Orlando Nightclub Attack – Some Thoughts



I hate to write articles following terrorist attack, but here I am again. With how everything looks, I’m anticipating writing more articles increasingly based on the „newest terrorist attack“…

I wrote about terrorism and terrorist attack in some other terms, what I’d like to discuss with you here and now is more about the core of these events, What is happening inside them, and what to do, or how to survive it.

Let’s just cover some of the basics here, in terms of survival, if you find yourself in the middle of similar attack.

Where Are You?

One of the my favorite means of survival in any SHTF situation is not to be there. That goes for war and also for some terrorist attack inside some club.

Terrorism have as a goal to change our way of living, to install fear in us, so we could be in constant expecting of attack. For me,  they are succeeding in that.

Placing myself unarmed in confined space with whole bunch of unarmed people sounds like very bad idea to me. The probability that terrorist will attack whole bunch of folks in a gun convention, or at shooting range in Texas is very low, simply because their success there is very limited.

It is bad time to be unarmed together with whole bunch of another unarmed people, simply avoid that.

So that brings us to the next point:

Guns or No Guns?

All terrorist attacks ends when good guys with guns come and kill bad guys with guns. So one thing here is very clear: it is not about guns only, it is who has the guns.

Rory Quote
Clearly if other good guys (victims) had guns chances for them to finish that terrorist attack (to kill the terrorist) earlier would be much higher. Have a gun, be armed!

Terrorist by the nature do not expect to meet active resistance (firearms) from the victims, they are there to shoot as many people as possible, and even one good man with a pistol could make significant tactical change in everything.

Good people with guns brings us to the next point here:


I experienced and participated in shootings in closed (inside buildings) environment with more persons inside, and it is nothing like practicing on a shooting range, so it is something that you need to be prepared for.

Several gunshots from rifle in an indoor environment is something that could (and did) make people literally shit themselves, or to be paralyzed in shock for some time.

Add to that complete chaos, screams, panic and everything else and it is not sunset movie scene where there is attacker and you only.

You will act how you are trained, so train for that.

A few thoughts here to consider:


Know the buildings that you entering and where you are going to spend some time, especially if there is going to be a crowd. Entrances, exits, escape routes, obstacles, think where most of the folks will run, think where a possible attacker could come from and what is best position for him, for you…

Cover and Concealment:

Understand what is ‘cover’ and what is ‘concealment’.  You could read in some manual that concealment could be for example thick bush, you stand behind that and you are not visible, and for cover there is thick brick wall and behind it no bullet can kill you.

With that knowledge you find yourself in the middle of terrorist attack inside club and find out there is no bushes or thick walls and you suddenly have a flash of revelation that tells you did not learn enough about important things. There is a difference between knowledge and understanding.

Here I find movie industry very guilty for misinformation and lot of possible deaths. You know the movie scenes where people who were shot with a pistol, fly 10 meters through the air when they get hit, or, or guys who use wooden tables for cover in gunfights?

It is all wrong you know…?

Bullet from AK 47 (or any other similar characteristic rifle) can go through many things like doors, walls, shelves, cabinets, tables and kill you or even one more person. Even bullets from a pistol can go through a lot of stuff and kill you.

A good idea is to bring some stuff next time on your shooting range and test it, shoot through it so you have idea.

After that exercise on shooting range, whenever you go to your favorite places (malls, clubs, etc) together with entrances, exits, route considerations etc think, look for and identify real cover (can that big wooden bar take a rifle shot, or that big refrigerator?)

Who Survives?

Mostly guys who survived to tell story about similar events were those who use the opportunity to flee right on time, so I would not have any real deep thoughts about that, if you have chance to run, then run and survive.

If you are there, at the place, armed and have a chance to make the change (to eliminate attacker) to save yourself, then no deep thoughts again, eliminate the threat!

But again here is catch, it is not shooting range, with empty beer bottles. Attacker is shooting too, and most probably with deadlier weapon than yours…

Slight advantage here is that attacker is not expecting resistance in the form of a firearm. Again, a few suggestions. Forget any thoughts of ‘honorable fighting'(scream while everybody else is screaming in horror and then when he points in other direction shoot the asshole in back), and also do some tactical thinking about his position and your position, angles of movement, corners, types of his weapon (time to reload) and use every opportunity to win.


It is pretty dark conclusion, since I strongly believe that even when you entering mall you need to think about possible exits, how thick is that glass in front, covers and tactical movements in case of attack, but it is what it is, we are talking about survival anyway not about agriculture here.

