plot its own course and its own actions. It cannot wait or hold back. It knows that it will suffer attacks and looks only to minimize the destruction.

    America, oh America, you were to be the source of world peace but you have been so weakened. You have gone astray. You have neither the might nor the will to fulfill the tasks I had in store for you

  9. BobbyD says:

    Source of message above: locutions.org

  10. romney says:

    Tired of this damn obama crap and treason. Politics are no longer a possible solution. Obama, Benghazi, Lybia, Syria, “Brotherhood”, Al Qaeda, scandals, lies, destruction of America and all western culture, worldwide takeover by Islam; all this is INTENTIONALLY DONE BY OBAMA. I am tired of people saying “I can’t understand why he is doing this” and “he is just so naive”. Bullscat! Arrest him try him and ……….?

    • iksnilol says:

      Obama has done many bad things but calling him a muslim extremist who wants muslim domination of the world, is how to say it, a bit much. Personally I dont like politics, neither does Selco so I would recommend keeping our politics to other sites.

  11. romney says:

    How to deal with Islam? Read Pslam 83; the Godly and perfect response and prayer.

  12. red says:

    The civilian in the video questions why no one in the world is doing anything to help. He says, “Do something! It’s been on tv already. Do something!” And yet the irony is that the only country that ever does anything to help is the country they are taught to hate the most. They burn our flags and curse us (the USA).

    These Muslims have been fighting forever. They are a savage people with hatred in their hearts for revenge. This is not a war that just came out of nowhere. It has been happening for thousands of years, and will continue to spread in the middle east. Better they are left to their own and wipe themselves out.

  13. TimGray says:

    As to tactics, Selco is dead on with the “stay away from the group” most people barely know how to shoot a gun to begin with, small unit tactics and how to shoot in a closed group is even more rare. Less than 0.001% of all civilians have even a clue how to deal with combat where they have to try and NOT shoot their side. Your friends are more dangerous than the enemy, so get away from them and get down. IF you really want to be prepared, get some paintball guns and go out trying tactics you alone against 6 people, 3 on 3, etc… Yes paintball teaches you tactics if you actually try to apply them. Learn how to be unseen and situational awareness. that is 90% of successful fighting and combat. Being able to shoot and run is less than 10%

    I really want to thank Selco for sharing his wisdom from the horrible ordeal he had to live through, and I am sure Syria is bringing back bad memories.

    • john says:

      I have no idea what you are talking about. I was into paintball years and years ago. We did it in the woods, on hills, in gullies, and swampy areas, all densely wooded.


      The problem with paintball as training for real gun fighting is the distances. AKs and M16s have about 50 times more range and kills happen at distances that are safe in a paintball fight. Also barriers that shield you from paintball shots won’t do a damn thing to protect you against real bullets.

      I think any skills you learn in paintball will get you killed in SHTF.

      • Tim Gray says:

        When you just play? yes. if you want to do real tactical training, paintball is better than live ammo. you lose less friends to gunshot wounds that way.

        • john says:


          Maybe for practicing clearing rooms it is useful. In the vast outdoors I do not see it useful unless there is coming a war in which everyone is carrying cylinder bore short-barreled shotguns loaded with .75 caliber lead balls on 1/4 charge of powder.

          • TimGray says:

            I do. It forces people to shoot when a lot closer, You will never train your wife or GF to be able to drop targets at 600 yards every time, you can train her to pump 3 rounds into a target when it get’s close enough to hit it easily.

            If you can hide and wait for a target to get close enough to guarantee a kill, it’s far better than having a 20% chance of hitting them but a 100% change of warning them you are there.

            And yes, she will be armed with a smoothbore weapon. 12 gauge with deer slugs, if she unloads a round center mass when they are within 5-10 yards I guarantee that the target will be of no trouble to her. In fact I guarantee that someone wearing ballistic armor will also be of no trouble if they take a 12Ga slug to the armor plate. They will be on the ground with broken ribs and screaming in pain from the impact.

            So yes, those that dont discard training as “useless” because they dont have rifling and accuracy tend to end up as under trained.

            yes, I do plan on waiting for the targets to get very close. One shot one kill means it’s all over instantly with little risk to me, taking a shot with my 7.62 from 600 yards means I have a very high chance of warning them because my chances of missing go up drastically.

            Tactics.. Learn tactics and paintball guns teach it if used properly.

  14. Sally says:

    Thank you Selco.

  15. PrepperDude says:

    As a father of three awesome kids, I couldn’t stomach the documentary. It had nothing to do with the message, but the thought of losing one of my kids.

    I was raised a prepper. I am an eagle scout. My Dad was a prepper, and passed on that trait to me.

    I believe I am within $5000 of finishing the bulk of my preps. At that point I will have enough to sustain my family physically, mentally, and spiritually for one year.

    Prepping never stops. This video helped me to realize that even peacefully protesting a corrupt government could turn horribly wrong for an entire county. Unfortunately, I do not think we are too far away from a Syria here in the states.

  16. Robin says:

    The Arab countries are a Rubik’s Cube. Depending on how things are twisted, you get a different view of the same object.

  17. Danny Adams says:

    Urban or rural, whatever the survival situation, it does seem that those who do best are the ones who can adapt the best.

  18. Rodrigo Cupini says:

    This video state that 1,5 milion of syrian people have taken refuge in nearby countries, I think that them are the real survivelist… Maybe, the main skill in a context such this, is to recognize that things will get bad and get out while it is still possible.

    Great post Selco, thanks.

  19. Danette says:

    Selco, this must have been very hard for you to watch, and we greatly appreciate your insight and value your advice more than you can think. Thank you again for this SHTF School and sharing your experiences.

  20. Sid says:

    Thanks for a well balanced report. You are a big credit too the world wide web.

  21. Antibubba says:

    And here we are, 5 years later, same war, same dictator, same international moral outrage.

    You can only prep for so much. A passport should be one of your essentials.

  22. Christian says:

    Every fighting nobody wins.
    A Cease could be called to allow women , children and old people to run away. They are no threat and can not fight. Their deaths are senseless and they have no stake in a war in their city. War = everyone loses.
    Rebuilding will take decades and the dead and fled are never to return.
    Call a cease fire and talk it out.

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