Remember attacks are happening where people are not expecting it too much, that is also why are so many victims.

Be prepared!

Do events such as these change your preparedness plans or affect your training? Comment below, let us know how you would deal with a situation like this…?

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  1. Bob says:

    I have always had a natural aversion to social spaces, especially theaters. Not because I am antisocial, because I feel threatened and vulnerable when I am in them. You cannot watch the whole situation. Your guard is usually lowered because you are distracted by the event, especially in a theater. You may as well be asleep.

    If you see pictures right before this event, most of these people are mostly naked, and when he cased the club beforehand you know this was a factor in the choice to attack this club. He can verify that his victims are unarmed.

    There were some reports that the people considered this club a “safe place”, when nothing could be further from the truth.

    Terrorists don’t change my behavior, because I have mainly shied away from places that make good target rich environments. I hope to never be entangled in a situation like that, but… it could happen.

    Thank you Selco for all of the information that you freely share on this blog. You have made a difference in the way I see and think, and I believe it will be very helpful in my future.

  2. Bowhunter61 says:

    I would like to think I would respond to the shooter threat with an applicable level of force. That is why I usually carry a pistol everywhere. But Selco point about being in high, target rich environments, like the Pulse nightclub, is very poignant. I don’t frequent any of these clubs, or any bar/club, late at night, or am I rarely if ever out past midnight. So if you eliminate one large aspect of your becoming a victim; i.e., don’t be there in the first place, you are better off for sure.

  3. samurai says:

    There’s a lot of talking bout gun control, but it’s jut easiest way to do terror.
    There is hundreds of ways how to kill same or even more peoples.
    Government takes guns and thinks everything is so safe and happy, until next nightclub is burned, poisoned or driven through with tank.
    You can limit ways to kill, but not stop killing.
    Next time it might be police or soldier who starts shooting.
    Will they take guns fom police and army????

    • timgray says:

      Some of them injured were shot by police. The one man that was there as security and was shooting at the gunman was killed by police.

      The problem with these situations are, if you are responding to a threat, until you are safe the police and everyone else including other armed citizens are a threat to you and need to be treated as dangerous.

      Being the hero usually ends up with a dead hero.

  4. combatveteran86 says:

    Surprise and Violence of action combined with tactics can determine who wins and who loses. Not a definitive outcome but a possibility

  5. I MOVED because of this very thing…I will NOT put myself, my family, my children in harms way. The less people the better. I do still go out. We had reservations for on the beach and all I could do is see the vulnerability of those people on the beach…the beaches have been a slaughter house elsewhere…how many times did we go on the beach? twice and that was after most tourons had left for the day…my husband and I carry everywhere now even in the remote area we live in…there is a saying…when you need help NOW…help is at least minutes if not hours away..

  6. Christian Gains says:

    While I have NEVER seen any reason to disagree with ANY thing that Selco advises, (after all…he’s BTDT!)…This time I DO feel I have something to say that MIGHT give a new perspective to staying alive in a “crowed room of unPREpared, & unarmed people”…

    And that is: REALIZE that these events are SPIRITUALLY instigated, as WELL as physically instigated. Therefore, there IS a spiritual element that CAN assist you, AND, save lives.

    I’m sure you’ve read, or heard of, the “TRUST YOUR GUT!” principle. BELIEVE ME! I’ve been there, done that…and, it works!

    We humans DO HAVE A SPIRITUAL REALITY, that, (IF we study & learn “HOW TO” UTILIZE it, it CAN alert us to danger).

    It’s been my experience, (12 years in various Countries of South America — some in VERY DANGEROUS parts), taught me to “LISTEN” to my “CHECK” in my spirit, that caused me a SENSE of concern, and discomfort. I QUICKLY learned to OBEY that “6th SENSE”, and, (VERY CAREFULLY and unobtrusively), gazing around, I would I.D. ANY thing “strange” or “out of place” or “appearing dangerous”,{such as individuals who look VERY FOCUSED and dangerous}, AND, once I’d determined that “YES! THERE IS something “untoward”…”dangerous”…then I’d CALMLY, (VERY calmly), move in the opposite direction, (PREFERABLY towards an already “scoped out” exit, [that could be opened from the inside]); and, I’d, QUIETLY & as UNOBSERVED as possible, slip out.Then I’d have to decide whether to Call 911, to alert them that “all is not quite right” at that location. (Doing THAT can bring unpleasant consequences, so you’d BEST decide whether your “feeling” was SERIOUSLY REAL enough to call in the Police…MOST often, it’s not). You’re choice!


    ALWAYS OBEY your “GUT FEELING!” It DOESN’T matter whether you’re “right” or “wrong”…you ONLY have to be WRONG once!

    Practice “listening” to your “GUT”…(Yes! This IS a lite form of paranoia, BUT! IT WILL KEEP YOU ALIVE!!)

    PRACTICE it…the more you do, the MORE you’ll grow accustomed to following that INCLINATION of evil…and avoiding danger. JMHO…

    • Todd says:

      Great point, worth bringing up. I once read a book I highly recommend, along this line of thought, called The Gift of Fear. All about situational awareness and doing what you said… listen to your gut!

    • Selco says:

      Thanks Christian Gains!
      That “gut feeling” is something familiar to me, I understand it, I do not think it is lite paranoia, it can come from the experience or really careful observation of things around you.

  7. YankeeTexan says:

    If the news releases can be trusted for accuracy (insert grain of salt here…) the Orlando Shooter actually paused to post to his Social Media accounts.

    Now, granted this was a nightclub and obviously makes a majority of their money from the sales of alcohol, therefore a no-go for Concealed Carry… (And in complete agreement with Selco, I avoid places that may compromise my sense of Security, if I possibly can; if I can’t conceal carry I don’t go…with very very few exceptions…)

    But, if only a small handful of people were carrying Concealed, the odds that one of them could have dropped the shooter while he checked his Ego online, would have been much greater before the casualties went very far (that is the hope anyways…)

    • Dave says:

      Even if nobody was allowed to have a firearm due to “security,” did nobody realize that there were hundreds of empty beer bottles around? And dozens of bar stools? Either one applied forcefully to the back of Mateen’s head while he was Facebooking would have produced the desired outcome.

      But of course, as Selco and others have said, not being there in the first place is the best defense.

  8. John says:

    Even if you don’t patronize dance clubs, or bars, it’s hard (at least for me) to completely eliminate participation in activities with large concentrations of unarmed people. Church, school events, sporting events, or state fairs, they all provide a “target-rich environment” for a potential shooter. So, what do I do?

    1. Note access/ egress points, such as doors, gates, windows, a path through the woods.
    2. If possible, discover where some of the exits lead. Doesn’t do much good, if you evacuate a confined space (ballroom), for a more-confined space (alley blocked w/ garbage).
    3. Are there exits at multiple levels, or only one?
    4. Are there emergency exit lights, that will work with grid power interrupted?
    5. What sort of lighting? Bright? Subdued? Dark? Can you see who/ what at 10 feet? How about 50 feet? Do you carry a flashlight? Can your cell phone be used as a flashlight?
    6. Check your cell phone, when you enter the venue. Do you have signal? If you don’t at least have enough phone (non-data) service to text (requires very low bandwidth), see if one of your group does. Like it or not, it’s how people communicate , in emergency situations.
    7. What type of security is present? Ushers? Bouncers? Private (armed or unarmed) security? Police?
    8. What kind of shoes are you, and others, wearing? Athletic? Casual? Dress? Rubber of leather soles? High heels? Can you RUN effectively in them?
    9. Where are you sitting/ standing? Up front? Way back? Near an exit? If possible, did you get a seat near an aisle? Can you see who comes and goes?
    10. How loud is the environment? Can hear if there are gunshots? Is voice communication possible? NOTE: I used to get teased for wearing earplugs to rock concerts, but I was still able to hear all the music, and still have pretty good hearing after 50.
    11. Are there sprinklers? (Older bldgs may be grandfathered to old safety codes, and not have sprinklers) Is there a fire alarm system? Where’s the closest pull-station?
    NOTE: In the United States, at least, most people have been thoroughly conditioned by a lifetime of fire-drills, and will reflexively respond. First they will [SIGH] and complain about the interruption. Next, they will get out of their seats, and begin moving in an orderly manner through the marked exits. Some will stay in their seats, waiting for the lines to thin out. It sounds crass, but pulling a fire alarm may buy you a few extra seconds to make your escape. If a fire alarm sounds, and you didn’t pull it, get going quickly, but not hurriedly. Keep surveying the scene to get clues about what’s going on, because fire alarms can be a way for a shooter to concentrate people into a “fatal funnel” such as a theater lobby.

    Research “Fatal Funnels”. Learn, what they are, how to recognize them, and how to avoid/ mitigate them.

    Stay safe!

  9. BobbyD says:

    Each of us does have a Guardian Angel. We are urged to call upon them often, especially in times of danger. There are many accounts of their heavenly assistance, a saving grace.

    July 30, 2010

    Alanus (the visionarie’s angel) says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

    “I have come to discuss with you the role of angels in the salvation of souls. Angels are the soul’s intercessor, protector and guide. It is angels who encourage souls to go deeper into Holy Love, Holy Humility and, therefore all the virtues.”

    “The guardian angel assigned to each soul encourages good and discourages evil. He inspires the heart to open to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit. He gives warning in the face of danger, whether it be physical, spiritual or emotional. The more the soul believes in his angel’s assistance, the more assistance he receives.”

    ‘If the soul has some special mission to perform for Heaven, extra angels are given by God to help in the accomplishment of the mission.”

    “The soul in this life is never left unaided by his guardian angel, no matter if he be steeped in sin or not. In fact the graver the danger spiritually, the stronger the guardian angel’s pull to bring the soul from the brink of perdition.”

    “Many a deathbed conversion was won by the efforts of the guardian angel who works silently towards this end.”

    “Pray fervently every day to please your angel, and always follow his lead.”

  10. Jason says:

    People should be allowed to have fun after midnight. I don’t go out late anymore, my partying days were decades ago, but we can’t close every night club/movie theater/entertainment complex at 11:00PM. Bad guys win if we all sit at home behind bulletproof glass. More security for the sheeple cost more money/taxes, and people are cheap(I know I am).
    Signs, laws, and more laws do not stop a determined attacker. If it wasn’t a gun, it could have been a vehicle plowing through the crowd. People don’t seem to understand adding another law, or restricting law-abiding citizens, won’t stop an attacker. Some understand, but not enough. Those who do understand should start speaking up, and writing your elected representatives(I have started).
    How many people drive over the posted speed limit? You are breaking the law, and your actions could cause an accident. Does anyone care? Do we put speed limiters on vehicles?
    Good luck to everyone, and prayers for people to realize a gun ban is not the answer.

  11. Robbie D says:

    Although I haven’t trained in several years I learned martial arts several years ago and I always keep one thing in mind. When I enter a building whether it be with my family or by myself, I always try to sit so I can see the door and can act quickly of someone enters with a weapon. Also I am always prepared by watching and staying alert to the happenings around me. I refuse to be a statistic if/when I am caught in an unpredictable experience. I have also taught my family to always be alert and expect the worst. At first it alarmed them as they though I was just paranoid then as they grew older they understood why I ask so much of them. I do not want my family being another statistic in a world where only criminals have guns.

  12. walter d says:

    I’m in Texas and I have been carrying way before conceal and carry
    the best advice I could give anybody is if you can not carry inside then don’t go.
    the club in Orlando had metal detectors so the bad guy shot the security guy first.There are a few exceptions to carrying concealed as the police station but even the banks let you here In Texas.

  13. Gene says:

    Violence can happen anywhere, anytime. Look at the Boston Marathon. There is no “place to avoid”. No one can say if they will “go to the shooter” or try to escape. We just hope we never have to find out.

  14. Realist says:

    Obviously the best choice would be some place else during a shooting. However fate does not always do what you want. Remember if you take action in an active shooter situation and do not have a way to identify yourself to the police, who are responding, you may end up getting shot by the responding officers. Of you do take action there are no Marquis of Queensberry rules, shoot the bad guys when you can. consider taking a knee to change your shooting angle to protect those people who are behind the crook.

  15. Benjammin says:

    My two cents. First, don’t go into uncontrolled high profile locations. You are an instant target, compounded by gun free zone label as well. Better to go to church, or have neighborhood party if you have to socialize, but be realistic. Have adequate security and control the event. We had nice club experience in the middle of Baghdad during height of occupation when mortars and guns were being fired into green zone on regular basis. We were able to relax a bit, enjoy some fun, and still stay safe because no one was stupid and it was well prepared. You can still have fun and not be reckless. Going to a nightclub in Orlando has reckless written all over it, just covered with thin veil of pretend security. I lived in Orlando and would not be caught out there at night, especially without a sidearm.

    Second. Lots of misinformation being spewed by locals and feds after the event. Lots of political posturing, not a lot of good intel, unless you dig and work the network. It is just as important to be informed, in case catastrophic event spreads to other venues or escalates. You can’t do that listening to the boob tube, or just radio stations. You need good intel, you need it fast, and you need plan with backup. If this went thing went from club shooting to riot style violence, aka Seattle WTO event or Rodney King style event, where do you go, how do you avoid the bow wave of violence sweeping through streets?

    When the terrorist groups would rampage through Baghdad, the places they avoided were the places they knew were well armed. Once the shooting started, everyone started shooting. Neighborhoods near the fighting would shoot up in the air in hopes that the bad guys would hear it and think that neighborhood was not worth the effort. Those who didn’t display a show of force were almost always over-run. What deters a bad guy is knowing his plan doesn’t have much chance of success.

    Third, it is good to run like hell if you can from a fight, but realize that being in the lead may not be a good spot either. If the obvious egress from a firefight is where everyone is going, being in the middle of the pack might be better, in case someone is waiting for fleeing rabbits to come out of the hole. The herd mentality can get you killed just as quick as the hero mentality, or freeze-up.

    Bottom line is, if you have to be in a bad spot, then you better be prepared. I don’t think anyone in the club that night was.

  16. GRA says:

    For now, I would like to contribute the following:

    Do like the terrorist does; case the place before you go in there. Know where the exits are from the OUTSIDE OF THE BUILDING GOING IN – BEFORE YOU EVER GO IN. Later, enter the building and try to find the same exits from the inside that you initially found when casing the place from the outside. You’ll be surprised to find out how much better oriented you are and how well you’ll remember what you learned. This applies to movie theaters, clubs, restaurants, strip center shops, etc., Once you find your exits checked to see which ones are most likely to be the easiest and functional to get out of; doors chained shut, door alarm activates when opened? Etc.,

    Going inside (as you’re going inside):

    What type of security do you have at the door; private security/plain-clothes bouncers? Uniformed cops? Uniformed private security (and/or both). Gauge their sincerity; of they look like they are taking things seriously then you’re better off there as opposed to somewhere these people are simple doorway decorations.

    When you go through the from doors, is there yet another set of doors you must pass through before you actually step inside the place? This is important to know because this foyer area of often a cluster/choke-point when people are frantically evacuating a place in a panic. In the event the SHTF, this may cause you to decide to rely on the other exits that are most likely accessible ONLY once inside the building.

    Once inside:

    1. Find where the fire alarms are. Observe what type of fire alarms they are; do you have to simply pull a lever or do you have to break a glass? If you have to break a glass make sure you know where something is you can use to break that glass. Sometimes that glass is tough than people think (although it’s NOT supposed to be).

    Remember; a call for police does not always work but yelling “FIRE – FIRE – FIRE” and activating a fire alarm will ring all the way to the Fire Department and when THEY respond the cops almost always respond also. This is the fastest way to get 911 there. Remember also when folks are scared and they lose it and panic they may not even be able to make a phone call from a cell phone, and yes … even if they have 1-touch dialing.

    Find where the fire extinguishers are; these are weapons and they are good ones.

    Find where any land-line phones are; batteries on cell phones die, Land-lines wont fail unless the lines are cut. If possible, call 911 from a land-line FIRST as it will always show where the call is coming from. Not too many people go to a public place to joy/prank-dial 911. Cops will be dispatched even if you cannot talk. When making the call with ANY phone, if you cannot talk to 911 try to leave the phone on so they can hear what is happening.

    Find where any caustic cleaning substances (chemicals) are, at least in plain view. These substances are weapons. You can use them like OC spray or use it to bash someone, if nothing else. Remember … NOTHING IN AEROSOL CANS EVER FEELS GOOD TO THE EYES. OR IS EASY TO SWALLOW OR BREATHE.

    Where is the most light in the establishment and where is the least? Try to position yourself where you can see them better than they can see you. This may give you the seconds you need to pull or find a weapon and/or shag ass to an exit.

    Where are the restrooms? Two-edged sword here. Going to a restroom (depending on size and location) can provide a sanctuary for making a phone call. Not much good for hiding though, as eventually terrorists will start to learn to corner folks and shoot them in here, but it will give you a little bit of time to get communications going. Remember however, once you’re in there you’re a sitting duck. To add to this, try to gauge distance from the restrooms to the closest exit. The restroom may be temporary cover and a way-place when running across an open are to an exit. If the terrorist can be shot in the back (GREAT ADVICE AND IDEA HERE FROM SELCO – BACK SHOOTS AS GOOD AS THE FRONT – ALWAYS), you can also be shot in the back.

    Where is the kitchen? Is hot food served from at least one (or more) of the bar(s)?

    Almost always, where food is served (hot or cold) you will almost always have forks, knives, cleaning chemicals. If hot food is served you will also have a very hot surface and a source of hater water and possible hot oil with large containers.

    The eating utensils are the best contingency weapons as are the cleaning chemicals. Hot water and/or cooking oil splashed in a face will surely disrupt a steady aim and long enough either evade to an exit or disarm the fool and turn his weapon on him.


    All this may sound like a lot of work just to go out somewhere for a good time but really it’s not. I do it all the time. Once you’ve done all this once or twice it becomes second-nature.

    REMEMBER: The active shooter / terrorist is one step ahead of you – THEY’VE PLANNED THEIR ACT. Once they start, YOU are immediately on the defensive side.

    Good luck folks – God bless


  17. Timothy says:

    Selco, thank you, what I appreciate most from your writing is understanding the psychology of both victims and predators. Not in theory but as it actually happens.

    I contribute only questions because like most people I have no real experience:

    What if you are armed with a non-firearm such as club or knife? Many times it is not possible to carry a loaded gun, but may be possible to carry one of these. Do you know of any cases when someone used a non-firearm to defend against a shooter, or to assist escape?

    When is the safer time to escape? When shots are first heard, or shortly after when the crowd realizes, chaos erupts and creates more cover for sudden movements? Any advice on blending in — when to play dead, scream, act frozen in terror etc. assuming we are not already doing that uncontrollably.

    Many questions which maybe even you can’t answer but it always helps to know how you think about this and how you imagine the reality.

  18. Nick says:

    I live about 25 minutes from the scene of the shooting. I pass by that area often while visiting friends in downtown Orlando. It’s a nice quiet and quaint area of town.
    The morning after the shooting, I sat down and just “burped out” what I’m about to post. It was mostly written for a “hippie” friend of mine that lives in that area and is mostly “tactically clueless”. I post it here for the consideration of all. Some of these things may have already been mentioned, some things may seem absurd… that’s fine. Take it for what it’s worth.
    God bless you all. Remain vigilant.
    TIPS: (for those “not yet tactically inclined”)

    -avoid crowded places whenever possible. don’t end your social life, and don’t live in fear…
    but do remember that the larger the crowd, and the more compacted and “unsuspecting” they are,
    the more ripe they are for a “mass casualty” event. “outside open air cafes by the street” and “trapped inside a crowded building” are the worst.

    -always keep your eye on the door and what’s/who’s coming in, going out. those that go out might come back in with a “different mission”.

    -listen to your instincts.

    -always be armed, wherever you are allowed to be. by law, you cannot carry a gun into a place or area that serves alcohol.
    funny how the shooter chose a nightclub where there are no guns to shoot back at him, yah?
    and also schools… law forbids guns in schools. notice the number of shootings at “schools”?
    this is not a coincidence… this is enemies knowing where we are disarmed by our own laws.

    -do not fear a gun. it can only shoot one bullet at a time, in one direction at a time, in a very narrow “tubular” area.
    think of it as pointing a broomhandle at people…. if the broomhandle is not pointing at you, you’re not going to get shot.
    it’s not a magic wand… it is a “pointing stick”. and if it’s not pointing at you, you’re not going to get shot.
    try pointing the end of a broomstick handle around at home… you’ll see the limitations of what it does.
    it can only narrowly point at one thing at a time… the rest of the room, 359 degrees of it, it totally unaffected.

    -escape is priority number 1. don’t try to hide behind something… most things won’t stop average bullets. get out.
    only real brick/cinder block has a chance of stopping bullets.

    -always know where the back exits are as well as the front exits. most kitchens have back doors leading out.
    likewise, many bathroom hallways do, but not all. try not to flee to a place where you’ll be trapped.
    hiding is not the answer. break all the rules of courtesy…. run anywhere you need to to get out.
    most people will be freaked out, clueless, deer in headlights, scanning about, screaming, ducking, getting on the floor….
    ignore all that. remain calm, act quickly and decisively. ignore everyone but the shooter and your “escape target area”.

    -don’t try to see what’s happening… just get out. the only time you need to see what’s happening is if you decide to fight it.
    and you only need to fight it if you’re a cop, or if it’s coming at you and you can’t escape.

    -if you have your gun with you, keep it in it’s holster until you absolutely need to use it, if you need to use it at all.
    in the confusion, people/cops/other armed citizens may think you’re the bad guy and inadvertently make your circumstances “worse” by shooting at you.

    -if the shooter is near you, and especially if you are behind them, if you are unarmed and they are the only gunman, tackle them hard. this may sound funny, but
    if you tackle them, they can’t operate a weapon with someone on top of them, they can’t shoot behind themselves (remember the pointing broomstick),
    you’ll likely get a lot of help subduing him, and it’s better than trying to run.
    if you run, his “distance weapon” becomes more effective because he can shoot you but you can’t reach him physically to stop him.
    but if you’re on top of him, he really can’t really use it much.

    -if you are cornered, can’t escape, and are under attack, shoot back. ideal time… when he’s reloading, since he’ll be concentrating on his gun and what he’s doing to it.
    it will only be a few seconds. another somewhat ideal time is when he’s distracted shooting in another direction… but once you shoot at him, he may notice you and shoot back.
    Bear that in mind.
    always aim for the body… it’s easiest to hit.
    if/when he falls, don’t think it’s over… he could be wounded/dying but still able to shoot/blow himself up.
    escape if you can, continue shooting him if you need to. don’t think that one bullet from your gun will do it. worry about legals later.

    -if you are trapped and UNarmed, this is the worst possible situation. try to position yourself to the side of the entrance to the area you are in, right near the entrance.
    if he comes in, attack him. try to deflect the ‘broomstick” away from you. eyes, throat, groin are all good strike areas. be vicious and continue striking until you are out of energy.
    remember, even if he’s down, he may not be out of the fight. take his weapon and kill him with it if you can.
    he may be wearing an explosive that he plans on detonating if he starts “losing the fight”.
    even if you don’t know how to work it (try just pointing it at him and pulling the trigger….. if it shoots, keep doing that until it’s empty), you can still beat him to death with it.
    striking the face, temples, neck, and throat are the best targets when bludgeoning someone to death.
    (remember to keep the “broomstick” pointed away from you as you take it from him.
    don’t worry if it fires, it’s just noise. don’t worry if it’s hot when you grab it, you won’t mind the burn if you win the fight.)

    -if you get shot, keep going. most gunshots are not immediately fatal, and many are not fatal at all.
    it has to hit an artery, or vital organ (head, heart, spine, etc) to be fatal. legs, arms, torsos… all are survivable hits.
    think about all the soldiers that got shot, blown up, etc and lived. more live than die.
    gunshots hurt and burn from the heat of the bullet… keep going. it’s not over, keep going.
    I knew a man who was shot in the lung…. he kept going and survived just fine. keep fighting or running, don’t stop.
    if you run outside the building, keep changing angles moderately as you run… don’t run in a straight line.
    get to hard cover as soon as you can, and keep escaping from cover to cover.

    -teach these things to your friends. the more “capable resistance” these thugs meet with, the harder their work will be and the fewer people will die.

    1. be aware, and avoid. be armed wherever law allows. avoid places that don’t allow.
    2. escape swiftly and accurately.
    3. fight only if you must. and if you fight, fight to win and to bitterly, utterly destroy the enemy.
    4. call 911 after you have escaped or stopped the event. remain calm. identify yourself as a good guy/a survivor.
    stay on the phone with dispatch for as long as they want you to. obey all orders from arriving police immediately, but move relatively slowly so as not to startle them.

    feel free to adjust/infuse with your own beliefs/wisdom.

  19. Steve says:

    I’m not LEO but have worked with many in the past in my professional role. When I’m anywhere outside my home, I shift into “cop” mode, what Jeff Cooper would call condition yellow. I’m always looking around for things or people out of place that could signify a threat. When much younger, while waiting for a bus, I noticed and stopped a complex purse snatching team, something I would never do now. I saw the wingmen set up at opposite ends of the street to ” accidentally” blunder into a pursuer and I went up behind the young man snatcher who went behind an old lady getting on a bus and I grabbed his hand as it descended into her handbag. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Over the years I have continued my active surveillance but I have much more awareness of not wanting to be a dead hero. Many will fight and risk all when they face death but choosing to put your life on the line for others is a question to consider before you have to do it.

  20. Elias says:

    I would be more likely to sympathise with conservatives who promote the second amendment if they at least exercised some common sense.

    The Orlando shooter was on the no-fly list, and was under investigation by the FBI. Both of these facts came up in background checks. However, US gun laws are so weak that even this guy could buy those guns.

    If a conservative won’t even support restricting the sale of guns to known terrorists then I can’t take them seriously.

    • makingdo says:

      If that became law, everyone could/would end up on the no-fly list. There is no due process before someone is put on that list (there are already innocent people on the list). We have to be very careful what laws we allow on the books to ensure that they are not abused.

      Any infringement on the Second Amendment makes the terrorist’s job easier. They want us unarmed. That’s why they (and other coo-coo’s) target gun-free zones (schools, theaters, and now night clubs).

      Everytime a terrorist uses a gun to carry out their sick plan, our Second Amendment rights come under attack. They are winning if we let it happen. We are playing right into their hands.

      The Second Amendment is probably the most important right we have (my opinion).

    • Nick says:

      He was not on the no-fly list. He was on it in 2013 and 2014, but they took him off it in 2015. He was also under investigation in 2013 and 2014, but taken off it in 2015. This is what the mainstream media leaves out… “very important clarifications”.

      So, was it gun laws that were lax, or did the FBI let a suspicious person loose?

      But either way, it’s not relevant… THE SHOOTER is responsible, not “gun laws” or the FBI. There are millions of guns in America… only one was involved in a killing in Orlando that night, and it was the victim of it’s owner. Otherwise, it would have been sitting at home doing nothing, like all the other guns were that night.

  21. Jamie says:

    In situations where you are in a hunting preserve (No Gun Zone) there are still things you can do. A large part of the problem that occurred in that club is that not but one person (a former Marine that was a bouncer) had any forethought or training as to what to do, and it would have been worse if it wasn’t for his quick thinking. He implemented the first step, and got a lot of people out of harm’s way. Evade. Escape. Run, Make yourself disappear from the direction of the shots. Secondly, if running isn’t an option, evade as well as possible and figure out anything in your vicinity with which you can arm yourself with. You should have a good idea if you did your job right when you first arrive. You should already have formed a plan of action that updates as you move about the environment. If you find a place in which you can barricade yourself, or that provides you cover, do that, and if you have to do that first, do so. Then arm yourself. This means anything that can be a weapon, and a lot of things can make a decent weapon. Most likely you’ll have to get close to the shooter, so you have to stay calm and out-think the person. Stay hidden and attack from where he doesn’t expect you. And when push comes to shove. Fight. When you see an opening, don’t hesitate, take it. Such as he’s looking the wrong way, he’s tweeting like an idiot, he’s reloading… Expect to get shot, but also move as evasively as possible to close range and make sure he can’t shoot you with that weapon. The only dangerous part of a gun is the muzzle. Keep it away from you and others if possible. Use your makeshift weapon. Nobody is going to be shooting anyone when they’re head is getting pummeled by a towel rack or table leg, or bottle of Jim Beam. Instead, if they’re still present of mind after the first blow hits, they’ll be too busy trying to stop you from hitting them. Hopefully, you will be a spark… One that starts a fire. Then you and others overwhelm the enemy. In order to do any of this effectively, you have to train for it. You need to find places willing to teach this, or work with friends and loved ones and create scenarios, go to different places (If you can find a group that practices dealing with active shooters with experienced individuals, that’s the best way to go). But it’s a very simple plan in general; Evade, Arm, Barricade, Fight. Train your mind, think of the situations, your body can’t follow where your mind has never gone. Turn even mundane trips to the store into scenarios where something pops off and run through it in your head, what you should do. Always be aware of what’s around you.

  22. twincougars says:

    I carry pretty much everywhere I go, concealed (have permit), and even gun-free zones with the exception of police stations and courthouses as too much chance of printing giving away the face that I am carrying to LEOs. I also carry non-lethal defenses such as pepper spray, for like a drunk or crazy person coming at me looking for a fight. Situational awareness is a key part of my mindset, and yes, I “profile” everyone. Not being racist, but where I live, dark-skinned people tend to stand out a bit. Crazies come in all colors, though, and we have these in quantity around here. Posture, walk, twitchings, wild-eyed look, talking to self, not necessarily indicating violent intent, but people to watch and avoid. I am light weight and a heavy pistol is very uncomfortable to hip carry for any length of time, so I use my PMR-30 .22mag with 30 rounds for street carry and my .45 with 14 rounds for carry at my BOL in the back country as I might need it for big 4-leggeds, too.

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